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Cambria Gates

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a character in “Hero Factory”, as played by SithFaced



My name is Cambria. Cambria Alice Gates, if we're to get all technical here. I only just turned 18 about two weeks ago, so I'm still getting used to the whole idea that I'm now "officially" an adult. But if I can say so without sounding full of myself, I think I've been forced to be an adult for a couple years now.

Some may ask exactly what I'm talking about. And of course, I'll get around to talking about exactly what I mean... but we can save that part for last, right?

Anyway, something about ourselves... Oh! Well, I really, really like trees. Someone is going to laugh at that, but I'm being completely serious. Anything nature - anything at all - instantly becomes my favorite thing in the whole world. It probably has something to do with my powers, and it definitely has something to do with the way I was conceived. But I simply can't help it! ...Well, not that I'd want to anyway. Have you ever really looked at a Columbine? Or Alyssum? Do you even know what a Belladonna Lily is? Most people would answer no. But not me; I know almost every type of plant out there by name - and I'm talking classification name, here.

So how exactly does any of that have to do with my powers? Well, you see, I apparently have control over something science fiction writers like to call White Magic. From what I've experienced with my abilities, I can help to speed the growth of plants, as well as influence positive emotions in others. There are probably other aspects to my gifts, but I haven't really figured many of them out yet. That's why I'm here at school. I'm here to learn about my abilities, as well as to have a safe place to grow, away from the rest of the world. Everyone else isn't nearly as nice as I am, you know...

Speaking of nice... I really hate to keep talking so highly of myself, but I always try my hardest to be kind to everyone around me. Again, its probably got something to do with my powers, but I personally think if you can make one person smile, they in turn with make others smile. So, I guess I believe in karma. It wouldn't make sense not to. I can't promise that I'm always like this, though. That would be a lie, as I don't think anyone is always nice. I can promise, though, that I will never intentionally be mean to someone. I'll always try to separate myself from a situation when I'm angry or upset, and usually my plant-growing helps me to calm myself. Interestingly enough, people have told me they can always tell whenever I'm upset, because apparently I tend to like sprouting up new gardens all over the place when I'm not myself. I guess that sounds sort of like me, so I'll go with that.

...Hmmm. I don't really think theres much else to say, but... Oh wait! I completely forgot to tell you guys the last part of my story. I promised in the beginning that I would say all the best bits at the end. Well, how should I go about this? Ummm... I was born to Emily and Franklin Gates - my mom and my dad - on the 20th of March, 18 years ago. I had an older sister, Reinette, and I was the second born. My mother always told me that her and my father had tried so hard to get pregnant a second time, but no pregnancies would hold past a month or two. She was upset, so she contacted a Native American Medicine man from the area she had grown up in. He asked the Great Spirit for help with the pregnancy, and to promote unity with nature within the child - myself. Weeks later, mom found out she was pregnant. At the end of a long 9 months, she gave birth to a baby girl, and that's how I came to be. My mother and father quickly enrolled me in dance, and as I grew, I fell more in love with the sport. Mom and dad said that I always seemed a bit different - they were sure it was just my talent for dancing - but it wasn't until I was almost 10 years old that they discovered just how different I was. Once I hit puberty, my powers seemed to come alive, and though it frightened them at first, it didn't push them away. They had always been respecting of nature, and they told me that I was simply a vessel for which Mother Nature was to do good things through. I guess it sounds a little weird, but I think my parents might have been hippies at one time or another, so I tend not to judge. A couple years later was when I started to sprout my wings. And I don't mean that metaphorically. I mean that in the most literal way possible.

I didn't mention that I have wings? Well, now you know.

My sister got married soon after that. She didn't pick the best husband, though. Leon was a bit of a jerk. And when I say bit, I mean that he was one of the worst people on the planet. I think Reinette just wanted to fix him, and while my parents weren't too thrilled about her decision, she went along and got married to him anyway. Their marriage only lasted two years, and it ended in a messy divorce. Leon never really liked me much, either. He of course didn't know about my abilities. That would have probably caused him to hate me even more. But in one of his drunken stupors, he came by my family home when I was there with Reinette, and just let himself in. He came at Reinette, and I stepped in front to protect her; that decision almost cost me my life. Furious with him, she said she'd 'kill him if he ever laid a finger on her baby sister again'. And he told her that he'd just straight up kill her... And... well, that's what he did. He... He came back the next week, and he wasn't alone this time. Broke in, and just...

