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A figure of myth more than man...and he has fantastic hair.

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a character in “Heretics: Chronicles of Baekoth”, as played by Gray


Theme song





Adriel is not an easy elf to describe. He’s a free-spirit at his core, and this has left his outer appearance to always be a bit different. He is average height for his race, with tan skin and naturally dark hair. However, he colors it according to how he is feeling at the time. Sometimes it’s white, sometimes it’s red, sometimes it’s any color he can manage.

The elf is the son of a council-man, while this does not denote any higher status than others, it shows through his very essence. His gear is always of great quality, as are his weapons, and his physique. No one who looked at Adriel would confuse him for a baker. His posture is from years of rigorous training, his manners are those of a respected house, his form proper, and his speech impeccable.

His hair is what he wants it to be. Through magic, the elf can make it stand on end, or make it fall flat and out of the way. While he’s not opposed to braiding his hair when it is long, and bonding with others while he does, Adriel seldom keeps it long enough to braid. If it were that long, it’d be a hassle when out on the field.

The elf also has several tattoos. Tattoos in his village, and with the rest of the community, come from great achievements. Anything from slaying beasts, to ones of warning to other elves, get placed upon the body. As such, Adriel’s body has been a canvas for a great number of tattoos. While they might be easily looked upon in his community, to outsiders it would probably unseemly and downright barbaric.

Being a councilman’s son hasn’t gone to his head. Maybe, when he was younger. Elves are prosperous only when they themselves forge a path with their own hands. Now that he’s grown a bit older, and a bit wiser, Adriel has taken to giving back to the community at large. While his job does keep him busy, and far away from home, upon returning Adriel is always quick to enter the community and be among his kind.


Appearance Image
Hair: His hair is almost never the same for very long. For ceremonies he might wear it tied back and braided, for missions Adriel places it up and out of his eyes, or to the side of his face. His hair color differs about as often as his style. Adriel prefers unnatural colors such as whites, or reds. But depending on the time and place might opt for his regular black hair.
Facial Hair:
Facial hair is not common for elves, and as such Adriel will never know the pleasure of keeping facial hair, or the numerous cuts from shaving it.
His eyes are no more gold than any other elves.
There's muscle on that frame! Adriel might be slender, but his muscles have evolved to combat others.
Skin Tone: Copper
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170
Voice: Adriel's voice is deep, and rich. It's not the voice of a natural leader, but rather one of cold harsh reality.
Handed: Ambidextrous. Purely from his own volition... and his hatred of mostly right handed humans.
Body Markings: Tattoos, tattoos, tattoos! Tattoos in the tribe are awarded, and while they might look like art are deeply symbolic. Wings anywhere on the body indicate that the elf has a flying mount, while fangs indicate that a beast has been subdued. However, the tattoo to be most weary of is one of a skull over Adriel's heart. This signifies that this elf walks with death. This tattoo is a bit double edged. Unlike the rest of the markings which show valor or high esteem in the tribe, this tattoo denotes one that has made a tough sacrifice. They have gone against some of the natural customs of the civilization, in order to ensure others can have them.

Scar Tissue: Surprisingly, Adriel has very few scars to note. One of the more important ones are two scars, roughly the same spacing, on either one of Adriel's inner thighs. These come from riding a wild mount, and the saddle cutting into the thigh. Many elves get these scars from taming mounts.


Personality Image
Those who meet Adriel are meeting one side of the coin, so to speak. This, is entirely dependent upon race. For heads (that’s anything non-elf) Adriel is a cold, and often cruel individual. He’s quick to judge, and has a short fuse on a rough temper. For tails (which only belongs in the elven category) Adriel is an esteemed figure, one of grace, one of laughter, and one worth looking up to.

Adriel was born and raised in Solveif, the elven capital. Life in the big city changes an elf. Elves from smaller cities or tribes are often dazzled by the wonder of the large cities, and by being surrounded by so many others. Those born into this life however, have a sense of adventure tucked in their core. Their want to escape the big city manifests itself in different ways. For some, they seat themselves firmly on the council of elders, eager to bring the city back to its roots. For others, like Adriel’s family they yearn for adventure and to stake their own claims in life.

