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Hero: Awakening

New York City


a part of Hero: Awakening, by Mr. Baneling Squishy.


Mr. Baneling Squishy holds sovereignty over New York City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New York City is a part of Hero: Awakening.

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Matthew Reed [52] "This day can't get any worse, can it?"
Jonathan Reed [51] Ok... This is not what I was expecting for today...
Alexandria Tamon [41] I refuse to die so easily.
Adrian Mills [37] God knows how I got this power and, frankly, I don't care. I just want to live out my life in peace.
Solia Haven [33] "You want to fight? Bring it on."
Liam Banks [27] You can't see me...right?
Lilith Ross [25] Getting shot... It's no big deal, really.
Nadia Jones [25] Kill me. I dare you.
Claire Mills [21] My dad is here, he'll keep me safe
Kenneth Myers [14] "What the hell happened to me?"

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He had gulped down his tears, ashamed of himself for crying--over such a petty thing, too!--and nodded at Lilith's question as he shakily stood up. The bones on his hands still protruded too much, but his skin was looking healthier, and he felt his strength returning. His body still trembled overall, which was annoying, though he wasn't sure if it was due to his previous condition, or the fact that he had been crying.

He stared down at the parachute that had been shoved into his old hands. What was going on again? He heard a voice in his head and jumped. He had been too preoccupied with his own inability to speak that he hadn't registered the voice beforehand. Given the situation he was in, though, he really shouldn't have been that surprised. The voice was young, and he assumed it belonged to the boy who was pulling out a map from his parachute. Though his vision was still somewhat blurry, Liam could barely read the words "The Answers you seek lie here." He shook his head in slight distaste. Coincidence, you could say, but Liam thought something was a muck.

He noticed that the boy was looking at something, and he followed his gaze to a large painting. The subject looked to be a World War II soldier parachuting from an airplane. Typical murky color scheme. Nothing bright except for the American flag plastered on the soldier's uniform and painted on the wings of the plane.

Why was the boy staring at it, though? Was there something behind it? Liam hobbled over, Lilith following, and he searched the frame for any sort of hidden spring or button. He didn't find one automatically, and wondered if the kid was just interested in the subject matter.

On a whim, Liam held his hand up to the painting, and focused. After about half a minute, his hand disappeared, as did the painting, revealing a hidden elevator. He smiled slightly, and turned towards the boy. "...Bingo..." he said hoarsely.


More guns? What the hell was going on? And who was this kid that suddenly took charge? And how did he freeze these bullets? Was he another one? Why wasn't he answering any of her questions??

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??!" she shrieked. She was answered with a round of bullets that took her breath away. She managed to stay on her feet, and watched stupidly as her blood dripped to the floor, body ringing with pain. The two men that had shot her, now returning to normal speed, ran up to her, guns still poised directly at her. "Is she dead?" one asked. "How is she still standing?" She could practically feel them now. Their shadows were nearly touching her. Her breath grew shallow, but not for any physical reason.

"Too close," she said. Another gun shot blew through her head, knocking her off her feet. "She's not alive anymore," the other man said. Nadi could see his feet. His boots. Their shadows covered her, trapped her. A fence circling around her. Two sharks zooming in. "Too....close...." Nadi repeated, a bit garbled as her head repaired itself. She couldn't understand the men's words, her phobia too loud. Too close, too close. They were all too close....Her eyes were wide, and she was hyperventilating. Blood trickled down her face slightly as her wounds finished healing. Those legs were close enough to touch. Which was far too close. Then she realized her pen knife was still in her hand...

She stabbed one leg as hard as she could, and kicked it hard away from her. Bullets riddled through her, and she cried out in pain, anger, and intense fear. She continued standing up, the wounds that would have otherwise killed her healing almost immediately. Out of bullets, one man grabbed her. Shrieking, she kicked and clawed him. It wasn't until her hands touched his uncovered face that he let her go with a shout. Nadi took the opportunity to run, and she barely heard the other man exclaim in horror at the sight of the first man's visage.

She took the stairs, two, three, four at a time. She had lost the other three, but she didn't care. She just wanted out. She stumbled onto the roof, not sure why she had gone upstairs. She wandered around the top, a bit dazed and out of breath, when someone grabbed her from behind. With a scream, she wrestled in the person's grasp until she was facing him, apparently a doctor, and without thinking, clutched his face in her hands. Wide-eyed, she stared in horror as the life sucked out of the man's face. Frozen, she didn't let go until the doctor slumped to the ground, dead. She stared at her hands. Was this what had happened to Liam? And the man with the gun? What was happening to her? Why was she doing this? She moved away from the dead man before stumbling to her knees. She had just killed a man. With her hands. Her shaking, trembling hands. She touched her own skin, but felt no side effect. She hid her face in between her knees and rocked back and forth, trying to hold herself together.


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(Hope it's ok, but I'm just progressing Jonathan's power onwards. He can now speed up molecules to the point of combustion - the next stage of his ability. The effect of either slowing, stopping or speeding up is still random.)

