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Aradrin Soreyn

"Tend the lights, I'm coming home."

0 · 471 views · located in Dorelith

a character in “Heretics: Chronicles of Baekoth”, as played by iCakez


Aradrin Soreyn


"The fire rises."




Used to have smooth skin and handsome, smooth features. His life has changed that though, and now a more grim expression has taken it's place on his face. Despite that, you will often see him smile and laugh, a thing that is welcome to his appearance. Numerous scars cover his arms and upper body, from countless battles. Aradrin's lean body makes him perfectly suited for the way he fights. He's agile and fast, something you can easily see when you look at him. His attire usually consists of lightweight leather boots, loose pants of a darker material, a broad red sash around his waist where he's tied his belts around that carry his weapons. His upper body is covered in and protected by a brigandine vest; a leather vest with oblong iron plates sewn into it. Under the armor he wears a black loose shirt on which the sleeves are tied in at the wrists, to avoid them impairing his movements when fighting. His hands are covered in leather gloves with small iron plates attached to them. The most remarkable thing about Aradrin is the faintly glowing pattern that runs up his sword arm, from wrist to shoulderblade. Sometimes it glows more than others, but it is remarkable.



Hair: Dark and thick. Shoulder length. It's usually loose and hangs about his face, offering concealment when he wishes it so. On rare occasions, it's tied up behind his head.
Facial Hair:Stubble covers his chin, cheeks and jaw. Same color as his hair.
Eyes: Green. Upon closer inspection though, you'll find that there are flecks of gold in them... Though there haven't always been.
Skin Tone:A little dark/tan from countless hours in the sun.
Height: 185cm
Weight:92 kg
Body Markings: The sigil of his House is tattooed on his chest, above his heart.
Scar Tissue:Many scars from various blades and torture devices cover his body. Most are on his chest and back.
Unique Body Features: Glowing pattern running up his right arm from wrist to shoulderblade, as if there was a fire in his veins.

Aradrin Soreyn


Regent of Qahedrín, Lord of Eres Adrin


Visual Age
Mid/late twenties

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking






Funny. Cocky. A little too cocky sometimes. Aradrin seems to take most things lightheartedly and is good at defusing the tension in most every situation. His quick wits serve him well and have for the most of his life. The way he thinks and the way he makes decisions based on instinct and gut feeling sometimes gets him in trouble, but so far he's been able to slither out of those tight situations. If a problem arises, he makes a decision and follows through and doesn't think about it until after it's done or the problem is solved. That is definitely both good and bad.

Make no mistake though; underneath his cocky and lighthearted exterior, there's a very serious side to him. The main thing that drives him is vengeance. Vengeance for what was done to his family and all that was taken from him. Aradrin wants back what is his, and wants to see that happen by any means necessary. He learned to die a long time ago and that took away his fear of the same. Off the top of his head, he wouldn't be able to come with a single thing he's afraid of. He has nothing to lose and does not fear death. The perfect soldier, some would say.

Hate. He hates what has happened to the country and all he knew since the Messiah Queen came to power. Yet, had she never come and overthrown the King and Queen and invaded his homeland, he would not be who he was today. Aradrin is a man that has been pushed to the brink, his mind strained almost to the point of insanity... and then brought back.
In his mind there is a clear line between what is right and what is wrong though. He wouldn't harm someone innocent as there is enough of that going on under the Messiah Queen. His pride can sometimes cloud his mind and make him commit rash actions and take rash decisions. Some people think him a fool because of these traits, but there is no denying that he possesses an intelligence you wouldn't expect. His intelligence does not lie in politics and the game of nobles, though he is one, but rather in battle tactics, strategy and warfare. Aradrin has simply come to the conclusion that it is easier to eliminate the many different choices you could make in most every situation and cut to the bone instead (so to speak), to minimize the time he has to consider and think. He simply can't be bothered. It's a defense mechanism, but you will never make the man admit it.

