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Stephen Queen

"This town can get pretty boring..." WIP

0 · 774 views · located in Hawthorne Grove, Pennsylvania

a character in “Hawthorne Grove”, as played by chanelindistress



“Silence make the real conversations between friends. Not the saying, but the never needing to say that counts.”
~ Margaret Lee Runbeck



Stephen Jackson Queen

Steph, Queen, Jackson, or Jack {Only by close friends}


35% British// 45% Russian// 20% French

|Sexual Orientation|
Bisexual; Biromantic, though he leans more towards guys


College Student// Intern at Local Veterinarian Clinic


He stands at 5'8 and wishes he could get those final two inches.

Though seemingly lanky in appearance, his skin stretches over lean and smooth muscles with enough definition to prove that he does have quite the athletic physique. With an abdomen decorated with three rows of defined muscle and long limbs, Stephen is muscular and considered quite attractive.

Despite having grown up in California for a few years, Stephen's skin only holds a very slight tan tint, though it remains to be a light complexion.

Just slightly hooded beneath slightly heavy and expressive eyebrows, the safest way to describe his eyes are hazel. With a deep shade of forest-green near the pupils, flecks of blue and maybe a hint of gold can be along the irises.

His hair is cut short and naturally curly, soft to the touch and holding a healthy shine. The dark golden locks warm his skin and look slightly darker towards the roots.

Other than a litter of freckles that can be found if you look close enough on the bridge of his nose, Stephen's right ear is pierced. He has a tribal raven tattoo on his back and a tribal armband tattoo on both of his upper arms.



Stephen runs his fingers through his hair constantly, but mostly absentmindedly because he gets bored quite easily.// He does not like not moving and he shakes his knee subconsciously to be somewhat active when he's sitting down.// Stephen rolls his eyes when he hears people talking and he didn't want to hear their voices, but especially when they are lying or spouting stupidity.

Bilingual// Stephen speaks English and French fluently.
Painting & Drawing// Stephen is known for being one of the best artists in the town and sketches during his free time. He can actually - if given the appropriate amount of time and material - put up a very decent forgery.
Dancing// With his bouts of energy and desire for fun, it isn't surprising that he is a very good dancer. Stephen took ballet (don't laugh; ballet is serious) and hip hop since he was a child and Stephen loves to "shake a tail feather," so to speak. Though, he tends to show off less when he is actually trying to impress someone. He doesn't want to appear too cocky.
Charisma// Stephen has always had this easy way of talking with people and he considers it a skill. He just has this charm that can sweet talk even some of the chilliest of hearts and with that dimpled smile, it is hard to not do something that he asks, especially with that British accent and shining eyes.

Sketching Dancing (Or just moving in general) Skateboarding Taking care of animals Messing with Tiffany

øAbrasive Nature// Stephen tends to not think rationally - he leaves that to Tiffany. And his actions reflect that accordingly. When he feels threatened or when someone has disrespected him or someone who is considered invaluable to him, Stephen will lash out, even when he knows he won't win the fight. Besides, the bruises he sports has given him some great rewards, like that last girl.
øHis Curiosity// In Tiffany's mind, Stephen is far too curious for his own good. He always wants the truth; the answer to a puzzle he can't solve on his own and is willing to work his ass off to get the results he wants. Since Tiffany rescued him two years ago in her wolf form despite the fact that there aren't many wolves in Hawthorne, he has wanted to find out where she and others like her are. And he will find out, knowing how persistent he can be.
øEmotional Extremes// When Stephen feels a particular emotion, he feels it at a powerful level. If he's happy, he's beyond happy; he's escatic. The same can be said with boredom and anger and pain. No one ever knows what he is really feeling; half of the time, neither does he.
øBodies of Water// Do not ask.

{Anginophobia}Fear of choking {Athazagoraphobia}Fear of being forgotten {Cheimaphobia}Fear of Cold


Brown Eyes or Green Eyes| Guys| Strawberry Ice Cream| Whipped Cream| Art|Fresh Paint| Drawing| Dancing| Passionate Sex| Chinese Cuisine| Fireflies| Fireworks| Tiffany| Girls| Red Velvet Cake| Crime Shows| Animals| Vodka| Cultural Festivals/Parties| New People

Secrecy| Dishonesty| Dark Chocolate| Waffles| Broccoli| Unrequited Affection| Hard Cookies| Raisins| Animal Cruelty| Abuse of Any Kind| Film Remakes| Meaningless Flings| Bodies of Water| Coconut {He is allergic}| Lemons| Tiffany's Father| Constant Chatter| Overly Flirtatiousness| Bigotry



Charismatic, Vivacious, Open, Naive, Curious, Honest

Stephen has always been an eccentric one of sorts. He is built upon extremes and it shows in his every day antics. Never one to wake up dull or in a foul mood, Stephen greets people with a smile and perhaps even a flirtatious wink. Some think of him outlandish for his constantly moving mannerism and even weirdly bold because he has no shame in eyeing either sex and will gladly tell you that he wants you. Stephen is a firm believer in true love and makes every attempt to find it. And if it just so happens that he can have a little fun on the trip to fate, then let's have it - Stephen is always down for a little fun, no matter how dirty. Never one to shy away from what he wants, Stephen maintains a rather cool and confident swagger that can rival some of your favorite and suave television personalities.

