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Night Aczochre

As a demon you have no heart..

0 · 565 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Hell Patch”, as played by Atheol Cowin


Name: night Aczochre

Nickname Omen

Age: unknown

Role: patcher

Appearance: Night stands 5.9 tall. He is clean cut wearing a black leather jacket, black pants, with a white inside shirt, he'd always wear the black fingerless gloves.

Demon form appearance: He'd still be human, but the differents is there's black wings on his back, He'd have claws, there'd be a trible tattoo of a S demon dragon going up his arm. His eyes would change completely black, there'd be black lines going down his cheek from his eyes. The teeth in his month would get alittle longer. He even have black horns on his head. His legs would look like it had black armor on it

Likes:Pizza, watching tv, smoking, drinking, reading the news paper, talking most of the time, est.

Dislikes: He's some demons, hates it when demons try to kill the humans, doesn't like to be bothered when he is cleaning his weapons.
Demon Category: A alittle stronger then rest, can fight a demon lord alone. But will neec help later.

Personality: Night doesn't talk much, he always keeps to himself. Most of the time he is silent eating a pizza, or watching tv. He just wants most of the time. But he is alright. He has a look, that says he doesn't care for anyone. But his on weapons, they won't betray him

History:Nights been living for more the two thousand of years. Some say he is a demon lord. Other's say he was sent to kill the world. But thats not true, Night's sick of demons, and there evil nature. He's been walking he world for thousands of years, no one knew of his existents. But that changed when he ment humans. He loves the why they live, he'll protect them from the other's

Equipment: There'd be two pistols on the inside of his leather jacket. These weapons were specially made for killing demons. The gun it self would be bigger then the M1911. He would have them custom to make the kick back alittle harder, but for him its great. The bullets would come from a 50.calibar sniper rifle there alittle smaller. These guns are his babys. He'd even have a pole arm on his back, it would close into itself making it easier to store. He pole arm would have a engraving of his crest, the crest would be of the moon. Same for the weapons. There's one more weapon, this one is a sword. The blade it self would be black, with a red engraving of the moon on it. The guard would look like a eye, with the blade sticking out from it. The hilt itself would be black, with red grip on it. As the pummul would be black with a soul gem inbedded into the pummel.

So begins...

Night Aczochre's Story