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Gabriel Vanderson

Gabriel is on a mission. To kill that giant space worm, and every one of it's spawn!

0 · 173 views · located in Post-Apcolapse worn-torn earth.

a character in “Hell Under Crisis: Environmental Avenger!”, as played by Axle


[The Physical]

Name: Gabriel Vanderson
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Gabriel, or Gabe as he's commonly referred to, looks like your typical working-man-human. He's a tad short, only 5'8", but has plenty of muscle compensating his short stature. He's a beast, and used to work out five nights a week on top of working as a mechanic. Gabe has short hair, though he normally tries to keep it shaved off when he can find a good razor, and a goatee that used to be well trimmed but has fallen into disrepair (It's not easy finding a power source for that beard trimmer now..). He adorns himself with serviceable clothes; Carhartt pants, overalls, coveralls, his old mechanic jacket, etc. Other than that, Gabe's just Gabe; greenish brown eyes, tanned white skin, and a few more wrinkles and strain marks in his face since this whole thing started.
Height: Five Feet Eight Inches
Weight: Two Hundred and Fifteen Pounds
Eye color: Green/Brown
Skin color: White (tanned)
Build: Stocky
Other physical traits: Tattoos; 'Mary' across his back for his wife, 'Isabelle' over his heart for his daughter, An old faded heart with 'Mom' in the middle on his right shoulder (he got it when he was 13, it seemed cool at the time!)


[The Personality]

Attitude towards others: Gabe doesn't try to get too close to other humans now, and he doesn't trust anyone if his gut tells him not to. He can come off as a bit cold, but really, he's just trying to protect himself; he doesn't want to have an emotional attachment to you, if he ends up having to blow your dome off if you get 'wormed'.
Habits/Tendencies: Gabe tends to be a bit paranoid, and comes off as 'out there'. He can become detached from reality when there's a quiet moment and lose himself in his memories. He just hasn't been the same since him and Mary lost Izzy to a group of Lycans. And he fell even further from reality when he was forced to kill Mary, as she screamed and cried as one of those nasty mini-worms started tearing into her ear, getting to her brain.
Strengths: Gabriel has always been physically fit, and thus is able to run when he has to, leap, dodge, duck, and dive over, around, and through whatever to get away from hordes of enemies. He's also quite strong, making physical tasks easier than it would be for others, and in hand to hand combat he has an edge. He's not a bad shot with a gun either, though he'll be the first to tell ya he's better with shotguns and other short range weapons than he is at sniping from a distance.. Just can't keep his hands THAT steady.
Weaknesses: Paranoid; he's lost it a bit in the past months, with the incidents involving his wife and daughter. He's paranoid of others, and anything that doesn't seem right. He's also nearly devoid of the ability to form a relationship with others beyond the surface deep stuff.
Fears: Those worms, crawling up his face while he's sleeping, and slipping into his mouth or ears to get at his brain... AHH!
Favorite passtime: Killing worms, playing poker (or any card game for that matter), and listening to music, though that's pretty much non-existent now..
Religious Beliefs: Gabe never really believed in anything; or, more correctly, put FAITH into anything before the drop. Now, he's pretty much come to the conclusion that God is real, but he must be pretty pissed off at mankind to let a giant space worm come crashing down, and let what appears to be the gates of hell opened up for demons to crawl the earth. He's vowed to say his prayers, help others if he can, and kill as many of those bastards as he can before he dies.
Other quirky personality traits or disorders: Gabe loves music, and since he can't ever really listen to music, he sings and whistles tunes alot. He sometimes does it more when he's nervous, or not at all, depending on what the situation is.


[The Heavy Metal]

Weapons: Benelli M2 12 gauge shotgun (5+1), Ruger KBSR9 (17 round 9mm), Wooden Louisville Slugger.
Attire: Carhartt pants, work boots, t-shirt, mechanic jacket, larger leather jacket over top.
Items: Gabriel carries a swiss army knife (though he lost the little tooth-pick long ago), a lighter, cigarettes/rolling tobacco (whatever he comes across), and he always tries to keep some canned food on him to eat (usually spam. No one liked that shit before the drop anyways, so there's plenty of it lying around!)
Other: He has his wallet, and his only reason for keeping it is a picture of him, Mary, and Isabelle together a few years ago when Izzy was just a few years old.