Although he has forced himself to think simply and make decisions quickly, he is not without consideration, compassion and love for other people. In fact, there's a great capacity for that within him. He was raised like that by his Lord father and Lady mother. Had he been a mercenary willing to fight for either side, he could cause severe damage if put in charge of an army. Fortunately, he has a heart and knows right from wrong. Aradrin knows which side he is fighting for, but you can't contain a man like this. Give up trying to control him. You only need to unleash him.

Flexes his fingers before drawing his sword.
When he travels to a new place and makes camp, he picks up a handful of dirt and sniffs it.

Moral Alignment
Lawful/Chaotic Good


"Courage in War, Compassion in Peace."

Vengeance, mainly. The restoration of his family and his rightful title and land. Aradrin wants the Messiah Queen dead and after that he wants to assume his seat as Regent of Qahedrín and Lord of Eres Adrin. Ari wants war.

Ultimately, deep down inside his heart he has one fear. To fail. To fail so that the Messiah Queen's rule goes unchecked and unchallenged and his family slips slowly into oblivion.

To overthrow the Messiah Queen and all who served her.

The Sun and warm days.
There is nothing more inspiring than looking out over a battlefield and seeing all the banners raised and assembled.

The Messiah Queen and her followers.
Being bored. Aradrin hates being bored.

His abilities with a sword and his agility.
The way he can talk himself out a lot of situations he can't solve with a weapon.

Aradrin cannot stand being bored and that is a weakness.
His temper and the way he tends to make rash decisions.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]


Hand-to-Hand Combat: Good. Where Aradrin is from, soldiers are taught how to fight in hand-to-hand combat so that if they lose their weapon on the battlefield, it won't turn into a brawl. He is very effective and aims to pacify his opponent very quickly, be it breaking an arm or dislocating a shoulder. The goal is to incapacitate your enemy and render them unable to continously pose a threat to you.

Melee Combat: Excellent. This is where he really shines. The man is deadly with a sword in his hand. A sword, mind you. Give him an axe or a hammer and he'll look at you like you've lost your mind.

Ranged Combat: Below average. It's all about patience and breathing. Aradrin has no time for that. He can't relax and control his breathing at the same time. At least when he's fighting someone with a sword he can find a rhythm.

Magic Combat: Very poor. Although there is little magic in him, he does not know it and has never seen any evidence of it.

Mounted Combat: Average. He can fight from horseback and is a good rider. Still, it just doesn't feel right. He would much rather be planted on the ground with his enemy at eye level.

Natural Talent
Warfare. Battle tactics, strategy. It all made sense for him even from a young age. His mind wasn't made for numbers and reading and all that, it was made for looking at a battle map and figure out a plan.



Weapon Name:

Weapon Type:
Curved longsword.

Blackrock iron. An ore found very, very deep within the earth. Rare and very valuable.


4 pounds.

Weapon Description/Info:
Extremely valuable material, blackrock iron. Only few weapons were ever made of this, as few people know how to work it.
The blade is black and seems to catch the moonlight, giving off a silvery shimmer at night.

Weapon Type:

Folded steel.

45 cm

Weapon Description/Info:
Fine dagger, though nothing special. Can be bought at any decent smith, though it's expensive on a commoner's wage.


Group Affiliation
Rebels/Free Army

Marital Status

Durias Soreyn - Father - Deceased (Executed)
Mina Soreyn - Mother - Deceased (Executed)
Idris Soreyn - Sister - Unknown
Milia Soreyn - Sister - Unknown

The Region of Qahedrín. City of Eres Adrin.

Social Rank


North of Nydoecia, sitting on the river lies a city called Eres Adrin. The region this city controls - or controlled rather - is called Qahedrín. It is not the largest region in Dorelith, but neither is it the smallest. They enjoy many hot days and the favor of the sun. The country is bountiful and green, caused by the river that runs directly through Eres Adrin. It relies on the harvests, it's markets and trade with the city of Hammerfall where the Iron Lords ruled.
That is some time ago now.

