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Tobi Amelie Vine

0 · 733 views · located in Heathglen

a character in “Heathglen Academy”, as played by MissBrightside_



Name: Tobi Amelie Vine "Yeah, I know - Tobi's a boys name.."

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Clique: The Druggies "I hang out with them because honestly, they're the least bitchy and most excepting clique there is."


Tobi is weird, to say the least. She's bubbly and always trying to brighten everyone's day, even when they were perfectly happy to begin with.
Her heart is always in the right place, even if she's being amazingly annoying she really doesn't mean it, she just wants to help people and for them to accept her - to be able to finally fit in somewhere.

She's very honest and will tell you brutally truthfully if you ask what she thinks which can put some people off but similarly can make them like her even more.
She's definitely not indecisive and knows what she likes.

+Colourful anything
+Having close friends
+The Druggies
+Light drugs (not like crystal meth, just things like weed.)
+All Animals


Strengths (Classes):

Weaknesses (Classes):


Clothing Preference:
Outfit style one

Outfit style two

Outfit style three

Appearance Description:
Tobi dyes her hair a lot, one week it'll be pink, the next green but for now, she's having it blue.
Her skin tone is pale which contrasts with her vibrant hair, making it seem even brighter than it already is.
Tobi's eyes are a green/brown colour that, while quite small, are usually lined by black eyeliner and make them stand out.
She stands at medium height with 5'6 and weighs in at 120 lbs.


When she was younger, Tobi was a fairly average kid, she was adventurous and cheeky, loving to play tricks and surprise people.
Although, she was a little different to the other girls, she still played with dolls and the like but never got into makeup or boys, at all.
When she was 14, Tobi realised why she wasn't like that, she was attracted to girls, but she wasn't stupid, she knew not to tell anyone or she'd be bullied forever although she did tell one person - Her best friend whom she thought would never tell anyone else, she had no reason to, right?
Obviously she did, after telling Beth (Her best friend) she quickly recoiled in horror and ran off, telling a small group of girls she was friends with which quickly spread around the whole school.
Soon everyone knew and she was being called horrible names on a day-to-day basis.

Even when she went to High school, she was bullied for being bisexual, all the girls seemed to think that she was diseased and would turn them lesbian if she got anywhere near them, even though she liked guys just as much.
Due to this she naturally got closer to guys but that didn't stop the abuse from both Genders.
More often than not, she would get 'Why don't you just kill yourself, freak' from the 'mean' girls and 'Jocks'.
She was so depressed that she did contemplate suicide but got over it quickly, kicking herself out of it - Why should she let these people make her depressed when they don't even know her?

Deciding the only thing to do would be to move schools Tobi switched from her old school to Heathglen where she was quickly taken in by the stoners and she likes it with them, even though she not that insanely into drugs, she does like the mellow mood weed gives her and so if often only smoking that.

Relationship/Crush: N/A

So begins...

Tobi Amelie Vine's Story


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Ryan had arrived via his motorcycle. His family's mansion was about three miles away, so not too close, not too far. They'd sent him here as to try to cleanse him from his almost constant rebellious acts two years before, and this year he'd be a returning junior. His click was the stoners, and many of them flocked to him because he had connections through his older brother, who dealt on the side of his normal job with the family. So, the school hadn't really done much to dent his lifestyle, but at least he had better business here then he probably would any other school around them.

He headed to his room first, so he could drop off the two bags he had. It's not like he could carry too much on that bike anyway. He threw his stuff on the bed, then decided he'd swing by the tree out back, the sat beside the bleachers. There was basically where everyone went to catch a smoke, because there weren't any cameras and teachers rarely walked by. He left his dorm building, and started to head to the tree.

On the way, he passed the food hall, and glanced in. Many students looked like they were getting food and socializing, but something - someone caught his eye. At first he didn't recognize her, but after a second look he realized it was Sara. She looked great, not that she hadn't before. She was always pretty but it looked like she'd dropped a lot of weight. He didn't really know why girls tried so hard to get that sort of figure though, he hoped no one had been mean to her about it. On the other hand, many guys loved girls who looked like that, and Ryan couldn't deny that she did look good.

