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Octavia Livius

"A gracious woman gets honor, and violent men get riches." Proverbs 11:16

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a character in “Heart of the Empire”, as played by SarcasticZombie


Name: Octavia Livius
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Position/Occupation: Noblewoman
Nationality (Roman, Greek, etc.): Roman
Significant Other (if any): None yet, though her parents are searching for someone to marry her off to.
History: Octavia was raised in a noble family and was the only daughter among the five children of Festus, a man of the Senate, and Hilaria Livius, along with being the youngest. After having four boys her father ended up cherishing his daughter since she was the only one and spoiled her rotten. All Octavia had to do was make pouty eyes and he would give her whatever she wanted. As she grew older she became a little independent which frustrated her mother to no end and they both clash even to this day. Now her and her brother closest in age to her have converted to Christianity, yet they keep this a secret from their family not sure how they would react.
Likes: Christianity, kind people, knowledge, her father and her brothers, the idea of marrying out of love
Dislikes: Emperor Nero, most of the men of the Senate, having to go watch the gladiators because she "needs to make an appearance" as her mother says, the fact her parents are trying to marry her off without her consent
Preferred way to kill someone: She prefers to take the passive route and not kill anyone. She would rather die before she spilt blood.
Other: None
Looks(description or picture): Image

So begins...

Octavia Livius's Story


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Octavia sat quietly in her room, scribbling down words onto a piece of partchment. She was writing down scriptures from the Christian Bible that she had remembered from the night before. There were few at the moment who had their own codex of the Bible and she wasn't one of those lucky ones, but she hoped one day she could get her hands on one. For now, however, she would have to use her writing skills that were taught to her by her brothers in order to have some scriptures.

Octavia finished writing one last thing when there came a knock on her door. She quickly scrambled to pick up her partchment and shoved it into a secret cubby hole before her mother walked in her room. She quickly sat back down in her chair and turned to face her mother. "Oh you're up already, that's unexpected. Why are you up so early?" Her mother asked, still surprised her daughter was already awake.

"Am I not allowed to be awake at this time Mother? I simply woke up earlier than normal and decided to get ready for the day, is that a crime?" Octavia asked her mother and had to suppress a small giggle as she watched frustration wash over her mother's face.

"You speak in such a disrespectful way to your mother now, what happened to my sweet little girl?" She asked her daughter out of frustration and when the girl only shrugged this upset her more. "Well never mind you rude girl. Just hurry up and come out to the common room. We're all getting ready to head into town with your father and see him off." And with that the woman spun and stormed out of her daughters room. Octavia sighed as she stood up, knowing she shouldn't have treated her mother that way. The two were just such different personalities and they both frustrated each other.

Octavia made sure she looked presentable before doing as her mother asked and heading out to the common room. This was their day they went into town with her father to see him off, but then they spent time in town shopping before heading back home. Most of the time Octavia would leave herself looking very plain and unimpressive which often made her mother throw a fit. How would she impress any man looking like that is what her mother would always say. However today she did make herself look presentable more because she didn't want to hear her mother complain.

She came out to the common room and was greeted with a smile from her father and a kiss on the cheek. None of her two brothers still living in the house were anywhere to be found. Octavia figured they had already left for their jobs. So it would be just her and her mother today seeing her father off. So she silently followed as they left their not so humble abode. The place was more extravagant than many that lived around them and it almost screamed that they were "special". It's all Octavia knew however and she never took much notice of it.

As they came into the town her parents continued their chit chat while Octavia stayed a little further back, still staying silent while watching the scenes around her. There were vendors trying to get her to come look at what they had, but she just gave them a polite shake of her head and continued on. At one point she had to come to an adrupt stop as three small children ran right in front of her. Immediately a woman started yelling at them and apologizing to her. She gave the woman a kind smile and reassured her it was fine.

"Ah Marcellus! It's good to see you this morning. How have you been? Have you met my wife Hilaria and my daughter Octavia?" Festus spoke as he recognized Marcellus, knowing him from the Senate. Octavia heard all this as she came up next to her father and she instantly felt the eyes of her mother on her. It was as if her mother was silently screaming at her to be on her best behavior since this man could be a possible suiter. To her mother any man they came across could be a possible suiter for her daughter. Octavia looked at the man her father had called out to and after a moment of looking him over she decided to give her mother the satisfaction of a friendly smile towards the man. She didn't speak, however, because she didn't think it was an appropriate time to do so.


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"Ah, Marcellus! It's good to see you this morning!"
Marcellus was browsing through a crate of various scrolls when he heard a familiar voice call out his name. He looked up and smiled as he saw Festus, one of his fellow senators coming toward him. Following him came two women, one a bit older and the other young and beautiful. Marcellus raised his hand in greeting and hailed Festus as he continued talking. "How have you been? Have you met my wife Hilaria and my daughter Octavia?" Marcellus smiled and replied to him.
"Good morning! I have been excellent, Festus, thank you. No, I can't say that I have met either of them before." He turned to them an gave a smile and a nod to each of them in turn. "Hilaria, Octavia. The pleasure is all mine." His eyes lingered for a second on the beautiful face of Octavia, for she was indeed a sight to behold. He also saw a quick glance that passed from the mother to the daughter, and it wasn't hard to guess what it meant. He had become accustomed to anxious mothers trying to show-off their daughters whenever he was around. Although he was humble, he was still aware that he had most of the things that a Roman woman looks for when she wants to marry off her daughter. He was a senator; powerful, smart, and moderately wealthy. He was also young and handsome, which was an extra incentive. He still wasn't sure quite whether he wanted to get married yet, but he knew that the time would have to come eventually. Every Roman man needs a good Roman wife... his father would say. But he still had a bit of fight left in him, and he knew he could hold off the flood of desperate mothers for at least a bit more.
He gave Octavia a knowing smile and turned his attention again to Festus. "So where are you and these lovely ladies of your household off to this fine morning?"