Katharine Ryan

If I can find my father, he can fix this....

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Name: Katharine Ryan
Gender: Female
Age: 22

Ethnicity: White
Accent: Slight Scottish

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Build: Athletic

Current Outfit: Katharines' current outfit could pass for a functional urban style had the apocalypse not hit. Though still functional, serving the purpose to protect her from the elements, the clear rugged wear of travel and survival has left its mark. Additional pieces of clothing and gear have been added as she has adapted to survive.
-Black, mid calf steel toe boots w/ military grade knife on right side. Reinforced shin guards
-Dark gray, fit cargo pants w/ enforcement harness; tactical rigger belt with attachments. Reinforced knee and thigh padding
-Black tank top w/exposed midriff
-Dark gray denim jacket w/ torso stopping just bellow rib cage
-Black leather fingerless gloves



Inventory and Bags:
-Shoulder and thigh holsters. Capacity; four pistols, six clips
-4x HK 45 hand guns
-6x 12 round clips
-Collapsible baton
-8x Throwing daggers

-Sun glasses
-Ear piece (headset)
-Cell/Music player
-Small Flashlight
-Small IFAK
-Dog Tags
-Identification Pass
-Digital Watch

Katharine may be an outspoken leader, but keeps to herself about her past. No one knows where she came from, or where she knows what she knows.

As far as any other survivor who has known here before now can tell, she was returning home from a trip to Scotland. That was when the outbreak happened, and all hell broke lose. They can account for her actions in organizing survival groups, and caring for anyone that came looking for help. She seems like nothing more than another human trying to survive, with the heart of an older sister.

However if you ask anyone alone, they will tell you that she is not one to be crossed. Just look at the way she dresses, her discipline and precision when it comes to defending other survivors. She may claim to be just another survivor, but with skills that she has at her disposal, there is much more to her than meets the eye.

So begins...

Katharine Ryan's Story


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Katharine spun the knife between her fingers, watching the blade dance around her hand. It was a trick she had watched her father do a hundred times before when she was younger. After years of practice she was finally able to do it without slicing a finger. Her music pumped Lorde into her ear, calming her thoughts.

She looked up at the others on the bus, she had seen them a few times in the city. Never before had she seen them outside the walls, or had even spoken to them on a regular basis.

Vincent, the soldier. He was brave and strong willed, a man who showed clear signs of war. He would make a good protector, but she had never seen him once at the headquarters or the academy. She watched him as he clenched his tags, staring into nothing as if the memory of battle was right there before him. She had seen it before, the look her brother had when he was killed.

Erwin, she knew little about him save that he was some what of a philosopher some could say. He was always neat, and punctual, like the outbreak had done nothing to change who he was. Other than that she had not dealt with his type much.

Emma, she Kathrine knew more than the others. Being with the guard, Kathrine had been tended to by Emma for cuts and small injuries. Though she doubted the young girl would recognize her. She reminded her of her sister, Amber. Always willing to lend a hand, and a skill for healing. She wished she could get back to her family, let them know of her brothers death.

Jarod, like Erwin she knew little of him. He was a twitchy fellow and made her feel uneasy.

*Now approaching: Redburg City Tram Station* the intercom spat

Kathrine flipped the knife and brought it back into her boot. She stood up and adjusted her jacket as the tram came to a stop. She pulled out her ID Pass from her shirt and let it hand in front of her. As soon as the others had gotten off, she would make her way to the headquarters building to meet up for watch.

"Another fucking beautiful day" Kathrine said stepping off the tram.


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Time: 7:10

Vincent continued to sit on the bench, and let out a small breath as he stood, leaving his bag on the bench where he had sat. After that, he walked to a newspaper stand, and took a town map, and opened it, looking for a motel, or somewhere he could sleep and be safe from the elements. He eventually closed it, and put it in one of the many pockets his overcoat had. He then walked over to a vending machine and bought himself a granola bar, which he opened and started to eat on his way back to the bench he was sitting at.

When his bag was in sight, he visibly relaxed somewhat. That is, until, some punk ran up and took it. However, not knowing that Vincent was there, ran towards him. Vincent gritted his teeth, and grabbed the man by the collar, stopping him and then swinging him around and into the wall.

"Put the bag back." Vincent barked. The would-be thief tossed the bag back onto the bench, and Vincent let him go, swinging him back around. "Now move along, and don't let me catch you stealing anything else." The marine growled, pushing the thief backwards. The would-be thief turned and ran away, half scared to death from the man who practically towered over everyone else and was able to pick him up by the collar without too much of a problem.

With a tired grunt, Vincent sat back on the bench.

Time: 7:25

Vincent's eyes snapped open; he'd fallen asleep, but from his ten minute doze, he was alert again. He then looked around, and noticed a few other people who looked like they were at one point soldiers, or could handle themselves. Katharine in particular caught his eye, what with the reinforced padding and guards on her shoes and pants, she looked like she was ready to brawl. However the exposed midriff also said otherwise, most likely drawing the attention of less observant men.

The next person to catch his eye was Jarod, who looked more tired than Vincent was. He blinked a few times and opened his pack, taking out one of his water bottles and standing, walking over to Jarod. "Hey, buddy. Here, you look like you could use this." he said, handing him the water bottle. "It ain't cold, but it'll have to do." he said. While Vincent waited for Jarod to take the water bottle, he looked around and noticed other people that stood out amongst the crowd.