Well, you can probably understand the rest.

Leon figured out exactly what I was in the scuffle, and said he should have known. Should have done this sooner. And so I ran. I didn't know what else to do but run. My parents probably think I'm dead, but I'm terrified to even go back home. I don't know if Leon's even alive anymore. He's probably behind bars for what he did. But... Reinette's not there anymore. So I don't really have anything to go back for. Don't get me wrong; I love my parents. But, the memories of that place... I just...

I don't really want to talk about this anymore. I'm still not really 100 percent over it... I don't think I'll ever be.

But I'm still dancing, if that counts for anything. Its probably one of the only things that truly keeps me happy, besides my ability. But I'll get through. I know it. That's what I'm here for, anyway. I'm here because this is a place where people like me can feel at home, and safe. Where we can express who we are in a secure, structured environment. If it wasn't for this school, I don't know where I'd be.

So begins...

Cambria Gates's Story

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Cambria bolted out of bed at the sound of the alarm, a "HOLY CRAP!" escaping her mouth, and her hand outstretched. By being outstretched, she accidentally grabbed the cord of the alarm clock and tugged it out of the wall, thus causing the incessant beeping noise to cease. But her body didn't cease its movement forward, and so she crashed over the side of the bed and landed face first on the floor.

Laying on the floor for a moment, she let her fingers, which were clamped around the wire of the alarm clock, slowly relax themselves until the wire dropped from her grasp. Then, a low and steady moan escaped from her lips, as she slowly pushed herself off the floor and into a more comforatable sitting position.

She was no longer asleep; that much was for sure.

Scratching the top of her head, she let her fingers lazily brush through her bedridden hair. "I should probably plug that stupid alarm clock back in..." she mumbled to herself. But she stood from the floor and headed towards the bathroom to freshen up, leaving the alarm clock in a mess of wire on the floor.

It wasn't long before she was ready to actually start thinking about the day. The female found herself mumbling meaningless nothings to herself as she made her way over to sit on the edge of her bed. Staring at the wall for a moment, she began the process of actually waking up.

Shaking her head, she zombie-walked to her closet, and began digging around to find something suitable to wear for the day. She wasn't too focused on looking totally awesome; she had other things to worry about at that moment. Like, where in the seven hells had her straightener gotten off to?


The day was moving on without her, whether she liked it or not... and Cambria knew it. Finally up and about, she walked out her room and off on a mission to find something tasty to eat.

Rounding a corner, she noticed a group of people standing not too far ahead of her. Two of the people she recognized - Yuki and Amber - and the other two were... well, completely blank slates to her. She had no idea.

'New students?' she thought to herself, but felt a rumbling in her stomach and decided to approach that topic at a later time. Right now, it was time to get food.

Moving past the group, she rushed through a greeting as she headed off towards the dining area, careful not to clip anyone with her wings on the way past. "Morning, guys. Can't stay and chat. Need food." It wasn't really a proper conversation, and she knew she would apologize about it later, but her mind was preoccupied with the prospects of fruit and waffles, and other things of that sort. She couldn't help herself in the mornings; she was a zombie - at least mentally - until she had woken up fully and had something to eat.

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Yuki turned and saw Amber, and possibly one of the biggest smiles ever seen was on his face. "Hey, Sparky-" He was cut short by her taking over his job, and calling him boring.

"Y'see, Sparky, That's random." He grunted, looking at the other two. "Well, i don't bite.. much.." He whispered, his grin forming again. This time when he grinned, all of his sharp, Vampire like teeth were seen.

"Oh, hey Cambria - Ah. Mission for food. Save me a bowl of Ramen, will ya?!" He shouted after her, waving in her direction.

