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Kota Saotome

"It's been awhile, Hasn't it?

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a character in “Hasugami: Remember Me”, as played by Sonicx00


Role: Male

Name: Kota Saotome. Only a few nicknames have been given being "Boss" by his best friend and minor alias's given by those he knows.

Age: 16

Height: five foot and seven inches

Weight: 130 lbs

Additional Appearance: Kota has a rather average build if not slightly athletic. In clothing he seems rather normal appearing as any average teenager does exercises in school and fools off during the day, however that isn't the case underneath the shirt. He is rather fit due to the kind of work he tends to during the time he is working in the cafe and other types of volunteer work. He does indeed have strong legs being in soccer till the end of middle school where he switched into track.

To explain Kota's figure, He has a little more legs then upper body, It is rather seen in some cases that the boy has more mass then fat. Although in the school uniform you may not see much of this due to the material used. Often when it comes to the school uniform, he wears it a little loose but still making sure it fits dress policy. When it comes to going to pools and beaches, he often appears wearing a long plaided unbuttoned shirt with his swim trunks. When it comes to formal attire, Kota actually puts an effort in how he looks. Sometimes he doesn't even look recognizable to some people from how he arranges his hair.

Kota's wavy hair is naturally light brown which surprisingly match his light eye color making them very rare. This often is complimented especially when he smiles. He enjoys his wild hairstyle but doesn't support "bed hair" which makes him comb it once or twice before going out or to classes. When he goes out, he often combs it to be straightened out.

An interesting accessory is that is always around his neck is a silver necklace with a silver ring looped at the end. The ring has a polished Aquamarine cased into it. He chooses not to wear it around his finger but he keeps due to the fact that it was a gift from his father when he was alive. The only time that Kota takes it off is when he's sleeping. When exercising or in some school activities, He will tuck the necklace into his shirt. Especially when it comes to school fair preparations or when working in the cafe.

When it comes to gestures, Kota is often seen to have a smile or a neutral/contempt look upon his face. When he walks with his school case, its often over his shoulder as his left hand is in his pocket. Often he pulls it out to shake someones hand, wave or any gesture directed to someone. Often his hands are out when it comes to talking to teachers. When sitting at his desk due to lectures, he tends to slide down only slightly in his chair. Not too low but enough to where he can still write notes.


Kota has always been outgoing with his personality. He enjoys being his own person yet able to fit in with many different crowds which makes him known by many in his school. He is always kind publicly and doesn't enjoy sad atmospheres. He often does his best to cheer people up and will do what he can for others. He can often hold up any type of conversation but at the same time he can be very blunt and often will be followed with an honest explanation. Often when it comes to being with friends, he's always the type who's up to doing anything and is always a welcomed company when he is able to be.

Often he does have a huge sense of responsibility, always making sure his mother is fine when she comes home, if he himself is there. Like any teenager, he enjoys going out and doing his own thing when he has nothing else to do but there are days where he becomes very lazy and just stays in watching TV, Playing video games or even just surfing the net. These days of course are often if nothing else is going on and he has completed everything that needs to be done.

Kota secretly is amazing at playing the piano. A instrument that was taught by his mother and after school work personally with the Piano teacher of his middle school. It's not necessarily that he hides it but never talks about it because the topic never appears. He has no problem getting in front of the crowd to play though yet the opportunity never approached him and however he does have a bit of an overwhelming moment hearing the crowd beyond the curtains at first.

When it comes memory, Kota does have a decent memory and even to this day remembers his friend from years ago, however he has no idea what she is like now nor knows how she looks being years later. As far as schooling goes, he is an average student with ups and downs in his grades. Although he can be intelligent and wise in some areas he does have his moments of being silly.

After Kota lost contact with his friend, of course upset the first year, he slowly figured it was just time that she moved on and from this point he could smile with this belief which comes down to that Kota is forgiving. From this his personality hasn't changed much however when it came to dating, he has never gone out or dated anyone. He hasn't felt any romantic feelings towards any girl other then his older best friend which at the time he didn't even recognize. However he has had his crushes and likes.