Being the fourth son, of a fourth son (who happens to be a shaman) also has its advantages. Fourth sons are headstrong, not easy to change and can react poorly to those who go against their core values. They have strong magic, if of magic blood, and are seen as prodigies. Their inquisitive nature makes them fast learners, albeit quick to boredom. Oftentimes sons in this category make themselves outsiders, too headstrong to follow the rules of society. Thankfully, Adriel’s father instilled in him the ways of nature, of spirits, and of the order of the universe at a young age. It has a distinct disadvantage though; Adriel believes so firmly in the natural order of things that he will react poorly if it is questioned. Idealistic notions are often lost on him, as well.

Perhaps this is what brought about his distrust for outside races. Adriel despises humans, and will always talk down to them, they are like children to him. Claiming that 20-40 years on this planet makes them qualified to make decisions that will destroy it, is a horrendous thought to the elf. Adriel does have some good qualities to him as well, albeit they are hard for any non-elf to witness. Adriel takes pride in his knowledge of the forest, of combat, and of the ways of Nature and the Spirit. While he might not believe in “Justice” he does have a moral compass, but it tends to fluctuate. He is always eager to teach younger elves, and quite enjoys spending his time teaching others. Perhaps, in another life, he was a teacher?

Petty human hater: It’s no secret that Adriel hates humans. He hates their smell, he hates their machinery, and their stupid way of life. But he also hates their stupid round ears. Just about anything Adriel can find to disagree with humans he will. Their lifespan sucks, they make poor decisions, and they mate like the world is going to end and they just ingested a pound of veluptroot.

Master of the slippery slope: And speaking of hating humans, this can start a “slippery logic train.” It’s simple! All the elf has to do is find something that humans do, or can do better than Adriel, and then begin to ponder if doing that thing makes Adriel the same as a human! An example would be riding a horse. Adriel all but refuses to do this, as humans use it for their main mode of transportation, and the elf wouldn’t be caught dead imitating a filthy round-ear.

Hairstylist: Adriel loves his hair. He tends to put it in all shapes, and all colors. At this point, it’s become a compulsion. Sure, he’s got reasons to. Like to make it easier to infiltrate a human capital and kill a noble. Or to blend in better with nature, but the reality of the situation is that Adriel just likes making his hair do different things. A little known fact is that Adriel will happily do anyone else’s hair that ask. Even a filthy human! He takes great pride in his work.

Numerologist: Adriel is the 4th son of a 4th son. This has made him a bit of an oddball. One of his favorite targets are those born under similar circumstances. Be it a 7th son of a 7th son, or a 3rd daughter of a 3rd daughter. If given the chance, Adriel will change an entire mission to cater to this target. Part of him just wants to meet another like him and test their mettle, the other part? It just likes the challenge.

Moral Alignment
True Neutral.


Adriel does not necessarily believe in the laws of society, rather he believes in the law of nature. This has many parts. For his work, Adriel believes in the law of survival. Sometimes it is not the fittest that survive, but those best suited to the world. Humans have a low lifespan, and are not as smart as Elves (might be a biased opinion) so are they really fit, as a species, to live? Adriel does not believe in rampant killing. No animal in nature kills for sport, or prey. They oftentimes leave young to fend for themselves if a predator kills a mother. So Adriel takes pride not to have collateral damage.

However, in a personal sense these same laws govern differently. When finding a mate, Adriel doesn’t believe in the concept of love. He’s lived a very long life and never felt a strong compulsion he couldn’t rationalize away. While his people might be lovers at their core, he hasn’t quite drank the moji-plant juice.

As the law of nature is his guide, Adriel is concerned with the state of the world. He always tries to look after the forest when he’s there. If pesky humans have made awful campsites, or left garbage strewn about, Adriel does his best to clean up after them. Even though, internally he’s doing his best not to slay the horrible round ears.


Adriel has a strong tie to the wilds. His motivation in life, other than serving the council, is to serve the world. If there’s anything he believes he can do, he will. While this makes him something of a softie towards the planet, Adriel does try to keep much of his respect towards the world a secret.


Human expansion: There is nothing Adriel fears more than human expansion. In his mind they already have too much territory. Humans live such drastically reduced lives, and yet as a society they have not quite mastered taking care of their planet.

War:Adriel is a capable combatant yet, he knows war would have severe consequences on all those involved. The idea of rampant collateral damage, extreme loss of life, and not to mention the toll on the world; would be unparalleled. It is for this reason that Adriel values his job as an assassin. From the shadows he can help steer the world in the correct direction.

