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Jason Vail

The New age man; cosmopolitan, not camp!

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a character in “Harry Potter: The Triwizard Tournament”, as played by OverTheRainbow


Jason Vail

Birth Name: Jason Isaiah Vail
Nickname: Jay
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
School: Beauxbatons

Height: 5"9
Weight: 11 stone 4lbs
Hair colour: Brunette
Eye colour: Brown

Jason is one of those guys that likes to dress nice. He will often be seen in a pair of Chino's accompanied by some of sort designer polo shirt or simular. He has quite a skinny build, but that's not to say he's weak, he works out to make sure that's his body in top form. His hair is a chestnut brown and is annoyingly thin, to the point that it won't stay in style for long so Jason always carries a comb on his person somewhere.

  • Reading; mainly non fiction texts such as newspaper articles, but anything will do.
  • Playing Sports- Jason prefers the sports that require you to actually think about your next move; darts, for example.
  • Making people smile
  • Proving people wrong
  • Mythical Creatures
  • Going to the gym
  • Making himself look presentable
  • People that make the effort with themselves.
  • Unclean people
  • Dark places
  • Cloudy days
  • Lemonade
  • Guys that throw their weight around to look big- 'oh please- I can bring you down with six words'
Flaw: Jason's...slightly femine nature, means that he gets friend zoned by women... a lot...

The first thing that comes across with Jason is that he's not your typical man. He doesn't like to fight with anyone using his fist unless he really has to... or they have said something really hurtful about one of his dear friends. He's extremely protective of his friends, espeicially if they are women. He doesn't really know why, he respects women and he knows that they're not weak. Attending Beuxbatons, a school that used to solely for women, taught him that. He just thinks's right to look out for your friends.
Jason is often labelled as camp. simply because he looks after himself and actually talks to women because he wants to be their friends, not to get into their underwear. Jason prefers to think that he's more an example of the modern man ; the smart sophiscated gentleman who actually makes an effort.
That's another thing about Jason; he is top of the class. This is not through natural intellgance however, some may say that Jason is a bit of a nerd because he does spend a lot of time studying. He is very focus driven and he knows that if he doesn't study that he wouldn't achieve his ultimate carer dream of becoming Head of the department of Magical law enforcement. He likes the idea of catching all the bad ass people, for the thrills.

Parents:Eric and Clara Vail
Siblings: Nicolette Rose Vail
Pet: A lizard called Eduardo

Jason was born in Nice in the south of France to a Wizard and a Muggle. Yes, that's right, Jason is a half blood. He was often told stories of how his parents met. His mother worked at the local cafe in the harbour, where his dad spend most of his time as he was keen sailor, well to the muggle world anyway, the reason he was really there was to hunt Mer people. Not to kill them, but to find out more about their species. This is where Jason got his love of Mythical creatures of all kinds from.
Nicolette is Jason's older sister; she's three years old and, in short, she is a slut. She finished Beuxbatons three years ago and has done nothing productive with her power since. She makes love potions that she then slips into rich men's drinks so they instantly fall for her; hard. She gets what she wants off of them and then wipes their memory so that this poor guy ( or girl on a few occasions) is left with barely any money and no memory of where it all went.
When Jason's family found out about this, they pratically disowned the girl and she did not go quietly! Jason remembers getting several howlers from both sides telling him exactly how they felt each other. It was.. embarassing to say the least. It all came to a head one christmas.. Jason was just waiting at the pick up point, waiting for what his thought was his parents to pick him up when suddenly Nicolette appeared.
'you're coming with me.' She snapped.
'Because this family is a disgrace, that's why" She hissed, taking hold of his arm tightly
'Nicolette, let me go'
'They think they can just dis own because of my life style choice, they can think again'
'Let me go!' Jason shouted, wrenching his arm from her grip. 'Look Nicolette, you're a whore, okay? A gold digging whore who use's her magic for no good! There should be a law agianist people like you!'

That was the last time Jason had seen Nicolette to this day; that's also what made him strive for excellence; so that his family wasn't totally disappointed in the children they had created. He wanted to catch people like his sister; people that used muggles in nastly ways... Afterall his brother was one...
Beauxbaton was an interesting school of choice for his parents... the school that was originally for females. Great. Actually, as time went on, Jason found out it was best school for him. A school full of beautiful women, what else more did he need? They didn't push people to learn so much, which Jason enjoyed, he enjoyed the freedom that he was given.

Wand: Jason's wand is made from Jade wood and has a Griffin tail core.
Talents: Jason has incredible stamina where he works out a lot and he almost always thinks in tactics.
Anything Else: Jason is actually part English; he's father's family fled from the troubles and moved here to France when his father was 18...

So begins...

Jason Vail's Story


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Lacy laughed lightly at Jason's comment about him and his speedo jumping in to save her. "I may have to claim I don't know you."
When he told her she would be fine without him, she glanced up at him. "But you're the closest thing I'll ever have to family." she whispered so softly, she wasn't sure if he had heard. When they learned that the both of them, had been chosen, they butted heads a bit. He was upset she was in the dangerous tournament, and she was upset he was in it. Neither of them wanted the other to get hurt. Usually if the argued, Lacy would let him win. Seeing him happy kind of made her feel like she had won too.

When Jason tensed and let her go, she took a small step back and glanced at him somewhat questioningly. But just as quickly as he had let her go, he took one of her hands into his and starting leading her off to the dark building ahead of them. She obliged, following behind him quietly.

Lily Luna Potter was not a patient person. She peered out the grand window of the dining hall to the large group of students who were slowly making their way into Hogwarts. With an annoyed sigh, she held her head high and made her way out of the building. She sauntered across the grounds like she owned the place- reveling in the stares and the whispers she left in her wake. As the daughter of Harry Potter, there was no doubt that she would be in the tournament. As she was to,d thought her life, she was destined for greatness.

Her beauty and her fuiriosity kept any who would challenge her greatness at bay- she was known to have little mercy or empathy. She was one hell of a competitor.
Her bright green and amber eyes narrowed as she spotted two students lagging behind- a boy with a girl in tow. Keeping her head high proudly, she approached them with authority and spoke to them condescendingly. She looked over them, deciding to spare the boy she decided was handsome alone. Her gaze focused on the petite blonde he was leading. "Now is not a time to lag behind. Do you not care about the ceremony that is about to happen? It is arrogant students like you that make the rest of us wait. If you have any respect for the school who so kindly opened their door to you, you will move." she spoke rather viciously to Lacy, with very little to no respect in her voice. Flicking back her long mane, she pushed past them.


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Daniel's charming smile brightened. "Just friends, eh?" He leaned towards Lacey, shooting her his signature wink that would scream 'heartbreaker' to anyone exept the girl he was focused on. "Why dont we make a little. . . Alliance. Work together to knock out that other girl." he leaned back, now completely ignoring Jason. "The headmaster told us to head over to the dorms to rest up. Our first competition will be first thing in the morning. I'll see you then, Lacey. It was wonderful to meet you." He leaned forward, and kissed her cheek. With that he turned and left Lacey in a daze.

Lacey looked back over at Jason. "Well that was. . . Unexpected."