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Heroes: Heroes vs Villains


People with abilities are appearing more and more. The Company is gone, lost in the minds of there once faithful employs. With the organization responsible for hiding ability users gone, will they be exposed?

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GM: Chulance

Co-GM: Aufeis
Co-Gm: FunnyGuy

Written by Crimson, Chulance, and Aufeis

People with abilities are appearing more and more. The Company is gone, lost in the minds of there once faithful employs. Nathan is alive....Or so some people know him as such. The future is unsure with the events that have take place are unlike anything they have faced before. Things have changed lives are going back to when they once were, how they should have been with out powers. They are staying hidden from the world even as others are being found out. It's just now that they are needed as the threats from the past come back to haunt them. Arthur is alive...He has returned to take down his past. As for the others there story is not yet foretold but it's coming true there all going to wined up choosing a side. A war is coming and the world will be changed.

Now if you haven't seen the show it's ok as long as you have played at least one gifted roleplay in your life you may join. The setting for the roleplay is like it says the past the present and the future just how it is on the show and it's sounds kind of hard to roleplay like that but I think it will be fun even though I have never did a roleplay like this. All characters from the show are playable and you are aloud to create your own like I will be doing. All Characters are aloud to have one power, or one power that can do multiple things such as Space-Time Manipulation, or Mental Manipulation. Also there should be no one with any form of ability duplication, including Replication. Well I guess I'll post the setting for the roleplay now let me think how will this start, Ok I got it! xD

Recently the leader of the school for Specials, David Braeburn was manipulated by the ruthless telepath, and leader of Pinehearst Arthur Petrelli. He lead his Students in an invasion of Washington D.C, but thanks to help from his allies he was freed from Petrelli's control. However he was arrested, and put on trial for his heinous acts against America. Arthur Petrelli was murdered by his son Peter Petrelli on live TV, and the Petrelli Family quickly become a combination of Public Enemy Number One, and the World's Finest Heroes. Evolved Humans where exposed, and Nathan the eldest Petrelli brother along with David's closest friend Matt Parkman took over the school. The Government turned the school into a semi prison camp for under-age specials, and set up a monitoring act. Now the powered, and non powered alike are forced to carry ID cards, and Specials are slowly being stripped of their rights. Can Peace between these two species ever be achieved?

Another Update. The World has changed drastically now that Specials have been exposed, now many Evolved humans are more actively trying to avoid using there abilities, as Camps are being set up for the more dangerous members of there kind, recently however after the Chinese lead an invasion of America with specials, the world's opinion of specials have changed, with former Senator Nathan Petrelli the world's most famous special taking control of the situation. Now the Camps have been abolished, and the Government is setting up it's own Special task force to defend itself. What does this mean for the future of people with abilities?

Roleplay System
Realism System: Also known as RS, is the system being used for this roleplay. This system makes the roleplay as real as possible, and the consequences to your characters can potentially be fatal. This means if someone fires a gun at you point blank, chances are you will be hit. This does not mean you can godmod, and say" Johnny shoots a bullet, into Jerry's chest". But, if Jerry somehow dodges, there better be a logical reason. This also means if you attack a character much more powerful then you, they can attack you, and deal you more lethal blows.

This means abilities can be used to their fullest. So if someone has mind control, they can use it, but if someone shoots beams of energy, they cannot godmod, and say the beams hit you. This also means your character takes damage on a REALISTIC level, so he won't get up and run down the street after getting shot in the leg 3 times. This does not mean people who wield stronger characters should go on a mad rampage either. I trust everyone will use common sense and not buse their power over other characters. However death may not be final, for there are many ways to be revived.

Canon Characters:
Peter Petrelli-Chulance
Nathan Petrelli-KilroyWasHere
Arthur Petrelli-Chulance/Deceased
Angela Petrelli- ShinigamiRiku
Claire Bennet- xoxMissClairexox
Noah Bennet-Chulance( Up for Grabs)
Matt Parkman- Chulance
Hiro Nakamura- Chulance
Ando Masashi- Chulance (Up for Grabs)
Mohinder Suresh-ShinigamiRiku
Tracy Strauss-Chulance
Claude Rains-KilroyWasHere
Maya Herrera - ShinigamiRiku
Flint Gordon-ShinigamiRiku
Elle Bishop-ShinigamiRiku
Benjamin Knox-
Meredith Gordon-
Adam Monroe-SamuraiMaster
Emma Coolidge-
Sabine Hazel-
Jacob Hazel-Chulance
Matt Jr. -Chulance
Micah Sanders-
Molly Walker-
Niki Sanders-ShinigamiRiku
D.L. Hawkins-Chulance
Samson Gray-Chulance
Samuel Sullivan-Chulance

