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Chester Jebediah Bennett

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a character in “Heart's Ease”, as played by Seraph


::Name:: Chester Bennett

::Age:: 24

::Height:: 6'

::Weight:: 167lbs

::Hair Color:: Black, curly and silky

::Eye Color:: Blue-Grey

::General Description:: Nothing about Chester screams "Quarterback", nothing seems to scream "football" for that matter. He tall and limber, not extraordinarily muscled one way or the other. His most identifying feature? His trademark charcoal black hair that's both very very curly and very soft. But if you needed other markers, he wears black square-rimmed eyeglasses, he barely stands over five feet eleven, and he's most likely working on yet another computer, or reading another poetic author from the 17th and 18th centuries. He is essentially the kind of man you would see doing hard mathematics in his head with a breeze, and then go on to the next subject while everyone else is getting bent out of shape because there is and upcoming test.

::Personality:: There's surprisingly, a lot of 'pieces' to Chester. On the outside, he's very mellow. He does not bring the image of violence or the thought thereof to mind. He's always calm and relaxed. Always smiling about something--even when there may not be something immediately apparent to smile about. He is definitely of the arch types that are said to be wise beyond their years. He is very much a romantic, though not one of the gushy ones though. No, he's masculine, virile and reserved. Hes entirely mature until he was around his wife and then that all went out the door like a dog with out a leash. He was free, and unburdened by the collective peers of his conscious of his mind when it came to her. He gave her every part of who he was and when she died the guilt, the anguish stripped him of it.

::Married to:: Melissa Parks-Bennett

::Job Description:: Nuclear/Project Coordinator/Structural


::Strengths:: Very very smart, he was accepted to MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Has an I.Q of 180. Has a fundamental correlation with being a natural when it comes to psychology. Due to his favorite pastime of 'studying' his wife's behaviors, or rather and perhaps a romantic notion--he can be very in tune with what a person is going to say before they say it or think of what a person MIGHT do before they do it. This has caused many times his wife to become very frustrated with him because she couldn't surprise him.

::Weakness:: As cliche as it may sound--while he is exceeding logical in terms of book smarts, he is a bit of a dim wit when it comes to "common sense" issues. He has his moments though.

::Likes:: Poetry, Computers--technology in general, cooking, puzzles--anything thought provoking.

::Dislikes:: Fighting/ arguing, his own intelligence sometimes as it usually keeps him wanting to something ALL the time.

::Fears:: Up to the point of actually losing Melissa--he wasn't really scared of anything. He had a way of talking down a situation, because confrontation was never his thing. He had the confidence that he could achieve anything due to Melissa and their respective families combined--yet this never made him cocky or arrogant and worked hard to achieve what he had.

::Aspirations:: To create or work in conjunction with a company devoted to to breaking hackers and viruses with severely complex algorithms. He succeeded, to no one's surprise. But subsequently thereafter quit only to work as a Civil Engineer Nuclear/Project Coordinator/Structural.

He earns 70.00 $/hr / 145.60 K$/yr

::Car:: Mercedes S-Class 2010 Model Black


::Pets:: Dogo de'Argentine (Mastiff)


::Name:: Duke

::Color:: The Dogo Argentino is a large white short-coated dog with very muscular and strong body that rarely has any markings.

::Build:: 29inches inches (males), 130 pounds, The length of the body is just slightly longer than the height, but female dogs may be somewhat longer in body than male dogs. The head has a broad, slightly domed skull and the muzzle is slightly higher at the nose than the stop, when viewed in profile. The tail is set low, thick at the base and tapers to a point. It has been described as looking similar to an American Bulldog but very tall and a solid white American Pit Bull Terrier.

::Temperament:: The Dogo de'Argentine was specifically bred to be fierce hunters, but then to go home to the hunters families and be gentle with the family. Dogo de'Argentine are protective of what they perceive as their territory and will guard it against any intruder. They get along with other dogs as long as they have been properly socialized, but will usually not tolerate another dog trying to assert dominance over them, therefore they might not coexist peacefully with another strong breed. The Dogo has a life expectancy of nine (9) to twelve (12) years.

::Age:: Duke is 6 years old.

So begins...

