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Heaven Help You » Places

Places in Heaven Help You

This is a list of locations that can be found in Heaven Help You.

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The Prince's Palace

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【”Aw, no seat for little old me?~”】
【Well, he’ll find a seat one way or another】

Ino woke up to noise and legs all around him. Belatedly, he registered the smell of food, which mostly made his stomach flip as he dragged himself upright. The envy had passed out and rolled under the table, and though he’d been registering the sound for a bit, only now did he fully wake up. First, he reached up, brushing his hair back and making sure his glamour was set.

Face fixed, he began to crawl towards the open seat. He was glad it was a wide enough table that he wasn’t being actively kicked. Fate had other plans though, and someone sat down before Ino could escape. With a huff, he changed direction, and squeezed through the gap between table leg and Cyr leg, giving the lust a saucy smirk as he did so. He then spun around, examining the situation.

No seats, which found his jealous core and kicked it right in the balls. Had no one thought to save a seat for him? No, but they’d seated the guard, who had been keeping them trapped, and how could they, how could he be better that Ino and—

He had to stop. He wandered over to the food instead, looking at the options. Rich, meaty things, which he rarely liked, but surely there had to be something here he could eat? He ended up with a modest serving, a piece of steamed white fish, a little sauce, and some steamed vegetables on the sides.

He looked out again; still no chairs. He couldn’t let on how it bothered him though. Maybe he could squeeze in the corner between Val and Cyr? He looked at his plate again, then at Cyr. Or…just maybe…he could eat in two kinds of ways.

The dainty envy sauntered the short distance to Myut’s side, and carefully placed his butt in the Greed’s lap, scooting back, opening his eyes wide, shining with violet.

”Myut…” he pouted, ”There aren’t anymore chairs. Can I sit here instead? I’ll be careful…” This had better fucking work…

Myut tensed up immediately as Ino sat down, so Ino made sure to stay still, blinking at the Greed demon with wide, innocent eyes until…

“I am not feeding you.”

Ha! That wasn’t a no. Myut didn’t seem thrilled, exactly, but he hadn’t done anything like shove Ino off, which was always a plus. He was looking at Bez to help him though, but with a quick glance, Ino was reassured that Bezabelle was caught up in a scheme of her own. Time to put the rest of his plan into action.

“Of course not. I’m a grown demon, I can handle myself~ Thank you for this, though, I hope I’m not a burden. You seem strong enough to handle me~” Ino smiled up at the Greed as he spoke, before carefully adjusting himself on the other’s thighs. He could be quite a tease, and squirm and wriggle about, but he already knew Myut wouldn’t be receptive to that. But perched here, so intimately close, he had a great view of the table. His eyes brushed over the gathered demons lazily, lingering on Cyr. Cyr liked this Greed. Logically, Cyr wished he could be so close. Hypothetically, Ino would be able to feed his nature by this little stunt…

A small smile graced his lips and he ducked his head, eating his fish and vegetables carefully. He didn’t want to spill on Myut. On the other hand…
“This fish is so flaky and soft, Myut, would you like to try some?” he offered up a forkful.

To his delight, Myut accepted the food, elegant mouth closing over the hovering fork.
"You're right - exceptionally good.” the Greed said. ”It's lucky I've got my own plate filled, otherwise I'd be tempted to devour everything you've got."

Ino's eyes lit up and he took a small bite himself, an indirect kiss between the two of them. Was Myut playing along with him? Maybe... The white-haired was smart, then, and gorgeous to boot – no wonder Cyr was intrigued. He moved his tone into a playful lilt, peeking up at the larger demon through his feathery lashes. "You can have it, Myut~" his lips caressed the other's name like the sweetest of fruits. "After all…I did offer~" He lifted and offered up more fish.

All the while, his violet eyes were locked on Cyr at the end of the table. Their eyes met, and he let the corner of his mouth quirk into the tiniest smirk, before softening it into a friendly smile. He caught how the Lust’s jaw bulged, as his envy flared, and Ino had to stop feeding Myut to lift up a drink of water, to hide his bliss as his nature was sated, refreshed after his uses of glamour. He wasn’t even using his influence, this was all Cyr. His desire to be in Ino’s position. His desire to command attention. To be dainty and flirty and wanted.

Oh, that was an interesting little tidbit to know.

Ino drew his eyes over the table again, before bringing his fingers up to touch the baby hairs at the back on Myut’s neck as he readjusted his seat with a small sorry. His focus returned to Cyr right as the demon dropped his fork. The Lust crawled under the table to get it and stayed there, instead of coming up to rejoin the meal.

Ino's smirk made a reappearance.