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Suyin Huang

Suyin is an intellegent, sophisticated and shy girl who's family is from China, she was born in China until her family moved, she grew up in a very traditional, religious and strict environment and has the dream to be free and outgoing.

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a character in “Hawthorne Grove”, as played by SizzlerZ


Name: Suyin Huang
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Face claim: Arden Cho


Physical Description
Suyin is about 175 cm tall, she has dark brown eyes and she has wavy dark brown - black hair that reaches just below her shoulders. She wears sophisticated clothes, mostly dressed that are sleeved cutting off from just above her elbows and reaching a little higher than her knees, other than that she wears skinny jeans with a common T-shirt. She wears one S named necklace made of real silver that was given to her by her grandmother in China who is also named Suyin. She does not wear much jewellery as she doesn't want to present herself as the show off type.

Suyin is caring, kind, shy and a very sophisticated,however, she grew in a very strict and religious environment that her family forced on her, she grew up with many restrictions which she has right now as well. She always concentrates on what needs to be done and has the belief that hard work and with determination anything can be accomplished. Suyin is very concious about what people think of her, it is something natural that has been with her since she grew up, she can't stand anyone making the wrong assumptions about her. In any case of that happening she will never stand up for herself she would keep everything to herself. The young girl always feels she is not good enough for the world as she is not the kind that people around her are, for example; people bunk classes, make fun of teachers, lie to parents, do illegal and stupid things, go out, have relationships, make lots of friends, these were the things that Suyin could never do as of her strict cultural values. So she has always felt demoralised as of this. However this would never stop her from imaging that she could accomplish much more, she would imagine of being adventurous, outgoing, crazy, wild and fun; she would often hope that someone would come and bright up her world.


Equipment and abilities
Suyin is just a normal human being, however she has querks; Suyin can tell when someone is lying, she doesn't always know what the truth is, but she can always detect when someone is lying to her. They may be the best actor or lyre in the world but they just can't hide it from her. Usually when she does find that someone is lying to her, she chooses not to expose them as of her shy personality.
The character has a talent for aim, her aim is brilliant. Her father(Xin) and Suyin use to play aim games together which Suyin took very seriously, her aim is always right sharp unless she is distract, if there is something important going through her mind, she is not able to concentrate properly, not only disrupting her aim, but also her entire working sequence.

Historical Background
The Huang's are a family originated from China, as Suyin's father recognised that many kids in the area which they were living in were disrespectful to their parents, disrespectful to the culture, Xin made a decision that he would raise his child in a chinese cultural environment, with restrictions to keep his daughter from turning into 'disrespectful dogs' is what he referred to them as.
The restrictions and expectations of Suyin were:
  • no boyfriends
  • no wearing short clothes
  • no make-up to school
  • no straightening hair or curling hair to school
  • high achievements in ALL learning areas
  • showing respect towards all chinese costoms and traditions
  • speaking pure chinese at home - no other language
  • showing respect towards all family members at all times
  • no raising your voice above elders

So begins...

Suyin Huang's Story