[The In between]

Bio: Gabriel has always been a stand up guy. Sure, he got into his fair share of teenage trouble, but never anything serious. His father was a good man, though he died when Gabe was fourteen, and his mother did her best to raise him afterwards. Gabriel made it through school, then went on to training as a mechanic. That's all he's really known career wise, and it was always enough for him to get by. After he met Mary, and after they had Izzy, it was a bit difficult at times, but that's beside the point. They were making it, and Gabe had his little family. He was happy, and money never would have gotten him that.
Now, speaking of Mary; he met that sweet girl back in his high school days. For the first couple years they knew eachother, they were just friends. But, when Gabe was 17 and Mary was 16, they started dating, and never stopped. They fell deeply in love, and after Mary was out of high school they got married. Some people said they were foolish to marry so young, others thought it was great, others didn't care. Regardless of all that outside opinion, Gabe and Mary knew what they wanted, and they achieved it. They worked well as a couple, and two years after they were married, Izzy was born. They weren't sure if they were quite ready when they decided to try for a kid, but, as Gabe's mom put it, "Who's ever REALLY ready for their first kid? Just dive in son, roll with it, and do your best to give that child the love and support they need." Gabe and Mary raised Isabelle as best they could, and honestly, did a fine job for two young people who didn't always know which way was up in the crazy mayhem of parenthood.
So that was Gabe's life; family man, working man, father, husband, son. Though, that all came to a screeching halt when the drop happened. Gabe wasn't sure what to make of it all; hell, NO ONE knew what to make of it all! But, he grabbed his wife and child, the couple of fire arms they had and anything else useful, and they ran. It was a crazy whirl-wind of running and fighting human and alien alike for a couple weeks, until one night when they were camping in their car on the side of a highway. Gabe had been awake for nearly 40 hours straight, trying to get them to a supposed military sanctioned refugee base, when Mary demanded that he pull over and sleep when he almost drove the car into the ditch. He did so, not wanting to accidentally harm his wife or child, but regretted it a few short hours later.
As they all slept, Gabe and Mary in the front of the SUV with Izzy right behind them curled up in one of her blankets, the back window was shattered. Amid Mary and Isabelle's screams and the roars of the Lycan pack that was attacking, Gabe was kick-started into awakeness. As he reached for his pistol, Izzy was snatched out of the car, and carried off by the beasts for their feast. Gabe unloaded two clips into the darkness through hot tears, but knew there was nothing more he could do. He'd dropped one of the bastards, but when he ran to check, he saw that the creature hadn't been the one with Izzy. He made his way back to the car, and him and Mary quickly continued on their path.
Things didn't get much better though, at the supposed refugee camp. It'd been overrun with worms, and the humans inside were all either dead or 'wormed'. As Gabe and Mary raided a supermarket in a town several miles away, one of the little fuckers got Mary. She was two aisles over, and before Gabe could get there, the little worm was already halfway inside her brain through her ear. Her screams were piercing, and all she could get out through them was "I love you!" and "DO IT!" Gabe knew what she meant by do it, as they'd agreed that they wouldn't let the other become a worm puppet. Gabe leveled his Ruger at his wife's beautiful face, cried, "I love you baby!" and pulled the trigger. Since then, he's been a bit of a mess, wandering aimlessly with his mission to eradicate the world of all worms single handedly if he must.
Birthplace: Klamath Falls, Oregon
Previous exsistence prior to worm drop: Family man and father, and decent mechanic!
Allegiance: God, himself, and the Human race
Occupation: Gabriel wants to kill every one of those little slippery bastards, and the big Mama as well!

So begins...

Gabriel Vanderson's Story