Of course, only the people living in Eres Adrin know how it truly is there and whether or not the city is still a colorful, vibrant place or if all color has been burned away by the Messiah Queen and her loyal dogs. This city was the jewel of the region. Life and joy was in abundance.


Eres Adrin also thrived well on nobles that came from Citha to Nydoecia. They even had a royal visit once or twice, before the Messiah Queen came. Ari can still remember, despite the many years having passed. It didn't matter much now the royal family was dead, but Aradrin could remember speaking to the Princess. Something he will never forget. Many times these travelling nobles would stay in Eres Adrin for a while before moving on, just to get a taste of what merriments and other experiences awaited them in the much larger city. Another source of income was the river of course. Those who had founded the city had been wise enough to build it on either side of the river, so that everyone most pay toll to pass. Here, in this city is where Aradrin of house Soreyn was born.

"I was born before all the world turned to shit."

Though not much older than their daugther, he still remembers when word came to Eres Adrin of the King and Queen's downfall. The city had been in shock and all the colorful banners had been replaced by black ones to mourn the loss of their nation. Aradrin's father was the lord of Eres Adrin and the Regent of Qahedrín; a title he would one day inherit.

Even when he was a boy, he was a troublemaker. Never afraid of anything and always the first to do something rash or foolhardy. Always the first to accept a challenge, but never the one who didn't follow through. It's impossible to say how many times that got him in trouble as a youngling. Sometimes he and his friends would sneak out of the palace and into the streets. House Soreyn ruled Qahedrín and were loved by most, but Lord Soreyn had often warned his son that the streets were a dangerous place. Still, the boy would disobey his father, as young boys do. Never were they harmed though and every time they came back to the palace and tried to sneak in, but were discovered. In the end, no one would yell at them. They had accepted that Ari and his friends would always try to sneak out. That was how they were. Boys.

"There is but one true God and one true Queen. Our Messiah has assumed her rightful seat on the throne and will guide us into the light. I urge you to strike your banners and be reborn in her fire."

The message was short and had been written on a piece of parchment with a seemingly shaky hand. The memory of his father standing by the window as he had read the last message seared itself into his brain. Aradrin's father had called his legions in preparation of what was to come. He had even sent word to the allies he had hoped would help, urging them to assemble their troops and march on Citha. Their combined forces would meet south of the capital and besiege the city to overthrow the Messiah Queen.
It was astonishing to witness how fast her spies had infiltrated everything. Her religion spread like a disease.
Ari stood and waited for his father to speak. The seconds that passed by felt like ages before the older man finally opened his mouth.

House Soreyn would not strike their banners. "...Courage in War." And this was war, his father had said. They heard of what the Messiah Queen did to people and knew it was coming to Eres Adrin. They heard about the battles and the torture and the misery, and waited until one day....

"FATHER!" It almost felt like his lungs were being ripped up from the inside, so much did he scream. The false queen had marched her rabble of an army to lay siege to Eres Adrin. The city itself could withstand a siege for a very long time because it was very difficult to block its supply lines. After a month of this siege, the enemy had succeeded in drawing out Lord Soreyn, despite having resources and provisions. Despite his family and generals urging him to stay within the walls. Durias Soreyn was never a patient man and he had felt that his honor was being tested. The Messiah Queen had come forth under a banner of truce, expressing that she wished to discuss terms. The lying bitch had dishonored that truce and captured Ari's father and burned him alive.

It is a memory he only rarely thinks about. Not because he has forgotten, but because it is a painful one. Aradrin remembers every second of it, and every second of what followed. He had been given two days to surrender the city after his father's burnt corpse had been dumped on the city gates. Aradrin had refused despite his rage. On the second day they attacked. The Queen's rabble swarmed them and brought forth their siege ladders, ropes, siege towers, battering rams.
They were succesful.

"...Excuse me, [i]Lord Soreyn I suppose I should call you."

