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Axel Mercer

"All who side with the legions of Hell must be punished for their actions. I will avenge my family no matter what the cost is."

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a character in “Hell's Judgement”, as played by Grimpunker96


Image Also, sometimes wears a silver cross and a black trenchcoat.

Like this: Image


Unforgiving, determined, stubborn, thinks he's always right and his way is the only way.


Weapons: A katana lined with diamond and a pistol. He carries other gun parts with him, and can attach them to the pistol to make completely different guns, such as make the pistol into a sniper rifle, and then into a machine gun. Also, he carries grenades (I'm not sure if that counts as a third weapon, because they're not reusable)


advanced knowledge of guns
high physical strength
hand to hand combat
able to plan ahead
able to deconstruct just about any gun, and can make a different one.


Name: Axel Mercer.
Age: 29
Sin or virtue: Neither, he's human.

History: Formally a police captain, he was the one who sent the squad to the motel Jason stayed at, and he was the one who shot him.

When the war first started, he went home to his apartment, and saw demons corner his family, and saw them slaughtered right before his eyes. From that day on, he held a bloodthirsty grudge against anything demonic, and anyone that associates with them (Example: Some of the virtues, or even some humans. He would hate the people who follow Pride, because they are following a sin, and by his logic, must be evil themselves, and must be killed). He will not hesitate to kill anyone that he deems to be evil, whether they're young, old, evil, or actually good.

He was fired from his position as a police captain, after the higher ups noticed his murderous actions. Now, he is a self employed assassin, killing anyone he believes deserves it, whether he is paid to, or not.

He does not know Jason has been brought back as a sin. The two had a rivalry when Jason was alive. He despised Jason, because of his morals. He also doesn't know that most of the sins are good now, because he considers them all to be the same, and it will take alot for him to believe them. He seeks to kill every one of them, maybe even some of the virtues and humans, if they side with them.

Likes: Killing those he thinks are evil, guns, saving humans from criminals and demons, justice (the idea, not the virtue)
Dislikes: Demons, "unjust" humans and virtues, when people bring up his family, seeing people suffer.

Other: He has a secret building where he keeps his weapons and such.

So begins...

Axel Mercer's Story