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Roshanna Otam

"Change always comes, and it is always interesting to see how people deal with it."

0 · 231 views · located in Dorelith

a character in “Heretics: Chronicles of Baekoth”, as played by Lyx



Roshanna Otam
"History is written by the nobles of the victors, but it is made by those who fight for them."


Tall and imposing, Roshanna carries herself with a smooth, confident stride. It is hard not to notice her with her red skin, ram-like horns, and spiked tail. She has pointed ears as well. If one looked closely at her yellow eyes they would see that the right one is clouded. She knows she looks different, and people can't just look at something strange and look away. Some people find her frightening, for her otherworldly heritage shows strongly in her appearance. She wears tight fitting leather clothes to cover up the black, tiger-like strips that line her sides and legs and arms.

Hair: Wavy and brown
Facial Hair: None
Eyes: Gold
Build: Slim
Skin Tone: Blood red
Height: Six feet eight inches
Weight: 155 pounds
Voice: Surprisingly smooth. Her voice is deep for a woman's, but is nonetheless melodious.
Handed: Right
Body Markings: Roshanna has black stripes that are on her back and radiate to her sides. She also has smaller stripes on her arms and legs.
Scar Tissue: She has various scars from battles all over her body.
Unique Body Features: Horns, a scaled tail, and her height.

Roshanna Otam

Ro. She prefers people who are close to her call her this, but as not many people are close to her, not many call her this.

The Red Traveler


Visual Age
Mid thirties

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking



With Roshanna what you see is what you get. Blunt and upfront, sometimes honesty truly is a fault for her. Not one for pretty speeches and political maneuvering, Roshanna likes to get to the problem as soon as possible and deal with it. For her, actions speak far louder than simple words. Anyone can say they are noble or valiant, but it is how they back their words up (or not) that really matters. As a person who lives in the moment, she is not one to plan too far ahead. When she has a task she will do the task and not worry about things that don’t affect her in the time being.

Roshanna may seem a harsh person from all of that, but there is another side of her. She says things as she sees them, but is not tactless. Different situations require different truths, and while she isn’t the best at fitting the right truth to the situation, she does try. A bit rough around the edges, she nevertheless is friendly in a hearty sort of way. True to her word, if she says she will do something, she will do it, even if she doesn’t like it. Not one to backstab or plot in the shadows, she does have a sense of honor, even if that renders her simple in the eyes of some people. Used to working in regiments and groups, she is a team player and enjoys camaraderie.

- Whistler: Roshanna picked up whistling as a way to entertain herself on long walks alone when she doesn't have to be quiet.

- Light sleeper: When you live a life on the road you learn to be alert for dangers, even when you are asleep.

- Noise imitation: Roshanna has a habit of imitating animal sounds and the voices of other people. She is fairly good at both, though she is definitely better at imitating animal noises.

Moral Alignment

"In order to survive you have to be wary of the dark in people, but in order to live you have to enjoy their light."

Earning money. It allows her to bring rare goods to her home, explore little known parts of Baekoth, look for leads on the man who abducted her brother, and occasionally buy a slave to free.

- Being abducted into slavery
- The Messiah Queen and her zealotry

Finding her brother, or at least finding out what happened to him.

- Honest people
- Rain
- Tea, especially herbal teas
- Traveling

- Being shunned because of her looks
- Petty people
- Wasting time with words
- Slavery

- Level-headed (for the most part)
- Physically strong
- Good memory, especially for words
- Patient

- Bad liar
- Stands out in a crowd
- Silver. The stupid metal burns. A wound from a silver weapon takes longer to heal as well.
- Rowan wood. Unlike silver this simply stings, but prolonged contact can cause a rash and she would get sick if she ingested it.

Is your character literate? In what languages?
Roshanna can speak and read and write in Common and Elvish. She can also speak Orcish well, though she cannot read or write it.


Occasionally she wears a hood to hide her horns and face when she doesn't want to be recognized

A leather cord with a moonstone pendant

In addition to her clothes and a cloak, Roshanna wears a steel chest plate

Same as chest


Right Hand
Sometimes gloves when she wants to hide her red skin

Left Hand
A bronze ring with an ouroboros design. The eye of the snake is a tiny emrald. She also wears gloves as said before.

Right Accessory

Left Accessory

A belt made out of cords of cave spider silk. In a pinch it can be unraveled and used as a rope.

Pants and steel greaves

Iron toed boots that go up to her knees


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Excellent || It never hurts to know how to fight without a weapon at hand, and hand to hand fighting was one of the first types of fighting that Roshanna learned. A spiked, prehensile tail gives her an edge that not many other people have. A pair of large horns aids her with headbutting people, too.