Falling in love: Ah yes, falling in love. Adriel knows and respects many people who have been in love. Yet, he knows this is a trap. While in love one is not free to move how they see fit. They are not free to do many things that they have to. That, and there is now a place in the lover’s heart which is a weakness.

Adriel has two main goals in life: The first is continuing to subdue human society for as long as he lives. As Adriel has been involved in plenty of plots to assassinate well known “expansionists”, he believes this is an achievable goal throughout his life.

The second goal is to bring the study of magic into serious consideration within the Elven race. Currently Elves only really have shaman as their basis for magic. Elves with their near endless life-cycle and incredible talent could see a prospering magical force at their disposal. If elves gave magic a consideration their power would rise tremendously.

If we’re being honest, which I guess this is the place for; Adriel loves the shit out of Strawberries. Well most fruit, in general, is his bane but Strawberries hold a special place in his heart. There’s just one problem. Strawberries are natives to field, and are only cultivated by one race… filthy humans.

Adriel likes the idea of riding a horse. He can’t actually do it. He also thinks it looks stupid since that’s what humans do. But the idea is interesting.

Adriel really likes studying magic. Any text he comes across, he almost immediately harps on. He believes that elves are behind the times in their study of the arcane.

Any race other than elves.

He thinks beer is disgusting. He knows! The humans drink it, it’s a pretty natural drink all things considered; but he hates it. (Needless to say he can’t hold his liquor) The idea of mashing up plants and then draining them of their essence, letting them rot, and straining out all that is left sounds distasteful.

Disrespect. Even towards humans Adriel shows very little disrespect. He might hate them, he might believe that they are filthy, but he shows him the respect they have earned. If one did manage to impress Adriel, he would happily show them respect… he would probably still be mean though.

Lastly, Adriel dislikes riding a mount. And by dislikes he means can’t. Sure! He can ride on the back of a roc for a spell before he drops down from the heavens, however if you asked him to ride it Adriel couldn’t! It all stems back from a fear he had as a child from his first mount. Since then, no riding of any mount has been done.

Adriel has a strong combat sense, hundreds of years of combat, assassinations, and testing himself against the biggest beasts in the wilds has made Adriel a strong opponent. He’s so strong that mother’s use his very existence as a cautionary tale to their kids!

Adriel’s innate gift of being a 4th son of a 4th son, has made him adept in magic, as well as plenty else in the world. He’s a powerful user of magic, always eager to change the idea of it. The elves are too skittish and untrusting of the gift, but Adriel is trying to learn how to harness it, and how to tame it.

Adriel knows the forest like the back of his hand. If there is a rare herb which would heal the sick, he knows where it is. If there is a beasts skin which would make a great armor, or a stone which would make a great weapon, Adriel knows where it is found. He’s kept his living space incredibly small for living as long as he has, and that has the advantage of knowing where things are.

Adriel cannot ride a mount of any kind. No horses, or birds, or tigers, or anything. He can tame them, he can stand on-top of them for short distances but he cannot ride them. If a convoy of horses has to go someplace, Adriel will attach a wagon to the back.

The cold. Adriel has rarely gone to cold places, and kept his hunting ground to a nice temperate or tropical climate. Lots of greens.

His pride. Adriel is a prideful creature. If this is trampled on, Adriel can turn very quickly. He is not one to be insulted, and he especially doesn’t like it, if he is being talked down to by a lousy round-ear.

Is your character literate? In what languages?
Adriel knows Elven, and Human.




A necklace

Typically, Adriel will wear cloth or leather armor. It depends largely on circumstance.

Oftentimes, when doing assassinations Adriel will dawn a cape which can conceal the user. A Quiver for arrows can usually be found here.

No armor

Right Hand
This would be armored on the back of the hand, down to the elbow

Left Hand
This would be armored on the back of the hand, down to the elbow.

Right Accessory
A bracelet made of an unusual stone, there are 36 links, and bound with three pieces of spider silk.

Left Accessory
A bracelet made of an unusual stone, there are 36 links, and bound with three pieces of spider silk.

A belt which has a single utility pouch. The contents are typically maps, or a journal. Poisons, and antidotes, as well as basic medical supplies.

Boots meant for combat as opposed to riding. They are light, while armored from an Armabeast. If Adriel is carrying any throwing weapons they would be worn on the legs.

