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Beaumont Hills


a part of havoc, by crybaby.


crybaby holds sovereignty over Beaumont Hills, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The town of Beaumont Hlls
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Beaumont Hills is a part of havoc.

8 Characters Here

Reagan Venandi [19] the hunter.
Riley Montgomery [18] "Look me in the eyes, and tell me what you see."
Thomas Jackson [17] the kanima
Brook Delaney [16] the druid
Liam Haynes [16] the alpha
Olivia Crosby [16] the banshee
Peter Simmons [11] the human
Hiroto Naozaki [9] The Kitsune

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Character Portrait: Riley Montgomery Character Portrait: Olivia Crosby Character Portrait: Reagan Venandi Character Portrait: Brook Delaney
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#, as written by mombie

the hunter x Hex: #3592a0 x Outfit


Reagan rubbed the back of her head and slowly rolled onto her stomach so that she could drag herself back up onto her feet. When she stood, there was a sort of stumble not too uncommon for people recovering from some sort of bodily trauma. Riley was talking, but her ears rung and she only got bits and pieces. It even took her a few seconds to notice that she was in the school, and that there was a rabid beast running amok. Speaking of the Chimera...

Amanda vanished, and this left just the hunter and the Werecoyote. There was a lot of confusion, and Reagan just stared at her. It wasn't a look of horror as much as it was... surprise. An unwanted surprise. Perhaps it was even shock - the sudden realization that the monsters she was taught to kill are so impossibly close to her. They weren't evil, they were kids. Kids like her, and there was nothing in this world that could have prepared her to face this hard truth. In her world of monsters and hunters, there were the good guys and then the bad. That was how her mother taught her, and it was all she knew.

Her eyes blinked slowly, and her breathing began to calm itself down. The question was what in the hell was she supposed to do with this information? Who was Brook talking to, and how much did he know about the students of Beaumont High? There was a wave of anger creeping in from the toes of her feet that crawled up to her head, and she just shook it at Riley.

She held out a hand and calmly took back her taser, "We can't talk about this right now, Riley. I - I need to find Brook. I need to... I just -" She didn't realize that she was stepping backward, trying to get away from this confusion. This grey area was unfamiliar to her, and it seemed like everything she was taught to think about these animals crashed around her. "I need to find Brook. Peter... Did Peter leave school? Thomas? Make sure Peter and the others left, okay? Just... I can't explain it, but if there are any more students like you - they have to leave. My mother, the Sherrif - they will be here soon. You all have to leave." She just didn't know.

Eventually, she was out the door and she turned swiftly to run through the hallway. By this time, whoever Brook was speaking to was likely to be gone, and it was probably a good thing. As she slowly meandered through the various school corridors, she kept her steps slow and cautious and her eyes peeled. The crimson flashing was a grim touch to the whole situation, only adding to the horror story appeal that the students were now in.

She had her small taser in a white-knuckled grip, prepared to use it at any moment. "Brook?" she inquired as she dipped her head into this room and that room, finding each one more eerily vacant than the last. The hairs at the back of her neck bristled as though her gut tried to ward her away from certain places. Just because one was a hunter did not mean they were absent of fear, only that there was this new obligation to protect others. She had to push through it. Her mother reminded her always of their oath, as zealous as it was.

Then there was the science room, in which Brook and Olivia occupied. Was there something wrong with Liv, too? Reagan's bare feet begrudgingly found some glass on the floor - a small shard or two cutting through the skin. Wide-eyes were cast down to them then to the shattered windows where the nightly breeze was beginning to blow from outside in. "Brook... Liv? What the fuck? We need to get out of here. I saw the thing - and it was - it was..." she couldn't quite get that one out, either, and she's supposed to be the stupid brave one.

