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Louise Simmons

"I Run The Coven Now - Don't Like It? There Is The Door."

0 · 722 views · located in Hawthorne Grove, Pennsylvania

a character in “Hawthorne Grove”, as played by Dumisa


“I Now Run This Coven – So, You All Better Beware.”

Louise Simmons.

Lou. Simmy. Sims. Bitch. Queen Bitch.

Louise is very old in vampire years but she appears in her late thirties in human years.




½ British, ½ American.

Head of the Coven.

Height & Weight:
Louise is five foot eight and weighs about one-hundred and thirty pounds.

Hair Style & Color:
She usually has her raven colored hair tied up into a bun, or a high ponytail. On casual evenings out, she just lets it hang free and it goes to the top of her mid-back.

Skin Type and Color:
She is rather pale more than anything else. She also has blemish free skin, which she adores and hopes that it stays that way. She is also trying to avoid wrinkles.

Eye Color:
Louise eyes are a dark brown.

She usually wears the most elegant thing she can find. She doesn’t really have anything laid back or casual.

Storms| Most Members of her Coven| Men| Blood| The Night Sky| Reading| Silence|

Yelling| Arguing| Coffee| Early Mornings| Kids| Humans|

{ Greedy. Seductive. Trustworthy. Nurturing. }

She is very agile, which means that she is able to move very quickly. She can also manipulate others to bend to her will and even has Telepathic abilities but the Telepathy only works towards her Coven members. Of course, she does have the usual vampire abilities as well – Such as, heightened senses.

So begins...

Louise Simmons's Story

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When another vampire entered the scene, Jack knew that she was the big man (or woman) in the vampiric world. She was Clayton's counterpart and she intrigued Jack immensely. She seemed calm and collected, unlike how explosive her alpha had been just moments prior. She wondered if it was just the norm for vampires. Were all of them cold and somewhat emotionless? Or was it just because this woman was simply so... mature? Either way, Jack would be keeping an eye out for her. She'd be vital for her research. "Now, shoo or fetch or whatever it is you guys do." Jack actually cracked a smile at that. Okay, who was she kidding? She chuckled out loud, and had to cover her mouth to stop her laughter from spilling out. "Like we haven't heard that before, Leech Queen," she commented after she gathered herself again. God, she needed to get herself together. She'd be in so much trouble later if she didn't keep her mouth shut.

Thankfully, the two sides were dispersing and she could make a getaway. Clayton was talking to Tiffany about the cupcakes so that wasn't something Jack wanted to involve herself in. Josh obviously had sisterly drama going on, so she'd leave him to that. She couldn't hang out with any of the vampires for obvious reasons. She needed to find something to do in this festival. She refused to believe that she dressed up and got out of her hermit lab for nothing more than a terse moment and a few choice words. But, alas, she found nothing to do and her human best friend was nowhere in sight. "Well, this is so typical of you, Witte. You're in a festival and you've got nothing to do. Typical." She scuffed her sneakers on the ground and stood there awkwardly, hoping that something, anything, would happen.

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#, as written by KOKIA


"Now Tiffany, Me and this gentlemen were just having a small discussion. There is no need to be rude, he doesn't absolutely HAVE to shake my hand. I am not offended." Athena had said, and Tiff gave out a loud huff as she took a step back and listened to the girl. If it weren't for someone telling her to cut it out, she would probably have bitten off some more snappy remarks off her silver tongue. She sure as hell wasn't there to just stand there and let this whole scenario play out right in front of her.

"I'd have to agree, you don't want to deal with me tonight and I don't think dead meat goes with cotton candy....though I wouldn't mind a bite" Tiff smirked at this guy's comment. Too bad this guy speaks from the heart and not his mushy werewolf brain... cause Tiff could give less of two shits about what this guy wants to do. Go ahead. Try me. She thought.

It was just then that another guy came into the fun. Arturo. Athena's brother. They soon started having small talk with each other.... in another language. All these years Tiff has been alive and she hasn't taken the time to learn Italian despite all the other languages she has caught up onto. She stood there, tapping her foot as the two had their little Italian conversation before Arturo soon stepped in front of the girls and stood his ground. He looked like he was trying to protect them, or his sister anyway. Tiff rolled her eyes, now noticing that she couldn't see anything over this guy.

"This doesn't have to end in a disagreement, not here anyway. If all of us go our seperate ways we can continue enjoying our evenings without bothering ourselves with...a fight." Tiff rolled her eyes again at Arturo's suggestion. She rolled her eyes so dramatically this time that she swore she saw her brain in her head. She wasn't there to have a tea party with these hairy things. She was there to start an argument, seeing as they already have.

