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Emma Wolf

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a character in “Hell-adjacent”, as played by ~Tytress R.~



Name: Emma Wolf
Gender: Female.
Age: 20.

Ethnicity: British, Caucasian
Accent: Standard British (London)

Height: 5'4
Weight: 110 lbs
Build: Petite

Current Outfit: (Underneath she wears a white tank and white short-shorts)

So note that this is not to be mistaken with cocky or arrogant, rather a shade of grey between humor and sarcasm. She always has had a knack for knowing the right thing to say at the right time- though she often says them in the wrong circumstances as well. She's got a mighty sense of humor and maybe a dash of vanity in there as well. She typically expresses this in some darker situations with the intent to lighten them up or merely fluster someone with her charming pick of words.

Though open-minded, this one's got herself in a pit of knots when it comes to giving up tradition or something close to her in general. She'll protect anything she loves with her life with an undying loyalty, often putting other lives before her own. When it comes to her selflessness, it rather complicated. By no means is she a push-over, nor is she the scumbag type. It's really complicated, to be honest. However, her willingness to protect others cannot be swayed- especially with "family".

When she's being blunt about things, she does it in an honest gust. She doesn't quite like answering many questions and prefers to keep things short and simple, trying not to hurt any feelings in the time of telling.

Her humor, like many cocky or arrogant individuals, can be a bit dry or dark at times. She'll be quite direct with it as well, finding a slick sway of words and clever vocal tones to fit the bill. On the usual day her sarcasm gets her in trouble due to her loud-mouthed behavior. With all cheekiness she'll follow these remarks with a grin or raise of the eye-brows to get her point across- or the joke... though many can't quite tell the difference.

She's incredibly smart, and has a natural ability at picking out tiny details that other seekers tend to miss or over-look. She can be reasoned with in circumstances concerning a rational and/or dire situation, as in those times (or in the company of others) she tends to have a clear mind. If someone is attempting to sway her opinion on something, though stubborn and not showing that she's convinced, many times she's completely aware and willing to let something of lesser importance go or change.

Cut and dry is how she does it, preferring to keep things clean without having to answer too many questions. She, unlike many others, isn't quite the type to sugar-coat a bad situation. She knows exactly how bad something is, she tells the truth. This is certainly not not to burn out any hope or any other positivity- no way! She knows how the brain works and other behaviors she may not have. By being direct and harsh she might save someone- angering them to a point of sheer determination to prove her wrong. She has little "faith", seeing and believing they are the only ones who can change things and if they don't fight, they'll die out. No one and nothing is going to save them if they sit and wait.

Inventory and Bags: A leather brown duffel bag filled with a change of clothes, cosmetics, toiletries, and a kitchen knife. More may be acquired and will be updated frequently.

EXTRAS and/or BACKGROUND: Prior to the break-out she would work as a veterinary assistant and as a result has a merit-able amount of medical knowledge. She also has a bulky leather watch of roman numerals that she is fondly attached to.
During her childhood her parents got in a fatal car accident the left her on her own at age 14. Her mother having passed away in a coma and her father losing his ability to move his legs, Emma matured fast and forced herself to be a straight A student and eventually going to medical school.

So begins...

Emma Wolf's Story


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Just a daily routine it was, nothing extraordinary or even distinct about the way Emma moved was irregular. Everyday to work she'd pass by the tram station, get herself a ride with the various other civilians and mosey her way to the clinic. And yet something was off... but what? Perhaps it was that she fell asleep on the tram due to insomnia the night prior. Or even that she missed her stop?
Her stop!
Emma gasped audibly at the realization, raising her blonde head from her bag that she'd snoozed on. She cursed under her breath before reluctantly checking her watch. If she was lucky she'd only be a couple of blocks further than usual. Gulping up a tired breath, she slung her bag over her shoulder and trudged her way outside the tram after dusting off her short dress.
"Seven o' five..." she calmly muttered to herself before exiting the vehicle, sliding between a pair of burly men.
She'd lived her entire life in this city... or at least half of it. She knew these streets like her own palm, yet she didn't recognize this station. Perhaps she'd misread the tram schedule? She was, on the typical day, pensive to things like this. Then Emma took notice of the glowing digits on the tram's head: Redburg City Tram Station. She was in central Redburg while she needed to be further out... lovely. And, judging by the app on her phone, there would be five more stops before she got to where she needed to be. Emma creased her brow and looked about, silently debating with herself what the best course of action would be. If she was lucky she might not get in too much trouble- this was the first time she was late, after all.

