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Ked Silgen

"I will not back down."

0 · 554 views · located in Dorelith

a character in “Heretics: Chronicles of Baekoth”, as played by Lyx


Theme Song

Ked Silgen
"A cage, no matter how fine, is still a cage, and it is any animal's natural instinct to break free."


Tall and wiry, Ked is six feet in height and weighs 135 pounds. In addition to his hair having a natural curl, Ked usually doesn't have the time or materials to neaten the dark brown mop on his head. His eyes are a stony shade of grey and are the one part of face he hasn't fully mastered control over. Because of the scars from various whippings on his back and the brand of his former master on his chest it is easy to tell that he was a slave if he goes shirtless. Various other scars litter his body as well, each marking a time where he made a painful mistake in a fight.

As he is a slave with little access to fancy clothing, his outfits tend to be more utilitarian than otherwise, which is how he prefers it. He looks for comfort rather than appearance in clothing, and because of this he typically wears a loose shirt and pants. He often wears a red scarf to cover up a scar that rings his neck. More often than not he does not have the opportunity to bathe, so he is usually dirty. As far as footwear goes he goes barefoot or wears uncomfortable but sturdy boots.

As is his habit, for the most part Ked keeps his face expressionless. When you could be whipped for looking at your master with a grin or grimacing from pain could incite an opponent you learn quickly to keep a mask. Sometimes emotion will bleed through, especially with his eyes. They will narrow when he is angry or thinking, widen with surprise and happiness, and flick all over the place, assessing the area, when he is anxious or worried. Because some of his expressions overlap in what emotion they mean it can be hard to decode which one exactly he is feeling. When he is comfortable, which still isn't too often, he tries to remember that he is allowed to loosen up and not worry about offending someone with his expressions. That is when he smiles and even laughs.

Hair: Dark brown
Facial Hair: None, he doesn't seem to be able to grow any
Eyes: Grey
Build: Muscular without being beefy. It is apparent that he hasn't had as much to eat as he should for most of his life.
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
Height: Six feet
Weight: 135 pounds
Voice: His voice is a tenor. Usually his voice is a little gravelly, this is the result of getting his throat squeezed one too many times.
Handed: Ambidextrous
Body Markings: He has the brand of his former master on his chest
Scar Tissue: He has plenty of scars all over his body, the most notable being a bite mark on on his abdomen and a scar running from the base of his right hand to his elbow.
Unique Body Features: He is missing the little finger on his right hand.

Name: Ked Silgen

Nickname: He has a wide range of... colorful nicknames. Yet if someone were to give him a friendly nickname he wouldn't mind. He might even like it, although he wouldn't admit it.

Title: No one gives a title to a slave, even a freed one.

Race: Human.

Visual Age: Mid twenties

Factual Age: Around 25.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Mage Ranking: Kell

Class: Slave



"We all have different faces we present to the public, but it is what is inside that is most important."

One word that definitely describes Ked is serious. He doesn't joke often and even more often doesn't understand jokes when others make them. At least he is better with understanding sarcasm, which he will employ himself from time to time. In his defense he has had to be serious for most of his life. He is a slave, not a court jester, and every little step out of line could result in a whipping. Going along with his seriousness, he is also thoughtful and a quick thinker. He constantly analyzes his surroundings, keeping himself aware of potential threats. If he sees something that he classifies as a threat he immediately thinks about how to negate its harmfulness.

Ked is an odd mixture between a team player and a soloist. He is all for including other people in a project and will work with them and discuss plans with them, but once the project is actually started he focuses on his task and his task alone. Used to fending for himself and protecting himself from others, he takes time to get to know people, but more often with the intention of learning how to protect himself from them than out of actual care or interest. Lately he has been making an effort talk to people just for the sake of knowing them as a person instead of a potential threat, but old habits die hard. It is fairly easy to earn his respect, but hard to earn his trust.

Because of this one might think that Ked is awkward at social skills. This would not be accurate. As one of his master's more favored slaves, he had more opportunities than others. His master would put him on display at first because of his odd, almost-human looks and later because of his success in the arena. This involved talking and being polite to nobles. His master actually taught him how to read and write so he could read books and keep records. He quite knowledgeable for a former slave and has something to say in most situations. In a social situation he is usually polite, adjusting his actions in the conversation so if the other person wants to talk more he will let them and vice versa.

