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Basil Orlov

"The world may end in anarchy, but I will face the end with dignity."

0 · 360 views · located in Moscow, Russia, 2021

a character in “Haze: The Administrator”, originally authored by Erik7622, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Basil Alexander Orlov

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Height: 1.9 metres (6'3")

Weight: 83 kilos (~182 lbs)

Appearance: Image He is well-muscled but not excessively so. He has a few scars, mostly on his arms, but one small yet deep one on his stomach, from a knife wound that almost killed him many years ago.

Clothing: His most distinctive item of clothing is a black wool coat, which he bought shortly before moving to Russia. Under that he normally wears a plain turtleneck with an undershirt underneath. He retrieves a body-armor vest shortly after things start to get dicey, reasoning that anarchy will soon prevail. His pants are a light gray camouflage pattern, and he wears all-weather boots, this particular pair of which he has owned for the past year now.


Personality: Orlov has the classic air of an ex-military man about him, very serious and taciturn, especially in situations that might be dangerous. He's not completely humorless, however, but he doesn't show his good-natured side much. Consequently, he can come across as standoffish or cold. To be blunt, this is not entirely a false impression: he will not hesitate to make the tough choices and sacrifice anything when such is required. He considers himself a type of moderate fascist in this regard, if such can exist.

Skills: He is a dangerously skilled marksman and hand-to-hand fighter, though he is not perfect at either. He speaks Russian and English with equal fluency, but each is accented.


While technically most of Orlov's weapons are the property of Kamarov and not his, he does own one weapon, a De Lisle bolt-action carbine for private shooting and personal defence. He quickly acquires more equipment at Kamarov Security's main office, including a Makarov pistol, body armor, and a gas mask. There are other supplies at the main office, but he's not sure how much he can carry. Reference pictures for weapons below:

De Lisle Commando Carbine:


Makarov pistol:



Orlov was born in England as Vasily Orlov to Russian immigrants in 1990, and grew up in the working class. From his youth he was a fighter, as it was the only way to survive. He not only survived but thrived in the cutthroat environment of the street, despite his early lack of brute power. He changed his first name to the slightly more English "Basil" and enlisted in the British Army shortly after finishing secondary school, and served as an Infantryman for 8 years. He left at the age of 26, having attained the rank of Corporal. Upon returning to his home, he discovered that the place he once knew had changed irrevocably. His mother had died of illness, and his father had moved away to parts unknown.
Wracked by grief and recognizing that Britain held little for him now, Orlov moved to his ancestors' home, Russia, and attempted to take up work there. After about a year of searching and working short-lived blue-collar gigs, he joined a private security company called Kamarov Security. He has served with them for the four years since. His service with the company was exemplary, raising him to the internal rank of Lieutenant Captain, second only to Kamarov himself.

So begins...

Basil Orlov's Story

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As the phone rang, Stefan paced his living room. His house was pretty much just a living room, a bathroom, a tiny kitchen, and one bedroom. He didn't need much space; He liked having everything right where he needed it. Close. Stefan's stomach grumbled quietly, causing him to inadvertently look to the pile of supplies he had gathered that was sitting complacently on the floor. He had gathered up all the cans and bottled water in his house. He had around 7 bottles and 10 cans of all sorts. Beans, sliced fruit, tuna, etc. Not quite the plethora he had wished for. He had been scraping by on perishable food for the past week. His milk had gone bad shortly after the power went out, along with a lot of his food. He drank from the faucet until it too went out.

His medicine, laptop, a blanket, a flashlight, an old Zippo, a worn canvas backpack he used for school, an extra shirt, a dull pocket knife, and his "Advanced Programming" book also populated the pile. The phone stopped ringing, then a soft, sweet voice spoke to him. Stefan was elated. He immediately stopped pacing as his heart jumped into his throat.

"Hi, this is Mist." She said, in the cute little voice of hers.

Stefan hesitated a few seconds, breathless. Mist? Who? He looked at his phone; Yup, it was Josephine's number. He ignored it, his elation getting the best of him.

"Oh, thank God you're okay! Josephine, Have you heard from the others?" He said, his voice slightly muffled by the rag over his mouth.

A few tense, silent seconds passed. Stefan held his breath. Josephine finally responded. She said "What did you say?"

Stefan bit his lip. She sounded like she was out of it. As if he had called her while she was sleeping and she wasn't quite 'there' yet. And Mist? Who was Mist? Was she talking about the Haze? He tried something else.

"Jo, this is Stefan. Remember me? We used to watch movies at Nilda's house? Basil showed up sometimes too... Were you sleeping? You sound out of it, bud... Have you been outside recently? Do you have a mask? More importantly, are you safe? Is everything okay?"

Stefan rattled off question after question. In retrospect, it was probably annoying, but he was physically shaking with worry. He couldn't stand this place without the help of his friends.