Original Characters
Travis Friedman-SamuraiMaster
Krystina Jackson-SamuraiMaster
Jonathan Araya-SamuraiMaster
Magix- Magix
Nick Vinel-Chulance
Aiden Linear/Legion-Chulance
Kathy Burrows-Chulance
Amahon Nakan-Chulance
Jante Vinel-Chulance
Jessica Spayde- Aufeis
David Braeburn-Aufeis
Corporal Jamie 'Swiss' Taylor- Aufeis
Abigale Benson- Aufeis
Diana Benson-Aufeis
Jaice Dixon- Aufeis
Bridgette Summers- Aufeis
Alexia Moore- Aufeis
Sarah "Sally" Tanner-Aufeis
William "Billy" Steele
Lee Hitsugaya-Lee Hitsugaya
Doyle Thurston- RanyoM
Raquel Teixeira- Jaybt9
Michael Henderson- FunnyGuy
Emmet Baehrens-ShinigamiRiku
Tabitha Jones-ShinigamiRiku
Jack Cullen-ShinigamiRiku
Jenna Cullen-ShinigamiRiku
Todd Daniels-ShinigamiRiku
Kaiser- Shinigami
Drake Ortega-Shinigami Riku
Hannibal King-ShinigamiRiku
Lucifor Mandrake-ShinigamiRiku

Henry Jackson
Susan Jackson

Character Sheet:
"Quote said by character, or quote another character has said about said character"

Place in Time:
Appearance: (Optional if picture is posted)

Note: For Canon characters just ask if there are any you want that aren't on the list tell me or Aufeis and we will add them. As for Abilities, the one's with a name means it's reserved for a Canon character only. I might be willing to negotiate depending on how important said canon is.

List Of Abilities
Ability Absorption
Ability Replication
Ability Reversal
Ability Regulation
Ability Supercharging
Accelerated Probability
Activation and Deactivation
Adoptive Muscle Mimicry (Available)
Age Transferal
Astral Projection, and possession
Aura Absorption

Blood Manipulation
Body Insertion
Body Part Generation


Dimensional Manipulation
Dream Manipulation

Electric Manipulation
Electronic Communication
Empathic Mimicry
Energy Manipulation
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Memory
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Synesthesia

Fire Breathing
Fire Mimicry

Gravitational Manipulation

Healing Touch
Heat Generation

Impenetrable Skin
Induced Radioactivity
Intuitive Aptitude

Jet Propulsion

Kinetic Energy Manipulation
Kryptonite Bestowal

Lie Detection
Light Mimicry
Literary Manipulation

Magnetic Manipulation
Mass Manipulation
Mass Shifting
Mental Manipulation
Molecular Fusion
Molecular Manipulation
Musical Animation


Pheromone Manipulation
Plant Manipulation
Poisson Emission
Precognitive Dreams
Probability Manipulation

Quantum Field Manipulation

Rapid Cell Regeneration
Reactive Adaption, and Evolution
Reality Manipulation

Shadow Manipulation
Shape Shifting
Sound Manipulation
Space-Time Manipulation
Super Speed

Temporal Control
Toy Mimicry

Underwater Breathing

Virtual Insertion

Weather Control
Wish Granting
Yin/Yang Manipulation

The Company/Primatecht:
The Company was founded in 1977 by a group of twelve individuals. It uses cover companies (e.g. Primatech Paper Co), to conceal their illicit operations, or provided support or resources for whatever reason. The standard operating protocol involves Company agents to locate and track evolved humans, letting some go but keeping the ones they deem dangerous locked away, or even killing those who are deemed too great a risk.

The Company has two main tracking systems. One division marks people with special abilities with an isotope which can be later used by a satellite to track and find them (though this satellite has now been destroyed). In certain cases, this division also trains those individuals to assist the Company. The second "system" was a girl named Molly Walker who has an innate ability to find people, but she has now left the Company. Mr. Bennet's superior, Thompson, took orders from Daniel Linderman, who, along with Angela Petrelli and others, had been planning the events surrounding the explosion for an extended period of time.

Since Linderman's death or even before, Bob Bishop has been running the operations of the Company. Due to Bob's ability, the Company is not stressed with financial concerns. Among other items, agents are known to have access to standard-issue clothing, guns, night vision goggles, tasers, and transportation. In addition, each agent receives a Company expense account to purchase other non-Company items.

Besides field agents, the Company also employs internal affairs agents, scientists and doctors. At Primatech Research, Donna Dunlap worked for a time in internal affairs. While performing an investigation, she used the services of a research library, medical examiner, chemical analyst, and ballistics. The Company was shut down for nearly a year, after a battle against their rival company Pinehearst. It has been rebuilt, and is currently funded by the U.S Government. The current leader of the organization is one of the last founders still alive, Angela Petrelli. The Company was shut down permanently two days after Thanksgiving of November 2009.

The Pinehearst Company was a biotechnology company with connections to evolved humans. While in existence, the company's headquarters were located in Fort Lee, NJ. After being destroyed in an explosion, their new location is in Orlando, Florida. It is located near an LA Fitness center, and currently several other Pinehearst buildings are being built in the Major Cities of America.

The Pinehearst Company is working on becoming one of the nation's leading biotechnology companies through their products of superior quality and innovative methods. They hope to help build the future with their products in the fields of medicine, science, and technology. Current projects include the Energy Initiatives to study climate change and energy consumption, and the Biotech Training Program, focused on enhancing the nation's biotechnology industry.

In reality it is merely a front for a team of Evolved Humans, Lead by Arthur Petrelli. Their goal is to create a formula to give everyone abilities, to prevent any conflict between 'normals', and 'specials'. Arthur Petrelli was murdered on live TV, but one of his members Michael Henderson quickly took over planning to follow his leader's dream.