She'd love to smack the shit out of Brook right now, but it wasn't the right time. She decided that she'd simply wait for them both to realize that she was here, and maybe they'd leave the school together. She wasn't too worried about Riley since most supernatural beasts could take care of themselves better than humans. Truth be told, she wasn't ready to see her again. Not right now. A group would be better than just one person on their own, and while Reagan only had this silly taser, it seemed to have worked on Amanda. Not that she witnessed it herself, but she had confidence in her purse-friendly weapon. If anything, it was the only thing the three of them would have for defense as far as she was concerned.

Unless there was something else that everyone was hiding.

"I just have this taser, and it looks like Riley used it. Whatever that thing is, we can't wait around for it to circle back. R-R-Riley is still here, and I asked her to make sure others weren't still stuck here. I didn't stick around to make sure that she would..." They needed to leave before they had to do a whole lot of explaining to the police. Worse, before she noticed that others she knew were not exactly human, either.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Riley Montgomery Character Portrait: Reagan Venandi Character Portrait: Hiroto Naozaki Character Portrait: Thomas Jackson Character Portrait: Peter Simmons
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-Werecoyote- | Outfit | Hex: #800000

Riley looked in on silent confusion as she helped Reagan to her feet, watching as the human stumbled and rambled on about having to leave and go find the others. And that if there were any others like her they'd need to leave. That her mother who was the sheriff was coming. A small pit began to form in her stomach at that notion, she remembered hearing whispers and rumors about Reagan's family, and that their last name was more than a name. It was as much of a sign as it was a title. If the rumors of Reagan and the rest of her family were true, and that they really were true, she and the others did need to get out of here, and they'd need to get out of here quickly. Riley was snapped out of her thoughts as she saw Reagan disappearing out of the hallway, saying something about having to go look for Brook and to make sure they were okay. "Ugh, fucking humans.." she found herself muttering under her breath as she shook her head, giving chase after Reagan for a few moments until she stopped, Amanda didn't go down this way, meaning she was somewhere else as she picked up a scent. One of death and decay, Amanda.. she thought to herself as she gave chase to the smell, slowly stalking down the hallways as her eyes shifted back to the golden color of the beast that usually lied dormant within her. Following the scent as she crept around the corners of the endless corridors until she heard a male shriek in horror and the sound of metal. She smirked and followed where the voice was coming from, stopping before she turned the corner as her eyes turned back to their human green, and finally turned around the corner to see none other than Peter, Hiro, and Tommy, who was now back in his human form, as well as Amanda who was lying on the floor but clearly conscious.

Riley's eyebrow quirked for a moment, but now wasn't the time to ask questions, she'd be able to ask plenty at a later date. She turned to Peter who was pushed back against the lockers, clearly, the one who had yelled in terror, at who he guessed was Amanda's current form. A small chuckle hid deep in her chest as she shook her head and offered a hand to Peter, looking back at Tommy and Hiro, "You two look like you've seen a ghost." she chuckled, trying to change the subject for a brief moment. "As for you, Peter, right? We can explain everything, just not now-" she said as she turned to face Tommy and Hiro, "We need to get out of here, asap. The sheriff will be here soon and, uh we just need to get out of here before they suspect us of anything." she said with slight panic and uncertainty in her voice, trying to remain as composed as she could be, "I don't know what we're gonna do with her, but honestly...I'd say leave it to the sheriff...She's...Too far gone for help at this point." she said softly, gathering from the look on Peter's face, she was supposedly his date for the night, who well, clearly took a bite out of someone else.

"Anyway, you three need to leave, now. I'm getting the fuck out of here before shit hits the fan, again." she said as she gave the three guys one last look, and turned back and left. Her footsteps echoed throughout the otherwise silent hallways, until she ran into the main door, slamming against it as it opened. The heavy falling rain greeted her as she looked around the practically empty parking lot, few cars scattered across the lot. It was an eery sight that dropped a pit into her stomach. Almost an hour ago it was a fun evening, and now...Now they'd all have explaining to do to each other, something Riley didn't plan on ever doing. "Nice knowing you Beaumont..." she muttered to herself as she walked to her bike and started the engine, it rumbled to life as she got on and put her helmet on, the rain having soaked through to her very bone causing a shiver to go down her spine. With a heavy sigh, she left the campus and headed for home, taking the backways instead of the main road as a way of avoiding the police, who she knew would be arriving at the school any moment now as she heard sirens blaring in the distance.