Jonathan didn't flinch even when the shots were fired. by this point they weren't even bothering him. He had lost his brother, nearly died many times, discovered he had a power and so much more that it was making his head spin. By now, gun fire was pathetic compared to what he had been through.

What did get a reaction from him however was the bullets that ripped through the girl's body. He stared at her, eyes wide in horror, as her body hit the ground. A sick feeling entered his stomach. Usually death didn't bother him. But this? This was different. This was a death on his watch. The death of someone who had inadvertently become his responsibility.

Fires of rage burned in his eyes as he turned to the mercenaries. His rage was building, bubbling up inside his body, growing in pressure until... BANG! He lifted his hands, ready to freeze them - so long as it actually work how he wanted it to - and then stopped. A blur to his side made him turn. His eyes opened even wider than before.

The kid was alive!

She freaked out and charged up the stairs leaving the two men behind. Jonathan started after her.
'I'm not letting anyone else get hurt. She is my responsibility now!' He thought with determination. Gunshots and bullets made him turn. One man had his gun pointed at Jonathan. He pulled the trigger.

The gun clicked.

"You should really keep an eye your ammo." Jonathan called to him, starting towards the man. After fumbling around for a second, he managed to reload the handgun and aim at Jonathan. Just after he lifted his hands and used his ability, the man fired. Jonathan's ability did not work the way he was expecting - not at all - but it saved his life either way.

Instead of freezing the man or slowing him down, a small explosion hit his chest. Jonathan froze when the man flew backwards, hitting the other guy at the same time. With a quick glance Jonathan saw that a patch of the man's uniform had been ripped apart and burned. His skin had serious burns to and looked like the damage went down deep enough to really, really hurt. He took a quick look at his hands and shrugged.
"Fair enough..."

Remembering where he was going, Jonathan motioned for the rest to stay where they were and charged after the girl. He finally found her on the roof and watched as she drained the life from someone. She sunk to the ground. It looked like she was breaking down. He walked slowly up to her, making enough noise to say he was there but not scare her. Stepping in front of her, he crouched down staying a good meter and a half, two meters away. It was obvious she didn't like people near her.

"I think I might know what you are going through here..." He spoke softly with true compassion in his voice and heart. This is what Jonathan was best at. He was very good at helping people with their troubles.
"I might not be able to live through being shot or be able to drain the life from someone... but..." He gestured to the his side and sighed with relief when a chunk of the roof exploded, pieces of rock flying everywhere. There was now a quarter meter sized ditch in the roof they where standing on.

"My powers are destructive too and I have no control over whether I get to destroy something or not. I could panic and easily kill someone. But I'm not letting it get to me. There will plenty of time for that later. Right now... we need to stick together." He moved a little closer and gazed into her eyes.
"I can protect you. I can. All you need to do is trust me. Let me get you, and everyone else, to safety and then you can choose what to do - whether it be go on your own or stick with us." Again he shifted forwards again.

"I just need to now that everyone who I am now responsible for is safe." He reached out very slowly and attempted to touch put his hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

'These kids are now my responsibilities...'


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She listened to this boy's words as if she was in a trance. His voice was soft and comforting. Persuasive. Nadi was vulnerable now, and the idea of protection from this stranger was inviting....

At least, until he uttered those last few words.

Nadi blinked and pulled away from the boy's outstretched hand. When did he get so close? Her eyes grew darker, and her eyebrows furrowed as her personality returned. "That you're responsible for?" she repeated, "When did I become someone you're responsible for? Since when did you suddenly feel so all-important that you'd take responsibility for me? Who gave you that right? Who gave you that permission?"

Her tone had grown angrier, and she was standing now. Her fists were clenched , and suddenly she hated this guy. Who was he? What was he doing up here? Who gave him the power to just swoop her under his wing for him to protect? Certainly not her! She took responsibility for herself. The few people who were supposed to have responsibility for her gave that up, and those two could never be replaced.

"And trust?" she continued, voice raising in volume, "Why the hell should I trust you? I hardly trusted Liam or Lilith, and now they've gone and disappeared to God knows where! And it's not like I'm helpless. You saw what I did to that guy. You know what I can do. And one breakdown doesn't mean I'm out of the game! You don't even know me, but you talk about protecting me and trust? Hell, you're probably not much older than I am! Is someone trying to play hero? Protect the poor damsel in distress with the terrible power and hope she doesn't use it on me? That your strategy? Sweet talk me and hope I'll just go with you like I have no personality whatsoever? I don't think so!"

Nadi took a breath from her tirade. She was back, that was for sure. But, despite her negative feelings, she began to re-evaluate the situation. She had no idea where to go, and, practically speaking, travelling in a group would be far safer than travelling alone. Even though she could survive fatal gunshots, impact still hurt, and the non-fatal ones didn't heal. Perhaps she could also convince the guy to help her find Liam and Lilith? It would also have to depend on how large his group was....if he was escorting dozens, then she'd definitely have to pass. Currently, she wasn't even in the mood for one person to approach her.

