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Larry Wesker

A tall, thin man married to the silver ornament on his necklace.

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a character in “Here, At the End of the World”, as played by CaptainGrue


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NAME: Larry Wesker
AGE: 39


Larry Wesker is, on the surface, the husk of a destroyed family man. He had lived the traditional boring city life, moving from apartment to flat while saving money and remaining mostly unnoticed. His studies were in finance, which he excelled at. His social life was barren, his boring yet geographically turbulent life isolating him. Other people just seemed so unimportant in his world of numbers and long term goals.

It was at a longer lasting job at an accountancy firm that he met Olivia. She had made something of an effort to crack his dead exterior, and Larry was smitten by her dedication to the work. They mellowed each other out, and after a relationship bloomed they would take any chance they could to visit museums, art galleries and other such attractions for those with a studious attraction to times long gone. Late night documentaries were a consistency. They married, using Larry’s surname, and the Weskers had a son named Theodore.

It was about when Theo had turned four that everything started to turn for the worse. Olivia and the child seemed to get sick at roughly the same point, leaving Larry to support the both of them with income and housework. A quick checkup with the GP determined it was a coincidence, but nothing worse than a mild flu that ought to pass. It did not. They had started to cough up blood, and their skin eerily pale. Into the hospital they went, eating into Larry’s savings as doctors did their best to figure what was wrong with them. Their bodies seemed to be breaking down, theorised to be caused by some rare terminal illness passed down by genetics. Olivia had no idea what it was. It had become incredibly clear that modern medical applications could do nothing to help. Larry’s wife and son both entered into a coma as their bodies continued to deteriorate.

It wasn’t a random thought of Larry’s to look to the occult for an answer. Their museum trips had developed somewhat of an obsession with old relics rumored to hold mystical powers. They had teased each other that they ought to start collecting them from online sellers before the museums snatch them up. A trail of forums into proxy-ridden darkwebs had given Larry a lead to something of an occult black market. Trinkets and charms for the downtrodden of society, promised to hold some sort of power to suit their needs. Cure-Alls and Life Elixirs were in common trade, almost definitely scams for those looking for the easy way out. Larry knew- he had tried them. He had looked to spiritual healers, and they had worked the same way. If the supernatural were real, it wouldn’t present itself as it did 4,000 years ago, Larry thought.

A small, silver USB. An anonymous seller with nothing else to sell. A price of $50. A description that said “can store a soul, just press to someone’s head”. Free shipping, to boot. Sold, to one Larry Wesker desperate to save his family.

The device was simple enough. Just click open the port cover, and hold it to their head. He used it to save his son, first, figuring Olivia would want it that way. A blue light snaked into the 8 symbol engraved into the tiny silver rectangle. A quick experiment with his laptop proved the USB had done something, at least. The text on the screen had to be Theodore’s. His son was terrified, struggling to understand what had exactly happened to him. But Larry was elated. He had just done the impossible… Surely something like this would have no limits? He at least had to try, so he captured his wife’s soul next. In this act of compassion, he became the one responsible for his son’s death.

The following month was treacherous. Trying to explain what had happened, getting Olivia to cope with her new “body” and learn its capabilities. Seeking forgiveness for not saving their son, which he had never truly received. They needed to get away. Somewhere new, somewhere quiet. Proper quiet. Somewhere she had only recently been drawn to. Fairbrooks, a modest little city in Montana. Maybe there Larry could find repentance, and Olivia could find peace.

It’s a good thing she knew exactly where to apply.

DESCRIPTION: A lanky, pale man with signs of weathering on the skin. Short, neat dark brown hair and a neat moustache. Almost always publicly dressed in a vest/jacket and a buttoned up shirt. Round or square eyeglasses are pretty common. He looks older than he is, with gaunt laugh lines and two prominent creases in his forehead.

WEIRDNESS: The Universal Spirit Bus/Ghost Machine/USB. Larry has no powers himself, but does carry this particularly powerful piece of occult technology. It appears to be a tiny ornate silver rectangle, with the engraving of an infinity '8' symbol that glows a ghostly blue when active. The silver is worn and scratched, implying a history that far exceeds the history of actual USBs. Larry does not know its origins, and while he believes to have experimented well enough with it has no idea how to use its full potential. Instead he’s using it to store the spirit of his wife, Olivia. He keeps it very close to him on a necklace she used to wear, and frequently talks to it when he believes no one is listening.

Associated Abilities: The USB treats souls like data, and manipulates them in much the same way. First and foremost, one sentient being’s soul can be stored on it by pressing it to their head. If a second is stored, the first is ‘deleted’ and replaced. If the USB is plugged into any port that will allow it (the port being a USB 3), the spirit stored within can enter into the system and gain complete control over its OS. Of course, this requires the spirit to know how to do this as well. When the USB is disconnected or the device turned off, the spirit is returned to it. If the device it is plugged into is switched off, the spirit can turn it on again.

Olivia is familiar with Larry’s laptop and can navigate its digital architecture with ease. She can use it to the same capacity that Larry could, in addition to being able to turn it
This is all that Larry knows. Theoretically, it should be able to transfer souls as well as move them into empty bodies.

TRAITS: STRENGTHS: Intelligent, Clever, Charming, Resilient,
WEAKNESSES: Obsessed with Olivia.

SKILLS: Computers, Finance, History, Occult, Literature.

TIDBITS: Finance Degree, Occult Racketeer (well versed in the online black market for extranormal items)

So begins...

Larry Wesker's Story

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Larry Wesker clutched his pendant.

So this is home now… It is beautiful.

The sunlight reflected off Wesker’s spectacles as he approached the house, trailing behind the young woman in headphones. His feet dragged on the gravel. His eyebrows couldn’t be more furrowed. His eyes were sunken in, as was his expression. A grimace that seemed to be shaped by the moustache that accompanied it. Even his short brown hair was wiry and stiff, albeit combed neatly.

His luggage was minimal, a single leather brown suitcase he brought in with him.

Upon laying his eyes on Avi, Wesker clutched the pendant tighter. It glowed a ghostly blue. Of more interest was the man’s halo above his head. Of course in Wesker’s experience, it was best to keep all the strangeness between him and his wife. This Avi didn’t seem to register its existence, so neither would he.

His voice was just as forlorn as the rest of his appearance.

“Larry Wesker. Hello.” He said, reluctant to take his right hand off the pendant to take a scone. “Thanks.” He had made scones himself, what felt like a long long time ago. It tasted as sweet as the memory, and as fluffy as his recollection of it.

The girl had returned, and for a moment Wesker held eye contact. He quickly put down the scone to clutch his pendant once more, almost wincing.

“I could also do with a glass. Long day. Parched.” He struggled to look back up to the girl, loosening the grip on his pendant. He wasn’t looking forward to having to contend with someone so young. The headphones were typical of today’s youth. On the bright side, he imagined that he wouldn’t have to listen to her music. Hopefully that was all his wife was concerned about too. It could be hard to tell, sometimes.

“And a tour would be exceptional.”