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Varonica Malus

"Take a good look. I'm the last thing you'll ever see."

0 · 310 views · located in Post-Apcolapse worn-torn earth.

a character in “Hell Under Crisis: Environmental Avenger!”, as played by NeonWingedPhoenix


[The Physical]

{ Sorry, I pressed enter too soon with the first profile, this is the real one for veronica!}

Name:Veronica Malus
Sex or What can be determined:Female
Species: Horsewoman {Former Vampric Spell caster}

Height: 5'11
Weight: 10 pounds!
Eye color: Steely Blue
Skin color: Rosy Albaster
Build: Yeah baby!
Other physical traits:

[The Personality]

Attitude towards others Confident,Dominant,Ruthless,
Habits/Tendencies: Being the Horsewoman of death and responsible for taking souls to Hell, she tends to stereotype and categorize people.
Strengths: Reaping Soul, Magic, Immortality.
Weaknesses: Sealing Magics, Medicine, anything that keeps you from dying.
Fears: Pfft..I am scared a nothin'
Favorite pastime: Reaping Souls, Kickin' Ass, Playing Poker
Religious Beliefs: I am your god, bitch!
Other quirky personality traits or disorders: She may have a bit of a ego problem, but being the horseman of death, you tend to let it go to your head..seeing as you are meant to reap the souls of every living creature on earth at one time or another.

[The In between]

Bio: Born Stephanie Ooglestein in the late eighteen hundreds, Veronicas life was one big disaster after another. At the age of nineteen she fell in love with a rather dashing figure from Transylvania. Next thing she knew, she woke up inside a coffin beside the guy with a epic hickey on her neck. She found out that the dude she had fallen for was some vampire washout from Transylvania that lost his castle in a bet with his cousin and was kicked to the curb. So, for the next one hundred years, she stayed with her deadbeat boyfriend until one day she caught him in the master bedchamber with the local innkeepers daughter who was about two hundred pounds heavier then her and a face that hinted she had lost a boxing match with a donkey's hoof at one point in her life. Scorned and with nothing to call her own but a crushed pride, broken heart and a terrible aversion to sunlight, she ran into the forest

She was on her own for about two days, hiding from the sun until she came upon a small cottage in the middle of the woods. She decided that she would try and see if the residents would let her stay for a night or two and drain them all. She knocked on the door, which was answered by a rather old, haggered old woman. After a brief exchange she was invited in. To her surprise, Veronica noticed to extremely fat polish children sitting inside a large pot, eating Weinerschnetzel like there was no tomorrow. She found out that the children were called Yanzel and Metal....

That night when Veronica went to bed, she noticed the old lady staying up rather late that night, tending a large fire. The children seemed to have left when she woke that morning .

She ended up staying with the witch for a few months. During that time she noticed that the old lady seemed to be very popular with fat polish children and seemed to enjoy making large fires at night for no apparent reason. During her time there, she also learned a great deal about casting magic and found that she was very good at it. Sadly though, she was forced to move on one night when the witchs cottage was stormed by a crowd of angry polish peasents. She wandered the wilderness for a few more days before coming back to the shack and deciding that the witch would not mind if she stayed there by herself ..seeing as she had been burned at the stake the other day.

She spent a few months just reading book after book and learning more and more about magic, but as time went on she became more and more lonely. She did not think that it was fair for a eternally young blonde bombshell to be alone so much. But, there were not vampires around and the humans...tended to kill vampires. It was that very night that something very strange happened in the forest. She was summoned to her door at night by a young man holding what looked like a very important book. He begged her to let him stay for a little while. He knew that the witch lived her and he was looking for her help. Luckily, Veronica was as good a magic user as the ancient witch had. The man stayed with her for a few days, which turned into weeks and she felt so much better with someone to actually talk to..though he always had his nose in a damn book and barely answered her..she was not sure what the problem was..was it her, she had always thought she was rather pretty..was she just that dull.

Then, suddenly one night, everything went to hell in a hand basket again..but this time literally. Apparently, the man was a renegade wizard from the city and he had stolen a ancient tome for resurrecting demons into the mortal realm. Later, after everything was said and done, she could not believe that she had not asked about it ahead of time. Anyway, she woke up one night to this huge pentagram in the middle of her living room with the man kneeling at the edge. Before she knew what was happening, small demons were streaming all over the place, followed by a few bigger ones. Veronica tried to fend them off and she did a sight better then her companion, who was forced into a whiskey was a rather messy scene.

Still, as valiant as she was, taking many of the demons with her, she was knocked out when a large demon smacked her across the head with the kitchen table, as good as she was with magic, she was never very good with the all out fisticuffs and brawls, especially when furniture was involved.

Next thing she knew, she was in dead, she had been carted there by the demons, of course. She was brought before who would turn out to be her Boss and good friend Astrea, who ran a very successful business in hell managing the Succubi. Astrea took pity on the girl and helped her out, seeing as Astrea herself had been a witch back in her day and was dismayed by the girls hard luck. She was then made into a succubus and worked for Astrea for the better part of the next two hundred years. She was promoted to senior advisor for the Netherlands when the call went out that the position for Horsemen of Death went out. Astrea put the new newly named Veronicas name of for consideration and after some haggling and some "deals" behind closed doors, Veronica was evaluated and declared the new Horsewoman of Death because of her vast experience with magic and the fact that she already had two hundred years of soul harvesting experience. Everything was looking great..until all this shit broke down..when's a girl gonna get a break, huh ?!

Birthplace: Yorkenshire, Finland
Previous existence prior to worm drop: See above
Allegiance: Astrea...her only friend.
Occupation: Horsewoman of Death and part time Succubi stand in and senior advisor for affairs in Europe.

[The Heavy Metal]

Weapons:Arcane magics ranging from elemental control to Hexs and Curses. She is also very adept and potion making

Attire: See picture. She also likes to wear a large dark cloak sometimes

She keeps this on hand instead of her scythe which was too unwieldy and she got pretty good with a knife in her two hundred years in hell...rough place.
Standard potion making Kit.

Other: She's kinda bitter because of her bad luck, especially with men, but she had not given up completely yet !

So begins...

Varonica Malus's Story