He is rather dependent upon social interactions. He needs them - almost as much he needs to dance or have his sketch pad. Be mindful that just because he is a typically energetic person, it does not mean that he does not know when to take a chill pill. In fact, despite the bouts of energy and enthusiasm he can showcase, Stephen is a lot lazier than people give him credit for and would rather much flirt, draw, and probably munch on Tiffany's treats than be active every second of the day. He just dislikes the act of being a dull person. Open-hearted with a bout of honesty that can be refreshing in a town filled with pathological liars, Stephen favors being told the truth and knowing everything there is to. His family fears that it could get him killed one of these days.



So begins...

Stephen Queen's Story

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It's only 7:30 at night here in Pennsylvania and the Bloom festival is just beginning to come alive. The bright and colorful lights of the carnival rides illuminate the night sky with an array of colors. The scene from afar looks magical and festive, as if you were in some kind of fantasy world. Different flower shaped balloons rose up high in the star filled sky and floated away with the light summer breeze that passed sending the sweet scent of lavender around the small town of Hawthorne Grove. Down below though, amongst the people that flooded the festive grounds lurked the supernaturals who were keeping a watchful eye over the humans but also enjoying their time at the festival. The festive grounds smelled of carnival food and laughing people who were with family and friends. Everyone was truly unaware of the supernaturals who blended in with them, they would be running the snack stand or the game booths and you wouldn't know because they look just like them. Tonight Everyone's laughing and dancing under the moonlight.


Alexa fluttered her eyes open and yawned loudly as she sat up in the motel bed. The full moon was last night so it took a lot out of her and when she stumbled upon this motel this morning she knew she needed to stay and sleep or risk falling asleep at the hand of her motorcycle. She ran her fingers threw her hair as she looked over at the digital clock that read 7:30pm. "Time to get my ass up and get on the move." she whispered to herself as she walked into the small motel bathroom and splashed water on her face to wake her up fully. After that, Alexa grabbed her black and white plaid shirt and slipped it on her over her black crop top and grabbed her goggles.

She had no helmet because she loved to feel the wind through her hair and on her skin. Heading out the door she quickly made her way to the front desk and paid what she owed for the room and to her luck the person at the front desk was a young girl around her age. Alexa was never good at talking to older people so she put on her little flirty smile as she handed the money to the young woman. " Hey sweetie, do you know how far the next town is?" The girl pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear as she spoke with a slight giggle. " Yeah, actually it's only about fifteen minutes away, you take the main rode all the way down and you should end up at Hawthorne Grove, Also you're in luck because they are having their annual Bloom Festival and it's basically a carnival at night so it'll be lively."

"Oh, so theres like free food and rides and stuff?" Alexa ran her fingers threw her hair once more licking her lips as she did and looked down the main road that seemed pitch dark. " Yup, the festival is really beautiful at night from afar." the girl continued but as soon as the girl finished Alex smiled at her and thanked her for the room and said her farewells. Tala ran over to her bike and hopped on it putting her key in the engine hearing it roar for a second before it dimmed down to a loud purr. " Alright sweetie, looks like I'm going to have some fun tonight." with that the she-wolf adjusted her goggles and took off down the road with a wide grin on her face.

About 20 minutes later Alexa had arrive at her destination. She parked her bike in the packed parking lot and pulled her goggles off letting them hang around her neck as she began to walk towards the bright and colorful lights. She passed under a Huge sign that was decorated with flowers and read ' The 47th Annual Bloom Festival' before she was amazed at the lively sight of laughing crowds and the smell of popcorn that filled the air "Whoa...". Alex has never been to a Carnival or Festival so this sight was magical to her and so beautiful that she didn't mind the bright lights at all. The first thing she did was head over to a food stand and grabbed a free lemonade then wandered into the crowd of lively people, her eyes wide, taking in everything around her.


Josh sipped his root beer as he restocked the stuff animals at the game booth he was working at, at the moment. He lunged a huge panda bear over his shoulder then hung it up on the racks before he continued with different colorful animals. once finished he attended to the people to lined up to play the game. In between stacking the bottles and handing the player three baseballs he took sips of his root beer and watched as they failed at knocking down all the bottles. Josh had snickered at one customer who happened to be a tall young man who noticed him laugh and he wasn't happy at all.

" What you laughing at pipsqueak?" The man edged on and Josh stood up straight and looked up at him. " Um, would you be mad if I said I was laughing at you? If you would be then, I was not laughing at you at all!" The people in line laughed at what Josh said but it only made the young mad madder than he already was. " I'm gonna beat you down little man." The young guy growled as he grabbed Josh by the collar of his shirt pulling him over the counter. " Whoa, Whoa big guy calm down there." Josh looked to the side for a second and noticed that the guy that attended the game booth after him was walking up to the booth. Josh quickly looked at his watched and smiled at the lug head in front of him. " Sorry big guy, my shifts done! Maybe next time okay? Gotta run!" With that Josh squeezed the guys wrists hard making him let go and he quickly disappeared into the crowd.

With a sigh of relief Josh made his way past couples, and families ended up at a food stand and grabbing a bag of cotton candy. He opened the bag and took a piece of the fluffy, sweet goodness into his mouth. He had waited all night to get his hands on a bag of this stuff and when he did he felt total bliss. Josh began to wonder around the lively place eating his cottoncandy looking for something to do or ride.