Kota, a boy born in the small town we all have come to know, Hasugami. It was the place that he has known all his life and could ask for no other place to live. With both good and bad memories, the boy saw a positive side to almost everything and regardless always moved forward and to what he knew the two most important people of his cheerful life were always there by his side, his parents. Born as the only child to two loving parents, Asa and Taro. It was them who showed Kota how to be and basically made life clear to what had to be done to become who he wants and to this day they still hold influence but alas we should start from the beginning.

Kota was born in the month of october and the eleventh day and as explained was raised in Hasugami. During this moment, the new family cafe which was ran by his old man and mother was founded and getting the minimal amount of customers. Although poor at this time, they remained positive and happy with there newborn child, teaching him of what he could know as ages came. This included mostly the academics of reading, writing and very simple mathematics, although math held the least of any interest which still its him today. That aside, his life seemed to be going all too well and by the age of four, the boy was starting school for the first time.

School was never rough at this time although it was just the beginning of any school life. Kota was well fitted into the class upon the first day and easily made friends with his nice and caring attitude. He was also did very well in activities and projects which made the boy loved by teachers too. Everyday proved to be a new adventure in school yet the one problem that Kota could never experience was joy of actually hanging out with his friends outside of school. He never blamed them or confronted them about it and to a point he enjoyed it being that way. Yet as the year went and the the school year came to an end he began to feel lonely. Although still remaining positive, this lonely lasted nearly all summer until a new event that would change it all occurred.

The event of Kota's life initially started two months before the next year of school started. The home, which was owned by an older couple who finally decided to pick up and move, only a block away had went on sell. It was interesting to Kota who found out about "moving" at this moment and waited anxious to see who would be the next ones to move in. Everyday, he'd look out the window when he passed it to see if a new family was there. His eyes only witnessed people visiting the house but never returning. This continued only for a good month and a half until suddenly the house was sold and it only became amazing when his eyes were revealed to the new family which began moving in. Among them was the small girl which his eyes locked onto only to follow with a smile. Although he gladly wanted to run across the street and meet the girl he chose not to but gave a wave through the window even though she couldn't see. However this was no ending to the their story but the beginning.

A week passed and eventually the school semester began. Kota of course made a few more friends at the beginning of the year but something troubled him. Upon the second day, he had noticed that the girl was also at the same school but obviously not in the same class or possibly year. Now this was in fact good news to a point until he noticed her being alone most of the time. To a point he was cautious of going forward to talk to her but instead called out to her and waved with a smile and or about two weeks he had kept this up. It only changed when that very special weekend came around, particularly saturday.

It was early morning when Kota woke up to a nice western breakfast on the table. After eating it was time when Kota felt like going out after playing in his room. He felt a bit lonely so around noon he finally decided to walk outside. Moving forward to a nearby park which was slightly empty other then kids playing with each other from what he saw at first. Running towards the swing set excitedly with a positive attitude he suddenly heard a small girl playing with herself. The tone of the voice made Kota stop due to the fact in a way it seemed sad. When he turned his head, his eyes widened to see the girl playing by herself. The very girl he waved, called out and smiled to was there. It was then when Kota took a deep breath in and smiled running to her, calling out to her with a wave and the usual smile he gave her. It was from this time when their friendship flourished and grew.

Through the rest of the day, Kota and the girl talked and played together and this only continued for the next three years. They grew closer,stronger together and always ran to each other and what made Kota happy was seeing the development of his friend. The more they spent time together the more he saw a change,a brighter personality and eventually within weeks they became inseparable even in school where at lunch they'd sit together and meet other friends. It was going wonderfully yet all things must come to an end at some point.

It was only weeks during the lovely third year of friendship when he got word from his mother that his friend was leaving. Multiple times Kota went to her house asking for her but the mother could only agree yet watch the boy call out to the girl with no reply back. Kota never scolded or yelled to the mom but it was obvious to the whole situation he felt pain and was quite upset. Everyday he'd visit until the last day when he woke to the sound of the moving a car getting started. Immediately Kota ran out the door not even bothering to close it as he saw the car back up from the friends house. He cupped his hands around his lips and screamed out.