Finally, she made it home, stepping into the front door with a sigh as she tossed her helmet to the side, "You're back rather early?" she heard her sister call from the other room as she walked in, coffee in her hands. "I don't want to talk about it right now, Ell." she said with a monotone voice as she shuffled into her room. Her sister walked behind her with an inquisitive look, "You sure? You seem rather upset...Did something happen?" she questioned, the clear worry was evident in her voice. "it doesn't matter. I...I just want to change clothes and go to bed, forget this night ever even happened." she said rather coldly as she closed the door and immediately undressed from the soaked clothing, tossing them into the bathroom as she got into a t-shirt and shorts and slipped into her bed. Lying her head in the pillow as she pulled up her blankets, trying to act like this was all just one big nightmare and that she's wake up and start all over again. "Why can't anything ever just be...easy?" she mumbled to herself as she found herself slowly drifting off to sleep, as her eyes grew heavy..


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Character Portrait: Liam Haynes Character Portrait: Riley Montgomery Character Portrait: Hiroto Naozaki Character Portrait: Thomas Jackson Character Portrait: Peter Simmons
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xxlxxT H O M A S x J A C K S O N
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe kanima
xxxxxxxxx#153d88 xxx | xxxattire

xxx xWrapping his head around this entire situation was beginning to give Tommy a headache. First, he had a paralyzed wendigo at his feet, snarling at him but can’t reach him. Hiro has a freakin’ sword out ready to attack if the wendigo made a move, and Thomas’s suit is ruined and he’s bleeding black blood. The suit didn’t even belong to him! Harrison lent it to them since they are roughly the same size. ’I am so dead when this is all over.’ Although, it wasn’t clear how this was going to end. Tommy squatted down, examining the wendigo as it snapped at him. It was female and looked familiar with it’s long, bright red locks. It was nothing compared to the dark red splotches on her face. He had noticed the ripe smell of blood earlier, but he thought it was his own. The wendigo had fed already. Standing tall, he ran both hands in his hair in frustration. ”It’s fed recently, look at its mouth. It smells fresh so there’s probably a body somewhere, probably dead.” So much for getting rid of it and playing dumb.

Death has become a normal for Tommy since becoming a kanima so the fact that this isn't affecting him would be startling if it wasn't a common occurrence. Hunters, pack feuds, and people succumbing to their instincts meant the end, an unfortunate circle of life. The wendigo would have to dealt with. Thomas began to summon his other half when he sensed another presence.

Turning and seeing Peter there was terrifying. The situation didn’t look good. Peter looked confused before noticing the body on the ground. ”Amanda?" Oh no, Tommy thought the wendigo looked familiar. Peter mentioned having a date to the dance. He seemed excited and to stood up... Tommy empathized with him, recalling when his first crush blew him off for a date because he wasn’t good looking at the time. Tommy reached for Peter, attempting to stop him from seeing her new form. ”Peter, you don’t want to see this-“ But Tommy wasn’t fast enough. He could only watch as his friend jumped away, and fell, from Amanda, who shrieked at her date with razor sharp teeth. Tommy panicked. He didn’t what to say to Peter’s question that wouldn’t give away a lot of information that Peter really needed to stay away from. ”Well, you see, um... haha got you! You just got pranked!“

It was stupid idea, but it was the best he could think of at the moment. ”We thought it would be funny to scare everyone at Fright Night and some people took it to far,“ Tommy glanced at Amanda, ”She clearly drank too much and is way too into her character. I better get her out of here.“ He whispered over to Hiro, ”Do an illusion so she appears normal.“ Peter couldn’t get involved in this world, he wasn’t ready. Tommy grabbed the wendigo’s legs, because there was no way he was going near the top portion. It would’ve worked perfectly if Riley hadn’t shown up and made things more complicated.