- Even though he is ashamed of it, killing gives him a visceral glee
- He has a photographic memory
- He talks in his sleep quite often

Moral Alignment
Neutral/Chaotic Neutral

"I may be a man, but when I fight, I am an animal. Like any other beast I fight to survive."

Saving his skin in the countless fights he has to do.

- Dying before he can actually do something worthwhile in the rebellion
- Growing attached to someone and losing them
- Bees

His hopes to win his freedom (a farfetched dream) or escape (not, quite so farfetched, but still pretty unlikely). He also hopes to free his adoptive mother as well.

- Reading
- Rain
- Sausages
- Rough surfaces
- Bird song

- Beverages that are not water
- Tattle tales
- Being treated like he is worse than other people because he was a slave
- Slavers and slave owners
- People who hurt people just to hurt people

- Observant: After living a life as a slave where you have to adjust your actions to your master's moods and battling in the arena where one mistake could mean at least an injury, Ked has had to be observant.

- Pattern Recognition: Ked is good at recognizing patterns in people's behaviors, whether in social situations or battle, a skill that has helped him dodge some nasty situations.

- Diplomatic: Having often served as a liaison between his master and other slaves or set to the task of entertaining guests, Ked is a careful speaker. To him, a conversation is another battle, the other speaker, an opponent. Whether the goal is to win an argument or simply please and entertain, he assesses the situation and uses his arsenal of knowledge to win the argument or provide whatever service he can.

- Easily distracted: His seriousness may make him seem like a focused person, but in truth he is not. As he processes and files away data that he picks up from his surroundings he sometimes focuses too much on the details rather than the overall task at hand, especially when there is a lot going on. This mainly affects him in non-life threatening situations, as he is much more focused when his life is at stake.

- Has a hard time thinking of others: He is self centered in that when it comes down to the wire he will put his own skin before that of others. It's not that he doesn't care about other people. He simply doesn't see the point of focusing on saving someone else when they are focused on saving their own hide anyways. If they're capable of saving themselves, they'll live or avoid trouble, but if not, they had it coming. The one group of people that he actually thinks about protecting before himself is children. In his mind they don't have the tools necessary yet to save themselves for the most part, so it is his job to protect them and teach them until they do.

Is your character literate? In what languages?
Ked can speak, read, and write Common. He also knows a few words, mostly insults, in orcish and elvish.


"I'm a slave. Do you expect people to give their property property?"

None, save his hair

Some of his adoptive mother's cast off teeth on a string

None, other than his clothes



Right Hand

Left Hand

Right Accessory

Left Accessory

A leather belt


Shoes a bit too large for him or barefoot


"You don't survive the arena by by running away. And maybe if you run away from other things you can survive, but you surely can't live."

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Excellent || Before he was sent to the arena for the first time Ked received combat training, which included hand to hand combat. He knows how to throw a punch or land a kick, and more importantly, he knows where to do it for maximum damage.

Melee Combat: Good || Ked's combat training included weaponry training. As he was forced to switch weapons between fights often he is experienced with a wide range of weapons.

Ranged Combat: Below Average || Ked has rarely used a bow. While he knows how to do it in theory and could try without injuring himself and his allies, he doesn't really know too much about bows. However, he is experienced with a throwing ax and can throw one quite accurately over a fair distance.

Magic Combat: ??? || He is a Kell, but his magic is not one that can be directly applied to combat.

Mounted Combat: Very Poor || You think a slave would be allowed to ride a mount? When they could use that ability to to try to run away? That's not how this works. Ked may be good with animals, but he has little experience with riding them.

Racial Abilities
Adaptability: Excellent || Ked can take what's thrown at him (literally as well as metaphorically), assess it, and determine how he can use it. He has had to switch tactics and weapons from battle to battle. You don't fight a tiger the same way you fight a man, for example.

Ambition: Average || Honestly Ked's main ambition is to get free. Other than that he doesn't have much of one at the moment, although that could change.

Natural Talent
- Endurance: Excellent || Ked can take several hits and keep on going. He also can run long distances.

- Strength: Good || Ked is stronger than the average guy from his tough life as a slave.

