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Aaren Court

How can I be determined if I don't have a dream?

0 · 241 views · located in Marrow

a character in “Heartlines”, as played by naps



    xx ◞♡⇣ :: BASIC INFORMATION xx
      I want every piece of me to crash into every piece of you
      I swear to god that's how they make stars

          ♕▌FULL NAMEx Aaren Court
          ♕▌NICKNAMESx Aer
          ♕▌SEX/GENDERx DFAB. Genderfluid.
          ♕▌AGEx 19
          ♕▌BIRTHDATEx October 13, 1995
          ♕▌OCCUPATIONx Student. Works parttime as a waiter.

    xx ◞♡⇣ :: APPEARANCE xx
      I want every piece of me to crash into every piece of you
      I swear to god that's how they make stars

          ♕▌HAIR COLORx Dyed white. Naturally black.
          ♕▌EYE COLORx Dark brown.
          ♕▌HEIGHTx 5'6"
          ♕▌WEIGHTx 152 lbs

            Aaren has the body of a dancer. Long arms and long legs with a slender body. They have long hair that they've dyed white and usually wear beanies along with comfy sweaters. They occasionally wear a binder when they're feeling more like a male so that they're more passing and sometimes do so when they're feeling more neutral as well. Aaren usually paints their nails black and wears jeans with boots primarily.

    xx ◞♡⇣ :: PERSONALITY xx
      I want every piece of me to crash into every piece of you
      I swear to god that's how they make stars

          Aaren is a bit of a sloth, enjoying comfort in large sweaters and blankets and anything soft, and loving warm drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. They have a very calm air about them, and are rather tranquil in many aspects. However, their passive nature can sometimes come off a bit blase in conversation, or even passive aggressive when they're texting. Aaren can be very unassertive to the point of them being somewhat submissive to others who have large personalities that overshadow theirs, so Aaren may sometimes do things they don't want to or take things they don't want to just because they don't want to make any waves. However, at some points bottled up frustrations can get the best of Aaren and cause them to have unexpected outbursts.

          Aaren struggles with major depression and as such doesn't see any light at the end of the tunnel they're in, and is barely even trying to work through it anymore. They've been given a lot of freedom to just quit seeing as their parents abandoned them, and Aaren may be just on the brink of doing just that...even in the most drastic way.

    xx ◞♡⇣ :: HISTORY xx
      I want every piece of me to crash into every piece of you
      I swear to god that's how they make stars

          Aaren was born as a female under the name Rebecca Court. Aaren knew even from when they were young that they were different from the others. Aaren was born a female but doesn't always identify as one, as they're genderfluid, sometimes they may feel more like a guy, and sometimes they may feel more like a girl, and when they felt like more of a guy they were looked down upon for it. But, Aaren hid their differences soon after learning that differences cause others to hurt you. However, eventually Aaren let them true selves be known, their parents resisted but Aaren continuously fought against them, eventually legally changing their name to Aaren which was apparently the last straw for their parents. Aaren got tossed aside, their parents only paying for their dorming in college so that they wouldn't have to deal with them. Aaren had gotten some scholarships but still had to work extremely hard to stay in college and pay for what they had to. But with their depression, working hard to continue their life seemed useless.

          Aaren is an artist without a muse. They have a love for sketching, photography, and ballet, although they haven't shared their love or talent in ballet to anyone. They currently attend the University of Marrow, with a major in Digital Arts. Aaren feels as though their heart isn't in Digital Arts, as such they're struggling with their college life along with their gender identity at times. Aaren usually prefers gender neutral pronouns but if they feel like they're more on one side of the spectrum they'll refer to themselves with more binary pronouns like he or she.

So begins...