It was then the next werewolves turn to talk. A werewolf that shared the same name with Tiff herself. That was the only thing those two had in common. Tiff listened as this girl agreed with Arturo, stating that they shouldn't start a fight with all these humans here... and she was right.... even though Tiff would never admit it. Humans just wouldn't understand. Having an argument with your mother was nothing like an argument between vampires and werewolves.

"Come on, Josh. Clay wanted some cupcakes a few moments ago and my aunt has an entire container for the pack. Let's go get them." Tiff had to let out a smirk and a small chuckle at this comment. Cupcakes? What are they all, Two years old? Even though they act like it, she thought they would be doing some more mature doggy things right now instead of worrying about cupcakes. All the werewolves seem to agree though, probably not knowing how childish they sound.

"Yes! Yes, Tiffany is right Clay! Let's just let it go and go get some of those-" Just then, a silence dawned over the group and silenced this kid, which she assumed was Josh. Just then, another brunette girl about Tiff's own height walked into the scene. Tiff then glanced over at the tall blond guy, which she now knew was Clayton. She does know these werewolves, she's just not very good at remembering names, especially names of people she doesn't care about. She looked at his face and saw a small splat of icing there.

"Hey, Fur face is there a problem here?" It was then that Tiff decided she liked this girl. The girl with her arms crossed as she stared this tall guy down. Tiff would never admit that she admired the spunk from someone else, especially a werewolf, but she really did. "Shouldn't you be picking on someone your own size blondy?" The girl said again as she turned and faced this Josh boy. She told him something that Tiff couldn't quite pick up on, despite her enhanced hearing. The boy stuttered and agreed soon after.

She watched as Clayton got angry with this girl and started saying something about how he was done and wanted to get back to his business with his wolf buddies. "Now Tiffany, that cupcake..." She heard Clayton mumble.. and that's when Tiff had just about enough with this bullshit.

"Yeah, don't forget the cupcakes! Make sure to share! Have fun!"
Tiff said loudly in a high-pitched girly voice that she somehow managed as she stood on her tippy toes and waved goodbye with a fake smile. Tiff's face then returned to a glare towards the werewolf group and stood back down on her flat feet before turning towards her own race. It was just then that there Coven Leader, Louise, stepped in. Thank God for this woman... because she had some guts in her, too.

"Ah, werewolves are in our midst, eh? Well, keep your grubby little paws away from my Coven, got it?" Louise said as she continued walking towards them, "Now, shoo or fetch or whatever it is you guys do." Tiff then smiled and looked over at Louise and uncrossed her folded arms.

"Like we haven't heard that before, Leech Queen," She heard another werewolf say while walking away from them. Tiff's smile then turned into a playful one as she turned her body towards the girl that was still walking away and put her arms out in front of her, waving her hands around towards the girl, shooing her away as if she were shooing off an annoying dog."Go get your cupcake." She said in an attempted motherly tone, that also had a hint of sarcasm and playfulness in it. That was Tiff for you. Always having to make the last comment at the end of a fight. She smirked to the girl and turned back to face her fellow vampires.

"Are you guys enjoying the festival?" Louise said with a smile. Tiff then smiled back, thankful to have some more of her well-liked vampire friends with her. "It's been good. Well, was good. I guess we should try to enjoy the rest of it together while we can." Tiff replied as she looked around at the still-busy festival grounds... full of humans. Figures.

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In truth, Tiffany was surprised that Clayton listened to her and proceeded to squash the arising conflict before it could begin anew. If he had chosen to stay and actually fight, she would have followed him and the rest of their pack. Instead, they were heading away when the cupcake frosting incident occurred. Tiffany only glanced at the perpetrator, mildly interested. It was no true harm and her scent did somewhat remind Tiffany of Josh's, though it was barely there. And even more interested in the fact that Clay didn't do anything to the girl. Sighing about the spectacle of the night, Tiffany was just about to walk away when she heard the blonde female vampire - did they share the same name or something? - make some retort.

She didn't do anything. It wouldn't be Tiffany if she did. But she did glance at the vampire over her shoulder, a shadow fixed over her face and her eyes piercing. There had only been rare moments on neutral grounds had Tiffany's face ever gotten like this, had she intentionally set out to show some of the darkness in her spirit. But this one vampire - a child at that, if the way she acted dictated her mental stage - irritated her for no apparent reason. Her eyes even bled red for a moment and on the inside, the wolf in her howled to be released, ready to sink its claws into this vampire's face and rip her mouth off. But she didn't and turned away anyway, sighing again.

"Normally, I would take the high road," she said softly to Clayton as they walked away. At this point, they should have been a few feet away, allowing her to speak hushedly with him without wariness towards the possibility of the vampires hearing their conversation. "But if we ever have to fight them, I want that one to myself. The festival's just started and she already has me ready to leave." Tiffany hadn't even gotten to see Stephen, but at this point, if the vampires made one wrong move, she didn't doubt there would be chaos on such a beautiful night.