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Heaven and Hell (Just for a Girl)

Heaven and Hell (Just for a Girl)


An angel and a demon form an alliance to find the one girl that can exact revenge for them. But will an angel, a demon, and a human girl really be able to get over their differences? (Spots Open; More Inside)

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✞ Heaven and Hell (Just for a Girl) ✞


A demon by the name of Belphegor was kicked out of hell by Satan himself which, in Belphegor's eyes, was a great honor. Especially considering how little he deserved to be kicked out of hell. Sure, he was a tad mischievous, but wasn't every good demon? Not that he was complaining. He hated hell. Far too boring for his tastes. The way he figured, he'd have a dandy good time on Earth playing with those silly humans. It seemed, however, Satan had already gotten to that assumption two steps before Belphegor and he had a plan. It wasn't a very good plan but it was good enough to stunt all of Belphegor's fun, much to his disapprovement. The plan went as follows: Make Belphegor's life hell (metaphorically of course). Simple, he knows. Satan never was the brightest flame in hell. The demons sent to carry out the plan, however, seemed to know exactly how to carry out the extraordinarily vague plan. Belphegor was stripped of most of his powers and sentenced to live out the life of a pathetic mortal. Of course, he would remain immortal and retain a few small nuances of his power. Though, if anything, that was just to tantalize him more. Frankly, Belphegor simply would not stand for it. A few hundred years he had loyally (-ish) served hell, and just look at the thanks he received in return! Belphegor was never one for any serious business, but he had not a joking cell in his body when he swore that he would have revenge against Satan and the entirety of hell itself. Now, he may have acted dim, but Belphegor was one of the most clever demons in hell (certainly sharper than Satan, that was for sure). By the time his exile was in full effect, Belphegor had already formed a plan. A simple, but still clever, plan. He would just use the girl he had seen in that file he had been sent to retrieve once a upon a time (what good demon wouldn't sneak a peek?). The girl with the power to destroy both heaven and hell and coveted by both.

At the same time of the occurrence of the exile of the demon named Belphegor, an angel by the name of Selaphiel was booted from heaven, personally escorted by one of the Holy Angels, God's personal guard. Under any normal circumstances, it would have been a great honor to even touch the sleeve of a Holy Angel, but when one was being jostled about in shackles, it was an entirely different story. The terms of his exile were to be quite similar to Belphegor's. He would be allowed to retain the lowest of his powers and his immortal life, which was a rather sadistic way, in Selaphiel's eyes, to assure one that you were benefitting them. Especially when Selaphiel was convinced that he was not at any fault. So he had lost his temper a bit. Wrath was his deadly sin. It was a cruel thing to do, give an angel a deadly sin and expect them to control it, but God did work in mysterious ways. It wasn't Selaphiel's fault he was pitted with the one sin that would be difficult for him to control. Most angels learned to control their deadly sins and secondary sins their teachings. Selaphiel, however, had never truly been able to fully control his sin. Wrath had always dominated his life. God knew this. Many of the angels knew this. So it wasn't clear to Selaphiel why God would send him on mission that would easily allow his temper to get the best of him. God was the one at fault. God, not him. Selaphiel would have revenge against the 'powers' of heaven. And his revenge would be sweet. He would use the very thing that God needed to protect heaven. He would use a girl. A girl he had heard whispers about, a girl with the power to destroy heaven and hell. It wasn't clear to him how he would find her, but the little of his powers that remained was sure to be enough to locate one measly girl, regardless of her power. Yes, Selaphiel would have his revenge. And his revenge would be great.




||Belphegor||||Witty and sarcastic, Belphegor is a piece of art. He's got a mouth on him and always speaks his mind. He thinks himself insanely clever and looks down on other's intelligence. Towards Selaphiel, he acts affectionate, but only fakely because the ex-angel's disgust amuses him so. Truthfully, he holds little to no emotion towards the other being and only has his heart set on vengeance against hell. Towards the human girl, Belphegor finds himself caring for her a bit. At first it begins with amusement. Her strength and fortitude are amazing to him. He's actually quite sadistic as any demon is and acts a tad insane when he reveals his true colors.||||Belphegor opts for more classy style of dress, consisting generally of a suit, either with or without a tie. He does, however, occasionally just wear a sports jacket with a button up shirt and nice fitting jeans. His style of dress goes nicely with his facial features--a handsome face, teal-ish blue-green eyes, and slicked back, longish jet black hair-- and his tall height.||||Other information: Belphegor has, well, stole a motorcycle. It's now his preferred means of transportation. ||



||Selaphiel||||As per his deadly sin, Selaphiel is an angry being. He's almost constantly in a ticked off mood, although there are levels of anger. Generally, he's just a little stand-offish, though there are days where he's ready to destroy anyone who even speaks to him. His second predominant sin is pride and as such looks down upon others, much more blatantly than Belphegor too. Most of the words that leave his mouth are insults or something of the likes. He expresses blatant dislike and disgust towards the demon Belphegor, but his emotions towards the human are more varying. Occasionally, he'll be rather nice to her and other times he'll just be malicious towards her. She's rather confused about that.||||Ironically, Selaphiel is much more lax about appearance than Belphegor, often opted for a crumpled button up shirt or tee shirt with a sports jacket thrown on top with a pair of jeans. He'll occasionally wear a black turtleneck sweater that he found in a store. He'll also sometimes wear a pair of black-rimmed glasses that have a slight prescription. He uses them for reading because his vision was very slightly impaired during the transition to earth, probably because of his struggling. Selaphiel is incredibly fair-haired, to the point of it being almost white. Many people assume it dyed. His skin is also incredibly fair, which makes his icy blue-grey eyes stand out even more.||||Additional info: Selaphiel smokes. Because he still retains immortality, he doesn't have to deal with the side-effects and smoking helps to calm him down.||

