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Lexi Smith

"Don't think it's right, just because the majority agree."

0 · 468 views · located in Briar Brooke

a character in “HELPLESS”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal


Β» Lexi Emily Smith Β«
❝ I may not be perfect, but what is? ❞


Lex by her close friends, but mostly Lexi. Or, by those who don't know her, 'Yearbook Kid' and 'That Girl With The Camera.'

She is seventeen years of age, ever since July 2.

She is a Senior, and has been on the Yearbook Committee since she was a Sophomore.

Lexi loves to take photographs, and so, ever since her second year in high school she has been on the yearbook committee.

Theme Song

Body Markings
She has both her ears pierced, as well as her belly button pierced. She has always wanted a tattoo but never had the courage to get one.

Compliments βœ”
Running βœ”
Cycling βœ”
Music βœ”
Being Trusted βœ”
Listeners βœ”
Food βœ”
Photography βœ”

Violent Sports ✘
Little Kids ✘
Being Ignored ✘
Hypocrites ✘
'Backstabbers' ✘
Feeling Hungry ✘

Thoughts On Miranda
"Miranda? Who's that? Oh, I kid, as if I wouldn't know. Everyone knows who Miranda Smith is - she's the most popular girl in school, isn't she? She's all over the yearbook, so I'm pretty sure I've seen her around. Not that she would remember me - I'm just the shy yearbook kid that takes good pictures of her and deletes the bad ones - or she'll be pissed off. So, she's a bitch, really. Not that I know her well enough to call her that, but yeah. Oh, don't tell her I said that!"

timΒ·id | adjective
1. lacking in self-assurance, courage, or bravery; easily alarmed; timorous; shy.
2. characterized by or indicating fear

When you first stumble along Lexi, you will probably assume she is quiet, passive, obedient. This is mostly because, around strangers, she is all these things and more. She is very careful with who she trusts, meaning when she does come across you, she will be quiet and distant, as she observes and analyzes you to see if you could potentially hurt her. As well as this, she is scared; have you ever head or the phrase 'stranger danger'? Well, Lexi certainly has. If she doesn't know you, then she has no idea who you are. You could be a nice person, or you could be a dark person. Is Lexi willing to take that risk? Certainly not straight away.

When you get to know her more, she will open up, and you will find that she isn't always quiet; in fact, she has a lot of opinions, she just does not express them often. She is smart and independent, with a certain level of maturity that adults seem to know to trust her with. However, this does not always work on children. She has often taken up babysitting jobs for extra money, and finds that she is terrible with kids. Perhaps, if there was just a baby to look after, she could manage; but when she has to look after a screaming toddler, a jumpy child and a stubborn pre-teen, things can get a bit more challenging. She realized long ago that children do not like getting bossed around, especially by other children, which means that until she is eighteen, she is going to have a tough time controlling kids, or even standing them.

Only once she is completely comfortable around you, enough to call you a close friend, will she show you her complete, stripped back self. Not that she is going to go naked - maybe I phrased that incorrectly. But once she is a part of your life, she is completely content with letting you be part of hers. Any friends of hers that she would consider close would know that, even though she comes across as a smart and mature young lady, she is still a child, and likes to break the rules, even if she is too scared to do so sometimes. If there is a topic that she is knowledgeable about, she will not shut up once started. She can be a challenge at times, as she can often be very opinionated, as well as having a very bad-temper, but she has a good heart and is very loyal. Her trust is precious, and very easy to lose, but hard to earn.

Lexi grew up in a sad orphanage with no siblings and everyone was mean and- Just kidding. I'm not going to go all cliche like that.
Lexi had an average childhood. She grew up with her mother, Alison, her father, Jonathan and her siblings, Candy (9) and Benjamin (13). They were also very close with their paternal grandparents, as they lived close by, and visited often. Their maternal grandparents would visit once a year from England, where Alison was from. She had an average sized house, two-storeys, had a fine education and both her parents had jobs - a waitress and a builder. She never had anything to complain about, nothing that made her life terrible. There was the odd bitch or heartbreak that got her down once in a while, of course, but overall, Lexi had an average life, with an average family, in an average world.

So begins...

Lexi Smith's Story