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Aslin Solice (2)

psh no escape? yeah right....

0 · 190 views · located in Haven Mental Institution

a character in “Haven Mental Institution”, as played by tatteredbutterfly236



Nickname-Flame(acts like she hates it but she really dosnt mind), Lin, and pyromaniac
Ability- Firekinisis (ability to control fire to do whatever she wants)
Physical Apperence-Coal black hair spiky cut short , red orange eyes with flakes of green. 5'1", 100 pounds, very beautiful
Clothes-black tee shirt black skinny jeans and bright bright red knee high boots and a silver locket


Some additude, created a shell around herself to avoid the pain of loss, actually sweet and caring very brave but also quiet aorta shy at first
Likes -colors -red yellow orange; fire books caffine dancing rebelling
dislikes-water rules


Hides a small pack of her left sock and a lighter in her right sock has a lock picking kit in her back pocket


She found out about her deadly powers when she was three and accidently burned her house to the ground killing her father than her mother commited suicide. Admin was forced to live with her aunt and uncle her aunt was half insane and her uncle beated Aslin all the time one day Aslin got to mad and shot him with her flames killing him after that she locked herself into her room an convinsed herself she was a monster she didn't want to hurt anybody. She was full of pain and she started to do self harm by cutting she wanted to die so badly she tried running away a lot but she was always caught she just wants someone toa love....... she feels like anything that goes wrong is her fault after two years her aunt finnaly sent her here......... to the Haven Mental Institution.....

So begins...

Aslin Solice (2)'s Story