- Speed: Above Average || Ked definitely isn't slow, but he isn't fast either. He can put on bursts of speed, but most of his strength lies in endurance.

Class Skills
- Handling Animals: Excellent || Taught to handle animals from an early age, Ked knows how to care for them and manage them.

- Cooking: Above Average || Another thing Ked was tasked with was helping out in the kitchens. He was usually given fairly simple assignments, so he can't make anything too fancy, but he knows how to make basic food that tastes good.

- Manual Labor: Excellent || While Ked certainly did less of this than some of the other slaves, that doesn't mean he was excluded from it. His master would hire him out to a variety of tasks.

- Telepathy: Excellent || Ked has magic in the form of telepathy. He can read what other people are thinking and feeling and can send people what he is thinking and feeling. He can look at people's memories as well, but that requires more effort on his half, especially if they don't want him to see the memory. In order for him to touch the minds of others he has to be touching them, which is good or bad, depending on the situation. If multiple people touch him at once he can link their minds together as well.



Ked carries a back pack with useful supplies, including:
- Food, usually dried meat and fruit
- A canteen
- A blanket
- An extra set of clothes
- Antiseptic ointment
- Flint, steel, and tinder
- A knife

Ked carries his adoptive mother's old teeth with him on a loop of twine.


Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Throwing Ax
Material: Oak wood and steel
Length: One and a quarter feet
Weight: Three pounds
Weapon Description/Info: An ax ax designed for being thrown. In close calls it can be used as a melee weapon, but its small size makes it a last ditch effort. It is small enough that he can wear it on his belt.

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Bardiche
Material: Oak wood and steel
Length: Three and a half feet
Weight: Six pounds
Weapon Description/Info: This is Ked's weapon of choice.

Note: Due to having to switch weapons sometimes according to the conditions of the fight, Ked has used many other kinds of weapons as well.


Group Affiliation
A slave of a daemon Noble

Marital Status

He probably has some blood relatives alive somewhere, but he was taken from them too early to remember them. Other than that, there is his adoptive mother, Hisk, who he hopes is alive somewhere.

Originally, some little known land overseas. He was brought up in Taomar, mostly in the city of Ruhar.

Social Rank

Gladiator Slave

Ked was stolen from his birthland overseas when he was around three years old. He was sold to the daemon Lord Derrani Magodui, who kept and bred beasts for the arena. The boy was put into the care of a daemon slave called Hisk, who took care of the beasts. Some would have deemed Hisk's appearance to be frightening. She was short and gangly with scales on the grey skin of her arms and legs and a few rows of sharp, shark like teeth. A previous owner had cut her tongue out for some misdeed, so she couldn't talk much by way of words. So when the boy responded to her thoughts when she touched him, she was both pleased and troubled. She told him to guard his thoughts from other people and not let them know he could read minds. Ked didn't understand why at the time that he had to keep his telepathy secret, but he felt Hisk's concern and obeyed her.

Hisk requested through signs that Ked was kept under her care and tutelage. She was one of the slaves who knew the most about the care of the dangerous creatures, but she couldn't easily pass on her information to the average person. With Ked, however, she could. Their master agreed to her request and Ked's job of keeping the beasts alive and fierce began. Ked quickly learned how to take care of the animals, partly because of Hisk and partly because when he thought it was safe he would reach out and touch them and read their minds. Derrani had a tutor teach him to read and write so he could read information about the beasts and keep records of them. Ked was also employed to help sell the beasts to the arena officials and provide opinions on which would be the best to use for entertaining matches.

When Ked was beginning his sixteenth year Derrani sold his beasts and Hisk. He wanted to change things up and train gladiators instead. Ked was one of the slaves he selected to train. After two years of training Ked had his first battle in the arena. Soon Ked was battling several times a month, being forced to risk his life for his master's avarice. This is what Ked has been doing for the last seven years. He hasn't died yet, for which he is glad, but he sure doesn't feel like he is living a life, either. He is just surviving. He hopes to either win his freedom or break free. It doesn't seem like he will win freedom anytime soon, so he has begun to think of ways to escape. There is little chance that he will be able to, but he hopes that if he keeps his eyes open something will come up.

So begins...

Ked Silgen's Story