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Haze: Reboot

Haze: Reboot


"The machines... Spewing poison... The very clouds that sheltered us from the great emptiness beyond this place are now nothing more than a harbor for the penalty of our inherited knowledge." [OPEN. NEEDS CHARACTERS]

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Haze : Reboot

The Story.

Bullets screamed through the sickly yellow air; swift vessels of destruction in the haze. Loud shots resonated throughout the alleyways and the street around the Pharmacy as two heavily armed Bandit Raiding groups fought over the succulent peach in their dark world that was the Pharmacy. It had lay untouched as the world choked to death around it, heaving and dying in spasmatic seizures as the poisonous industrial pollution invaded and destroyed their lungs. The chemical waste of this new, advanced age was unexpected and lethal.

Red Stars, as they came to be called, were made up of a combination of 5 parts Francium, 6 parts Oxygen, 3 parts Hydrogen and less than 1 part Uranium, Cyanide, and Iron (II) Oxide. They were then compressed into a tight, compact lump of a bright red color, and seemed to give off a small glow. These Red Stars were new, inexpensive, and incredibly efficient fuel source. The new fuel immediately went into a stage of scientific tests.

In small scale tests, the Red Stars were a miracle. They lasted for 12x as long as even their best other fuel, and were much cheaper to create. Their emissions were very, very slight; much less than fossil fuels. All over Russia, power companies were experimenting with Red Stars in isolated tests, fabricating engines and other means to power the world with their Red Stars. The Red Stars were pumped out of factories en masse, and soon powered EVERYTHING. Cars, batteries, factories, homes, everything. The entire world jumped from fossil fuels to Red Stars in a matter of days.

These Red Stars, when burned down completely or left out in open air too long, left a fine, yellow, powdery residue. It had come to be called Cloud Dust, because if any kind of kinetic energy was applied to it, it would puff up into a cloud of thick, off-white mist, combining with the water in the air and dissipating into the atmosphere. It was measured to be of low danger, and was simply ignored by the companies that were making billions of dollars with the Red Stars

Then something unexpected happened.

Auburn Horizon Inc., the world's Primary export of Red Stars, had some detestable and corrupt officials, therefore leading to abhorred business practices. Disposing of Cloud Dust was expensive and time consuming, so instead of a proper decomposition of the Cloud Dust, Auburn Horizon Inc. dumped the waste into the ocean. This went on for roughly 2 weeks before the oceans began to look unusual. People all around the world reported seeing many, many dead animals on the surface of the waters, as well as some uncharacteristically large bubbles rumbling up from the ocean. Oceanographers and deep-sea divers were sent to investigate.

What they found was horrifying. Gigantic lumps of Cloud Dust had adhered together, and they were reacting with something in the water. Tests found that the gas being released into the atmosphere was highly concentrated amounts of Sulfur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. The world sat helplessly as the atmosphere was pumped full of the pollution, the bright blue skies decaying into chalky yellow backdrops on the sad falling action of humanity. Scientist scrambled to quell the bubbling tumors, but were unsuccessful. Clouds of poisonous gas arose from the depths, coating the world in a thick, fog-like haze. Visibility was never more than 3/4 of a mile, and was as bad as only 6 feet in some of the more concentrated areas. We never learned why the Cloud Dust reacted with the Water.

The world fell into despair. Economies crashed, riots broke out, governments collapsed... If you went too long without some sort of respiratory protection, you'd cough yourself to death. The tiny particles in the air would microscopically lacerate your lungs, and you would suffocate in your own hemorrhaging. Pealing cries and coughs and agonized gagging filled the ears of survivors as their friends, neighbors, and family died around their feet. Gas masks and other forms of respiratory protection, --Especially the ones with recently developed nano-filters,-- Were fought for and killed for. If you didn't have protection, you were dead in around 24 hours, dependent on body type, physique, physical health, etcetera. Bandit and Raider groups were unsurprisingly formed, rioting and killing and stealing for what they needed. Police forces were unable to quell the civil disobedience, and most refused to battle the crowds. Society as we knew it had died pitifully. Curled in a ball with tears in its eyes as its burning lungs gasped its last, mediocre breath, the remaining haggard government officials declared the world was "[...] in a state of disrepair." over the few remaining Television broadcasts and radios.