Instead of going over, he continued to the bleachers. He wasn't one to just go over and start a conversation, especially about how hot she looked now. He wondered when his other friends would arrive, like Aurora and Tobi. When he got to the tree, he saw some familiar faces that greeted him, and he returned the favor. He leaned against a side of the tree, and pulled out a cigarette.


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Tobi faced herself, taking in her reflection in the floor-length mirror that stood by her dresser.
Eyeing her outfit, Tobi eventually shrugs and turns away from the mirror.
Glancing at her bedside clock it alerted her that it was 7:50 am, way past the time she was meant to be leaving.
Rolling her eyes, she mutters a bitter, "Of course I'm going to be late - Always am." and runs from her colourful room, down to the kitchen and grabs the cold poptart her mum had cooked for her at 7:20 this morning, the time she should have left.

Taking a bite she grabs her backpack and just prays that she's remembered anything although, it'd be like her to forget the most important things.
She knew where everyone would be, by the bleachers of course, that's where all the Stoner's hung out purely because it was hidden so no one could she what they did 'round there, or more specifically, what they were taking.

It possibly wasn't the best idea to take her bike to school but she had nothing else, considering her parents wouldn't buy her the coolest motorbike because she was too 'reckless'.
Pssh, so maybe she bumped into people quite a lot and there was that one time she almost hit a little kid on her bike but she didn't! She swerved - That's got to merit for something, right?

After parking and securing her bike, she heads over to the bleachers and immediately spots Ryan, waving at him she runs over, and lets her bag drop to the floor, resuming her snacking on her poptart and greeting everyone around her.


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Ryan casually smoked as he waited for others to arrive, and watched carefully as Tobi rode over and locked up her bike. He knew that her parents probably wouldn't get her anything else. She came over to him, greeting everyone else as well.
"Well goodmorning to you too." he said slightly sarcastic. He raised an eyebrow at her, and nodded to her bike. "You know I could give you a ride... Unless you're scared of an actual bike.." he joked with her, and gave her somewhat of a smirk.
He put the cig to his ligs again, taking a drag and blowing it the opposite direction from where Tobi was.
Sarah approached a moment or so after Tobi answered, giving Ryan not much room to reply. He hadn't gotten a good look at her before, but she looked much different than she had last year.
"Hey there Ryan." she said, waving to him a bit. "How's life on the richer side? Mind if I bum a drag?" she winked at him then. He gave her an amused look, her new appearence seemed to give her a large confidence boost. Which was good, he liked seeing her so happy and forward. "Can't complain." he answered, and began to hold out his cigarette.
Not a moment later Joshlynn knocked it from his hand. "That's the stick of death, stay away from it." she said and put it out with her heel.
"Gee thanks, Princess." he muttered.
"No need to thank me." she said, he didn't know if she'd heard him or not, it didn't seem to matter though. Either way she seemed proud like she'd done her good deed for the day. At least one person would feel satisfied about it. Ryan already felt an itch creeping back into his throat.
At this point he thought the prep would walk away and find Portia or some other good girl, but instead Sarah surprised him.
"Watch where the fuck you're going. Last time I checked he didn't ask you to impede on his life choices, you damn rich bitch." Sarah said to her.
"Excuse me, smoke stack, I don't know if you're thinking straight, but you really need to keep that mouth of yours shut. All that smoke you project from all of your existing face holes while talking really disgusts me. So goodbye, I don't want to catch cancer standing near you two." Joshlynn replied.
He was a little surprised that it happened, but also a little surprised one hadn't attacked the other. He could see it happening in the future though. The prep girl smiled at him as she left, and continued to flip her 'oh-so-precious' blonde hair. He kind of just shook his head, and pulled out two cigarettes this time, handing one to Sarah.
"Some girls.." he started, "can be handfuls." He looked at Sarah, then back at Joshlynn who was walking by the teacher's cars. "I feel bad for whatever guy is trying to please her."