Melee Combat: Excellent || Her height gives her a long reach and her long life gives her lots of experience. She has used a wide variety of weapons in her time as well, though there are definitely some she favors.

Ranged Combat: Good || Roshanna doesn't know how to use a bow too well, but she is a good shot with a sling. She can hit a target from 450 yards with quite a bit of force. She is a bit less accurate with a moving target, especially at far distances, but centuries of using the sling has taught her how to time her shots. The closer she is to the target the more force is behind the shot, and she can do quite a bit of damage with it. The drawback to this is that the sling is not very effective against armored units as it doesn't have the piercing power of an arrow. Nevertheless, it can still cause a jarring impact. She also uses her sling for hunting.

Magic Combat: Non Existent || Roshanna is a Noram and has no magic.

Mounted Combat: Average || Roshanna tends to make many animals uneasy, so she doesn't have as much experience with mounted combat.

Racial Abilities
Physical Strength: Excellent || Roshanna is a lot stronger than the average human, even though she may not look like it. This aids her with carrying the supplies she needs for her travel and fighting.

Reflexes: Good || One might think that with how tall Roshanna is that she would be slow and lumbering. In reality, she has great coordination of her body and has fast reactions.

Natural Talent
Swimming: Excellent || One of the many jobs Roshanna has taken on during her life is working to protect ships from mermaids. One of the requirements of this was knowing how to swim. This skill has been useful in other ways as well, such as allowing her to dive for fish or search for pearls to sell.

Night Vision: Good || Roshanna can see quite a bit better in low light than the average human.

Fire/Heat resistance: Perfect || As Roshanna has aged she has become more and more resistant to fire and extreme heat. Now fire cannot harm her and she cannot burn. The annoying part is that whatever protects her body does not protect her clothes. Extreme heat doesn't faze her, either.

Class Skills
Deal Making/Negotiating: Above Average || Not one for fancy words, Roshanna likes to cut to the chase of the matter. When negotiating this can either be good or bad, depending on the situation.



Roshana carries a pack with her that contains day to day items like food, water, a knife, and a small pot.

A small wooden figurine of a griffon given to her by a good friend long dead

Her moonstone pendant and her ouroboros ring

Weapon Name: Tethariel
Weapon Type: Claymore
Material: Steel
Length: Five feet ten inches
Weight: Six and a half pounds
Weapon Description/Info: This is Roshanna's melee weapon of choice. That she has named it shows that it has special significance to her. This two handed sword gives Roshanna a long reach and she can still block with it.

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Sling
Material: Cave spider silk
Ammo: Varied. Roshanna's main ammo of choice is ovular lead pellets for these are consistent in size and other factors. She can also fling rocks, preferably river stones, and anything else that will fit into her sling.
Weight: Half a pound
Weapon Description/Info: Roshanna's ranged weapon. It can pack quite a punch, though it is not as effective against an armored unit as a bow would. Made out of cave spider silk, it is quite strong and hasn't broken in the century Roshanna has had it.

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Type: Dagger
Material: Iron
Length: One foot
Weight: One and a half pounds
Weapon Description/Info: Roshanna's last ditch, close range weapon.


Group Affiliation

Marital Status

Maya Otam: Mother, deceased
Ruhanai, Lord of Hellfire: Father (though she doesn't know this), status unknown
Leskin Otam: Adoptive father, status unknown
Ajen Otam: Younger brother, status unknown

Roshanna was born in the mountain settlement of Desuan

Social Rank


Roshanna’s story starts before her birth with her mother, a slave desperate to escape, over three hundred years ago. Maya, Roshanna’s mother, was owned by Navon Tallishen, one of the most powerful mages of the human kingdom of Idris. Navon was a mage of many skills, but first and foremost he considered himself a researcher. He experimented with plants to determine their medicinal purposes, formulated equations about strengths of different materials, summoned devils and demons, and most notably cut living people apart and tried putting them back together with magecraft to see how they worked. Of course, he couldn’t do the last on people, so he performed these experiments on his slaves. The slaves were mostly filthy daemons, so although the anatomical structures were not always the same as humans, they were cheaper.

Maya had escaped being experimented on for years by doing everything in her power to make herself valuable to Navon. Navon had grown accustomed to having her take care of many of the household duties, from mending clothing to going through and sorting his collections of books, preserved body parts, and artifacts. In the process she taught herself to read and write, skills she kept secret from her master while teaching other slaves she knew would be close-mouthed. Unknown to her closest friends and certainly her master, Maya also set herself to the challenge of learning the little-known language of Arcanum.

