Yuri Yunter

"There is nothing more important in the world... Nothing." (Editing)

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a character in “Haze: The Administrator”, as played by Child of the Winged


Yuri Yunter
110 lbs.
Yuri, much like his sister, has dark, silky hair and deep honey eyes, though his hair has a choppy cut to it, like someone took a knife to it haphazardly. His large, painful scar that crosses over his nose allow him to be easily picked out, if you can see it that is. You usally can't see the thing because of his hair, that can be as long as his shoulder.
Blue-black zipper hoodie, white undershirt, black jeans, navy fingerless gloves and blue/black canvas shoes
Yuri's grown up to shoot first, ask questions later. Hesitation is only in his book when his little sister is involved. He's a complete ass to everyone but her and if she's threatened, all bets are off. He's a secret worrywort and a romantic at heart but can't show either, he feels, because those are weak personality traits and he can't afford to have them.
[10mm pistol called Envy]
[A ripped picture of him and his sister as children]
[Pocket Knife]
[empty slot]
[empty slot]

Yuri and his twin, Aki were born into a poor family in Japan. Their parents didn't want the twins anymore and left them, at age 5, on the dirty, crowded Japanese streets, where the two grew up, stealing and mugging to get what they needed to survive. At age 9, they were found by an rich couple, who fell in love with the two. Only problem was that the twins weren't too keen on them. But they left Japan and moved around the world, ending up in Russia around the start of the rapid use of Red Stars. Neither of their parents paid too much attention to them, leaving them to do as they pleased.

The two had made some friends over the years but mostly kept to themselves. When they had to be moved into the Clean Boxes, their "parents" wanted nothing to do with Yuri, stating he was "corrupted by bandits", and forced him out on his own with nothing more than a gas mask, an extra filter, a handgun and a bottle of water. Now outside, Yuri continued to do as he did when he was younger, mug and steal to get clean anything. He hated looking up into the sky as seeing the smog, something he remembered in Japan. He refused to join any of the existing bandit groups, stating that working with other people wasn't his style.

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