Same as above, the boots take up two slots.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]


Hand-to-Hand Combat:

Excellent, Adriel has training as a monk. His techniques at close quarter combat are almost unrivaled! When used in conjunction with his magic, his close quarter combat abilities are especially fearsome. His best hand to hand weapons though, are the two stone bracelets. They are always overlooked, and Adriel always wonders why.

Melee Combat:
Good- His talents with his twin swords are not as fearsome as with his hands. Adriel uses these weapons as quick, easy, ways to dispatch of foes. These weapons can be enhanced with magic, or poison, and their reach is superb.

Ranged Combat:
Good. He’s an elf. This is to be expected. Normally, he coats his arrows in a fast acting poison. Even a scratch is capable of taking out fearsome beasts. However, the poison is almost a necessity; as he’s not as good with a bow as many of his peers. Give it another 200 years and this might change.

Magic Combat:
Above average. Adriel is no wizard. He does have a few damaging abilities, but he’s not going to be battling merlin with a staff and a tome. Leave that to the professionals. Instead Adriel utilizes his magic to enhance his already strong melee and physical abilities.

Mounted Combat:
Doesn’t exist. Not just poor, not just very poor, he literally cannot do this.

Racial AbilitiesImage

Elven grace: He is always landing on his feet, and quick to recover. What is more this grace gives him a surprising advantage in combat. His movements have no wasted motion, and almost any portion of him is a weapon.

Keen sight He can track a target to the end of the world, or just peep on cute elf women from afar. Don’t underestimate his sight.

Natural Talent

Quick learner Adriel as an individual is an incredibly quick learner. He can master things easily, however boredom or anger can creep in when he’s really focused and not making any progress.

4th son of a 4th son Adriel is a 4th son of a 4th son. This makes him incredibly quick on the uptake, a prodigy in some senses. He sees the world a little differently, and this can make him an elitist from time to time. The advantage being a 4th son brings is essentially stronger magical power, and quick learning. A deadly combination for someone with an exaggerated life span.

Class Skills

First and foremost, Adriel will always be a monk. His talents might have shifted as of late, but being a monk is really where his passion lies. There’s just too many rules there. Ya know? As a monk, Adriel was fearsome. He was touted as a brilliant philosopher of martial styles. It has given him a few advantages:

Eastern plains style This devastating style is one of the two styles that Adriel invented. It is a formless fighting style, devoid of wasted movements. This style uses no ki in its inception and could therefore be taught to nearly anyone. There is a simplistic trick to the entire style, but Adriel would be unlikely to teach anyone.
Ki Learner Adriel's mountaintop retreat was meant to teach him focus, oneness, and the ways of ki. He managed two of the three. Ki has always been a mystery to the elf. It's unlike magic. Elusive, and creeping, it only comes when absolutely necessary, and then just like that it's gone. Adriel has only felt the rush and vigor of Ki once in his life. When he did, it acted as a beacon and sent the wrath of heaven down upon him. It was through that, which the founding knowledge of lightning was gained. Now, over a century later, Adriel still attempts to learn ki. He's struggling with it, but maybe over time this will be something he'll come to grasp.

Assassin Skills
Adriel is a talented assassin, and thus his skills have evolved to show this. He has taken his abilities learned as a monk, and utilized them for their ultimate killing potential.
Stillness: This ability is much like oneness with the universe. Careful breathing, precise movement, and no wasted effort will allow Adriel to go unnoticed. Not quite invisibility, but to a frightened opponent it might as well be. Their eyes will go everywhere, but never quite glance the elf.


Lightning manipulation Unlike other spells which come to the users as a single attack or form, this is different for Adriel. Adriel discovered that electrical currents ran throughout his body, and the world as a whole. As such he utilizes these currents for enhancement on his naturally higher speed, to accent his strength, and to unleash the planet’s wrath on his foes. Lightning allows Adriel to cut through armor or weapons effortlessly, blind opponents, or stagger with the electrical effect. To him, there’s no better element.

The most damning component of his magical ability, is his control over it. He has tamed the lightning. While his magic affinity isn't as high as some mages, the control he exhibits over lightning certainly contains some advantages. Lightning can be used to speed up Adriel's perception of the world, his thought, and his movements. As it is a facet of him, it requires almost no incantation. For Adriel's quick, aggressive, and oftentimes stealthy combat style, his mastery over this element has made it a worthwhile advantage.



Adriel carries some small weapons, or shiny rocks. But for the most part he doesn’t really have much he carries with him. Potions, or poisons, and maps.