"Free me so I can gut you!" Ari hissed. There was nothing he could do though. The battle had been long and hard and he had sustained several injuries. The ropes that bound him only weakened him as he struggled.

"Accept the one true God and we'll let your family live. This can all be over whenever you want it to, just say it. We can't allow people like you to be in a position of power now, can we?" He grabbed Ari's chin and held his face close to his own, a sick, deranged look in his eyes. "Say it!"[/i]

Aradrin refused. Because of that, his mother's life was lost. His two sisters were taken away and so was Ari.

Deep in the bowels of the royal palace in Citha he was kept. Aradrin never knew they had a dungeon down there, but it was so far below the earth and darker than you could imagine. That alone was enough to drive a man insane. The inquisitors were the worst. They called themselves the most faithful and most loyal servants of the one true God and the Messiah Queen. Aradrin called them the worst, most deranged psychopaths in the known world. It wasn't just one man who tortured him. Apparently Ari had comitted such a crime that it took the collected minds of the worst psychopaths to plan the best(worst) torture for him.
Their main device was fire.

"YOU PSYCHOTIC SON OF A WHORE!" Aradrin shouted as he hung naked, tied to a large wooden X. But it went on. They had used dull knives, branding, thumbscrews, whipping, beating and much more to try and break him and he nearly was. The only thing that kept Ari going was the thought of his sisters and of vengeance. In the end, it was only the vengeance.
They turned to their magic. They made the fire enter his skin and made it feel like he was burning from the inside. They said that the one true God had to seep into his very body and soul and to become a part of him. It continued for several days.


He didn't know how long he had been there for, but he knew that he wanted to get out. Even if he couldn't recognize the world, he wanted to get out. The torturers had wrapped a bladed chain around his sword arm and slowly tightened it so it dug into his flesh. Then they had used their fiery magic to burn the same arm, causing the iron in the chain to become hot. Never had he known such pain.
In the midst of all this - Ari's screams and their deranged laughter - he somehow found the strength to yank the chain free of the hands of the person who held it on the other end. The one who had pulled on it to tighten it around arm. As he did so, he could feel the blades dig in and bite into the bone of his arm. Aradrin didn't know where this sudden power came from. He should be weak. He should be tired. He should be dead! Somehow he found the strength to swing the chain and wrap it around the neck of one of them, slicing it open and doing the same to another. When he tried to attack the third man though, the one who had used his magic to torture him, something happened. He caught the chain in a mailed hand and pulled. It tightened around his arm again and started to glow.
It was as if there was a fiery magic seeping from the inquisitor's fingers, through the chain and into his arm. The pain was unbearable. To his shock and awe, it seemed as if the magic crept up his arm through his veins. Aradrin was truly afraid. His veins were glowing as if they were on fire and it continued to creep towards his neck.

Just before it did, he yanked the chain as hard as he could breaking it. He was free, but now the chain was embedded in the flesh of his arm, and his entire right side was searing in pain. That didn't stop Aradrin Soreyn from running though.


By sheer miracle did he manage to escape. The city of Citha was a grim place and Ari's feet carried him as fast they could through it's dark, dismal streets. He had been reborn. By fire even, but not into a follower or a weapon of the Messiah Queen. He had been reforged into something else. The only thing Aradrin wanted from that day forward was vengeance. Nothing would please him more if he could take the Queen's own head himself.
After his escape from Citha, he fled to the wilderness. He recovered on his own, but it took a very, very long time. Slowly, the old Aradrin Soreyn returned, but the vengeful, bloodthirsty creature that had been formed was still there.
He has come to the conclusion that the only way he will free the land of the Messiah Queen is with an army. That is why he has followed the rumors that have recently risen about one of the the D'ivore princesses being alive. If that was true he would find her. He might not lead an army himself, though he was a good candidate for the job, but he would get to fight in one.

He would get to fight and kill his enemies.

He would get his vengeance.

He would regain his Lordship and take his seat in Eres Adrin, restoring his family's name.


So begins...

Aradrin Soreyn's Story