Stat System
Most Heroic: Peter, Hiro, and Nick.
Most Interesting: Jessica, Emmet, and Krystina
Most Violent: Jessica, Emmet, Sylar and Jonathan.
Most Timid: Krystina, Sally, and Alexia
Most Evil: Sylar, and Jessica.
Most Complex: Magix and Travis
Most Spirited: Hiro, and Nick.
Most Crazy/Insane: Sylar
Most Morally Gray: Noah, and Arthur.
Most Versatile: Peter
Most Untrustworthy: Sylar, and Jessica
Most Depth: Travis, Swiss, Jessica/Abigale, & Magix
Most Sadistic: Emmet, and Jessica.
Most Awesome: Jessica
Most Powerful Future Self: Magix, Travis, Peter, Sylar, Arthur, and Jonathan
Most Powerful Past Self: Peter, Sylar, and Jonathan
Kindest Heart: Krystina, Diana, Cindy, Hiro, & Abigale

Now for the RP Itself:

Best Fight: Future Magix Vs Swiss, Travis, Emmet, and Jessica
City with Most Action: New York,
Best Cliffhanger: Arthur telling Rene to kill Peter, and Travis's choice on siding with Jessica, or Abigale.
Most complex Vision: Travis' visions
Most Powerful Ability: Magix' ability, Volcanikinesis (Jonathan)

Best Future Arc SO FAR: Volcanic Survival (hey with as much excitement as it's getting, I believe it will easily overpower Arthur's Future)

Classic Rivalries:
Peter and Sylar
Travis and Jonathan
Travis and Jessica
Jessica and David
Peter and Arthur
Hiro and Adam

Best Friendships:
Swiss and Travis
Swiss and Cindy
Krystina and Ciny
Travis and Krystina
Claire and Magix

Best Past Story: Swiss and Jessica

Kill Rates: (How many people said character has killed)
Peter: 2
Matt: 15
Swiss: 134
Sierra: 6
David: 9
Jessica: 7263
Sylar: 105

Peter: Power Whore
Claire: The Cheerleader
Magix: Shadow Boy
Travis: Fish-Boy
Hiro: Pikachu
Tracy: Ice Queen
Swiss- Gun-man!

Ian32(Temporarily Formerly)

Sites to Use

Ability Videos
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrkmZdB9 ... re=related
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh286zCF ... feature=iv
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_6WK5lo ... feature=iv

Official Fanfics for the RP
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5819892/1/G ... ons_Floods
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5874309/1/C ... he_phoenix

Arc 1 Time-Line

2009: The Present Time

2010: Swiss and Cindy get married. I would assume that Travis and Krystina get married at around this time as well.

2011: Abigale and Terry Meet.

2012: Abby and Terry get married.

2014: Diana is born.

December 25, 2015: Swiss announces he doesn't want to be called Swiss anymore. (:P)

2016: Terry and Flint are killed.

2017: Swiss, Cindy, and Krystina are all killed, and Travis is captured.

2018: School is attacked and subsequently destroyed. David and Matt are among the casualties.

2020: Peter escapes the Shadow Realm, and Arthur & Most of Pineheart where killed. Travis died during the battle against Arthur. They where replaced by the army of clones...Arthur had Mohinder create with Ando's cells.

2030: Everyone is dead that could make a difference. Diana is trying to round up a new resistance. (What-If Chronicles, Which Aufeis is working on, by the way.)

Arc 2 Time-Line
March 5th, 2010:
The Yellowstone Caldera erupts with a VEI 8 catagory. The explosion devastates for miles the area surrounding the caldera. Total casualties around the volcano up to around 80,000 people. The eruption is followed by several thousand other eruptions that start to happen worldwide that send the world into the worlds worst volcanic winter in human history, perhaps world history. 60% of all human life dies along with several hundred species of life.

Day 1, 1 A.Y.
Humanity gathers together what it can as the atmosphere slowly becomes very deadly.

Day 2, 1 A.Y.
The largest project in man's history gets started as the camp command centers first models are constructed and put into operation. Other mobile units are constructed as well by the held of other specials and even regular humans. 86 basic camps are constructed by the end of the day. 3,666 humans die in the process due to respiratory problems.

Day 3, 1 A.Y.
Camp commanders are selected. Humanity begins it's life underground as the atmosphere slowly begins to become less inhabitable. 5,408 people die during the transition underground due to heat problems. Humanity's last survivors amount to less than 800,000.

1 A.Y.
Remaining camps, 76. VEI 8 Eruptions, 178.

2 A.Y.
Remaining camps, 69. VEI 8 Eruptions, 113.

3 A.Y.
Remaining camps, 64. VEI 8 Eruptions, 97.

4 A.Y.
Remaining camps, 59. VEI 8 Eruptions 86.

Currently in 5 A.Y.
Remaining camps 56. VEI 8 Eruptions, 24.

The future takes place around the years 2015-2016. The accurate time is not known for reasons to be explained.

Humanity lives underground due to a series of cataclysmic eruptions that have rendered the Earth almost completely uninhabitable. Humans survive underground in mobile camps. The camps are very complex, and I won't go into them right now, but I will say the camps are consisting of a high command, a defense, and civilians. Camps are needed to be mobile due to the danger of attacks by Ferd's armies, and Jonathan's attacks.

