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Nicholas Valenwood

0 · 139 views · located in Harvester County and Surrounding Areas

a character in “Harvester County Mysteries”, as played by J.D.


Distant, everything is scattered
When your mind is shattered and torn apart
In an instant, I can be indifferent
The blame is always shifted from the start
Leafless treetops in the snow
Views of death and bitter cold
But the darker the weather, the better the man

Basic Info; Nicholas Valenwood is a Necromancer currently residing within the Valenwood Coven of Harvester County. He is a Twenty-Five year old, Bisexual, and Male. He was born and raised in the coven, and has seen very little of the world outside of the one the Valenwoods exist in. He is currently acting in an alliance with The Wolf Pack though on a part-time basis. He works in the human world as the owner of an occult bookshop called Rites & Rituals which doubles a front where he can collect and sell magic artifacts and tools to others of his kind.

ACT ONE; Thalia and The Frey

Born on the night of december 6th, at the exact first minute
of the witching hour. Nicholas and his mother were Valenwood
in name, descended from an ancient and powerful line of
dark magic practitioners. Their coven being the largest and
most successful in this part of the world.

Some say that Nicholas was created from magic, rather
than birthed by man. For his mother never named a father,
and none could recall ever witnessing her with one as such.
She had been young, foolish perhaps, and it became
apparent that she had no interest in Nicholas knowing
who had fathered him.

The truth however, is that on the night of his conception, Thalia
Valenwood and Ferro Frey joined together in a ritualistic
summoning, a plan brewing in the wind that would not
only bring about death, but destruction of all as well. An
army of death at their fingertips, ready to devour the human
scum of the world. But their plan had backfired, the dead rose -
and rather than heed their orders had attacked and killed

The Coven stepped in to save Thalia, but at a price. She would be
under a spell of a sorts, something similar to house arrest. But
chained instead to the coven. The child she was carrying would
then be raised by the coven itself.
The Necromancer;

The thin line between life and death
is nothing for a man of his talents. A
man greatly skilled in the art of both
communicating and raising the dead from
their graves. Amongst these skills he has
acquired quite the skill with scrying.

Generally, as a rule of thumb where
hunters are involved he does not
raise the dead, recent or otherwise
as physical embodiments (Zombies,
and Revenants) but can without much
issue summon ghosts for both short
and long periods of time.

The Healer;

Necromancy is a two-fold sort of magic
and besides that his mother dabbled in
healing arts as well, which set Nicholas
up to do a bit of dabbling himself. While
healing is not exactly considered a dark
magic craft, it is still quite useful in defense.

It became a sort of curiosity for him, one that
he honed.



ACT TWO; Shallow Waters

In his sixteenth summer a nomadic coven of witches had come into Harvester county. The Valenwoods welcomed them to share their sacred space for the coming months. Having rarely come into contact with other Witches before this very clearly peaked his interest. Nicholas was still discovering himself, dabbling in a bit of this and that. Though to the Coven Elders chagrin he had inherited an affinity for Necromancy much like his father. They kept a close eye on him - but not close enough.

He met Riley that summer, a witch in the nomad coven, a half-witch at that. Her father having been a human man, that had abandoned her when he found out the truth of what his daughter was. In short order they had become friends, and he had fallen head over heels for her. He would have done anything, truly anything for her. She didn't seem shy about exhibiting the same feelings, and their summer was rife with a whirlwind of a romance.

Riley's mother had died long ago, and she still mourned her even then. When she learned of what Nicholas could do with his witchcraft she begged him to help her summon her mothers ghost. It would have been simple, but things so rarely go the way that Nicholas wants. They had used an heirloom from Rileys mother to channel her energy, but had not realized there would be other ghosts attached to the heirloom as well. Ghosts had begun to flood out, a torrential rain of them in fact. Much to the annoyance of every coven member that had to help wrangle these confused spirits.

While it was not as serious as his mothers crime it did get him quite some time spent under lock and key - as well as being unable to see Riley again until the day the nomads were to leave. They said their tearful goodbyes, and Nicholas never saw her again.

ACT THREE; Rites & Rituals





So begins...

Nicholas Valenwood's Story