Adriel likes his hair, and his bracelets, but otherwise he isn’t too material and doesn’t keep too many items of personal value.

The two bracelets he carries on his wrists are from his days as a monk. The stones are uneven, all mostly rectangles, and all no more than an two inches wide and the tallest stand at six inches tall. Some stones are smaller squares. A total of 36 of these stones set a wrapping bracelet. The stones look to be river stones, their edges smoothed out by years of standing beneath a waterfall, or just by being worn down over time. The stones are bound with three single braids of Eastern Cave Spider silk. The silk is stronger than the toughest metals, but stretches easily. The stones themselves are hard, unlikely to break if directly assaulted. There’s a reason they’ve lasted as long as they have, through years of monk training, and years of assassinations.


Weapon Name: Nameless blades
Weapon Type: They are made of fine quality metals, but are most definitely picked up from the battlefield.
Material: alloy
Length: About as long as an arm from blade to hilt.
Weight: 10 pounds.
Weapon Description/Info:
These are weapons that know no owner, for their owner has long since died. Adriel knows it’s not customary to use a steel sword, but he has no real attachment to these blades. While he could replace these weapons with something elf-made, he really doesn’t want to bother the smiths. These weapons are fine when used in pairs, they make for an aggressive style. When utilized with poisons or lightning, these weapons are capable of a degree of savagery not seen in many weapon styles.

Weapon Name:Adriel’s bow
Weapon Type: Bow
Material: Wyvern Oak
Ammo: Rarely would Adriel use this weapon for combat, but <20 shots.
Length: Belt to head, over 4 feet.
Weight:seemingly weightless. 2.5 pounds.
Weapon Description/Info:
This is a bow Adriel crafted as a boy, and keeps constant affection for. While it could be used in some of his seeder assassinations, the truth is he only uses this to hunt. The weapon is merely a tool used for getting materials, or for taking down beasts.

Weapon Name:Hidden snakes
Weapon Type: Bracelet/ Whip / sword.
Material: dark river stone from the mouth of a sacred river, Eastern Cave Spider Silk.
Ammo: Unlimited. He has two of them, they’ve lasted many years.
Length: At their longest, They are 10 feet in length.
Weight: 4 pounds apiece
Weapon Description/Info:
These are the crux to Adriel’s style. The hidden snakes are a weapon he devised when he needed range with the comfort of a blade. In their normal states they are nothing more than wrapped bracelets. Made of in-ornate stones, they appear lifeless. However utilizing only a small portion of lightning, these weapons become monsters. Unlike a ki technique which requires focus to utilize properly, these weapons have a solid form, and with the aid of magic no harder to use than a regular weapon. The weapon itself has two forms, the first a sword, when the silk is constricted with a current the hidden snakes are swords of fearsome potential. Lightning can also be used to create an edge; the weapons can cut through armor, flesh, and bone equally. These swords are smaller than most, and are quicker than most daggers thanks to their enhancements. However, if their range isn’t enough, Adriel can let slack out on the tethers.

A whip is a deadly weapon. Utilizing lightning the stone’s become individual blades, and the threads that bind the stones become like a hot wire. It easily cuts through anything and can be wielded effortlessly. With the combined formlessness and grace of Eastern Plains Style, these weapons are a marvel. It is thanks to these that Adriel has gone his life with very few lasting conflicts. Hidden Snakes were created primarily, with ki in mind. Adriel has never been able to grasp it, so he improvised. Creating a weapon which would allow him to fight ki users, without needing any himself. The elf wonders how strong his weapons would be with ki at their disposal.

As the twin snakes are primarily a magic weapon, they don't follow the same rules as most other weapons. Their constrictions, and enlargements can happen quicker than most would expect. Lightning moves quickly, and those unaware will get caught in the trap. Their movement can follow a trail of lightning as well, allowing Adriel to release the weapons for an attack, and then immediately snake for defense if the situation has changed. Their movements are not always so telling. The elf can extend the weapons using physical force, and then change their course utilizing magic. This makes the weapons seem almost alive, and for this they were named.


Group Affiliation
None, other than the council of elves.

Marital Status

A father, three older brothers. His mother died in childbirth with him, and one of his brothers had died in a conflict. Lastly, a Niece Leif. Even though she is a halfblood, Adriel would spill blood for family, and tends to overlook the details of her birth.