The one thing that matters to anyone underground is survival. Life has changed drastically. Specials are known to normal people now, and they live together in these hard times. There are a series of camps, each with it's own leader, but the Family are the main leaders, and stay within direct contact.

Travis Friedman's Camp

Camp #07
Population: 16,463
0-18: 17%
19-44: 44%
44-75: 32%
75+: 6%

Commander of Camp:
Travis Abbot Friedman (Advanced Hydrokinesis and Advanced Telepathy)

Captains of Camp Militia:
Gordon Mustaine (no ability)
Alan Parker (no ability)
Gary Stoker (Electric Manipulation)
Trenton Hetfield (Terrakinesis)
Jamie "Swiss" Taylor (Weapon Replication)

Camp Special Status

44% Have ability
56% Have no Ability

Other Notable Evolved Humans
Krystina Friedman (Yin Yang Manipulation)
Cliff Friedman (Hydrokinesis)
Cindy Taylor (Advanced reflexes)

Number of teleporters: 27
Number of Terrakinetics: 15
Number of healers: 5
Number of technopaths/cyberpaths: 23

Information on Camp:

Number of times Attacked:
Number of times Evacuated:
Number of times Moved:

Number of Fatalities (KIA):

5 fields (each a football field long)

56 known Species preserved

Mobile Home Units:

Mobile Defense Units (This includes Turrets and other defense mechanisms):
6100 plus more in construction

Kitchen Units: 700


Number of Volunteers:
Mobile Defense Units (turrets):
1500 plus more in construction
Volunteers with abilities:
Automatic Defense Systems:

-Originally Camp #7 was the seventh largest camp, housing about 11,000. Recent attacks forced evacuees here, and it is currently the third largest camp among the remaining camps.

-It has only begun seeing attacks recently as the larger it has gotten, the slower it is in moving. However each attack was driven off.

-Travis, being one of the only people who can survive in water like he can, he been known while his camp is hiding under the crust of the Pacific Ocean, to to into the pacific ocean and try to hunt any fish for camp food. He is quite successful.

-Camp #7 is one of the only camps to have one who has precognition to alert any other camp about future attacks or safe hideaway locations.

Gabriel Gray's Camp (shini)
Based in Canadian areas
Camp #34
Population: 7018
0-18: 14%
19-44: 64%
44-75: 18%
75+: 4%

Commander of Camp:
Gabriel Gray

[Does not mean there are only this many, there may be more unmentioned captains in any camp]
Captains of Camp Militia:
Clive (Lumokinesis)
Samson Venture( Typhokinesis )
Sasha Graves (Saprokinesis)
Tyler Chan (No known Ability)
Mike Cullens (No Known Ability)

Camp Special Status

51% Have ability
49% Have no Ability

Other Notable Evolved Humans
Emmet Baehrens (Pheonix Mimicry))
Thomas Ortega( Induced radioactivity )
Lucifer Mandrake( Hyalokinesis )

Number of teleporters: 31
Number of Terrakinetics: 19
Number of healers: 84
Number of technopaths/cyberpaths: 26

Information on Camp:

Number of times Attacked:
Number of times Evacuated:
Number of times Moved:

Number of Fatalities (KIA):

3 fields (each a football field long)

65 known Species preserved

Mobile Home Units:

Mobile Defense Units (This includes Turrets and other defense mechanisms):
1,200 plus more in construction

Kitchen Units: 300

Number of Volunteers:
Mobile Defense Units (turrets):
900 plus more in construction
Volunteers with abilities:
Automatic Defense Systems:

-Currently of the remaining 54 camps, Camp 34, is the 28th largest camp

-This camp houses more healers than any other camp due to it's large group of miracle doctors. Healers are hard to come by in this time.

-Based in Canada, this camp had a bit of a longer time raiding goods ahead of time before the atmosphere became to toxic for survival

-Camp 34, and camp 7 maintain constant communication with each other a large amount of the time due to them being so close together geographically

Nathan Petrelli's camp

Camp #47
Population: 21,657
0-18: 20%
19-44: 40%
44-75: 13 %
75+: 7%

Commander of Camp:
Nathan Petrelli(Flight)

Captains of Camp Militia:
Peter Petrelli(Empathic Mimicry, and Ability Replication)
Kurt Prackner(Literary Animation)
Nick Vinel(Energy Manipulation)
Ron Wagner(Magnetic Manipulation)
D.L Hawkins(Phasing)
Rene(Mental Manipulation)
Matt Parkman(Telepathy)

Camp Special Status

60% Have ability
40% Have no Ability

Other Notable Evolved Humans
Alexia Moore(Invisibility)
Claude Rains(Invisibility)
Keith(Space-Time manipulation)
Nikki Sanders(Enhanced Strength)
Micah Sanders(Technopathy)
Mohinder Suresh(Enhanced Strength)
David Braeburn(no Ability)

Number of teleporters: 31
Number of Terrakinetics: 30
Number of healers: 34
Number of technopaths/cyberpaths: 24

Information on Camp:

Number of times Attacked:
Number of times Evacuated:
Number of times Moved:

Number of Fatalities (KIA):

5 fields (each a football field long)

121 known Species preserved

Mobile Home Units:

Mobile Defense Units (This includes Turrets and other defense mechanisms):
8120 plus more in construction

Kitchen Units: 741


Number of Volunteers:
Mobile Defense Units (turrets):
8120 plus more in construction
Volunteers with abilities:
Automatic Defense Systems:

-This camp is one of the most well organized due to the leader Nathan Petrelli, having experience organizing the masses, and due to the large number of Specials he has to work with.