Then, ironically, Maya turned out to be too smart for her own good. Navon found out that Maya had taught herself how to read and write and decided to cut open her head to see if the brain of a smart daemon was any different from a daemon who hadn’t shown as much intelligence. Sure the operation would kill her, Maya panicked. Navon had managed to cut out the heart of a slave and reattach it and heal her with no greater long lasting damage than chronic fatigue, but this was the brain that he wanted to experiment on. Even if Maya survived, she didn’t want to become mind damaged.

In her fear she turned to the language of Arcanum and the other world that it was a gateway to. While perhaps a mite extravagant, she planned to call a fiend to aid her. She knew it would be difficult to escape one of the strongest mages in Idris, especially with more people than herself, since she wanted to spare others similar fates as well. Thus she summoned Ruhanai, Lord of Hellfire, a minor devil. The summoned demon was irritated that a mortal called him so soon after he had risen to the rank of lord, for he wanted time to revel in his accomplishments. But when he heard Maya’s desperate plea he started making plans on how he could turn the situation in his favor.

A bargain was made between the two of them: Ruhanai would aid Maya and the other slaves she wanted to free in escaping and protect them while they searched for a safe place to live, but Maya would have to birth his children and give the boys into his care. More than a bit disgusted about her end of the bargain, Maya nevertheless agreed, for she was desperate. She didn’t tell the other slaves she had enlisted the help of a devil, telling them instead they had a benefactor aiding them.

Maya and the other slaves escaped under the cover of fire that Ruhanai created, fire that didn’t go out no matter what was thrown on it. This started their flight across Baekoth. The group of seven escaped slaves had little experience with living in the wild and struggled to survive. Ruhanai refused to aid them beyond protection from active harm, saying that things like hunting for them hadn’t been in the contract. Luckily for them among their party was Leskin Otam, an ex-gladiator who had some knowledge of hunting and protection. Soon Leskin became a co-leader of the group with Maya.

The party escaped some orcs by the skin of their teeth (and with Ruhanai’s help) by reaching the Aecian mountains, but after that they wandered around, lost and not knowing where to go. A ranger took pity on them and led them to a settlement of escaped slaves and their descendants called Desuan, deep in the mountains. It was here that they could finally be free from pursuers and malice.

Maya, however, still had her part of the bargain with Ruhanai to fulfill. She had settled with Leskin, having grown to love the man who had protected her band in the wilds. Part of her hoped the devil would let her be, but the large part of her knew that he wouldn’t. Ruhanai called on her one night and laid his seed in her soil.

The settlement of Desuan was none the wiser that Maya held a devil’s child in her womb. Leskin was overjoyed when he found out Maya was pregnant, thinking the child was his. When Roshanna was born she even had some resemblance to the daemon that she would be raised thinking was her father. Leskin had reddish skin, golden eyes, and patches of black scales. Maya looked more human like, with her only visible differences being stubby horns at her brow and her forked tongue, so Roshanna didn’t quite resemble as much her parent who was actually related to her. Maya feared that with her daughter’s demonic looks the real father would be suspected, but luckily for her it was not so.

When Roshanna was eight she started to follow her father in his duties as a hunter, trapper, and protector of Desuan. Happy with his daughter’s interest, Leskin showed her how to track and trap game. At her begging he taught her the basics of how to fight as well. Although Leskin didn’t teach her much beyond the basics of fighting, as he was loathe to remember his days as a gladiator, Roshanna would practice by herself in the mountains.

A few months after that Maya died while giving birth to Roshanna’s brother, Ajen. Much to Leskin’s puzzlement, the midwife reported that Maya’s birth canal had dried out, and even burnt in some places. The newborn boy looked human but for his soot-black skin, fiery hair, and golden eyes, as well as a high body temperature that was at first mistaken for a fever. Ajen was perfectly healthy, however, and thrived on the attention that Leskin and Roshanna gave him.

On Ajen’s fifth birthday a stranger came to the Otam house. He was well dressed, something rarely seen in the poor settlement of Desuan, and carried himself with a self-assured arrogance. Roshanna was playing with Ajen when the stranger simply walked up and took the daemon boy by the hand and started leading him off like Ajen was a pony he bought at the market. Roshanna tried to get him to stop, but the stranger wouldn’t listen. Ajen struggled to get away. Roshanna would have gone to Leskin for help but he was out hunting. So all she could do was watch and follow as the stranger led her brother to a campfire. The stranger finally stopped ignoring her and said, “I am only collecting my son. There is no need to fuss, daughter. I will teach him well.” With that he stepped into the fire and he and Ajen disappeared in twin plumes of smoke.

Roshanna would be plagued for years afterwards by the abduction of her brother. Leskin, dismayed at the death of his wife and the loss of his son, became withdrawn from the outside world. Roshanna soon ran the household despite her young age. As much as she wanted to seek out her brother, she knew her father needed her support.

