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Heaven's Angels

The Valley


a part of Heaven's Angels, by XxNightxX.


XxNightxX holds sovereignty over The Valley, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Valley



The Valley is a part of Heaven's Angels.

7 Characters Here

Swiftspring [21] Deputy of Skyclan
SandStar [20] Leader of SkyClan. Exceptionally brave, strong, and charming.
AdderFang [19] "You wanna fight?!"
Skyheart [17] "Stay Still and let me heal you!"
Spidercry [16] A playful, handsome, and short tempered tom.
SilverSlash [10] A handsome, protective warrior with a usually quiet and mysterious persona.
AngelWing [6] A Queen of SkyClan

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Character Portrait: Skyheart Character Portrait: SilverSlash
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Silverslash padded into the medicine cat den and waited with other cats that had similar wounds as he did. Since his wounds weren't too serious, he would wait a little while, while Skyheart tended to the more serious cases. Until then, he tried to gently clean some of the blood out of his fur, some which wasn't even his, and licked his paw to run over his face to keep the blood out of his eyes from a wound on his forehead. He was glad that no one had been killed, on either side, especially over such a small scrap of land, but he was also glad that they showed NightClan that they wouldn't let the stealing of their prey slip by unnoticed. Silverslash lifted his head and pricked his ears when he heard the yowl of the young she-cat. Great, she's up. he thought, although he also felt bad for what had happened to the young apprentice in probably only one of her first battles. That wound would trouble her the rest of her life, and over what? A few stolen pieces of prey and a small scrap of borderland. Don't get him wrong, he agreed that NightClan needed to be shown that SkyClan cats wouldn't accept this, but they shouldn't have brought such young apprentices and warriors into it. Whats done was done. Now all they could do was try to recover from the ordeal the best they could.