Adion Volf

Let's see how long we can last.

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a character in “Haze: The Administrator”, originally authored by unseenshadow2, as played by RolePlayGateway


Weight: 135 lbs
Appearance: Tall and thin, with blonde hair (Buzz cut with a Chin Curtain http://www.no-shave-november.com/beardtypes.jpg)
Clothing: t-shirt, blue jeans, and a black, military style back pack. Uses an old, Russian elephant gas mask.
Personality: Glad to have others to help him out in these times, but other than that, he is not the most kind of all people. He is however, very reliable.

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Biography: Before the gas came about, Volf often played around with computers. After a while, he began to know them inside and out, being able to take them apart, rebuild and reprogram them, and still make them work. He also has some experience with firearms, but is still no sharpshooter.

So begins...

Adion Volf's Story