Chester Jebediah Bennett's Story

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#, as written by Seraph
Chester watched her face slowly illuminate, but not simply from the sun's warm, glittering embrace yet the illumination he knew as her fantasizing. He knew she wanted children, or as he often teased her--any of her children in her class in the elementary school. He had seen the way she had treated her students, like they were her own. It was one sunny afternoon, on her break that he had come to visit her was going to have a conversation over their wedding details--which all the faculty knew, but he and Melissa preferred to lie to themselves and make believe that there was nothing going on--they had to surprise some didn't they? It was during this conversation, that Melissa had noticed one of her students couldn't get their lunch because they couldn't afford it.

In her words, not his--she was helping procure her student's wellbeing. However, this "procurement" came at the expense of Chester, that although was smiling at how this wonderful woman lying next to him loved her "kids" so dearly that it broke her heart to see just one of them go without. Her conniving ways were underestimated by himself, when she dolled up her eyes at him and with the sweetest tone possible--a touch of her magical fingers and lo' and behold, Chester had performed a magic trick. Incredibly smart guy to incredibly gullible guy. It wasn't so much the money which only amounted to $5.75 or something along those lines, it wasn't the idea of interacting with a kid--it was the act itself that was the awkward part.

She loved every second. From the time he had gotten up to go get in line, to watching him try and figure out what the girl wanted, to buying and delivering it to her. The little girl had thanked him by shouting across the gymnasium which in turn made the awkwardness level that much higher. He gave a slight smile, nodded and said "Yeah, okay then." Which, upon his return he found Melissa a laughing mess and Chester had sat down without a word, tongue in cheek watching her. She had wanted kids before because she was a natural mother. Now, she wanted them because she had an excuse to torture him.

He thought of all this while he quietly listened to her hymn before she sat up. It wasn't much; she then proceeded to move her lips close to his. Almost as if she were daring him to make a move--which he really wanted to until he heard the words...

"I see in many ways, reflections of my love for you are mirrored in your gaze. And by our presence here today, And for the love we share, I thank you for our yesterdays that brought us to be here. But more than this, I vow to you, my wishes yet to come ... tomorrow's dreams and fantasies, this day that we are one. Tomorrow's an adventure that we'll share together now; Our future's intertwined forever through this holy vow."

But alas, she rewarded his affections with an emotionally powerful kiss that packed a punch that could match any author’s portrayal or any devoted thing he could devotedly say or do. In the brevity of the moment, he could swear his breath was catching. That was when, he knew without a doubt that he had the right woman. If every kiss left him breathless--arguing or not. He always was a firm believer that you knew you truly loved someone if you forgave them if they hurt you as long as it wasn't adulterous. She was that girl, she could say things to hurt him just the same as he could hurt her. But at the end of the day, all that mattered was that they were in each other’s arms under God and could say those three words and mean them just as much every time.

In that moment his hand immediately lifted, as if to reach for the moon or the stars or the sun. That's all he saw when he looked her face. Her fair skin, her glittering eyes and her smile. This hand pressed up against her cheek gingerly, dotingly and caressed her cheek before careening to the back of her head, nestling there. It felt so right, this moment of doting kisses exchanged. She drew back slowly, her eyes, her gorgeous sapphires, looked down at him almost forlorn and with regret.

"I wish we didn't have to go back today...I like our bubble we're in." She told him quietly, as if confessing. It was a confession of sorts, he was her confidant. He was her best friend. Her conscious. Her lover--her other half. That's what it meant to him to be her husband.

They both had fallen in love with this poem about love--everlasting. They both used it as their vows with sections for each, and the final stanzas in combined effect. He had started it, she followed and then in a combined effect they had spoken the following together, but it was him saying it solely to her all by himself.

"I promise to remember in the future years and days, the love I feel for you this moment ..." He lifted himself upwards, propping himself up on his right elbow, has left hand still stroking her right cheek; thumb sweeping to and fro just beneath her eye along her delicately placed cheekbone. "... Dreams fulfilled today. For in the coming years as we move on, and reminisce, back to the day I stood with you and promised with a kiss ..." His eyelids lowered almost closing but not fully as he edged himself to her lips in a slow caution granting her a sweet surrender, it wasn't rehearsed and she could tell it. This time he was the one to pull back.

"That blessed are the days that, I have looked into your eyes, and felt the warmth and love reflect, the essence of our lives. Yesterday we dreamed of what might be; today we validate our love; and tomorrow we will cherish the life we have shared as one."

He watched her eyes, the way they sparkled its like they themselves were alive like bursting fireworks; explosions of fiery passion and wonder and beauty. He hoped they would never leave, but at the same time the though of her being a mother was what made him get a really big grin in the silence shared in the aftermath of such words spoken.