-This camp is known for it's Military Force, the General of the army being Nick Vinel, one of the most skilled Specials in combat, and one capable of holding his own against Jonathan Araya. Peter Petrelli also helps General Vinel trains soldiers, and this leads to this being the most powerful Organized Military Force in 2015.

-Currently this is a large camp, this is mainly due to Nathan accepting any refuges, and even people put above the surface for breaking the rules.

-This Camp is located in Eastern United States.

-This camp has something known as HCT Training, aka Hyper Bolic Time Chamber training. Basically this is a room from the manga Dragon-Ball Z, that Kurt has made real via his ability. One day in the real world is a year in HCT. Nick often trains soldiers here. When a Special is a Class 5 they are brought in this room for ability training only, actual Soldier training starts at the age of 17. They usually spent two or three "days" in HCT.

-This Camp is also the most peace-ful camp, and has the most numerous forms of Entertainment. This camp actually looks similar to New York City, and Peter constantly has the ability of Safe Zone Generation activated to keep it this way. Said Man also ruins the most popular restaurant of the era called Shake & Bake, which is really a buffet, but specializes in baked foods. It also has Strip Club,and like all clubs has music, ect.

-Camp #47 is one of the only camps to have one who has precognition to alert any other camp about future attacks or safe hideaway locations.

Toggle Rules


1. Keep OOC in it's own forum that way people don't get confused from OOC posts and IC posts.
2. No fighting on the boards unless you are Roleplay fighting then well who doesn't do that.
3. Romance is aloud just don't go over board there's nothing wrong with it I mean I think it's a great part of role-playing but try to keep it PG-13. Anything over should be implied, or time skipped over.
4. No God Modding you know what I mean no taking over peoples characters and killing characters with out permission from the owner.
5. As many characters as you want just try not to mess up when roleplaying with too many. Also make sure to keep up with your characters.
6. Cussing is fine just don't you it to cuss someone out in the OOC post.
7. Don't want to follow these simple rules then don't join and if you do join and you don't follow the rules I will kick you out of the roleplay.
8. Best rule of them all just have fun that's I great rule don't you think.
9. Memory post or post as if you are in the past or future may be played by one or more people as in if you have a look in to someones past and will say your playing Peter and someone else is playing Nathan and the person playing Peter thinks about something that happen to his brother and him in the past either just the person playing Peter can play both him and his brother or they can do a past/future post together....Sound good?
10. No duplicating abilities already used by cannons, or originals in the RP.
11. No power can have extra qualities such as being immune to being taken.
12. If you get left behind or lost ask for a recap. Me, or Aufeis will provide you with one. But the other members of the RP can do the same.
13. You can also play 'normals' meaning people WITHOUT abilities, infact where lacking on the amount of normals we have.
14: All long Fights are to be done in the chat room, and you can do other scenes in chat, but make sure to save, and post what you've done in actual Tab.
15. You can also do "mini rp" in the chat to build up character development, and such. This is usually used with Rule9, allowing larger memory posts.

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#, as written by Outlaw
Ron was in a rage and was just about to let loose on everyone infront of him when a man he didnt know just appeared infront of him. the man said something about none of this happening and then he turned round and thanked ron for being a friend to his son. this part really confused ron he didnt know this man so how could he have know his son. suddenly kurt appeared from nowhere and started to talk about his bio dad and his bio brother and taking him to the airport. ron said nothing and simply walked up to kurt and put out one hand and lighty pushed it into his chest making sure he was real. "i cant believe your ok sure i'll take you to the airport but first i need to say something" ron said. "i'm really sorry man i really sorry i let you down but i met some one and i could let the cops get her just for knowing me can you ever forgive me" ron asked bowing his head in shame.


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2010: Suburbs
Kurt was all caught up in his excitement, when he realized what Ron was talking about. They were suppose to meet up at the airport, but he had rushed out of the airport, and caught the nearest shuttle bus to his house, his mother had called him for help, so he didn't have time to wait out at Starbucks. It's not his fault, I couldn't have expected him to get here as fast as I did, I was closer. "It's alright man, if you can get me to the airport, then it's all good, but if you don't mind me asking, does this girl have a really cute friend or a sister? He said with a grin on his face, no need to be all depressing, he was glad to know he had family out there, and they weren't dicks unlike his recently deceased stepfather. "But seriously if the cops are after her or some shit you should get back to her, was she working for Pinehearst or something?" On his way to Florida he'd read about how former Pinehearst agents and employee's still alive where being apprehended.


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Mohinder had followed Matt to the airport, while viewing the news on his phone. When the pilot greeted him, Mohinder just smiled and nodded and returned to his phone. He took a seat before speaking.

"How long will the flight take?"

Tampa: Czar

After the long wait in line... Yeah the line was still long as hell when the group got there, but now they were in the club. The club was divided into different sections. One section was mainstream club music, the second section was purely a bar area, and the third section (the hugest), consisted of house music. It wasn't like a club Mike normally went to, but he couldn't say he wasn't having fun fist pumping and grinding on girls. He threw in a few moves every now and then, but his main focus were the ladies on the dance floor. His eyes wandered through the crowd, before his eyes stopped on a girl. Mike's friend already patted him on the shoulder, when he saw Mike looking at one of the most attractive girls on the floor.