(( Three things, One, Ramen is a delicious bowl of Noodles often served with Fish (Prawns, mainly) or meat. Two, Yuki isn't a Vamp, just has weird teeth. And three, Sorreh for the short post! ))

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#, as written by Fallen
Aurora watched as the boy created a cat-like creature out of the ground from snow, it was cute and a fun ability to say the least, but she was worried about Jenny. She could only imagine how heat would get to someone who possessed control over the cold, how one would feel like they were getting boiled alive. She took note that this place seemed to meet the needs of every student, adapting to their needs and their abilities. When Yuki said welcome to the Hero Factory, however, she was less than amused. An academy a disguise for a place training super heroes? She thought this was some sort of refuge or hiding place, it had to be a joke. She looked up the stairs, wondering what this sparky would be like, who she could only assume was associated with lightning or something similar. She watched his aura as he spoke of her, he seemed to be fond of her, but as he continued speaking, that light aura got darker, and darker - never a pleasant thing to see in a person. She would have to keep her eye on these people, all of them.

She remembered he asked for their names, "This is Jenny, she said, motioning to her friend, and my name is Aurora." Just then a girl came down the stairs, another one with electric blue hair, dressed quite casually. She introduced herself as Amber, Aurora smiled at her, she assumed her Sparky, and she was right. "Not boring us at all, or well I can't really speak for Jenny." Another girl rushed down the stairs, such stunning beauty and purity, her aura was a pure white color, she'd never seen it before - she had also never seen a winged person. Her eyes followed the girl as she rushed passed them to get food. "I've never seen someone like her." she said one, referring to the girl's aura. The largest white aura in the history of auras, or so Aurora thought to herself. "The Hero Factory, that's not really a pleasant name, what exactly is done here?" Were they really in control of the people here? There had to be mishaps, this was overall dangerous in its own right. They had just come from such a situation. "We didn't leave our old school just to go to a place where we - well..." Aurora stopped speaking. This didn't really apply to Jenny at all, she had one nothing wrong.

"So what exactly goes on now? This cannot function like a normal school, if its even a school." Appearances were ever so deceiving, and she knew it. She hoped Jenny was taking this all in well, because it wasn't flying with her. She could see this place falling into shambles, and she decided she didn't trust this whole idea yet.

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#, as written by Meesha
Jenny followed Aurora closely to the extent she was practically mounting the girls back. Ignoring the offered hand her greens eyes took in the blue haired boy who introduced himself as 'Yuki'. He seemed strange to her from the word go so when he started flicking snowflakes about and creating animated snow sculptures Jenny shit herself.
The red head was absolutely horror struck by the display and shared a desperate, wide eyed glance with Aurora.

What was going on here. Either she just witnessed the impossible for the second time this week or there was some crazy optical illusions going down. Jenny felt the temptation to feel her forehead and walk away from the scene purely to wash her hands of the past week's sheer madness but moving away would mean severing her contact with her grounded root- Aurora.

So instead she tagged along behind her friend clenching and unclenching her fists hoping to release some of her anxiety.
Yuki led the two or them through the front entrance of the Academy gesturing to various areas of the building as well as mentioning who they were roomed nearby. The reminder made her realise the idea of staying here had become the least appealing thing she'd even been confronted with.
Fortunately Aurora was remaining a cool cucumber and so when Yuki asked their names she replied for the both of them. Jenny could barely get a splutter out. She was still shell shocked by the performance outside. She barely smiled at her name and whatever remnant of a smile there was faded when another blue haired individual sailed down the stairs.

Great another human slushy maker.

The girl seemed to have a bright personality and apparently she was the one they were supposedly roomed nearby. Sparky or Amber. Jenny managed to squeeze out a slightly more convincing smile when the girl didn't spring a heart attack on her with some insane trick. She couldn't say the same for the next girl to appear.
She came bulldozing down the stairs shouting out greetings and something about breakfast. That wasn't what snared Jenny's heart in her throat was the WINGS. She had wings. Huge...feather soft looking wings. Jenny went as stiff as a bored when the sweet smelling girl whisked past bird limbs and all.