She sighed and crossed her arms. "But, despite all that, I think it would be stupid of me to turn down your offer. So, yes, I will come with your group. But I'm not your responsibility, so don't waste your time with saving me or protecting me or anything. I've got that covered."


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Jonathan looked at her confused when she pulled back. He didn't understand what he had done to make her pull away from him. His intention was only to help. To show her that she wasn't alone in this.
'Was it something I said...?' This was answered seconds later. He pulled back when she started to question his intentions.
"I... I didn't mean it like-" He started quietly, but was cut off as she stood up.

Her tone became even angrier. Jonathan winced as she used the phrase 'sweet talk'. It wasn't his intention to offend, anger or trick her in any way. He truly wanted to help her. But now, after how she reacted to his words, he doubted that she would ever trust him. when she fell silent, Jonathan took the chance to stand, not realising that being 6' 6" in the situation was not helping. Him towering over would not help matters. He slouched a little so that the height difference wasn't as bad.

"But, despite all that, I think it would be stupid of me to turn down your offer. So, yes, I will come with your group. But I'm not your responsibility, so don't waste your time with saving me or protecting me or anything. I've got that covered."

Jonathan nodded once and glanced at the dead man, not caring to stay on the same floor as him.
"Well if you are coming with us, we should probably get going..." He said politely, not wanting her to become any angrier with him. He let his head drop slightly and began towards the roof entrance. When he had reached it, he turned to her. It was his turn now to speak.

"By the way..." He started as softly as his slightly wavering voice could manage. "'re not the only one that people disappear on them. The other boy that disappeared? He was my brother. I can understand that you may not have trusted them them much, but they were the only ones you knew here. But I loved and trusted my brother fully... and now he's gone." He paused for a moment to compose himself, then continued.

"That's why I'm try to keep you all safe. Not to play the hero. To try and make up for failing to protect my own little brother. I couldn't stop him from being taken..." The passion in his voice was genuine and his eyes began to sting from the coming tears.
" like hell am I going to let anyone else disappear too. You may not think I care about your safety. That I only care about helping myself or my brother but your wrong! I just hope you finally learn to accept that."

As tears slipped down his cheek, Jonathan turned for the door and was nearly through when he turned around to face her one more time.
"Oh, and just for the record: your power doesn't scare. I have dealt with bigger things than you within the last twenty four hours... By this point..." He shook his head and chuckled slightly.
"...I'd accept death. So long as my brother lives, I don't care if I lose my life."

He turned away again and walked away form her through the door.
'I'll find you Matty...' He thought with determination, hugging the laptop to his chest.
'I'll find you...'


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A small smile of relief crossed Lilith's lips as Liam stood up, albeit somewhat shakily. After what had just happened, that was completely understandable. She was just glad he was relatively okay. She felt several peculiar twinges of her own as she stood up, but decided to ignore them for now. She was tiring, this hellish day finally taking its toll on her. She unconsciously kept Liam's hand firmly in her grasp. Both boys seemed to be rather taken with the picture on the wall of a parachuter. Art was not something Lilith pretended to know anything about, but she went with Liam up to the painting none the less.

She gave him a quizzical look as he touched the painting, something that quickly turned into a delighted smile as the elevator behind was revealed. "I could kiss you right now," She murmured, smiling sheepishly when she released what she'd said. Suddenly intense pain shot through her abdomen, enough o make her hiss in pain, shortly followed by the sound of metal hitting the sound. For a moment, she froze, convinced that she-they-had been shot. She moved her free hand to her stomach instinctively, absent-mindedly lifting it to see the damage. Her brow furrowed in confusion. No fresh blood. She looked up to Liam and to Matthew, before looking back to her stomach, to where several bloodied remains of bullets lay at her feet. She slipped her hand under the scrub top, under the netting of her own. The flesh was smooth and dry... She revealed another bullet fragment, entangled in her clothes. Well, that hadn't happened before. Placing it in her pocket, she tried to pretend that it hadn't happened, and made to move the painting instead.


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Matthew helped move the painting, using his power to move the painting. That's when he realized something. "That was the first time I on purposely used my". Luckily, the painting was easy to move, being so light. The elevator revealed behind it. Matthew climbed in. Some red sparks emitted behind him as he did. He still had a bit of energy from the blast. He didn't notice it however. Thats when he realized something, and facepalmed. "I can not believe this. All this time and JUST now I realize my brother is still at the hospital......". Of course, that note died down quickly when yelling and gunshots were heard. And it was not T.A.N.C. troops. Mostly because, two bullets went through the door, but it was silenced.

Matthew started to move the painting back, but made sure to leave time for everyone to get in. "Hurry!".

Large Advertisement Monitor easily Visible from the Hospital Roof:

The Screen flickered momentarily as Jonathan came onto the roof. Jonathan's name, as well as a message appeared. It was an address to an apartment nearby. It then said "Go quickly".

Apartment 7B:

Soldiers were marching on the apartment. The were using standard breach and clear procedures. They busted through the door, and charged in. Except then, they were frozen. In ice. A kid was standing there, startled. He quickly re-shut the door. Scared. And alone.