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Leif &Twig

Yes that's right I'm a Ranger. Why are you laughing I'm being serious.

0 · 225 views · located in Dorelith

a character in “Heretics: Chronicles of Baekoth”, as played by Skittle_Overlord


"My father is Falon, Ranger and protector of the realm of Baekoth. And I follow in his footsteps!... You haven't seen him around have you?"


Who the hell is this dirty, smelly, scrawny boy? Leif, daughter of Falon has some very good excuses for being so dirty, namely that she has been traversing the freelands and that is very difficult to survive let alone stay clean on so give her a break ok? I mean on one hand you can brave the coast and get eaten by mermaids, which she tried and believe you me the minute you hear them singing it'll send you running for the hills where there are orcs waiting, which is your second option. So you'll have to forgive her if hygiene hasn't been on the top of her list lately, not that a layer of dirt ever hurt anyone.

If you chisel away that dirt and grass and why are there so many leaves in your clothes you'll find a kid that is on the brink of puberty. Her limbs are growing longer and her baby face is maturing slightly to reveal a less androgynous but still pretty indestguishable from a boy face. She's not a pretty girl by most people's standards, but perhaps cute or average can be used here, certainly not ugly. She's not a conventional feminine beauty with ladylike daintyness and graces, and she's alright with that. 'Pretty' doesn't sound very useful in her opinion. She's a kid still, and it's very clear when you see her.

Leif stands at five feet tall and barely weighs more than a goat. Her clothing is handmade and sturdy, used and made for traveling. While it isn't necessarily fancy her clothing isn't peasant rags either and comes in shades of brown and green. She inherited her pointy ears from her father, and thankfully that isn't all she inherited. Leif moves like an elf, balanced and sure, graceful and quick. Her reflexes and senses are sharp, and her strength surprising for someone her age and size. She is too young to have received full training in how to move like a ranger but is has seemed to come naturally to her. One would mistake her for an elf child if it weren't for her pale skin, inherited from her human mother.

Hair: ratty brown
Facial Hair: none
Eyes: grey
Build: that of a scrawny preteen
Skin Tone: on the pale side
Height: 5'
Weight: 90 lbs
Voice: not high but not deep, obviously young and tends to sound condescending and annoying
Handed: left handed
Body Markings: none
Scar Tissue: calloused knuckles and palms
Unique Body Features: pointed ears and thick eyebrows


"Little shit"
"Get out of the way"
"Shut up"


Daemon, half elf half human

Visual Age

Factual Age

Girl, contrary to popular belief

Sexual Orientation
Doesn't know and doesn't care

Mage Ranking
Noram, the mundane

RANGER in training


For a thirteen year old to traverse the freelands you've got to figure that they must be rather independent and shrewd. Leif is these things and more, she's got practical sensibilities and an attitude geared toward making things happen. She was raised with the ultimate goal for her to become a Ranger, and that way of life is demanding. She must be able to sustain herself and offer aid to others. Which to be honest she hasn't done with any kind of success. The aiding others part at least, she's relatively successful when it comes to sustaining herself. She can obtain food, shelter, and water on her own and efficiently. Her clothes she can mend and sew, poorly, her leatherwork is... not so great maybe and although she can cook edible food it tends to be burned slightly. Her survival skills are passable and improving at the very least. Although Leif is no stranger to failure she keeps trying, and has a relentlessness about her to improve. It's evident Leif desperately wants to be a Ranger like her father before her, some would say this desire is really more of an obsession. You can often hear her going "father said this" or " father would do this", evidence of a girl who holds her father in high esteem.

Falon's training included playing tricks on Leif, sabotaging her, drilling her with riddles and giving her a hard time, all in an effort to keep her on her toes. The result became a quick witted and sassy-mouthed young girl. She'll verbally spar with the best of 'em, and shoot her mouth off in ways that definitly should have gotten her killed by now. Thankfully a combination of living with peaceful halflings and being with no one but her father for a long period of time has prevented those incidents. The girl is more practical than daydreamy. But that doesn't stop her from attempting feats others would scoff at. She's found herself afraid more often than not but is bold enough to keep going. A Ranger has to be courageous you see. Although Leif's mouth can be unpleasant she's also quite funny, and open in a way that one can find friendly. To her all people are equal, and there's something refreshing about that. She enjoys getting a laugh out of people and is good at pinpointing how to do it.

Leif was raised on elven naturalistic philosophy, her father being a full blooded elf himself. She lives with nature as though she were part of it and treats it with respect. She's completely at home among trees and dirt. With animals Leif is rather kind and candid, perhaps a tad more so than with people, this doesn't deter her from hunting though. All animals need to eat you know, herself included, but she doesn't look down on her prey or think them weak. Dying is a part of life and one day she'll do the same. She'll die. But she'll sure as hell make a ruckus before she does, whenever that is, apparently she might end up living longer than a human would.