Adriel was born and raised in the Elven capital. During his time as a monk, Adriel lived in the village of Korrath. It was a village near the river, and one that extended into old trees. Unfortunately, that village was destroyed by human expansion.

Social Rank
Adriel is well respected among his city. Many find him to be an interesting figure, and as he was a monk many believe he can offer sound advice (which he usually does).

Assassin for the elven elders.

Being raised in Solveif is a wonderful experience. The treetop city has much to offer new elves. But this city is not like those of the outside world. Everything here must be earned, everything comes with a price. This price is one that will remain with one permanently as it will be forever emblazed upon the skin of those who buy. Adriel found himself growing up here. The 4th son of a Shaman elder, Adriel had high hopes riding on him. From an early age the elves preach order, and rules. These didn’t quite appeal to the young elf. Rules were seen as utterly trivial if they could be broken so easily. This would start an alarming trend with Adriel, whose father wanted more from him than to go down the path as a loner, an outcast, and someone of shame. Like many fathers, he wanted the best for his son.

Around age 10 children learn to ride mounts. Beasts of the wild are called, big cats, are the easiest to learn on. They have quite a temper, but are loyal to those seen as strongest. Unfortunately, Adriel would miss beast riding lessons, as he was too busy reading human books he had stolen from traders passing through the forest. Or he was too busy trying to hunt big game. His entire life at this point, seemed to be putting the cart before the horse. Of course, free spirits are as welcome as they are common in elf society. His father was getting angry by this point. Already, children of the same age group were learning to ride flying beasts. They were making their families proud, and learning their way in society.

Not Adriel.

He was already proving himself to be a proud child. A handful for any newly single father. His personality could best be described as headstrong, a rule breaker, or obstinate. When told not to do something, he’d deliberately disobey just to prove a point. It was when his father explained that he was falling behind all the other elves (who were now learning the way of sniping at age 11) that Adriel attempted to ride a beast he had tamed. The results were about as good as you’d expect… he was horrible! A boy 2 yars his junior, any boy in the village, could hop on a beast and make it go! But not him. To add insult to injuries his skills with a bow were lack luster. Now was about the time for drastic measures.

By age 16 most boys in the tribe are assigned tasks for what to do with their future. Many become military operatives, some scholars, or some begin their path on becoming a village elder. Adriel had fallen hopelessly behind. His love for human books, human culture, and human magic had led him to become socially inept. He spent long days in his room reading, and fewer outside, learning the tribal ways. His father had one option left to him. An old friend in the river village of Korrath ran a school for monks. Korrath was a perfect choice for his son. It was near the Eastern Plains, and there were humans nearby which Adriel would probably like. After all his interests certainly seemed to head in that direction.

Without much warning, Adriel’s father took his son to the small river village. Here monks trained by the foot of mountains, ran on their foothills, and near the river. There was no question why Adriel was going. He’d need a stern hand now to guide him on a proper path. The hand of gentle guidance had failed him.

Solveif held everything Adriel had come to love. It held views of lush trees, and some village friends. Yet upon arrival at the monk temple, Adriel would be handed nearly nothing. Unlike the city where only status and title had to be earned, even ones own survival was wrought through trial and error. The boy would start with nothing more than a loin cloth. Monk training was tough. It left bruises on skin from savage beatings, and it trained the mind through impossible tasks. Monks in this school learned their own form of martial arts. It was a form that catered to the user. When they found oneness, they would find their answer.

Five years would pass, and the boy was finally getting things done correctly. Training was becoming normal, his hair had been shaved off as a sign of respect for the world, and now he even had clothes. Sure, elves his age miles away were now becoming adults, but in the grandness of the world that no longer mattered. Adriel had quickly climbed the ranks of monk-hood. The guidance of a firm hand had suited him well, and the open expanse of the river valley had proved a beautiful and unbelievably great place to grow.

His trainings would take him far from the village for days at a time. He would do every action from morning to night, 100 times in 100 different ways. When this got to become too easy, he’d make it 1000. His training had shown him that martial arts were nothing more than the action with a purpose. Anything from raising a cup of water to one’s face, to pitching a tent could be martial arts. Martial arts were in anything the boy could do. This was the secret to his first art. Eastern Plain Style. By the time the boy was forty, the art had been perfected. A single move could be done 10,000 times in a span unbelievably quick. There were infinite variations to each move, thus making a perfectly fluid style with no real form.