When Roshanna was twenty four she was selected to be a member of the party that traveled every decade the long, long way to an elven city to trade for things that were hard to come by in the mountains. The young daemon was excited at the prospect. She would be able to travel out of the mountains she had lived in for as long as she remembered and meet new people. Maybe she could find her brother, although she figured that wouldn’t be likely. Daemons who had gone on the trip before cautioned the current travelers that they wouldn’t be welcomed, but that didn’t diminish the curiosity and enthusiasm of Roshanna.

The journey to Sennarei, the elven city, took a month. The daemon travelers had no mounts, so they had to go by foot. When they reached Acacia Roshanna was astounded by the trees and the animals. Compared to the lush forests the mountains were barren. Soon after they crossed the border the daemons were met with an elf patrol. The elves asked them to leave, but conceded that the daemons could travel to a Sennarei if they were simply there to trade. When they arrived at Sennarei the bartered their goods for necessities they couldn’t easily access in the mountains. If the forests themselves had amazed Roshanna, the elves and their civilization did so even more.

This wonder didn’t go away, though it was tempered. A scout returned to Sennarei one night and reported that a minor elf noble and his entourage had been found dead with their valuables stripped away. The place where the elf noble had been attacked was near the route the daemon traders had taken, so Roshanna and her party were accused of the murders. They were put in cells dug out between the roots of a particularly large tree, awaiting a trial. In this time Roshanna had her first real lesson of the racism that plagued the daemon race. The elf prisoners were fed better food and put in cleaner, less crowded cells. They even got to go outside once a week. The daemons truthfully protested that they were innocent, but the elves didn’t heed them.

They were kept for months in the cells. It was winter when the real bandits finally were captured and the daemons were released. They didn’t want to travel back to Desuan in the winter for it would be difficult to cross the mountains in the snow. Thus they set out to find work to support themselves. Roshanna worked with building armor and weapons. One customer, curious about the fabled daemon strength, asked her if she wanted to duel him. Roshanna, with nothing better to do, agreed.

The elf, a militia member named Viven Neki, brought two pairs of foot long wooden rods for their weapons. Roshanna was perplexed by the weapon choice, but was glad. She didn’t have any experience with swords or other bladed weapons besides knives and arrows. Viven tossed Roshanna a pair of the rods and promptly proceeded to kick her ass. By the time they were done fighting Roshanna was bruised all over and had only left one notable mark on Viven. The elf offered to teach her how to fight beyond the rudimentary training her father had given her, and she accepted.

Throughout the winter when the two were done with work they would practice and spar together, first with their bare hands, then rods, and then real weapons. As Roshanna’s skills progressed, so did her relationship with Viven. When sparring was over they would do a different kind of session.

When spring came and along with it the time to go home, Roshanna elected to stay in Sennarei. The elves had gotten used to, if not quite accepting, of the daemon’s presence, and Roshanna was sure that they would accept her eventually. Viven did, and through him she was gradually making connections to other elves. Roshanna joined the elven militia so she could stay with Viven when he moved from Sennarei, and for a year or so this went well.

Then Viven started seeing Lellaini, the granddaughter of an elven shaman. Roshanna thought she was just another friend at first. Lellaini treated her with a bit of frost, but she chalked it up to the fact that she was a daemon. Viven started giving Roshanna vague excuses of why they couldn’t meet. The young daemon was oblivious to the fact that Viven was shrugging her off until another member of the militia told her. The other member, a female elf, had been through a similar situation and didn’t want Roshanna to be hurt.

Roshanna approached Viven, asking him if this was true. He told her that it was time that he should settle down to be a respectable member of the elven society, and with Lellaini he could do that. Roshanna was furious and disgusted. Liar, she called him, and punched him in the face with that very daemon strength that had led Viven to get to know her. She left him in his room with a broken nose bleeding all over and didn’t look back. The elves in her regiment, if not outwardly supportive of her actions, did not report them to their superiors.

After that Roshanna gathered up supplies and left Acacia. She didn’t want to face the daemons in Desuan, so she traveled to the Freelands, where she managed to earn the respect of a tribe of orcs. She traveled and fought with them for years, enjoying their honor-bound life and traditions. Eventually she left them as well, seeking new adventures. She traveled to the kingdoms of Dorelith, immediately setting herself up as a mercenary so she didn’t get enslaved. All the while she searched for clues regarding the man who took her brother, hoping to find Ajen again. For the past couple centuries she has been a traveling sell-sword as well as exploring lesser known places of Baekoth when she has the chance.

So begins...

Roshanna Otam's Story