"Go for it!" Mike's friend said. Mike smiled and let the girl he was currently dancing with dance with his friend. He felt bad about leaving her there, but he almost felt like he had to upgrade. The girl was wearing black dress that almost looked like it was painted on. She had curves in all the right places. The best thing of all though. She was up for grabs. Mike approached her as quickly as he could, holding out his left hand toward her. He leaned in close to speak into her ear over the loud music. "Wanna dance?" She smiled before taking his hand. That's when it started. anyone would have just saw this as Trigga Mike trying to dance with the hottest girl in the club, and seeing how far he could go with this girl, but this was all planned out. As their bodies rubbed against each other to the rhythm of the music playing, Mike let himself hold the girl closer. His chest was against her back, and his face was beside hers. His eyes stared down at her cleavage every couple of beats, while his friends who weren't dancing cheered him on.

"So, what's your name?" Mike said right into the girls ear. She was unaware what was truly going on as he spoke. The song now playing made him smile as it reminded him of him of what he was doing. It was a mix off of We Are Your Friends. The girl's eyes started to roll to the back of her head, before he used his hand to bring her lips to his. She never even got to tell him her name. One...


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2010: East Coast City
Martha had been brushed aside by the construction worker in charge of the operation, most of them were underpaid immigrants, a few of them were kids of rich kids, whose parents wanted them to work, but she had a enough nature deserved no such treatment, the earth was there's. Enough I cannot abide, awaiting the virus's completion anymore, I must resume my old ways If Nature is to be served, and honored, I must create a new world where nature is the supreme. She went over to the worker with a bull horn grabbing him by the shoulder. "Excuse me sir, but your harming tree's, animals your committing acts against nature itself, i command you to repent before Nature strikes you down" The man brushed her aside. "I knew you eco nuts where crazy, but you take the cake, hell you got the icing"

Martha grabbed him, and suddenly he vomited, clutching his stomach, some of the other co workers saw them, Martha then kicked the man,causing him to fall into a mess of his own vomit. "The hell! Your one of them freak your" Martha kicked him in the face, and he rushed to get up, but she shoved him to the cement as he vomited again this time body fluids coming out, some of the other co workers went to grab there phones, but Martha raised her hand, concentrating, she headed into her vehicle, and took off, as sirens were heard, about an hour later, all of the workers were in the hospital, all of them dying from extreme fevers, the doctors had no explanation, and the victims were unable to describe there attacker, Martha was watching the news from her main Terracorp office with a smile. "And so the enemies of Nature shall perish, one by one."

2010: The Plane
Jeff wanted to shrug, it would all depend, but he needed to sound like a professional, Matt had a small smile on his face, I REALLY hate the mind reading juju or whatever Parkman, I really do. After shaking Mohinder's hand, he focused on the plane, after a few minutes it took off into the air. "honestly It should be 4 to five hours, maybe more, but yea settle back and enjoy the ride boys."


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#, as written by Jaybt9
2010: On the way to Georgia

Raquel stared from outside the window as the man introduced himself to her. Darry., she thought to herself. Such an unusual name, but it seemed quite familiar. Was it mentioned by someone when she was in Pinehearst? Was he listed? Either way, he had introduced himself, and then it was her turn to reply with a name. She was trying to force herself from speaking, biting her lip a little, but she just couldn't resist it. “Raquel.”, she responded hesitantly.

Darry smiled. "Raquel? That's a beautiful name" He said as he kept driving, he needed to focus on his driving. He didn't know much about her abilities, but knew she was connected to Michael, and Pinehearst, what was left of it, and the Government didn't seem to like her. He looked down at the GPS< it would be about an eight hour drive to Atlanta, then he could work on meeting up with his family the next day. About eight hours later Darry was barely awake, the car swerving side to side, he finally decided he couldn't go any farther, stopping outside a hotel, it wasn't five star, but it wasn't a cheap motel either. He stumbled out, he only had one packed bag, he slung it around his shoulder. "I'll go buy a room, let's go. "He said as he walked forward, trudging into the building, drowsy.

Raquel just looked at him, before exiting his car. She could tell that he must have been tired, especially from him drifting off on the road, literally. She walked in the lobby of the hotel for h to buy the room. He must have wanted to sleep good, so he picked quite a clean place to stay.

Darry got the room, and two room keys handing one to Raquel. Dang it, had to use my charge card for that. "Got a double bed, follow me" He said heading into the elevator, pressing the up arrow, moments later after a short elevator ride, with some classical music playing in the back-ground, he arrived at room 111, she had room 112, he slid the card through his door, and handed Raquel his. "I'll see you in the morning, I need some sleep, if you want I can order a pizza." He said as he made his way into the room tossing his bag on the ground, falling on his bed, awaiting her answer, but his eyelids were already heavy

“No need to”, Raquel responded outside of his door, “I don't have much of an appetite.” Raquel closed his door, before walking toward hers, which was right next to his. She immediately had a flashback of when she first moved into Pinehearst. That day where she first received her room key, along with Michael. Michael...that name just immediately tuned her out into present time, blinking her eyes a bit before she slid the key to the hotel room. It lit green before, making a short click.