However, the growing elf still wanted to learn more. He had long forgotten of his home, and the rigorous training of being a monk consumed him. His desire to understand Ki, and learn its secrets was now his desire. So again, he moved locations. This time to the peak of the tallest mountain around. Adriel hated the cold. It filled his bones, and his lungs, but the allure of ki consumed him.

Day in and day out, Adriel would sit upon a single spot. Deep in meditation he’d wait until oneness struck him. Only it never would. Instead the heavens themselves managed to be first. One day, while perched upon the peak a lightning bolt struck the elf. He could feel its power. It was a surge of unspeakable wisdom. From one bolt, he could feel the heat of the sun, and the strength of the planet itself. His meditation would take on a new form, learning to channel this power as his own. No longer did the idea of Ki mean anything to the elf, now Adriel found a stronger presence; magic.

His training would take him nearly forty more years. In this time the element of lightning would become bent to his will. Ki training, still eluded him. It took a certain center, a certain peace the man did not have. After nearly twenty one years, the male climbed down from his high peak, to speak to the masters of his academy. He wanted to show them what he had learned upon the mountain, and to ask for guidance with ki. What he found would change him forever.

No longer were the tall oaks standing, nor was his school, or the river for that matter. The river had been dammed, the oaks cut down, and now all that stood was a smoldering wasteland. Perched upon this wasteland were banners. A mercenary company had came and went, leaving only death and stripping the resources of these once fertile lands. His rage was commendable. Everything he had felt for so long, the stillness of the world, the oneness with nature, his essence being part of the planet vanished. And in that instant it was all replaced with the fury of the storm. The same energy which had struck him all those years ago now became a weapon against those who had wronged him.

Even now Adriel remembers it vividly. He tracked the steps of the company, their horses hooves and their heavy armored boots made the supple earth give way. They were easy to find, nearly forty miles away from the once proud village. On a battlefield of an open plains Adriel approached the band. How silly he must have looked! An elf wearing haggard, dirty clothing, approaching the band of shining knights. Adriel would have no quarter, nor questions. His rage and his movements were swift. The company, including the beasts which took them into the woods, melted before Adriel. Their weapons and armor of steel would become their tombstones scattered along the plains. His honor told him not to commit such atrocities. This was not the will of nature! This had simply been his anger. Knowing this, Adriel realized he had left the path of monkhood where he had left the melted steel of soldiers. It was no longer right to call himself a monk. With shame, Adriel hung his head and traveled for the city of his birth Solveif.

Adriel returned to an astonished tribe. How had he survived? Years before the village had perished, and now a member returns, impossible! Through the help of his father, Adriel began to train in what it meant to be an elf. This would take another 20 years, as many were things he should have learned as a child. At the end of the day, his bow was still inaccurate compared to most elves. His riding was subpar, but his soul was intact. He had found his roots in his own culture. At nearly 100 years of age, his father had deemed him worthy to be an agent for the council. His soul no longer felt the same rage as it did years earlier. Since he had found a new form of stillness, Adriel’s father had recommended him this task as it might give Adriel clarity for what to do in the future.

Agents undergo a new form of training. It is the complete polar of being a monk. Agents are taught to lie, they’re taught to be stealthy, and they’re taught to use their wits. Surprisingly, it was a good fit for the male. His cunning had gotten him weapons and tactics which others might completely overlook. He was a natural at being an assassin. The grace of a monk with years devoted to styles, and the skills of an expert fighter went hand in hand. Within only a decade, Adriel had become an assassin, something that normally takes fifty to do.

As an assassin Adriel had dedicated his life to his people. Elves do not trifle with death. They believe in the natural order of things. Yet, their assassins act as cogs in the machine for this task. Some people need to die. Based on his background Adriel would be tasked with killing expansionists. This was mostly human. But, some daemon as well. An expansionist was anyone with the idea of moving to a territory which would cause problems for the elves, either now or in the future. As many races had exceedingly short lives, they did not understand the consequences for their actions. Adriel was to ensure they would never have the chance to chance history in their race’s favor.

It has been over a century since that point. Adriel has become a myth among man. He too has changed. His demeanor reflective of his current life. He finds oneness in every mission, every challenge, and every kill. The stillness of life has become a mechanism to getting that much closer with true understanding. While Adriel does not do what he does out of anger, he commits his actions for purpose. His life is ever set on the next sun, and trying to see what adventure will bring.

So begins...

Adriel's Story