"I will be waiting for you!! Always!!"

A day passed and Kota's parents came to him with a pencil and paper saying explaining he could write her. Along moving preparations, they managed to get the new location from the girl's mother. This began the wonderful letters between the two. The letter's content began to seem sadder every time and to a point Kota felt like he knew this presence before. To a point he had forgotten how the girl started out and it only became slightly clear after two years when the letters suddenly stopped. Kota waited months and eventually began to feel lost and confused. He wasn't sure what was going on! Eventually the boy came to terms with everything and once again tried to find a positive meaning from something as dark as this.

By this point it had been a year since everything happened and Kota seemed to almost be back to his normal self, making new friends and enjoying other's company. He still thought of the girl but figured that wherever she was, it'd be fine. Even his parents gave him emotional support, trying to be positive with him and always being the shoulder to lean on. This was shown upon that very day when Taro was hit by a oncoming car when saving a child. The event had a rather traumatic effect on the child for a good week. The mother even more so but lucky to have each other they made it through. The event sadly made Kota forget a little of his friend until he remembered what his father had told him. The quote was "Never forget Kota, she's still out there and you need to have hope". This hope was symbolized by his dad's ring which he now wears around his neck happily and although he had forgotten his friend's face in which probably didn't matter from how long it had been. He still remembered vaguely the memories they shared.

As years passed Kota began working in his father's cafe with his mom and eventually watched as she picked up a second job and hiring employees to help manage the shop as she found a second job. Only during the days and weekends did she run the cafe. For Kota, He'd assist on the weekends if he was needed or just to give his mother a hand. In school he made a lot of friends and became rather popular in his own way. He began dating girls but for some reason he never could give his whole heart feeling as if there was a barrier. Kota is now in his second year in Hasugami Academy where he believes his life is going as planned but what he does not know is that a face that was forgotten and vague memories will appear and flourish again for this is the year that fate decided for he and his friend to make their way to each other.

Household/Family Members

Mother (38)
Asa Saotome

A wonderful woman who seems to work around the clock holding her husband's cafe open. Although no longer a small family business she has hired only but a few teenagers to help her out. In addition, she works in the afternoon only to come home exhausted and passed out. The woman does her best to take care of her family and to keep her lover's cafe open. Sadly though recent and current pass, she claims being how old she is, it is hard to say whether she can keep going on like this. Running the cafe only reminds her of the man she loves but being so young she is unsure if she should sell the cafe and move on. The woman does smoke often when she can, however recently for her son she has been doing her best and downgraded to just doing an vaporized huka.

Father (Desceased)
Taro Saotome

He was seen to always be a cheerful man, caring, loving and well known for his Cafe that he ran with his wife. The man was always one to give a smile and even on occasion fix a cup of coffee free of charge for those who came in. As a father, he was always there for his son and even observed his son's subtle romance with the girl. It was only a few days before having an accident when saving a child crossing the street that he told Kota to never forget and have hope.

So begins...

Kota Saotome's Story


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ened for only a second but not much was heard other then the sound of an old clock hanging on the wall. This was normal since his mother had to wake up early and head to the cafe but through her kindness managed to always leave food on the table ready for Kota. Once the boy got downstairs, he immediately sat down at the kitchen table and ate his breakfast at a normal pace until noticing he only had about thirty minutes to get to his school. Seeing this on the digital clock never made him feel good and at times he'd wake up with only fifteen minutes to do everything, he considered himself lucky. With that Kota lifted himself up taking his toast with him, holding it by his mouth as he locked the door with the case in left hand. Once his hand became free again, it had risen to once again hold to the toast as he turned to see his neighborhood lit up by the warm morning light. It was then when the boy finally began making his way towards his destination and the beginning of his new year.

As Kota walked down the street and got further into town, he made sure to stop by the cafe. Immediately opening the door made the bell upon the door ring and in that moment a woman who looked to be only five foot three, Light brown eyes and brown hair rose her head with a smile. She was cleaning a glass along with two college looking students who seemed to immediately go about waiting their tables for the few people that were there. The woman grinned towards Kota, setting her glass upon the bar counter over a napkin before walking around raising a finger to point at him.