Leif's morals are rooted deep in the ground, she cares a lot about people of all kinds, and was told from the beginning that no one is all good or all bad, people just do good and bad things. It's a Ranger's duty to try to make sure people do more good, and if they do bad to try to stop them. To always lend a helping hand wherever you can and not be too surprised if that hand turns around and bites you. Everyone's got their reason's, and at the end of the day a person just has to decide for themselves if that reason is good enough. Leif's not too sure if she gets all of that quite yet but she's pretty open and understanding of people none the less. She knows she's got to enjoy the little things in life, take in the beauty of the wild, and have a laugh.

Leif doesn't actually feel comfortable sleeping in a bed. It's the hammock, a tree or the ground nothing else for her.

She talks to Marlock a lot, well he's the only one around usually.

Leif can be blunt, and point out the elephant in the room everyone is tactfully ignoring. She also tends to be a little too honest, from the mouth of babes they say.

Leif has an interesting relationship with money. Rangers don't use money, usually, and if it weren't for her time in Acacia she wouldn't even know what it looked like. She thinks it's hilarious, the money system, and trading in coins for goods is the most ludicrously unwise thing she's ever come across. Why don't you just trade goods for more goods? She hasn't really grasped the concept of money and how important it can be to people and how you need to earn it, and probably won't see any problem with taking a coin purse or two in Dorelith.

Human culture is not something Leif is entirely familiar with. She's also more comfortable speaking elvish than common, as that's what her father raised her on.

Moral Alignment
Neutral good

It is a ranger's duty to protect the innocent and defend all that is good in Baekoth.

Leif's chief motivation is her father, finding him, and continuing training as a Ranger.

All the time. Leif has been afraid since she left Creid. She's terrified she won't find her father. She's terrified she'll die. She's terrified by how big Baekoth is and she's terrified of being lonesome.

For the millionth time, she wants to find Falcon and be a Ranger when she grows up damn it

Climbing to high places
Quail eggs
The smell of leather
Halfling food

The freelands
Open water
Being alone
Being underestimated
Being treated like a kid
Being told to shut up

Leif is a relatively excellent survivalist with a keen mind and persistence towards what she wants. She can survive off the land without the help of society for as long as she lives if she likes. Her archery aim is better than most, which can serve for protection from a ranged perspective. As far as charm goes there's a certain likeability to her, perhaps not to everyone but relatively speaking.

Leif is so very young and that sort of affliction leaves a person inexperienced. Inexperience begets mistakes, of which can range from the insignificant to the serious. Considering that she's on her own these mistakes have much more opportunity to be serious. The fact that she's young also leaves her emotionally immature, and with a lack of people her own age to interact with that emotional development stands little chance of coming out normal. The other side of the young coin is that although she is skillful for her age she's a far cry from a battle hardened Ranger.

Is your character literate? In what languages?
Can speak and write in elvish and common, in that order, and only knows a few stray words in orcish.


A mop of ratty brown hair serves no protection really, but the hood of her cloak is warm at least.

The strings of her tunic and cloak

A leather vest over layers of either a wool or cotton tunic, depending on the weather

A dark green cloak


Right Hand
Occasionally a glove

Left Hand
Occasionally a glove

Right Accessory

Left Accessory
A leather arm guard

Leather belt

Trousers meant for a boy



Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: [Average] - She's scrappy mind you, and has moves that are clearly professional, but you could probably pick her up and throw her across a room. Her training lacked in this area, or rather it never finished.

Melee Combat: [Average] - More specifically her skill lies with swordsmanship, which she practices dutifully.

Ranged Combat: [Good] - Her aim is excellent, it's her lack of speed that would kill her though.

Magic Combat: [Very Poor] - Noram, what can you say?

Mounted Combat: [Below Average] - Mind you she knows how to ride, learned with the elves in Acacia, but she never spent much time there and although she could probably use her bow a tad effectively on a mount she could do little else with her reach.

Racial Abilities
Balance: One could almost compare it to a GOAT. No really, Leif was both born with an elvish grace and learned it from her father. She is sure of movement and quick, that is if she doesn't hesitate.

Bat Ears: Leif was born with very keen hearing, useful for being aware of your surroundings and eavesdropping.

Natural Talent
Climbing: She was raised in the mountains after all. Doesn't matter what it is the surefooted Leif can find a way to climb it.

Weaponry: First came archery, now the sword, even though she has yet to master either she takes to them quickly.

Animal Affinity: She likes them, they like her, what more can be said.

Class Skills
Spying & Disguises: - [Good] In the respects that no one pays kids too much attention. Utilizing this Leif just hears things and retains them. Her cunning is not below trickery or ruses, she can play a dumb kid just fine.

Hunting & Tracking: - [Excellent] One of the first things she began learning. And she recalls going hungry many nights, you don't hunt you don't eat was her father's rule. At least he didn't eat either, and he never let her starve for too many days.

Stealth: - [Excellent] Something her size and elven half helps with no doubt.

Self Sufficient: - [Good] She could do alright for herself.

Independence: - [Good] Leif has done a good deal on her own already.

Escape: - [Good] Can you imagine waking up tied up, or chained and locked? How about locked in a wooden box? Have you ever been thrown in an elvish prison cell and told you can have diner when you get out? I can assure you it's not pleasant.

Swimming: - [Poor] She's never had need to swim and has never been taught. Looking at that big ol sea for the first time was mind blowing.



