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Healing Wish Café

Healing Wish Café


Welcome to Healing Wish Café where pokemon and trianers a like are welcome! This RP takes place in a small Café just off in one of that allies in Lumious City.

319 readers have visited Healing Wish Café since UnbridledArtist created it.

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pokemon x and y


Character Creation
Step One: Personality
  Start off with a basic concept. Determining the personality of your character is like bread and butter of your sandwich. This is going to tell you a lot about your character and the choices you are going to have to make with the rest of your character. For instance a quick witted and sarcastic person is going to prefer quick agile pokemon. A hot-headed person is going to lean towards fire types and so on.

Step Two: Type of Character
  In the Pokemon universe there are many aspects of life. There are more then just trainers like Ash Ketchum. You, as people making OC’s, will not be allowed to make Gym Leaders or champions, but there is more then just them. Maybe your character works part time at the Pokemart or Pokemon Center. Are they an Actor, Bug catcher, ranger? Do they help run the day care? There is so much you can do, use your imagination! Though you can be a trainer if you want to they are the life blood of the pokemon world after all.
Step Three: Ace
  This is going to be your best pokemon. This is your go to guy, your best friend even. However this is optional. As you can have up to THREE, and only three, final evolution pokemon. Pokemon that don’t evolve don’t count under this rule. The reason I want you to have a ‘ace’ pokemon is because even Ash has pikachu. Even gym leaders have that one pokemon that is a pain in the but to face off. This is because training pokemon is hard. Please keep that in mind. You are not to have shiny pokemon or legendary ether. This could be your first pokemon. I want you to think about how you came across them and include it in your background. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT STEP FOUR BEFORE DECIDING THIS!
Step Four: Life
  This is going to take part in your ace decision. You can come from a different region then the won this RP takes place in. So you can have up to two pokemon that are from that region. More will tie into this. There is also a age limit so fallow the chart below please and thank you.
  14-16 = 2 regions (this includes the one we take place in)
  17-18= 3 regions (one being the one we are in)
  19 + .... = 4+ regions (no one is to make a character unless approved by me and only later on. I, the creator, will be making a older one for mentor ship.)
Step Five: The Team
  So much decision making! This can be just as hard if not harder then picking an ace. I really want you guys to select pokemon based on your OC’s person NOT YOU. I know this can be hard there are SOOOO many pokemon out there. I want to see your pokemon AND your characters personality before approving it. For example here is a GOOD Team for a person that has a love for cute AND pink Pokemon.
  Eevee, Sylveon, Vivillon, Skitty, Deerling, Ditto
Do you see a theme? I know I do. Now I don’t want to see any more the THREE final evolutions in your team to start. Also you may just have one pokemon that is up to you.

Step Six: Clothes!
  So we see the standard I AM A SWIMMER IN A LAND LOCKED PLACE! NOT HAPPENING! I don’t want to see people that wouldn’t be where they wouldn’t go! Think about what your character is going to where. Think about winter and summer clothes don’t forget accessories. I want you to have a bag, or purse... I want you to have easy access to your pokemon. Now we aren’t going to be heavy duty trainers here so you can have a pokemon out and about, just so long as they aren’t HUGE and take up to much room. Like Blastoise for instance... You are not going to bring that hulk of a turtle into a STORE. Now back to clothes, If you are rich I want rich clothes. Now seeing the part of the pokemon world we are in I can understand a lot of rich people running around.
Step Seven: FIRENDS!
  This RP, I would like to hope, would introduce your chacaters as strangers and then MAKE friends. How ever you are allowed to work with me, the mentor, to include Moi into your backstory.
  Chacacter Sheet!
  Okay so I know that most of you may not know how to draw. That is fine! If you want to type it up go a head and fallow the stuff below and just send it my way for review. Fill it out the best you can I’ll mark it up for you if need be so that you can submit it again if it doesn’t pass the first time! Remeber the more detail the better, I find it makes it easier to play a character when you know more about them!
  Sex: (if any)
  Ace Pokemon:
  Team: (you can name your pokemon so long as you display the actually bread in brackets next to it)
  Looks: (if you have an image that would be AWESOME even if you can’t draw(or think you can’t) then that is fine too. Just remember to have to describe the stuff like clothes and bag and things!)

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Healing Wish Café

Healing Wish Café by UnbridledArtist

Painted on the window of the Café is the very name printed in neat curly writing along with a silhouette of a Gardevoir. Clearly who ever owns this place has taste. As you open the doors you come face to face with a homey site.

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Healing Wish Café

Healing Wish Café by UnbridledArtist

Painted on the window of the Café is the very name printed in neat curly writing along with a silhouette of a Gardevoir. Clearly who ever owns this place has taste. As you open the doors you come face to face with a homey site.

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Healing Wish Café

Healing Wish Café by UnbridledArtist

Painted on the window of the Café is the very name printed in neat curly writing along with a silhouette of a Gardevoir. Clearly who ever owns this place has taste. As you open the doors you come face to face with a homey site.

Healing Wish Café

Painted on the window of the Café is the very name printed in neat curly writing along with a silhouette of a Gardevoir. Clearly who ever owns this place has taste. As you open the doors you come face to face with a homey site.

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Re: Healing Wish Café

Oh v nice. Is this going to operate on a four move per pokemon basis or will the pokemon be able to use moves it has learned in the past like in the anime?

Healing Wish Café

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