It worked out that her wording was vague enough to go along with his story. ”She’s right! This went too far. I’ll take care of Amanda, the police shouldn’t have to deal with her in this state.” Riley gave him a weird look, but didn’t comment further on what he meant. ”Hiro, can you take Peter outside. I’m sure his dad is looking for him.” He took Amanda, still snarling yet human looking to any non-supernatural that saw her. Tommy followed the smell of blood and found himself at boys’ locker room. He took a back entrance, noticing that he could smell Liam nearby. Tommy snuck in and found the body of another student, Trevor Marks. He sat behind Tommy in Science class and would explain what they were learning about that day to him. Trevor was a good kid and wanted to be a doctor, according to what he shared during their labs together. ”I’m sorry, brother.” He said, voice pained.

Tommy turned back to his current problem. It never felt good to deal with the creatures that were out of control. Tommy didn’t know Amanda outside of what Peter told him, but it didn’t change that she was dangerous. He gazed at her form, she had some semblance of her human nature, but her white orbs and razor sharp teeth was only a reminder of what she is. ”Maybe things could’ve been different for you. You’re a threat and I don’t want anyone else to die. Ironic right?” Taking his hand, Thomas summoned his other form, his fingernails turning into claws. He closed his eyes and wrapped his hand around her throat, and squeezed. The creature shrieked louder and louder, until Thomas ripped his hand way, then it ceased. He opened his eyes, looking down at the now human body of Amanda. Her makeup was smeared and her mouth bloody and she was dressed for the dance. She probably wanted to enjoy the dance with Peter, maybe do something more later. She was just a child, not even an adult.

Thomas couldn’t spend too much time to dwell on that. He left the bodies as is, not wanting to tamper with the scene too much. The police would be on their way and he didn’t have much time. Thomas quickly took off his suit and jumped into a shower that wasn’t occupied. He turned on the water and rinsed himself off; the water turned red and Thomas was reminded of what he had just done. Still in his boxers, Thomas shoved his suit into one of the lockers. He had healed from his battle earlier so nothing suspicious there. The next phase of his plan was going to be tricky, but it might work. Taking a deep breath, he walked out of the locker room out to the parking lot where everyone from the dance was. It had started to rain but people were under cover from their cars or jackets.

Everyone began to burst out laughing when they saw Thomas. Thomas laughed and made a show of the fact that he was only in his boxers. ”I get it! This is hilarious, but seriously? Stealing my suit so I had to come out in my underwear? Really cruel guys.” ”Who did this to you, man?” One of so lacrosse players, Adam, called out.
"I have no idea. I was getting out of the shower after getting sick from whoever spiked the punch. I felt gross so I decided to take a shower. As soon as I got out, I see someone leaving with my clothes. I understand you all want a show, but come on.”

“It couldn’t have been any of us.” Adam went on, gesturing at the lacrosse guys. “We were all out here when the fire alarm went off. We’re missing Delaney and... Hayes!”
Literally, this plan couldn’t be anymore perfect. No one suspected anything and the feud between Thomas and Liam was so well-known that it made sense. Of course, Liam would do this to him. Thomas thought back, he didn’t look at the locker number, but he remembered smelling pine, a scent he’s associated with Liam. Man, this is too perfect.

"I did see curly, black hair and it was definitely male. I can’t believe he’d do this to me!” Thomas could see people slowly believing everything that came out of his mouth. It honestly amazed him how people could believe such an exaggerated story. “THOMAS!” Seeing his foster father run and drape a blanket over him was more embarrassing than being near naked in front of the whole school. “What happened? Where are your clothes? Why-“ “Its a long story. I’ll tell you later. Some of my friends are still in there. Can you get them out? I want them to be safe.” Thomas did his best to look pitiful. He didn’t want to talk about it, but he wasn’t going to leave until everything was done. Everything looked like an animal attack. He had to make sure it stayed that way. No one should know about the monsters lurking in this town.