He was shocked to find he had subconsciously strode to his desk and opened the drawer as he spoke. HE had a habit of doing that sometimes. His mind would be so focused on one thing, body would just wander and sometimes take him outside or to the bathroom or he'd take things from the fridge and so on. This time, however, his body recalled a more painful experience to subconsciously act upon. Within the drawer lay a .357 S&W revolver. It held exactly one bullet; no more, no less. His mind was flooded with darkness as some hidden memories resurfaced. He grimaced and pulled the revolver out, clicking the safety on and tossing it to the couch. There was so much darkness attached to that damned gun, but he figured he would carry it for protection. Maybe he could cleanse it of its dark past.

He tapped his foot in anticipation to Josephine's response, a deep frown and furrowed brow cutting through the rest of his features.

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The Haze lay more like a liquid than a gas, or like the foul Black Smoke used by the Martians in War of the Worlds. It seemed to roll and fall over uneven surfaces, as it now fell in little swirls off the roof of a small apartment building. Inside, a man on the younger side of middle age peered out through a window. Unlike others, these windows were unboarded. The lone inhabitant had not had the time to buy any, and had honestly expected to be out a long time ago. However, one thing or another had kept him at home. Primarily, he wanted to maximise the power left in his electronic items, though all he really cared about was the cell phone. If he had that, he could communicate. Which, he decided, was what he would do now. He checked the charge (40%, he noted) as he started dialing the first name that popped up. Aleksandrov, Stefan. Hopefully he was still alive.

The man put the phone to his ear and waited. A steady repeating tone was all he heard. Busy. He hung up and began to think. At the least, this meant Aleksandrov was still alive, if his phone was in use. Who was he calling? That was something to find out. He couldn't leave a message, but he could make his way over there. He doubted anyone would be on the roads now, what with the world being "completely fucked." That certainly was a cheery way to put things. Christ Almighty.

For that matter, how was he supposed to get out? The Haze may not have been the mysterious instant killer the Black Smoke was, but it was certainly lethal, and quick. He would need something to protect his airway, some kind of filter. He looked around, and his eyes alighted on bedsheets. He shrugged, then began tearing one. He layered two strips and tied them to fit over his mouth, then put on his favoured black jacket over the turtleneck shirt he was already wearing. Lastly, he took the one item he knew he would need in an anarchic world: his prized De Lisle Carbine, a rare and wonderful, though not especially powerful, weapon. Slowly, almost solemnly, he loaded a magazine into it and closed the bolt, then clicked the safety on. He took the two other magazines and as many bullets as could fit into his jacket pockets, and thus outfitted, took his car keys and a deep breath before dashing out to where his car waited. He all but forced his way in, only daring to take a breath when he was quite sure he was inside. He turned the vents off, not daring to let any more foul air in, and started the car.

The drive was hellish and nerve-wracking, to say the least. Several times Basil wondered if the Haze was slipping through his improvised mask. No way to tell until he lost consciousness, and then it would be too late. No time to worry about that now. Aleksandrov's house was on the right. He pulled to the side, parked haphazardly (not like the police were around to give a shit), and took another deep breath before exiting the car, rifle in hand. He ran to the front door, and as he reached it started banging insistently. He called through the door, "Aleksandrov? It's me, Orlov! Are you alive? Can you let me inside?"

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Stefan listened in horror as Josephine told him her story. She didn't remember anything; Poor girl. She didn't even remember him. He clenched his fist and released it repeatedly, trying to keep his heart rate down. He was fairly stressed. "Oooooooh, Fuck. This is REALLY happening. All this. It's HAPPENING and YOU'RE in the middle of it." Stefan thought to himself. He found himself pacing again as Josephine (Or "Mist", he figured he'd have to call her from now on), laid it out to him.

Stefan took a deep breath through the moist rag, then said "Jo, erh, Mist, don't go anywhere. I... I'm Stefan Aleksandrov, and I live in Moscow, Russia, remember that. I'm Stefan, and I'm a good guy. I'm going to help you. Don't leave the house; you could get hurt. I'm gonna come get you, okay? Just sit tight, I'll be there soon. Are you at your own house? The one you lived in before whatever happened?"

He again got self-conscious about the amount of questions he was asking, but he rationalized that it was an emergency. Hell, the whole WORLD was in a state of emergency. Stefan walked to his pile and sat down, attempting to shovel all his supplies into his pack with one arm when he heard a pounding at the door. He jumped a mile out of his skin as his handgun found its way into his palm and his feet steady upon the floor, a swift reaction which he later regarded with mild surprise. His arm pointed true towards his barricade door as a familiar, but muffled voice met his ears.

"Aleksandrov? It's me, Orlov! Are you alive? Can you let me inside?" Basil said from outside.

