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Cataleya de León

Un viaje de mil millas comienza con un paso.

0 · 117 views · located in Harvester County and Surrounding Areas

a character in “Harvester County Mysteries”, as played by J.D.


Can't pull it all together
My body's missing pieces
I wish I could remember
There's a war inside my head
And I'm drowning in regret
When the lights come down
Got an empty crown.

Basic Info; Cataleya de León is a Coyote Shapeshifter currently residing within the Wolf Pack of Harvester County. She is a Twenty-Six year old, Bisexual, and female. She was formerly raised by human hunters alongside her little brother Brady Samuels. She is currently studying human psychology at the community college and works part-time waitressing at the Howling Wolf Bar and Grill.

ACT ONE; The Rise and Fall of the de León Empire.

They dug their own graves, and laid down in them like
cowering dogs. She was young, unmoved yet by sudden
reality of tragedy. Her parents lived solitary lives, away
from others of her kind. Lone Coyotes, only allowing
the world to interact on their own terms.

Those terms came bearing money in return for bricks
of pure white. A lab in the basement where itty bitty
coyotes could not tread. Cataleya knew the basics of
the business her parents tried to keep secret from her.

Knew that they were in over their heads, working with
people far too dangerous to have around children, all
to supply the local market. Knew that they were paid
handsomley for the trouble. Knew that the knew far too
much about the people that ran their dope in the streets.

It was only a matter of time, one wrong move before the
trouble they caused caught up with them. They wanted
her to be free from the dangers, to live and grow up the
same as any happy, normal, child. They wanted her to
exist apart from the world they had created - they tried
to run.

She was twelve, too young to even fully shift
when they came for them. Kicked in the door, eyes
ablaze with golden light. Their guns shone, but not
as brightly as their pearly white fangs. They killed
her parents first as she tried to hide herself away,
hands over her mouth to stifle the sounds of her
whimpering. And when they found her they made
her a promise; it will be quick.

She fought, hard and fast, her little body a tornado of
tooth and claw. But it was luck that allowed her escape.
The Coyote; A creature of immeasurable grace.

Dangerous tricksters, they'll lure you to a quick
demise. With jaws lined with sharp white teeth,
all the better to bite you with darling.

Capable of enduring harsh climates. Scavengers
feeding on the decay left behind. As a shifter she
does not have to align herself with every aspect
of her canid self. But some things do not change
no matter the skin the creature wears.

An opportunistic hunter, as much as a scavenger.
Strong, but flexible to the situation, bending but
never breaking. She can see farther, hear better,
and sense even the tiniest of changes around her.
Attuned to nature and the art of the hunt, she can
see in the dark for miles. Can smell the faintest
trace of prey on the air.

Instinctual in her actions, she is much alike her
canid counterpart in all the ways that matter.


The Girl; is talented in other aspects of
human life. No more the average than anyone
else that haunts the wicked woodlands of Wolf
Pines, or the surrounding territories included
in the greater Harvester County region. Not
only a shapeshifter, but one raised to act as
a hunter.

Classically trained in both the piano and knife
wielding. Her colorful life has lent her a wide
range of skills. From stealthily sneaking past
unsuspecting humans to firing a gun at an
intended target.



ACT TWO; The Euphoria of Slowly Dying

She trudged barefoot for miles in the sweltering heat, bleeding steadily from a knife wound directly in her abdomen. She should have been dead, should have bled out long ago. But her body refused to give up on her. No matter how much she broke down. No matter how thirsty, hungry, chap lipped and blistered she got. The trauma of the event had triggered an early surge of shifter hormones to pour through her body.

But she couldn't manage the shift, and so she kept moving. She couldn't stop, had become delirious with fever within the first day. To this day there is no way to tell how far she may have walked or for how long. The bloody footprints she left in her wake were the only fast fading reminders of her journey. It felt like an eternity of wandering, lost and alone. Scared to look over her shoulder in fear that the bogeyman would be walking in her shadow.

Her feet went numb first, and then her legs. They stumbled and broke beneath her. And then her hands, twitching as they were from exhaustion began to fade. Along her arms and to her head, where light headed euphoria had begun to flood. She wondered if this was what dying felt like. She shifted long before she ever found out. Her mind and body disconnecting from the traumatic injuries long enough to allow the Coyote to burst free.

She may as well have been roadkill, as still as the dead with her coyote body laying half in the road when Collin Samuels found her. A hunter that by all accounts should have left her in the road, she was already dying, and wasn't his problem to deal with. But instead he stooped low, checked that she was not just an actual animal, and once he knew he scooped her into his arms and took her to a sanctuary; he took her home.

ACT THREE; Home is where the hunt is

Collin took her into his home, spent day and night
nursing her back to health. Wandering if she would
ever be capable of truly healing. It took what felt
like forever. But then her healing factor finally took
over, it healed her body from the inside out. And
though she would never be whole again she would
be healthy. After she healed and began to move
around it came time to make a decision.

She was young, impressionable, and Collin didn't
harbor the same hatred for the supernatural as
most of his peers. But he had his own young son
Brady and his wife Alice already taking up much
of his time, he was also unsure if the community
would accept her the same way he had. But his
fears were quelled quickly. Despite some moderate
protest from other hunters there was very little
backlash from him taking her in.

The Samuels were a kind family and Cataleya
flourished under their care. She had no other
living relatives in the world, which made it all
the more easy to accept their affections. She
missed her parents dearly, cried for them in the
night when her nightmares were at their worst.
But Collin and Alice held her together. Bit by bit
they taped over those jagged edges.

Collin raised her into hunting, but never forced
her into participating in the lifestyle. He simply
gave her the tools of the trade, taught her to use
them to her advantage, and allowed her full reign
of her own destiny. The Samuels never pushed her
to be anyone besides herself. They were content
to allow her to be whoever she wanted - and if that
was to embrace her shifter side then so be it.

She chose to live in both worlds the best she could.
Neither taking precedence over the other; though it
may have somewhat hindered her abilities not having
more shifters around to teach her how to exist as one.
The art of being human did not initially come easy to her.
She was a wild child, always allowing her base instincts
to shine through. She ran through wood and field, no
end to her adventurous wandering. She loved to
discover new things, meet new people, not an
ounce of shyness in her bones.

Though she followed the path of a hunter for
a short while she ultimately decided that it wasn't
the life for her. It had felt too similar to being a
betrayel towards her own kind. Though she holds
no grudge against most hunters out there, it
simply was not the life for her.

At age eighteen she met West Serrano, another
Coyote that lived primarily in a place called Wolf Pines.
He was traveling the world at the time, on a self-seeking
journey to discover himself. But he had told her of his
pack, the Wolf Pack, a group of shifters that chose to
live together in a community rather than apart. She
became obsessed with the thought. She wondered if
a shifter like her could ever belong in a place like that.

So she packed her bags, deciding to see this pack for
herself. To see if they would accept her - which they
did. She was very grateful, and quickly found her own
footing within the pack. She had been with the pack for
three years before her little brother showed up out of
the blue. Brady, in all his 16 year old hunter-raised human
glory had tracked her down, and gave her the most epic of
teenage breakdowns on having abandoned him. It
was truly a sight to behold. But rather than meet his
anger with her own she invited him to meet the pack.

It was rocky the first couple of times Brady continued
to show up out of the blue. Being human, and belonging
primarily to a hunting family, they were of course weary.
But by the time a few years had passed things got easier.
When he was eighteen he chose to move to Wolf Pines to
be closer to his sister.

It's been eight years since she arrived in Wolf Pines, and she
knows that no matter what she will protect it till her
last breath.





So begins...

Cataleya de León's Story