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Ryan Collins

"Okay, okay I've developed these abilities. I get that, but for what purpose?"

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a character in “Hero: Awakening”, as played by TheFlag


Name: Ryan Collins Image

Age: 17

Description: Ryan is rather average, as he stands at 5'10" and weights roughly around 135lbs his build is lean and rather lanky. He is devoid of any fat, and muscles show through however they seem small, but relatively smooth and refined, his skinniness seems to be his bodies most defining characteristic. His face is also smooth, his facial features are rough but defined, as his cheeks are rather low but jutting, and his mouth small and pursed slightly. His skin tone is pale, and also flawless of any blemish or mark. Ryan's hair is jet black and think in clusters, and is often a mess and looks something akin to a mop, he rarely brushes it due to it being so uncontrollable. His eyes are a deep green, with a hint of brown at each iris, which seem small.

Nicknames: "None, really no one could think of one. Not really surprising but it suits me fine."

Power: Reality Warping: Ryan can bend, distort or even shatter the laws of reality, but it is extremely hard and it goes around that his belief of what he beleives is reality. Although this ability sounds impressive, it is largely unuseful, as he has to beleive in it 100% and doing simple tasks requires a immense amount of effort, especially since he's just coming into his abilities. For example he couldn't alter the whole Earth let alone the Universe, but he can alter small areas and impose his will in this area and others, and he couldn't exert his will for long since it is severely draining, almost lethally draining. He could do this to a small area for a few minutes, before having to stop and he can also do weird feats that defy reality. If he overuses his ability, he'll cause physical harm to himself, mostly in the form of seizures.

History: Ryan's life on part has been fairly average, his parents however did divorce at an early age leaving him straggling between the two of his parents, and although he does hold them in esteem he doesn't really care for them infact he almost hates them. Ryan although difficult went through strange developments at a young age. When going through school he was an outcast as he didn't really fit in due to perceiving the world and viewing things as a adult should, and seeing the pointlessness in most things. The only thing he really excelled at was school as he enjoyed the learning and self-improvement and although being shunned by his peers didn't really bother him it made him resentful of his views on everything, inviting slight self-loathing. As he grew, he became increasingly more aware of how different he was from his peers, he grew depressed and angry with his life hating how he viewed everything. It wasn't until the eclipse he didn't realize how different he was from most, his ability manifested at first in him defying gravity, he didn't know how to react but he thinks he has managed to keep it secret.

Likes: Intelligence, self-improvement, his ability, chocolate, school

Hates: Himself, ignorance, idiots, arrogance, people, the world

Fears: Closed spaces, snakes, minor fear of heights

Equipment/Supplies/Items: Old mobile phone has old camera and video on it, satchel he always drapes over his shoulder, wallet contains some cash

Other: Ryan is very intelligent, as well as a natural introvert and withdraws from the public eye frequently, he is also wild and often unpredictable.

So begins...

Ryan Collins's Story


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#, as written by TheFlag
Ryan looked down before clinging his satchel closer to his chest as the lights of the train flickered ominously, a few seconds passed before he heard the sliding doors of the train shift shut and the familiar sound of its engine beginning to run, as well as the vibrations of its movement which was a dead giveaway that the train had begun moving. Ryan let out a small sigh before muttering mostly to himself "And we're off..." he looked down towards the seat he was sitting in, before looking around the train cart he was the only passenger residing here, which did little to calm his nerves as he felt a strange sense or paranoia creeping up his spine, he shifted uneasily in his seat trying to get into a more comfortable position. His head ducked forward gazing at the windows, which held nothing but the darkness of the tunnels he was traveling through, he then returned backwards leaning forward on his seat, before letting his eyes drift shut concentrating on the movement of the train.

Ryan's eyes opened at the expected stop of the train he pushed himself out of the seat and walked past the empty rows, before walking through the train's door tiredly. Ryan emerged at a subway which was battered and dark, but that wasn't the sight that bewildered him, it was the fact that three men were waiting there casually their backs turned, they were dressed in black suits, and all carried black polished handguns in their hands, Ryan stopped in his steps before gazing curiously out at the sight. They hadn't seen him yet, Ryan stepped back into the train cart before ducking out of fear trying to avoid their gaze, he tried to keep quiet but his breathing patterns were quit irregular. He heard one of the men talk into a device or something but couldn't make out the words, then they all turned in synchronization before the one in the middle spoke authority in his voice, "We know you're here... come out. It's rude to keep us waiting." Ryan remained motionless, hoping the doors would close and he'd speed off, unfortunately the train had stopped completely he figured that they must have messed with the engine or something.

