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Charlotte Magne

Charlotte Magne, most commonly referred to as Charlie, is the Hell-born princess of Hell and the founder of the Happy Hotel.

0 · 458 views · located in Hell

a character in “Hazbin Hotel”, as played by doot1029


Charlie is described to be a tall demon, possibly measuring her height to be 5,7; with trademark unique curly long blonde hair with peach pink highlights. Her lips are black and she has red cheeks which Vivienne has mentioned in an illustration the reason for it was that (the cheeks, represent those of a clown or puppet). scientifically and biologically speaking - red cheeks associate happiness and a cheerful personality, which she gladly has towards people. Her eyes are black and her sclera is the coloration of light yellow. Her eyelids have a contrasting pink shadow to add more depth. They also seem to be decorated with gray eye shadow. She usually wears a black bow tie, a white shirt underneath her froly pink coloured tuxedo, paired with aubergine coloured trousers with stripes at the end of the legs in the same color as her tuxedo, long black suspenders and black and white spectator shoes. At other times, she wears either a black tuxedo or wears just a white shirt.

When in full demon form, dark-reddish horns protrude from her head and her eyes' sclera turn bright red with slit pupils. Her demon form makes her resemble her father more as opposed to her default form.

She shows strong compassion towards her friends and her people. She's naive and theatrical, while also bursting with passion. Charlie does everything in her power to make everyone happy and is determined to make her kingdom into a better place. However, she can be stubborn whenever something doesn't go her way. She also has a huge passion and love for musical theatre. So much so that she says herself that she communicates more information through song.

Despite being sweet and naive, it doesn't make her a pushover or stupid. When Katie Killjoy kept ruthlessly mocking her idea, Charlie stole her pen and called her a bitch. Even when Katie turned into her demon form, Charlie began to fight back and even possibly set Tom Trench on fire. When Alastor offered to make a deal with Charlie by a handshake, she refused and used her status by ordering Alastor to help her with the hotel for as long as he desires, which he agrees to. She is also not above letting a few cuss words slip. Charlie also knows that not all demons are redeemable since she admits that she knows how evil Alastor can be and most likely not going to change for the better.

It is shown throughout the pilot episode that Charlie also struggles with feelings of inferiority, calling herself a failure in the opening song sequence and being seen as such by some of Hell's inhabitants. While she is often striving to do better and make a difference for the betterment of Hell, she is prone to self-doubt and sulking when her plans fail horribly.

She’s also known to "act before thinking". Like before her interview, she made a list of her plans but it just said random stuff like "dolphins kisses and high five." Even during her interview she thought singing her song "Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow" would help the people understand her plan better, only to be devastated to learn that her plan wouldn’t automatically be accepted and was laughed at by everybody in the news station. She even admits during her voicemail to her mother that she doesn’t know what she is doing or how to make her plan for reforming demons work.

So begins...

Charlotte Magne's Story