After a moment of realization, Stefan stuffed the revolver into his pocket and ran to the door. He had no idea whether his comrade had any sort of respiratory protection, or if he was wounded, or some other bad thing. Stefan was sometimes labelled as a worry-wart, but in reality, he just liked to realize all possibilities in a situation. At first thought, he was worried Basil might have mental damage as well. Did the Haze affect the Human brain? Stefan wrote it off, though; Basil had called him by his surname.

Stefan said to Josephi- Mist, Dammit, "Mist, Hang on a moment, another friend is here. His name is Basil. The one that we watched movies with? Do you remember him? Please, Try as hard as you can to remember." Stefan's words were punctuated by grunts as he pulled the furniture barricade away from the door to let his friend in. With one hand, at that. After a few curses from a hasty and over-extended pull, Stefan moved the furniture away enough to open the door enough to allow Basil through. "C'mon in quick, Basil!" Stefan said, beckoning with his free hand. He watched with worry as snaking tendrils of Haze seeped in through the breach in his house's seal. It creeped in like rotten, skeletal fingers on a living corpse, bringing on its back a pestilent, festering evil.

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After a moment, Basil saw the door open and heard Aleksandrov call through the small opening, "C'mon in quick, Basil!" The man needed no order to stir him to action. He squeezed through the small opening in the door, and past the barricade. He exhaled violently and inhaled in relief, but did not remove the improvised mask. He couldn't be too careful, after all. He saw the Haze slip in as he did, and didn't know how much of it had disseminated into the air yet.

"Well, good to see you're alive, Aleksandrov," he said after a moment. "I'm not entirely sure what we can do. I think if we can get to Kamarov Headquarters, we can-" He stopped abruptly. "Did you hear something?" He eyed the door carefully. "I think someone's here. Let me look." He edged toward the door slowly, then asked sharply, "Is someone there?"

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#, as written by Cypher
The wholesale club had been a bad idea.

Turned out that, in the face of an apocalypse, there are--in fact--other people who possess some degree of intelligence and common sense, scavengers that (not entirely unlike Roaker himself) believed that the best way to survive was to find the largest caches of preserved food and camp out near those. Places like the wholesale club Roaker had planned to steal food from.

When he'd arrived, climbing in through a back window that had been improperly boarded over, leaving just enough space for a semi-fit journalist in his mid-thirties to crawl through, he'd immediately taken note of the fact that something strange was afoot--namely, that the store's lights were on. Fluorescent bulbs buzzed feebly overhead, providing the entire store with a hazy bluish tint. Jon stood for a second, basked in the seemingly unfamiliar light, realizing it had been weeks, maybe even months, since he'd seen functional fluorescent lights. Wonder turned to bewilderment as he suddenly wondered how they were still working--a question that was quickly solved when he looked to his right and saw a series of car batteries daisy-chained together into the store's power grid via an alternator.

Then he realized who was running it. Five or six armed figures of indeterminate gender appeared out of the corner of his eye, moving towards the grid. Roaker immediately realized he was outnumbered and outgunned and slipped away, down a row of shelves, heading for what may have at one point been the butcher's or the frozen goods section. He slid into a cooler, now serving as a bunkhouse, as the others reached the power grid. Roaker realized he wasn't getting away with any grand old spoils, so he decided to do the next best thing: moving up and down the rows of bunks, Roaker removed any food, water or supplies he could find, which was maybe two tins of tuna and a half-empty bottle of vodka, and a map of the city apparently edited for the destruction the post-Haze chaos had wrought, and split.

He was near the front door when he heard shouting from above him, followed by the sound of cans being rattled. Roaker kept moving calmly, carefully, towards the front doors, when a volley of shots rang out. 'Yeah, they found me,' he thought to himself, throwing his body through the front doors and scrabbling through the broken glass and twisted chicken wire that formed an outer barrier, angry shouting in Russian and the occasional warning shot hot on his trail.

Roaker didn't know how long he ran, but he was sure by this point he was lost. The buildings all looked the same, now; residentials, but not familiar ones. Worse, he could tell by the fact that his breathing was becoming more labored that his filter was running low. He would have to stop soon.

As luck would have it, he didn't wander much farther down the block before he was greeted by human voices. He stood at the far end of the block, crouched in a doorway, looking at a small group being ushered into a building about four doors away. And parked out front--was that a running car? How the hell was that possible? The Dust was capable of choking out even the sturdiest air filters in a matter of seconds.

Speaking of filters...

Roaker let out a sigh. He didn't have a choice now: he had to get indoors and change his filter, and figure out a way back to the hotel. It was either that or he was going to die out here in the cloud, his lungs ripped apart by the tiny Dust particles that even now were beginning to infiltrate his mask.

He slipped out of the doorway and raised his hands high above his head, moving towards the door. Once he was nearly at the doorstep, he let out a yell, his voice hoarse with disuse:

"Hey! My filter's almost down, I need to change out! Let me in!"