Ryan shifted back trying to think of a tactic, however nothing came to mind. Ryan could see they were growing impatient, he took in a breath and then briskly pushed himself up trying to look confident, even though he was a nervous wreck. The one in the middle smiled before laughing, "There, that wasn't so hard was it?" Ryan's lips turned into a crumpled frown, "What do you want?" It seemed like the most sensible question at the time, the man shook his head "I think you know what we want. Now step outside of the train." Ryan was reluctant to do so, he shook his head oddly before muttering to himself, "Okay, okay this train is going to go... now. Right now! Start!" his voice rose in panic, as he could feel them getting closer. "This is going to work!" Ryan practically yelled fear cracking in his voice, but then he felt something waver around him and then a large static enter his ears and he fell crying in pain, the doors of the train shut and the engine powered up, while Ryan fell to the floor yelling in pain, the static filled his ears as the train began to move forward.

After a few seconds the attack passed and Ryan wearily pushed himself to his feet, as soon as the fear and pain were gone relief set in and he muttered in relief "I can't believe that worked..." he pushed himself up, as he could see the next station in view, he was literally going to run for his life out of this subway. He tensed as the train stopped at the station, this time it was full of eager people to get on. Ryan shook his head not sure what to make of this, but he rushed out of the train, and almost ran out of the subway eager to begone of the place. As he walked up the stairs to the surface, he sighed with relief, all he wanted to do was get home.


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Character Portrait: Ryan Collins
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#, as written by TheFlag
Ryan slowly regained his posture while walking distantly towards his house he grimaced as it got closer into view, he stopped hovering several feet away from the front door. His nerves were racked with worry and he felt a primitive fear crawl over him, "Everything is going to be okay..." he reassured himself "The house will be fine and dinner will be on the eave and Mom will be doing it. Everything will be fine..." He stressed the last word trying to convince himself, however he knew something was going on due to a eerie silence which had settled over his house. Ryan looked down, he had to know if his parents were okay he somewhat doubted it but he wanted to find out himself. Ryan didn't exactly care for them, as his relationship was bittersweet but he owed them that much for rearing him and raising him as a child, he viewed this simply as getting even.

Ryan looked down towards the ground, before scuffing his feet among the ground in frustration, his head rose and he gulped reflexively "What am I doing?" he moaned to himself, before resuming his casual walk which seemed to drag on for ages, until he reached the door to his house. Ryan's hand slowly pressed over the doorknob, and he slowly reached into his pocket for the keys, however he realized the door was unlocked, his eyes widened and his pupils dilated the door was never unlocked like this. Ryan shook his head muttering incoherently, "Everything is okay..." As Ryan entered the door slammed shut behind him, "Just the wind... " Ryan laughed obviously flinching, recovering from almost having a heart attack.

Inside the house it only got worse as it was completely silent, the only sound was Ryan's shoes creaking among the wooden floorboards. The kitchen and living room were completely empty, the TV was on standby as all it was emitting was white flashes and static. This only added to the tension Ryan felt, he couldn't help but observe several of the objects in his house that were knocked over. Ryan was tempted to run out of his house and abandon his parents while screaming madly, however his determination kept him on he owed them after all.

Upstairs was the only thing that remained it was the only place he hadn't searched, and was the last place he wanted to search. Ryan felt a lump in his throat and swallowed before forcing himself up there. As Ryan slowly checked his mother's room his eyes drooped and he frowned deeply, his mother lay there on the bed, limp and cold he could tell that she was dead, he slowly approached her before identifying the cause of death: a gunshot wound to the head. Ryan mostly felt nothing but he couldn't help a small sense of loss, he examined her eyes before slowly closing them and muttering solemnly "Goodbye mother. I didn't want it to end like this." his gaze turned and he looked towards the door morosely, he expected both of his parents had been murdered, he didn't even know who by, the main question on his mind was why?

Ryan sighed before exiting the room and shutting the door behind him quietly as if not to disturb someone, he was going to gather supplies and then run he guessed get out of town for a while, it was the best solution he could think of that didn't involve death. As Ryan entered his room it looked untouched, he began packing a variety of things into his satchel, mostly clothes, money and books as he didn't want to get bored while on the run after all. After Ryan was sure he had everything, he marched downstairs and began raiding the kitchen for food supplies, he wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen and he wanted to be prepared for every single situation.