"Oi! I'm surprised, Y'know I was worried you would sleep through your alarm on the first day. Especially from how you jacked up your sleep pattern during summer hehe" She said looking down observing if her son had dressed properly. Her eyes drifted onto to his waist before lifting up again to make eye contact. Her arms folded as Kota began to speak.

"Mom, you know the alarm never lets me sleep that long. Anyways, I was just coming by to check up on you" Kota said with a smile as his hand went to scratch the back of his head. He then looked around noticing there wasn't much customer's in today but that was natural due to the fact that it was around eight-fourty.

"Hehe what a good son! I am fine, you need to hurry along though. I'll be home late as you know but I'll be sure to leave you some food on the table!" She said turning around heading back to the counter. Kota smiled and nodded turning around once again placing his hand upon the latch of the door as he pushed his way out making his way into the warm sun again. Only a gentle breeze went along his face he turned to the right making his way to the crosswalk waiting for the sign to change. As he waited he noticed kids around the neighborhood walking from all directions to head towards the school's courtyard which was straight ahead. Shopkeepers were out preparing the stocks and cleaning the ground in front of their doors. Cars of course made there way through the traffic lights as well and after waiting only a minute Kota found himself walking across the street along with a couple of other civilians who just happened to be going the same way when the sign upon the machine changed.

Kota had finally made his way in and begun to walk through the courtyard until he suddenly heard a girl's voice from behind him call out to him with a smile.

"Kota! Hey!"

Kota turned with a smile, before stopping waving towards the girl. Who appeared to have red hair, oval glasses, and green eyes. She was rather small and fun sized. Along with wearing the typical uniform for females, she had two green braids in her hair. The hair length came to her shoulders. Kota often thought she was rather kind and adorable looking, always seemed to smile yet at times was very fragile. Always had a 'hello' for everyone. Kota turned back around as soon as she caught up. They always seemed to walk side by side in the courtyard if they managed to see each other but it was obvious they were just friends, especially when a familiar guy showed up.

"Yo! Boss!"

A boy with short straight black hair, fairly tall called out to Kota. The boy seemed to be jogging towards the two who stopped and waved. As soon as he caught up the three once again began walking normal pace before talking.

"Kaoru, Yuta. ready to start the new semester?" Kota had asked looking down at Kaoru who was the girl, closer to him and then lifted his head to Yuta, who yawned and stretched. The red head decided to speak first as both of her hands were upon the handle of the case.

"Yes, I worked on my garden and then went to my grandpa's farm to assist him for the summer!" She said. Kota nodded giving a simple reply that it seemed nice. Yuta seemed to nod with an agreement before speaking.

"Boss, you and Kaoru should've came with me to Okinawa City for the week! It was great. The bands, shopping and just endless fun!" Yuta said excitedly expressing himself with his hands.

"That sounds great but then I'd be like how you are now and in that mode, I would never get up from my bed" Kota said teasingly and in response the two next to him laughed. Along the way, a few girls had waved at Kota and his friends as well as a couple of guys. Eventually they found them in front of the assembly hall's door which they opened and immediately went into place standing in their class "2-B" waiting for the assembly to begin.

With only five minutes of waiting the assembly started at 9:05 exactly and only lasted fifteen to twenty minutes hearing the regular speech that it is a new year, how they wish everyone to succeed but what seemed so different was when the principal got to the last part.

"You have all endured so much and we're proud of you. Know to all of you, this is a time of change, when you figure out what life has in store for you. This semester will be different and perhaps you will meet with fate. Every step of the way leads some where and each of you are on the right path."

Although that had been meant for everyone, it made Kota feel as if he could exclude everyone from the room as if he was sitting down in his chair and the principal was speaking directly towards him. The boy blinked as the quote went through his head only to regain sense when the assembly was over. Yuta and Kaoru decided to go on ahead to check with old club mates as Yuta just sat there for awhile letting everyone clear only to watch everyone clear the hall to get to their home-room.