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The story of students with super-human powers, attending a boarding school for superheroes in training. Now a journey begins for these brave students to master their abilities, and make the future a better place.

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Plot: For thousands of years, humans with super-humans powers have existed. Abilities such as Enhanced Strength, Tissue Regeneration, and Teleportation were seen on a daily bases. Those who wielded these abilities were known as magicians, however soon the normal people began plotting against the super-humans. This forced the Powered Humans into hiding, and over-time people forgot of their existence. Years Later in the 21st Century, some of these gifted people used their abilities to help others, becoming known as super-heroes. More of these Gifted people began coming out of hiding, however some of them misused their abilities. One of the most famous heroes of all time,known as Omega started a school to train Gifted Humans, and turn them into superheroes. Now the training for a new age of super-humans begins.

1. Staff- Okay this is Hero School, and I'm currently working on creating the staff and faculty. If you want to be involved in creating a staff member PM me, I'm willing to alter my idea's.

2. Romance: We must abide by the site's rules, this means this is PG13. So as far as Romance goes, it's fine if it's for the storyline. However sex, and stuff should not be role-played out. So take it to the pm's

3.Death: This is a story about Gifted Humans training to be super-heroes. Of course not everyone is suppose to be a Goody Two Shoe's, so we can have death. However this isn't Dexter, we shouldn't have people dying all the time.

4. Violence: Again this is a role-play involving school, and super-human abilities. Of course there's going to be violence, but we don't have to turn this into Freddy vs Jason.

5. Creativity- I prefer if everyone has different abilities. I don't want people to have the same abilities, please that just gets boring. You can be as creative as you want with your Gifted Human's ability, but I don't want to see people with Power Cosmic from Marvel Comics.

6. Language- Again these are characters around 14 to 18, there can be Swearing. But you don't need to drop the F-Bomb every post.

7. Characters- You can play as many characters as you want, just remember to not leave any of them hanging.

9. Have Fun-Most important rule to follow :D

Ability List(Will add too the list, as abilities are used)
Biological Manipulation-Jericoh

PE Teacher-Coach Jeff
Power Training-
Dual Identity Class-

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The Story of Hero School begins, on a bright and sunny day. The day August 8th, 2009. The World has changed for advanced humans, beings with immense super-human abilities. These abilities range from tissue regeneration, and teleportation to Molecular Destabilization, and Superhuman Calculation. Hundreds of years ago, these beings took their abilities public, and many used their abilities to help the advancement of the human race. However humanity's fear of things they could not understand once again prevailed over logic and reasoning.

These powered beings were deemed evil, and as such were hunted. A war took place like no other, but in the end the advanced beings split up and went into hiding. Over the years they were forgotten, and humanity eventually started to progress once-more. In the Modern Age, beings with abilities became known as heroes AND villains. Now one of the main heroes known as Omega has retired, and started a school to train the next generation of Heroes. All the students had been gathered into a gigantic room, the auditorium, were Omega finished speaking about the history of advanced humans.

"And that students is the reason we must use our abilities to help the world. There are people who want to use their abilities for evil, it is our job to stop them. We have been given these incredible gifts to make a change in the world. Here at Hero School we want students to impact the world in a positive way! NOW THEN! Students be-gone to your classes! First year students, head to the Gym Area to meet Coach Bam.
Niko Hearts extremely excited, and ready for class. Ever since he started reading Spiderman, X men, and a whole other assortment of comics he had been determined he would do good things in the world. After he gained his ability from Aero, his life changed drastically. He was heading off the gym, practically running. I'M GONNA BE A SUPERHERO! That was the only thought on the fourteen year old boy's mind, as he entered the brightly colored gym, with sports supplies littered around the gigantic room. In the center a middle aged man, in white shorts, and a black and white stripped T shirt, sat down reading a book.


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Heroes: Past, Present, Future
Alice had a flash back to 17 years ago when she was on the run from the company, and the Invisible Man Claude Rains met up with her, and decided to recruit her into the company since she had tons of powers. Richard meanwhile had a flash back to two years ago when he met Usutu, and had a spirit walk, learning of his destiny. He had visions of battling a nuclear man named Ben in the future, and Claude got Alice into the company. Kathy a mass manipulator went to rob a bank ending up in combat against Richard, Alice, and a bone manipulator named Shaun. They defeated her, and Richard teleported her into a prison cell. Kathy escaped prison, and continued committing a string of crimes. Richard received a precognitive painting, and Homeland Security began investigating the events that took place.

Alice was framed for Kathy's crimes, and Peter confronted her. She escaped him, and Richard's painting depicted how his parents reacted his abilities. He was captured by the Company, and met Noah Bennet. Magix roamed the streets, his parents killed by the Company a few months ago. Alice went to the Deveux Building, using Clairesentience to discover that Claude was alive, and had trained Peter. She learned about how Noah tried to kill Claude, and she went after Noah. While Noah and Richard searched for the Precognitive painting, he'd tossed out. Ben had seen Richard teleporting earlier, and met up with his room mate. A man named Amahon was giving random people abilities, and Kathy located him, acquiring some extra abilities. With her new-found abilities she turned into Alice, and caused havoc.

Peter learned about this, and went to stop her, meeting up Magix. Alice turned into Noah, and joined the fight against Kathy. Alice teleported them all the Bennet house-hold, and fainted from over-use. Noah took her inside, and Richard learned a nuclear explosion would take place. Nathan learned what happened, and called Peter. Claire came home, and Peter took her outside to explain the situation. Peter teleported her, and Magix to Nathan's office. Noah began interrogating Alice, and Amahon came in giving Claire a second ability. A man spotted her using her ability, but Magix took care of him. Richard returned home, only for Ben to attack, the teleporter escaped, and Ben quickly made his escape from the crowded scene.

Nathan learned about Amahon, and led Magix to the security room, getting the video of Amahon. Noah, Richard, and Alice formed a trio, teleporting to Nathan's office to find Peter. Peter teleported Claire to an abandoned warehouse where she could learn about her new ability alone, and

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Character Portrait: Ruby Winchester
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Charming, hilarious, beautiful, powerful, slightly narcassistic, a bit of a psychopath.

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Character Portrait: Ruby Winchester
Ruby Winchester

Charming, hilarious, beautiful, powerful, slightly narcassistic, a bit of a psychopath.

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Ruby Winchester

Charming, hilarious, beautiful, powerful, slightly narcassistic, a bit of a psychopath.

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