The setting changes from Redburg City to Earth-like


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Time: 7:10

Vincent continued to sit on the bench, and let out a small breath as he stood, leaving his bag on the bench where he had sat. After that, he walked to a newspaper stand, and took a town map, and opened it, looking for a motel, or somewhere he could sleep and be safe from the elements. He eventually closed it, and put it in one of the many pockets his overcoat had. He then walked over to a vending machine and bought himself a granola bar, which he opened and started to eat on his way back to the bench he was sitting at.

When his bag was in sight, he visibly relaxed somewhat. That is, until, some punk ran up and took it. However, not knowing that Vincent was there, ran towards him. Vincent gritted his teeth, and grabbed the man by the collar, stopping him and then swinging him around and into the wall.

"Put the bag back." Vincent barked. The would-be thief tossed the bag back onto the bench, and Vincent let him go, swinging him back around. "Now move along, and don't let me catch you stealing anything else." The marine growled, pushing the thief backwards. The would-be thief turned and ran away, half scared to death from the man who practically towered over everyone else and was able to pick him up by the collar without too much of a problem.

With a tired grunt, Vincent sat back on the bench.

Time: 7:25

Vincent's eyes snapped open; he'd fallen asleep, but from his ten minute doze, he was alert again. He then looked around, and noticed a few other people who looked like they were at one point soldiers, or could handle themselves. Katharine in particular caught his eye, what with the reinforced padding and guards on her shoes and pants, she looked like she was ready to brawl. However the exposed midriff also said otherwise, most likely drawing the attention of less observant men.

The next person to catch his eye was Jarod, who looked more tired than Vincent was. He blinked a few times and opened his pack, taking out one of his water bottles and standing, walking over to Jarod. "Hey, buddy. Here, you look like you could use this." he said, handing him the water bottle. "It ain't cold, but it'll have to do." he said. While Vincent waited for Jarod to take the water bottle, he looked around and noticed other people that stood out amongst the crowd.


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"It was a really rough night," Emma chuckled through the cell phone she held to her head. "Do you think you could get Martha to cover for me while I get my act together?" She'd been working at the animal clinic for a couple years now, ever since she'd graduated. In this lengthy strand of her life she'd become close friends to her co-workers, so such a request wasn't so big. At least she hoped so.
"Actually, that's what I needed to talk to you about." a familiar voice admitted, a woman at Emma's work named Lara. "Spot-" a dalmation currently in rehab after a grizzly attack by an unknown wild animal- "has been acting strangely. He bit Martha and so we had to take him to time-out and check Martha out for the day... it was bad." Emma's brow creased, a couple of men sharing a bottle of water and another tossing their phone into the bin. She bit her lower lip.

"Spot's never bitten anyone before- he's the shiest of all the dogs..."
"That's exactly why we had to check Martha out. We think he might have contacted a disease from that attack a few weeks back-- but he hasn't shown any symptoms of rabies so we don't know what got into-" she was interrupted by a series of nasty, saliva-choked barks that sent chills down Emma's spine. That was Spot, she knew that whiny bark. Why did he sound so... angry?
"The blood sample came back with something strange, though." Lara added, obviously concerned. "Doctors at the hospital have been seeing the same thing ever since the cold vaccine came out."
"Who gives their dogs this vaccine?" Emma scoffed. "Its not permitted to any animal but ferrets- and even that is high-risk."
"That's just it," Lara replied, stress tugging at her tone. "Look, get here when you can, alright?"


