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"Careful, I might cough on you!"

0 · 173 views · located in Post-Apcolapse worn-torn earth.

a character in “Hell Under Crisis: Environmental Avenger!”, as played by P.Slayer


[The Physical]

Lexx (He has a surname born unto him by the fires of the Infernal, but you couldn't pronounce it.)
Age: Appears about 14, but who really knows?
Sex or What can be determined: Male...with horns and a tail.
Species: Demon incarnate, created from the flesh of Satan and the noxious fluid of the 3rd circle.

Appearance: Lexx is the Horseman of Pestilence. That's right, he's all about infectious diseases and slow internal deaths. The horseman of Pestilence, represented by emerald fire, is an embodiment of all things slithering, manipulative, and slow-making chaos. He was delivered from the 3rd circle, which means greed is always on his mind, no matter the outlet. Rockin' the green-based-color-streaked-hair that resembles the aftermath of a fight with a lawn mower, Lexx considers himself one cool cat. He has what appears to be goat horns protruding from his cranium, and an obscure forked tail extruding from his rear. For the official demon of sickly pale, Lexx has a rather good looking tan. Few suspect his darkened skin is the after effect of sunbathing in the 8th circle desert of perdition. Continuing downward, Lexx keeps things fresh with his green and black flamed attire that he affectionately calls, 'The Rocker Suit'. Some might say it's made out of pleather, but Lexx claims it was literally this rock star's skin once. Finishing off his bling bling, the horseman of all things gross, puss-covered, and itchy, shows off a stylin' skull belt buckle, and pleat-head boots that says 'Hey, I'm stuck in the 80s, are you?' Plug in the variables and the formula might seem flawed, but while Lexx may not look like much, he can damn make grown men cry.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130lb give or take a few triple cheese burgers.
Eye color: Red and yellow, gonna kill ya fellow, and iris slanted black, better run jack.
Skin color: Tan, believe it or not.
Build: The one and only 'Addicted British Rock Star Build' (Yeah he looks like a skinny punk)
Other physical traits: Lexx tries really hard to pull off the 80s rocker punk look, but most just think he looks like a douche.

(1 or 2 pictures to come as soon as I draw them...)


[The Personality]

Attitude towards others: Lexx is a real snake in the grass. He'll play with your mind up until the point he feels like ripping out your neck with a chainsaw. He's proud of his carefree kid-like rock star lifestyle, where he believes things come to him, and not the other way around. However if you want to rock out, then there's no better demon in Hell.

Habits/Tendencies: Tends to be a jerk. Fame can do that to ya, and Lexx is no exception. He's pretty sure that the rest of the Horsemen hate his guts for it, but he doesn't care. His biggest habit and most likely the bane of everyone in Hell, is that he always caries around that damn guitarsaw of his and plays a stupid riff whenever he feels the 'rock'n feeling' as he calls it.
Strengths: Lexx is not naturally physically strong, yet he can cause some serious chaos when he wants to. Instead of breaking your face head on, he'd rather fool you into a false since of security....then break your face!
Weaknesses: His super ego. Period.

Fears: Satan, big time. Lexx may have the all-powerful authority of the sickly and near-death, but he's new to this job. It seemed like only a millennium ago when Lexx was hired onto the 4 Horsemen staff, and he's been afraid of not pulling his weight ever since. Sure he had a great time with the black plague, and cancer was a creative touch too. Those mortals never did find a cure. Unfortunately though, comparative to the rest of his competition, Pestilence just isn't up to par. Who'd have thought that Famine was more of a threat than Disease?

Favorite pastime: Rockin' out with his band 'Cloven hoof.' They're the only 'heavy metal and sometimes 90s grunge' band in all the 9 circles, and Lexx would have to say they're the best. His main men Hitler and Saddam really know how to rock a bass guitar and a set of drums. Yep, there's no better team in or above Hell!
Religious Beliefs: Well Lexx always thought Scientology was a nice twist on the ridiculous, but being a demon servant to the Father of Lies makes it impossible to explore other denominations of devote. What can he say, Demonhood is a lifetime membership.
Other quirky personality traits or disorders: You ask him his favorite band and he'll answer 'David Bowie' believe it or not.


[The Heavy Metal]

Weapons: The 'Guitarsaw', which is essentially an electric axe modified into a lethal weapon of Texas-chainsaw-massacre chaos. Out of all the sinister weapons forged in the bowls of creation, Lexxs' is the most ridiculous.
Attire: The 'Rocker Suit' and whatever 80s shit he can fit on his person.
Mount: The one and only mount to the Horseman of Pestilence is a terrifying beast indeed. Hand crafted in the acid swamp pits of the 3rd circle, this monstrous abomination of green fire loyalty, is affectionately referred as 'The Mega' by Lexx. Taking the form of the most killer chopper you've ever seen, 'The mega' is a force to behold. Skull head lights, flaming exhaust handle bars, Pestilence green paint coating, demonic rims, major cranked lift, Inferno-powered engine, and dragon scale seating, this Chopper has it all! Sporting the emerald green flames licking his wheels and exhaust, 'The Mega' can hyper jump from reality to reality, fly high in the sky, or ride the highway to hell, laying a desolate trail of green flaming destruction with every mile!
Items: He doesn't really carry anything else on his person beside the Guitarsaw.
Other: Not much else to say.


[The In between]

Bio: Man Lexx sure wished he was in SOHO right now...but no, he has to take on a giant alien space worm that feels like destroying earth and hell in it's wake! Lexx is none other than the grand fore-bringer of colds and flues in the winter. That summer sick day? That was him too. Some might say being Pestilence sucks, but Lexx lives large and is lovin' it. Why, because with all the new power comes the new privilege to do whatever the hell he wants; which is to rock out harder than Areosmith, Kiss, and the Rolling stones combined. Unfortunately he also has to take a bunch of demon lords to the surface world and kick some worm-related ass. Not saying he doesn't enjoy his job; far from it actually. When rocking 'The Mega' and his Guitarsaw, Lexx is the number one demonic rockstar on the chart!

Birthplace: Is the eternal inferno of Acheron considered a birthplace? Was lexx even 'born?'
Previous existence prior to worm drop: Rockin' out with his band mates and cutting plenty of terrible demos.
Allegiance: By legality Lexx is loyal to the Hellfire King, yet if you ask him off the record, he'd say anyone that can 'rock his world.'
Occupation: Trying not to get his ass fired for being a terrible excuse for a horseman of the Apocalypse. It'd help if he could understand the satellite worms internal-host infection, yet apparently alien parasites are beyond his comprehension. Go figure.

So begins...

Lexx's Story