✞[Human Name]✞


||[Human Name]||||____ is tough girl. She's lived a hard life as an orphan who ran away from her abusive foster home when she was eleven. Nineteen now, she's mastered the art of living on the streets. Quick-witted and clever, she's used to acclimating to new environments and always the first to come up with a plan. While she isn't the strongest fighter, she quick and speedy, often opting for flight rather than fight. She's distrustful, but all around nice on the surface. She doesn't tolerate anybody thinking they're better than her and often brags about certain achievements. Though she'd love to say that she doesn't stand for any injustice, she's quite callous and doesn't really care. It's just the way the world works. Towards the Belphegor and Selaphiel, she expresses signs of distrust and dislike, but slowly grows to enjoy their company.||||The girl often chooses to dress punkish casual. Some sort of t-shirt and a ripped pair of jeans or something similar. She has a pair of black leather gloves that have exposed fingers and an open patch on the back of the hands that she wears all the time. She has murky brown eyes and fair skin that seems to fit well with her shoulder blade length, layered black hair.||||

Roleplay Information

-As you can see, a majority of the character is already created. That's because I'm actually hoping to write a story using this plot and the characters and I'm looking for a little inspiration for story details. It's a great help to me to use a roleplay for that and other stuff.
-This roleplay is not first come, first serve. If there is more than one person interested in the character, I'll select the person whose character I like the best.
-As for character selection, I'm fine with playing any character, though I'd much rather prefer to play either Selaphiel or Belphegor. Obviously, if nobody is interested in playing a character, I'll just choose that one.
-Normally, I wouldn't do this, but this information is really important, so to submit a character, notify in the OOC first along with the name of your favorite book and/or author.
-As for the information to put into the character sheets, a more in-depth character appearance and personality is expected along with your own personal twist to the character, like a few quirks or something. I'd also like if you put a writing sample in there. Other than that, just basically anything you feel is important or would like to add.
-As for the actual roleplay, I'd like people who are on regularly and able to post at least four or five times a week. If you're going to be gone a while, please notify me beforehand.
-And yes, in case anyone asks, this is repost. I'd really, really love to do this roleplay and I'd love it if anyone would be interested in joining.
-Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy the roleplay!

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Character Portrait: ~;Vesta Genevieve Carter;~


Character Portrait: ~;Vesta Genevieve Carter;~
~;Vesta Genevieve Carter;~

"Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good."


Character Portrait: ~;Vesta Genevieve Carter;~
~;Vesta Genevieve Carter;~

"Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: ~;Vesta Genevieve Carter;~
~;Vesta Genevieve Carter;~

"Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good."

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Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

I have found someone to play him!

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Ahh, I'm having no luck finding someone to take his spot. D:

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

I'm looking for someone to play his part right now! Though if you know someone who might be interested in this, it'd be greatly appreciated if you'd subtly point them in this direction, haha.

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Thank you! Uhm, so what about the angel?

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

it's fine, good luck with the role play you two!

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Yes, you're right! She is a Russian model.
And I'm afraid I've made the very difficult decision as to who to accept.
I'm going to have to go with Michaelis's character this time, if only because I had a writing sample of what to expect. Sorry, Emily! :c

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

It was bothering me too, haha. So I searched it and the FC is Kristina Romanova, a Polish model. If not Polish then Russian I assume?

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Whats the FC of the human girl? It's been bothering me, not knowing hehee

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Oh my, what? You're character sheet was just as brilliant! Of course you'll have a hard time choosing! If I am not chosen to be the human I suppose I could be Selaphiel...?

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

I'm actually having a tough time deciding. They're both brilliant!

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

She looks absolutely fantastic! I don't know if Horseygirl is still interested in taking the spot, but you pretty much have it in the bag, haha. I'm afraid I've slacked a little on my character, but I'm just about done and I only need to fill the writing sample in, so he should be up shortly. I'm still missing someone to take the spot of Selaphiel though, so that might be an issue.

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

le sigh.

Well I know when I've been beaten, Michaelis_xXx_Elly I saw your character sheet, and it's brilliant.
I might as well bow out now.

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

*Falls back into a pile of pillows* Finally finished! Woo, alright it doesn't have as much information as i'd like, but I stayed up most of the night trying to think of what else to add. If you think I'm missing something important or something looks a bit wrong please feel free to tell me! I'm going to go over her sheet at least four more times for typos or grammar errors, ehehe. I really hope I captured her personality enough for your liking. C: Though even if I don't get chosen- I had fun making the character sheet! Now i'm off to sleep for about... thirty years. 0u0

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

I know the feeling, haha. But yes! I purposefully put the least amount of information for her so she was more open to interpretation.

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Oh yes, you did put it up there in the description, oopsy, ahaha. I'm a bit over-tired so that explains why I missed it at first. So... I didn't intend for the history to turn out so dark... but you didn't mind if we put a bit more detail into the history's right? (Sorry about all the questions, I'm a perfectionist Cx )

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Oh oops, you didn't miss that detail, i'm just over-tired and running on Monsters- so I missed it in the description. Ah, I am so going to crash during class tomorrow.~

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Ahm, I'm pretty sure I put 19, but I'm too lazy to check, haha. I'm pretty sure it's 19 though.

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Is there a specific age that you want the human girl to be?

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Quite! Great, can't wait then.

Re: Heaven and Hell Just for the Girl

Oh what a very unsettling situation to be in! Cx I really do hope to be apart of this- so i'm putting my all into these sheets! If not today, expect them tomorrow for sure!