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Poem Canción

"I just wanna do what makes me happy without others getting happier from it!"

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a character in “Hawthorne Academy”, as played by sweetshearts


I like a woman with a future and a past
A little attitude prob all good it'll make the s*** last
Don't make it too easy girl, don't take it too fast
Yeah, that's it, right there, that's it
Do it just like that
Only you could do it just like that

Poem Canción


African, Puerto Rican and Thai decent.
She is both a Siren and Mermaid, with her mother's attracting voice and her father's fins.
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→ Negative
Face Claim:
Naya Rivera


Poem was born to be on stage, and has never in her life had a bit of stage fright. She'll act seductive and sweet while singing or being on a play and is extremely arrogant about her skills. Weirdly her stage fright does not help her with the fright she has about social situations. She is normally shy and never really talks to anybody. Even though she isn't the type to talk much her voice makes boys on her 24/7, which she hates. She just wishes for some one to love her for more then her stupid voice. She is real snarky and sarcastic to the men who flirt with her so if you are that type of person get ready for some hate. She'd love to have a real friend one day but her shyness may make that dream never happen.

Small Biography:
Poem's mother and father are in a band together and are music teachers as a "side job."(Actually their full job.) Because of her parents she was always around music. From classical and jazz to rap and r&b. She would always be humming or skipping to a beat. She also had good acting skills and obviously was a talented swimmer, since she was a siren and mermaid crossbreed. Sadly she was never allowed to swim for fear that she may have her father's mermaid tail while in water.

Once she got older more people started to get attracted to her voice, not in a good way either. Boys all over her schools would flock to her and do anything for her. Even though this was cool for a while, she didn't need to do her homework or go into the long lunch lines since someone else was doing it for her, it slowly got to be annoying. She could never have girl friends since boys were always around her. Her parents explained to her how a siren's voice attracted the others in a magical way and it was a gift, but she never liked it. Her parents then sent her to this school in the hopes that maybe the magical boys wouldn't be so interested.

They were dead wrong.

You said men coming on too strong girl
They want you in their life as a wife
That's why you wanna have no sex
Why you wanna protest, why you wanna fight for your right+
Cause you don't love them boys
Women run everything, f*** that noise.


So begins...

Poem Canción's Story


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Poem Canción

Under her breath was always a song, or maybe a hum. Depending on how up-beat the song was you could easily figure out how she was feeling that day. Some days her songs were quick-paced and happy, other days they were slow and sad. Sometimes there was a middle ground and other days she would switch sounds when emotions would change. She has always tried to st singing or humming under her breath, especially during school, being that if anybody heard her noise they would be all around her, looking for attention. Sadly she wasn't the type to stop doing what she loved because of others, so she kept on singing her tune under her breath, walking to her class. It was up-beat, which showed her mood for today, it was quite the beautiful day and she has not a worry in the world. So she skips down the school hallways to her first class.