alise Morgenstern

alise is broken, sad, and she shut out the outside world, afraid to speak and afraid to come out of her head but her head is causing her more damage than the outside world is.

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a character in “her saviour”, as played by Jenniferloveshp


Alise- long, auburn, curly hair with bangs, in 5th year (along with the marauders), struggles with depression, dances well, can sing good, transferred from america around a year ago, shy, violet/indigo eyes, isn't well known around school, barely talks, short, very smart, likes to bury herself in school work and music, does double enrollment (( muggle and Wiz school)), doesn't like to cry in front of people, insecure, jumpy, has trust issues, gets bullied a lot, doesn't think she is good enough to be in Gryffindor, pale skin, she doesn't smile much but when she does, it lights up a room. Self harms ((on her wrist and sides)), and her parents died in battle when she was twelve, and hasn't really talked since then.

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alise Morgenstern's Story