Aaren Court's Story


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Ah, Saturday. Freedom at last for many individuals, yet another work day for others. At the very least, most students can look forward to the winter break coming up soon. The snow's coming down steadily, although it's not quite ready to stick just yet. Maybe a day or two more? Bursts of sunshine throughout the day, but mostly cloudy skies overlook Marrow City. The main roads are decorated with Christmas decor, and most stores have signs with the word "SALE" written clearly on them. The holidays currently have the city's denizens in a frenzy to do last minute shopping, with malls sporting crowds that can make the feint of heart queasy. Just another day, to be honest.

Although for four individuals, the day quickly takes a turn for the interesting when their phone rings.




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"No! Nonononono!"
Theo's cries echoed through the empty apartment as he awoke in a shivering panic. Why…. Why was the room so cold? Sitting up with widened and alert eyes, he glanced outside to see snow faintly falling to the ground. Sure, the snow was nice and all, but not when it made your house below freezing!
It took him a moment, but Theo soon realized that the cold temperature outside could hardly be the problem of the frostbitten air… After all, wasn’t there a heat pump to keep the apartment building warm…?
Not even a second later, Theo cracked the code.
“The heat pump must be broken… That’s why it’s so cold… Jeez…” he murmured to himself, ruffling his tangled hair and letting out a few laughs at his overreaction. “Living in a crappy apartment does have its disadvantages, huh… Oh well, there’s nothing to do about it!”
Perhaps the following spurt of laughter hid it, but as he spoke the last statement, Theo felt his heart fill to the brim with unbearable regret. “Yes, yes, there’s nothing to do now…” he repeated in a nervously singsong voice, laughing it off and jumping out of bed. He threw on a few coats to ease his violent shivering (correction— he threw on four coats, every coat that he owned), and headed out of his bedroom.
Upon entering the kitchen, another misfortune struck Theo.
"What a coincidence..." he murmured to himself with another small sigh, distastefully examining the empty fridge and hearing his stomach grumble. “First the heat pump, and now I don't have any food..."
It was odd, though, for Theo had sworn there was plenty of food only days before... Sure, he had eaten quite a bit last night while marathoning that severely epic movie trilogy, but he didn't remember eating that much...
With another sigh and a ruffle of his messy hair, he grabbed his wallet and decided to go out to get some groceries. After all, food wasn’t just going to appear out of thin air… “That would be so cool, though… Jeez, food, why can’t you do that?” he giggled at his own stupid statement with a wide and severely idiotic grin.

The boy wandered through the town, humming a song to himself, one whose lyrics had slipped his mind. It was the kind of song that would stick in one’s head after only one play, the kind with a catchy tune so familiar yet so unknown. And though Theo had planned to make a beeline to the nearest supermarket, he found himself taking a detour, wandering through the main street. Perhaps the upcoming holiday season had gotten him in a good mood, for moments later, Theo found his brisk walk turning into a slight skip. After all, who wouldn’t be excited when there were so many sales?
Oh, yes, how he loved sales!
“Oooh,” Theo mused, stopping dead in his tracks when the front window of the electronics store caught his eye. On the large, widescreen tv was an ad for some new superhero show, one that Theo was absolutely dying to watch. He pressed his face against the glass for a few minutes, watching with as much excitement as a child would have. Though after those few minutes, he felt his stomach rumble and remembered his main mission.
“Right… right… food…” he said with a wide grin and a fist pump. “I’ll come back and watch it again after!” Of course, the realization that he wouldn’t be able to watch the actual show soon struck him, and his posture slouched a little more. “It must be nice to have cable…” he whimpered with a sudden lack of energy (though that energy was quickly regained). “Maybe I’ll get enough money to buy it for Christmas!”
Once again, that childish grin returned to his face and he quickened his skip-steps. “Oh yeah… Christmas is coming soon!!"

A few minutes later, Theo stopped in his tracks upon hearing his annoyingly-repetitive ringtone. He took a deep breath and picked up the call immediately, assuming it was his mom. After all, who else would call him?
“Oh, hey, mom! Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’m doing fine—” Theo cut himself short after he noticed the absence of his mother’s singsong voice. “W-wait… Who… Who… Who is this?!”

(Sorry if this isn't that great... I haven't written in a while)