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2010: Vegas

Greg struggled down the hall, dragging Nate with him. Nates injured rib cage sending waves of pain. He barely noticed though. Nicole, His baby girl, the stigma awakened. Watching her runaway, dragging Nick along, hurt more then his cracked ribs. Fucking Azrael, why did he have to bring Sophie up, and how did he even know her?

Nate hadn’t received word from her in years. They’d met when he was fourteen and she sixteen. Back in those days, he’d been a real hellion. Doing all drugs, drinking, fighting, and of course sex. He wasn’t picky about whom either. Guy or girl it didn’t manner. He didn’t think of himself as bisexual, not wanting to be weighed down by a label. He met Sophie at a party one night. They’d clicked instantly and ended up fucking on a pool table. From that moment on they continued seeing each other. Not really dating, just hooking up, going to parties, and participating in group sex. Sophie loved to watch Nate get it on with guys. When Sophie had winded up pregnant. Both voiced there disinterest in being pregnant, but it was too late for an abortion. Nate had shrugged off the whole thing and ceased seeing her. A couple months later on a stormy night, he’d been sitting in the living room, playing on his game boy when he felt something. He got up and headed towards the backdoor. To his utter shock, was a baby girl in a little makeshift basket, being buffeted by the fierce wind and rain. He quickly got her inside the house and warmed her up. He found a note attached to the side. It read that Sophie didn’t want to keep IT and felt he should.

Nate was angry, but more so on having the kid dumped on his lap then anything else. But then the baby got very sick and he had to rush her to the hospital. All night he sat in the waiting room, worried out of his mind. When the doctor told him they’d narrowly avoided a terrible situation, he fell to his knees and cried. He’d just met the kid, his daughter. But in that moment he’d felt so relieved. When asked who he was to the baby girl, he’d looked the doctor straight in the eye and said “I’m her father “

Now she was gone. Rose had been captured and it was looking next to impossible for him and Greg to get out of the hotel alive. He could hear his fathers labored breathing, it was taking all the old mans strength to get them on “Dad, just let me go, you have to get out of here “Greg glared at his son

“Nathaniel, I won’t hear that! We are getting out of here! “Greg continued on, a parent wasn’t supposed to bury there children. He could see the elevator up ahead, just had to make it there.

Micah was inspecting the layout of the forbidden lotus on his laptop. He’d been thinking about how he could contact Claire when his mother had barged into his room, it took him only a moment to realize that Jessica was in control. She’d told him she had just received a phone call from a past acquaintance. The next thing he knew, he was sitting in the passenger seat of there car. Jessica was breaking every speeding law known to man and Micah was clutching his seatbelt tightly, he Jessica wouldn’t let anything happen to him, but still, her driving scarred him.

“Wow, it’s pretty nice “he commented “One of the largest buildings in Vegas. Its top of the line security, surveillance networking, the works “

Jessica smirked “Oh really? “

Micah hit a button on his laptop “Not anymore. I hacked into there security camera system “he looked through the videos till he found one under real guard. He hacked through it. “Hey, look at this “

Jessica slowed the car down a little and craned over a little to peer at the screen. It was a large business room with a long rectangular table. Six people seemed to be eating. There was no sound so they couldn’t tell what was being said. A girl sitting at the table started shaking, then from her body movement; she stood up and threw her head back, as in laugher. Micah hit the zoom and focused more on her face. Her right eye was red, with what appeared to be a black cross in it? She started backing away, but a man burst into the room and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and held her up. He threw the girl and punched some guy that ran forward to catch her. Some old guy did, but she shoved him away and grabbed some man that seemed to be sleeping and bolted out of the room.

Things progressed on till Jessica saw what she was waiting for.

“Redrum “she muttered and turned her attention back to the road, speeding back up

“ Redrum? “ Micah asked in confusion “ Murder? “

Jessica shrugged “Just a guy I did some work with in the past. He’s the one who called me and said he needed help with a family matter “

Micah nodded and turned back to the screen “Some family “he thought to himself

Jessica whizzed through other cars, past the flashing lights till they were at the forbidden lotus. Jessica parked the car “Stay here, I need you safe “

Micah nodded and handed her some ear pieces “So It’s like i'm right next to you “Jessica smiled and put them on “she stepped out of the car and walked to the entrance.

A guard was standing in front “I’m sorry madam but were closed for the night “

Jessica smirked “Really? Linderman must have a big job going down to close this joint “

His eyes narrowed at her suspiciously. He’d been on the staff since Linderman senior and recognized the woman after a moment

“Jessica Sanders? “ She nodded

“Good boy. Glad you remembered me, got a call from the boss awhile ago. Said he needed some added help for the job “

The man hadn’t heard any such instructions, but he knew the boss doesn’t always tell everyone his ideas. He stepped aside and Jessica walked in

Nate and Greg arrived at the elevator and Greg hit the down button. He kept a lookout for any and all incoming people. They’d been lucky so far, but that could change in an instant. Nate straightened himself up, fighting through the pain “What do we do now? “

Greg was silent “I don’t know. As we are now, we can’t stop Azrael. We need to get you some medical attention “

“…….What about Nicole? “

Greg just shook his head “One trouble at a time “

Nate nodded. Suddenly both men could hear the sound of padding foot steps. Five men with guns were running down the hall, firearms trained at them.