Sparse sewing kit
Leatherworking tools that are in poor condition
Toothbrush yes those exist
Water Canteen
Carving tools
Other ranger essentials
All stored in a pack.

Upon finding out that Leif had no handkerchief the Mrs. of the household in Creid embroidered her one. No civil person should be without a handkerchief or something like that. Leif keeps it in her pack where it won't get dirty.

Her sword Twig is pretty damn special to her, her first ever sword.



Weapon Type: shortbow
Material: elvish wood
Ammo: about 15 arrows at any given time
Length: 2'
Weight: extremely light
Weapon Description/Info: Leif began learning to shoot this thing when she was seven. It's not fancy but it's a solid bow and it's owner has hunted many a squirrel with it.

Weapon Type: Various knives
Material: it can vary but Leif has at least one of elvish make
Length: her consistent knife's blade is around four inches
Weight: light
Weapon Description/Info: Leif takes blades where she can find them. Right now there's a few orcish blades with her.


Weapon Name: Twig
Weapon Type: Sword
Material: steel
Length: 30"
Weight: as her training sword it's actually made to be heavier than it looks.
Weapon Description/Info: Leif loathed her father calling her sword 'twig', but since he's been gone that's what she's been calling it. They are Leif and Twig, each the extension of the other.


Group Affiliation
Rangers of Baekoth

Marital Status

Falon, son of Kalleif - deceased
Leif's father, having died for the rebel army cause in Dorelith, was not born a ranger like his daughter.

Unnamed Mother - deceased
She was a Ranger, and that's all that Falcon would divulge. Apparently coupling with her was not looked upon kindly by the family, which Leif doesn't understand.

Adriel, son of Kalleif - Living
An uncle, younger brother to Falon. WIP

Kalleif, Elven Elder in the Council - Living
Regardless of Kalleif's reservations towards humans, when Falon arrived in Soveif with a baby in his arms with no clue how to properly take care of it, Kalleif swooped in. There's something special about your children having children that makes you instantly attached and Kalleif was no different.

Aecian mountains

Social Rank

Ranger in theory vagabond in practice

Rarely is it that a ranger is raised to be ranger, Falon sure as hell wasn't, but what else was he to do with his offspring? The man had never intended to become a father, it was a happy accident. Unhappily, his human lover did not survive giving birth. And so he was left alone, to raise her in the only way he knew.

Falon descended the Aecian mountains to go to Acacia, the land he grew up in. There Falon had a father in the council of elders, and two other brothers. They stayed in his home of origin Soveif for eight years, where Leif learned to ride, climb, and the beginnings of what her father had to teach her. They left Soveif and travelled all around Acacia after that, Falon returning to his work as a Ranger, Leif sort of helping and continuing to learn. There relationship was an odd one, he showed her mercy in ways she did not notice. Always pushing her hard but never over the edge, ever watchful of her safety. He'd laugh at her frustration at times, she'd accuse him of trying to kill her and they banter until both were laughing. Leif was extremely attached to her father.

On a trip back to Soveif Falon met with the Elders and told Leif that they were going to leave Acacia. Leif never had a say in where they were going but had no protests to think of at the news. She wanted to see the rest of Baekoth, the rest of everything he had told her so much about. Little did she know that she wouldn't be going very far. At first Creid was beautiful and quaint, and the food was amazing, and her father's friends there were the funniest littliest people she'd ever met. But as soon as she learned that she'd be staying in Creid while her father went to some war in Dorelith Leif pitched a fit. This girl was not usually the fit having sort, but her distress caused her to say some things she didn't mean. Falon tried to explain that Creid was the safest place for her, and that the war was a very serious one, but Leif was unreasonable at that point. He left with them still on bad terms.

For nearly two years Leif waited in Creid, just as her father told her to. Her anger subsided to regret, and with time she was back to herself, continuing to train on her own and gaining some pounds on that fantastic halfling food. The itch to move got to her however, and eventually she decided she'd join her father anyway. She was older now, better, she'd continued to train in the manner he had taught her. Leif wanted to leave straight away after this revelation, only she'd be giving up all that food... so she gave it another week and then went on her way.

Traversing the freelands to make it to Dorelith has been perilous, but worth it. There are times when she's exhausted and feels helpless but she reasons it'd be a whole lot more trouble to go back. She's going to find her father if it's the last thing she does.


Fur: White
Eyes: brown
Build: goat
Height: 2'
Weight: 67 lbs
Body Markings: none
Scar Tissue: near the hooves but nothing major

Marlock, it means headbutt in elvish "Because he likes to headbutt people."




Marlock's headbutt attack can usually knock someone down depending on if he means it aggressively. His climbing skills are impressive, as with most goats. Marlock can also eat grass and make screeching noises at you.

Zoning in on someone's crotch
Sussing people out, he hasn't been wrong yet
Can eat just about anything

None, this goat decided to babysit a kid that doesn't mean he's going to do any hard labor here

Multicolored blanket kept in place with leather straps on around his stomach

Leif made friends with this goat while in Creid, it ended up following her out against her wishes.

So begins...

Leif &Twig's Story