Akin to bomb shelters, Clean Boxes were built in the remaining days of society. The rich had bunkers built many feet below the ground, with ducts and vents leading to the outside. These ducts sucked in the Haze and nano-filtered all but the oxygen out. The bunkers were goldmines; Stocked full of clean food, water, beds, clothes, some weapons, nano-filters, medicine, and most importantly, gas-masks, in case there was a filtering problem. The rich families live in relative luxury compared to the people above ground. Some buildings above ground were built well sealed, so little to no haze could have pervaded the walls.

The yellowing sky grows dim as a saddened sun begins to set, marking another day in the age of the haze. A tall, brick factory chimney pokes out above the fog, barely keeping its head out of the yellow gas. Poison no longer escapes from its gaping maw. It stands for something different now. If someone was to look up into the sky at this particular moment, from a certain angle, the bright sun would seem as if it was resting upon the chimney like a pedestal. The Auburn Horizon Inc. motto seems to find it's way to the tip of the tongue.

"May our bright Stars light the way."

In a bitter, dark way... This is kind of funny.


//Mass Text Transmission Sent.
//Review Text Transmission Details?
//Sent: 10s ago
//Sent from: Local
//The following string was pinged to: and approximately [3.403*10^38] others.
>>Someone has to be out there. I'm watching everything. I see every last one of you. Scuttling around like cockroaches in your doomed world. Answer. ANSWER. You cannot all be THIS putridly STUPID to have let this go unseen. Who will help? Who wishes to assist in delivering the new world from the ashes of this old one? I will be here. Watching. Working. Like always.
Truthfully Yours,
--The Administrator


The year is 2021.

You live in Moscow, Russia, in a suburban neighborhood near your friends. (Other Characters)

The remaining government officials have just declared the world to be in a state of disrepair.

This is where your story begins.



Character Template

Code: Select all
[Photograph optional]
[*][empty slot]
[*][Keep track of items here]
[*][empty slot]
[*][Be realistic on how much your character can carry.]
[*][empty slot]
[*][Add list bullets as you need them]
[*][empty slot][/list]
[Short History on your Character]


Toggle Rules

  1. IMPORTANT: As Game Master, I will occasionally trigger large scale events. In order to minimize conflict and confusion, I will post something along the lines of "MAJOR POST IN PROGRESS. DO NOT POST", and the rule is simple; don't post if you see that. Just sit tight and refresh the page until I'm done, THEN post. It'll keep posts from conflicting.
  2. Be Literate. Act like you know English better than a fucking porpoise.
  3. No Godmodding. You're not God. I am. I shall smite thee. Lol. But Seriously, don't be a douche and "do whatever you want" with no restrictions. That's not cool.
  4. Be Descriptive. Paint us a picture with your words. Help us touch, see, and hear your story.
  5. If you're artistic, feel free to illustrate your scenes if you want, along with a text post. I'll reward you with +1000 holyshitthatisfreakingawesome points.
  6. Be Respectful. There's actual people on the other end of that hateful message. Sensitive, Squishy people.
  7. Be Realistic. Stick to facts on your character sheet, and don't be so over the top that I have to pound my head on my keyboard repeatedly before destroying your perfect superhuman character into a million tiny pieces and a red puddle.
  8. Feel free to be romantic. It's fucking lonely in the Haze. But when dicks come whippin' out, take it to Private Messaging. The rest of us will be perfectly fine without hearing about your kinky fetishes, guys.
  9. Subscribe to the OOC thread so you don't miss anything.
  10. Have fun, Dammit. <3

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