Her eyes burnt into the back of Aurora's head with ill-mannered intent. What had this girl gotten her into!! She'd only just been coming to terms with what she'd seen back at school and now this? Surely she wasn't the...only normal one here.

But what if she was.

She'd have to blend in. If this school was for people like Aurora she couldn't reveal that she was...normal. She just couldn't. She'd play it cool until she found a teacher or someone of high authority then after explaining the facts they'd remove her from this house of horrors and pop her right back where she should reality.

"Hey sylar-"

Jenny's eyes darted to yet another new comer. Another boy...he seemed more reserved than the others judging from his approach.

"Hang on one of you isn't normal. Sylar wouldn't have tensed up there otherwise. Ah I see it."

Jenny's eyes shot to Yuki at his remark. How could either of them know. Was this Sylar psychic. Was Yuki a psychic of psychic. No maybe he just presumed one of them was different from this Sylar's reactions, but she hadn't noticed any tenses. Her eyes met with Yuki and in response she tilted her chin up in defence. She wouldn't let on she was normal but if there was a psychic in this bunch it was game over rather soon.

Yuki turned his attention rather quickly to Aurora and asked what she was capable of doing. Jenny was perfectly capable of accounting for that one.
Clearing her throat rather timidly she smiled faintly. "You should see her...she's amazing" she croaked sharing a glance with her special friend.
There was no doubt even though Aurora had been hiding something big (and apparently like changing) from her...she'd stood up for her when it mattered most. Like a true friend.

When Yuki mentioned about liars and landed his gaze on her Jenny looked back with hard eyes. "I'm sure there's a few people round here who can see right through others...y'know psychics and all that" she responded evenly. The game wasn't up yet.

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Yuki laughed slightly. "Indeed, Jenny. Although, some are better at this game than others." He grinned, shoving Sylar affectionately. "So.. Yeah. Sparky can take care of you. Hmmph." He grunted, his eyes turning into their blue and he pulled his hood up. "Sparky, Sylar, i'm off to my.. Area, we'll call it. You know where to find me."

Yuki smiled as snowflakes appeared from nowhere and coverged on him. He disppeared with them, and reappeared in a small cave with a white shrine in the center, and white scrolls all over. All of them had different Kanji on them. He sat down and opened one that had the Kanji for Heaven on it. The walls suddenly lit up, and the parchment was transferred from the scroll to the Wall.

He sat back and started making different handsigns.
"Bird (ι…‰, Tori)
Boar (δΊ₯, I)
Dog (戌, Inu)
Dragon (θΎ°, Tatsu)
Ox (δΈ‘, Ushi)
Tiger (ε―…, Tora)
Snake (ε·³, Mi)
Rat (子, Ne)
Horse (午, Uma)
Monkey (η”³, Saru)
Hare (卯, U)
Ram (ζœͺ, Hitsuji)" He muttered, afterwards placing his hands on the scroll, and snow and ice flying throughout the cavern. "See, this is why i don't get out much."

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Cambria had heard Yuki's request, and had made sure to follow through with it for whenever the blue-haired boy decided to show up to eat. She knew just how he liked his Ramen - not too hot, so as to not burn himself. He did have control over snow after all; Cambria didn't want him to melt because of his breakfast.

She snickered slightly at the thought as she made her way into the dining area. She grabbed Yuki a bowl of Ramen, and set it next to her place at the table. She then made her way to get herself some waffles and maple syrup. Grabbing an apple she practically pranced back to the table, taking a seat and starting in on her food. The apple was the first thing to be devoured, and she waited a moment before taking a bite of her waffles.

"Yuuuukkkiiiii..." she wined a bit to herself, glancing around. "When in the heck is that boy going to get his butt in here and join me for breakfast." She pouted, mumbling things to herself as she continued to eat her breakfast. She wondered if she was going to end up hearing a collective stomach growl just before the entirety of the school poured in for some food. Somehow, it always ended up being her in the room first.