Olivia Hearting

Yay! Party! I brought Fluffles. Te he.

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a character in “Haunting Truth Or Dare”, originally authored by Haas33, as played by MariIsMe



Olivia Hearting
Nickname: Olive, some call her Livvy, or Oreo

Age and Grade: 17, Junior
Friend: who are amy friends? Hehe, Everyone is my friend! Especially Girl 3, she is nice! Oh a bunny!
Enemy: Hmm. Girl 5. She is such a wannabe. What makes her think she can become friends with Girl 3? Girl 3 is my friend.
Sexuality: Sexuality? Thats a big word. But I like guys. Especially the super sexy one in Math class. John. Just picture him with his shirt off.
Why Did You Decide To Go To The Sleepover: Because Girl 3 was going of course! Plus its a party! I just hope they don't mind I brought Fluffles.


Personality: Olive is a ditzy blonde who doesn't know whats going on half the time. She tends to do things without thinking, which is why she is a funny victim for dares. She is a follower of Girl three and worships her like a goddess. She tends to do everything Girl 3 does, not realizing the bitchyness that is Girl three. She is too dumb to realize the mean things Girl 3 does, especially because she has her hooks in her.

Although not so bright on the outside, she is sweet and lovable on the inside. She is a creative fun girl who doesn't mind a good time. If she gets upset, she really gets upset. But most of the time she is a happy-go-lucky girl with not a thought in the world. She is understanding and sweet, but a little crazy. She is a very lovable person.

History: Olive scrambled through Elementary school, Middle school, and now Highschool. Her lack of intelligence made her mom sad, and soon depressed, committed suicide. Her dad lied to her, and it was easy. he said that she went to Hawaii, and soon, they would go there, too. Stupidly enough, she believed it, and became even happier than before.

In highschool, she met girl 3, who took to her, as she was pretty and dumb, perfect to be her puppet. Olive thought that she was taking her under her wing, helping her study (sort of, really they just went to each others houses and talked about the other girls). Being as ditzy and nice as she is, she doesn't have many enemies. And even girl 5 isn't like they hate each other. They just have their differences.

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, always smiling, beautiful, nice curves, nice hips, nice sized breasts, doesn't wear completely slutty clothes, but she takes after the popular girl.
Anything Else: She has a maltipoo puppy named Fluffles. She brought it to the party. It looks like this:

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