Nell Alexander

"Any friend of sweets, is a friend of mine!"

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a character in “Heavenly Taste Candy Shop”, as played by BeonniBunny



Name| Nell Alexander

Age| 15

Sex| Female

Nationality| Japanese American

Height| 5'3''

Weight| 56kg

Sexual Preference| Straight


Personality| Nell isn't exactly the type of person that catches on quickly. Ignorant and a little bit more than dense, things have to be repeated and re-taught to her multiple times before she actually understands. Sometimes it's difficult to understand why an obviously incapable family such as hers still even bothers with the candy shop competitions when they're just barely getting by. Though as responsible as she can be, a lot of what you say to her simply goes through one ear and floats out the other. Her forgetfulness has lead to more than one big incident. Though left with a lot more to learn, the reason why her parents have entrusted the shop to Nell and her brother Markus (who she's personally nicknamed 'Ku'), is due to the fact that she's a hard worker, and tries to persevere through things no matter how hopeless the situation. When dealing with her, a whole lot of patience is more than definitely required.

Likes| Sweets, having friends, being useful, making candy, eating candy

Dislikes| Bitter-tasting things, soda, vegetables

Random Skills| She can eat an entire pound of fudge in half a minute, she's an expert bug catcher, and she has a really loud voice when working.

Person of Interest| TBA


Background Info|[/b] Nell's family has a long, long history with Heavenly Taste - as well as a long, long history of continuously low scores in every single Candy Shop Competition. Despite the fact that they're undoubtedly far from being the best candy shop there is, they've never even considered taking on another profession. That is -- until a little while ago. Making barely enough to get by, Nell's father and mother left the candy shop in the hands of their children, so that they could take on other jobs to make some money for the family. Nell's usually in charge of making the sweets (or buying them), while her brother Markus is usually in charge of the cashier (though he's not very friendly with the customers). She calls him 'Ku' for the very fact that when you put a long string of Ku's together, it sounds like an evil laugh : kukuku!!!! :P

Thoughts on Others| TBA

Theme Song| Panini - Lovely Day (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk02d8smazc&list=RD02h6ff7hR7Ewk)

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Nell Alexander's Story


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Nell Alexander

The small wooden room smelled, well, of candy. Small glass jars filled to the brim with delicious sweets decorated the desks and shelves, along with magazines and recipes sprawled out across the floor. The Alexander household was just above the shop, consisting of several small bedrooms, and two guest rooms. As for a kitchen, they just used the one they had downstairs.

Murmuring incomprehensible words into her soft memory foam pillow, Nell stretched out across her bed and rolled herself off and on to the cold floor. Usually she would've gotten right back up from the chill, but today she was downright exhausted. After struggling all of last night with a simple chocolate recipe, she finally had to give up and dragged herself to bed before collapsing. Everyday she spent in the kitchen meant another day of cleaning and scraping exploded candy dishes off of the floors and walls. She let out a long sigh and stared at the blank wood-paneled ceiling, grimacing at the smell of morning breathe and reminding herself that she had better started getting ready. With all of her work clothes on from the previous day, she was all set after some brushing and a bit of washing up.

"Kukukuku!! Ku!! Have you gotten ready yet? I'll meet you downstairs in the shop!"

The shop was closed on Saturdays, which made the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other before Monday swung around the corner. After the huge spat between the previous workers, teamwork was Nell's current priority. After her continuously failing chocolate dish, she had decided the previous night that together with the new workers, they would make chocolate! She already had all the ingredients set up on the kitchen table from yesterday, so they were all set.