- - -

Emma sat on that bench for ten minutes before she even put down her phone. This was troubling... very much so. She pinched the bridge of her nose between her fingers, stressing at the unusual behavior. They'd have to put Spot down if he continued like this. And if people are also acting the same way... this was strange. She herself hadn't yet gotten the vaccine simply because her work was too over-cumbering. She hadn't the time to schedule an appointment. She looked down at her watch.
Emma took a look around her surroundings, taking in the different people and their attire. The city was very diverse, she gave it that. Her gaze swapped between a number of people who had this look about them- as if they'd seen too much for their lifetime. She suspected military or police, but you never knew. It was, in general, a strange day. She'd already broken her routine, why not grab a bite?
She walked down the isle before pushing a hand into the Redburg Station's coffee-house, but was stopped when a woman just off to her left collapsed. She tore herself from the cracked door and watched for a moment, seeing as many others simply passed by. Finally, with a forced step she pushed her way through the crowed to the fallen woman who's face currently met the cement. "s'cuse me, miss?" Emma approached, attempting to get a better look. "Are you alright?"


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Conner pushed his way through the crowds into an open air area of the tram station, planing himself on the ground next to wall of the coffee shop. pulling out a cigarette he light it skillfully twirling his zippo between his fingers as he did so before placing it back in his breast pocket. taking a long drag Conner exhaled feeling the nicotine hitting his bloodstream quickly, dozily Conner looked around at the people around the tram station most were running around with worried looks on there face as they past a young woman wearing a smart suit who was lying face first on the hard cement floor. Conner watched as a blonde girl pushed her way over to check on her. Taking another drag of the cigarette Conner pulled himself up and slung his back pack over his shoulder and made his way towards the pair.

"You see what happened to her?" Conner asked the woman kneeling next to the brunette who was still face first on the floor, around them a number of other people in the station starting falling or erupting in sudden coughing fits. Conner watched as a smartly dressed man fell over a bin spraying hot coffee over a man sitting on a bench "What the fuck dude" the man yelled at the man who now lay on the floor. Conner stood up getting an unsettling feeling in his stomach as he took one more long drag of the cigarette before stubbing it out under his boot. A scream in the coffee shop made his head swing towards the sound, one of the bodies on the floor had started violently twitching as if an electric current had been passed through the body. All around the station the bodies mimicked the first before the woman in between Conner and the blonde started doing the same, reaching into his jacket Conner took the safety of one of his pistols and cocked the hammer back "We gotta get out of here" Conner said quickly putting a hand on the blondes shoulder.


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The whole situation was puzzling. There Emma stood beside the fallen woman, having received no response from her. This wasn't right... was it a seizure? Her whole world began to spin, knowing so much more about animal fits rather than actual human catastrophes. The crowed bustled by, a couple lurching toward the garbage bins with such force they might as well have been punched in the gut.

"You see what happened to her?" A taller man- or at least tall to Emma's perception- approached. She'd just pulled out her phone to call in an emergence when the man's voice interrupted her thoughts. She managed to look up at him before a rather rude "what the fuck dude" also startled her. "No... she just collapsed-" What was he staring at? His eyes wandered about the crowed, a worried look flooding through his gaze. She tensed when she realized that nearly everyone was falling down and/or convulsing. There were, however, those few who seemed just as shocked as they were. Emma even caught a mother rushing her toddler son to their car while another man seemed to be calling the police.
"We gotta get out of here." The stranger quickly moved his free hand to Emma's shoulder, the gun in his hand shocking her half-to-death. In that split second, however, she ran through all the possibilities. A mugging? Kidnapping? She shoved the thoughts away when she realized the anxiety in his voice and how professionally he held the hand-gun.... No. This was protection.

Emma stood so quickly that black began to creep across her eyes- pigheadedness, no doubt. This man was armed, and professionally so. She turned to him, blue eyes flashing. "O-okay." She exhaled. "Lead the way..."

((My life's taken a bit of a spiral the last month xD I'm so sorry guys! I don't know how active I'll be, but I encourage you all to keep going even if I don't seem active at the time ^^))