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Ambrosia Gentry

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a character in “Hell's Hotel”, as played by Annalee2010


Ambrosia Gentry

Fᴀᴄᴇ Cʟᴀɪᴍ ◆ Shailene Woodly ❘ Pᴏʀᴛʀᴀʏᴇᴅ Bʏ ◇ Annalee2010

Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ◆ chocolate


|Full Name|
Ambrosia Gentry



January 23rd

Double dater


American/ Italian

| Autophobia ~ Fear of isolation |
| Claustrophobia ~ Fear of being closed in |
| Acrophobia ~ Fear of heights |
| Coulrophobia ~ Fear of clowns |
| Arachnophobia ~ Fear of spiders |
| Hemophobia ~ Fear of blood |

Ever since leaving her parents, Ambrosia has become very independent. She doesn't like relying on others, at least not when it comes to money. She and her boyfriend would argue about that a lot in the beginning, as she wouldn't let him pay for any of their dates by himself, she insisted they split whatever the cost. Emotionally, she's a little more open, she is very open with her feelings. If she is upset or pissed off, you will definitely know about it. Ambrosia is very kindhearted and always does what she can to help others if she sees someone in need.
Ambrosia can be a bitch if you criticize her work, even constructive criticism, she doesn't take it well. Her art is very important to her, one way to really piss her off is talk bad about or do anything to mess up her work. She can be very self conscious of her work as well, never letting anyone see it until it's done, not even her boyfriend.


Ambrosia comes from a rich family, she is the youngest of her 7 siblings, 5 brothers and 2 sisters, all of who have followed in their father's footsteps, majoring in business. Being the baby of the family, she was definitely the most spoiled. And when she was little, she loved it. But when she got into high school, and realized that she was expected to also follow in her father's footsteps, she started to rebel. She didn't want be a businesswoman, heck, she didn't even really want to go to college, she loved painting, and wanted to make a living as an artist. Her father of course had other plans. When she turned 18, he tried to force her to go to the college that he'd picked for her, but instead, Ambrosia took off, left without a word to her parents or any of her siblings. It was right after she left home, that she cut her hair, wanting to start over, make a change, and that was one of the most drastic things she could think of to do.

Ambrosia met her boyfriend, ((FC Chace Crawford)), when she was painting in the park. They hit it off pretty well, and have dated for three years now. She's pretty sure that she's in love with him, but they've never actually said the words to each other. Though recently things have gotten a little tough, and they've seem to grown apart, though Ambrosia isn't sure if that is because she's too focused on her work, as she's been making a pretty good name for herself, and has a showcase coming up in a couple months. She has been painting a lot more lately, trying to get some good pieces for the showcase.

So begins...

Ambrosia Gentry's Story


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Since Sunshine never sent in a sheet for my character's boyfriend, I'll just play Hadley as if she is dealing with a break up.

A week has passed since she has heard from Ricky, the guy she devoted the past two years to seemed to just disappear off the side of the earth. No word, just vanished. If it weren't for Ambrosia being there for her, she honestly wouldn't have any clue where she would have ended up by now. Brosia is the only sanity in her life at the moment and with this big trip they planned, it may end up shedding some light into her life, to make her smile come back. At least that's what Ambrosia had once told her.

The little group of three were now checked into the hotel and was bringing their things into the hotel room they have rented and couldn't wait to get this vacation started. Not only had Hadley been going through some problems with Ricky, Ambrosia has been going through problems with her beau as well. They all figured this trip would help things get back to normal or as normal as they could get.

Hadley plopped down on one of the two beds in the overly flowery hotel room. "So glad we're finally here. I was getting tired of sitting in that car for six hours. Why did you two pick this place anyway? It seems so depressing here," she stated to Brian and Ambrosia.

The brunette loved the two of them to death but being trapped in a car with them for six hours tortured the hell out of her. Nobody should have to spend that much time with someone trapped in a vehicle.

At that point Hadley's stomach growled, "So, when are we gonna eat something? It's almost seven o'clock, we haven't eaten since we left."