“Shit! “ Nate cursed. He moved to pull out a knife but one of the men opened fire. Greg shoved Nate back turned his arm into a medieval shield, blocking the bullets. He grunted under the strain. He hadn’t used his ability like that in years.

“What the fuck?! “One of the guards yelled. “Fucking freak! “Unloaded another slug and made a crack in it. The others joined in. Suddenly Greg’s body started shaking violently. His arms transformed into large blades, and his legs into battle axes. Nate staggered back to his feet “Dad? “

Greg turned to his son, his stigma blazing after years of inactivity “Get ready my boy these lambs are itching for the slaughter!! “ He howled and charge at the men. They were all frozen with shock. Greg was on them in an instant, his bladed limbs whirling, he lopped off two of the men’s head with his arm blades. He ducked down and sweep cut off the remaining three’ legs by the knees. He laughed as blood splashed him and the men screamed in mutual terror and agony. Nate watched in awe and horror as his father butchered the remaining men. He brought his blood stained blade arm up to his mouth and licked it “Nummy, come Nathaniel, the night is ours!! “

Greg dashed off down the hall and Nate staggered after him. At that moment, the elevator door opened and Jessica stepped onto the floor. She watched Nate round the corner. She looked down and saw the dead and cut up guards on the floor “Micah? “

The boy had been monitoring the floor Jessica was heading for, of course he saw Greg’s spectacle and promptly threw open the car door to vomit. “You’d wanna know, but I’m not saying. Your friend is up ahead “

Jessica shrugged and continued on.

Redrum and 777’s battle was tearing the floor up. Some of the guards had come to aid 777 but they were quickly obliterated by the two specials. 777 aimed a punch at Redrum, but the hemokinetic deftly dodged it. Due to all the people who’d fallen around them, Redrums stock in blood had increased exponent. He manipulated the crimson liquid into long swords, making there edges exceptionally sharp. He swing one at 777 and managed to cut his arm, but drew no blood.

“Hmm, Myokinetic it seems “Redrum mused to himself. “ Manipulating his blood from a distance is proving impossible, and none of my attacks are doing much damage. If I can lay a hand on him the battle is mine “Redrum charged at 777, he commanded all of the blood swords to whirl around him, he did a lunging strike, his sword piercing an inch into 777’s chest. His other swords attacked different spots on 777's body. They started to dissolve away, burying into 777. This was merely a paralysis tactic. Redrum smirked and stepped forward to press his palm to the other mans head. But suddenly 777’s body started expanding out, his muscle mass increasing. He roared and all of Redrums swords flew out of his body. 777 raised his massive fist and aimed it at Redrum, going at an alarming rate. Redrum made a wall of blood and coagulated it to increase the defensive power. The massive fist smashed into it, making several cracks, but it stood.

Redrum jumped back, putting some distance between them. Azrael certain picked a most appropriate person as a bodyguard. His ability was formidable, but not unbeatable. His stock in blood would need to be increased first. 777 stumbled towards him, his enlarged muscles beginning to slow him down. The muscle giant felt someone tap his back turned around to see a woman with long blonde hair wearing a white tank top and blue jeans.

“Hey handsome “she said slugging him. Her punch smashed up the side of his face and sent him crashing through a series of walls.

Redrum smirked “Ms Sanders, always a pleasure “

Jessica returned to the smirk “Well you seemed to be getting your ass kicked, thought I’d lend a fist “

Redrum shrugged “It was an interesting situation. One I don’t believe is over yet “Both could hear the sounds of 777 getting up. Jessica cracked her knuckles

“Heh, fun “777 came crashing at them and Jessica met him head on. There fist connecting and making the air rush. Jessica grunted slightly, fucker had a good right hook, they pushed each other away and dove back in, bobbing and weaving away from the other, Jessica used her smaller figure to move around him. She landed blow after blow, but his hard muscles seemed to be fighting her off. But little by little she could feel her punches getting through “He’s getting weaker “Jessica realized. Keeping his muscles in that state was proving too much of a strain. Now it just came down to a matter of time. 777 took advantage of Jessica’s momentary loss of focus and caught her off guard. His punch caught her in the side and sent her into a wall. 777 roared with laughter “FOOLISH WOMAN, YOUR STRONG, BUT YOUR NOTHING COMPARED TO MINE!! “

“My. Striking a woman, you’re quite bold aren’t you? “

777 turned around, Redrum was standing calmly with his hands in his pockets, behind was a massive blob of blood. While Jessica had been duking it out with 777, he’d slipped away in search of more blood. He was surprised to find so many dead people. He realized from there hacked up bodies that Greg’s stigma had awakened. He’d focused and will all the fallen blood to bend to his will, he was surprised that there was so much available to him as it all came rushing up. Now he stood there, ready to resume his battle.

Redrum blinked and tendrils of blood lashed out at 777, the points hardening. 777 knocked them away, but others soon replaced them. He screamed as his body was pierced in multiple locations. He quickly increased his muscle mass further, ignoring the aching pain. He charged at Redrum, but was hindered by a wave of blood. It was so dense and restricted his movement. A crashing sound split the air and 777 fell through the floor. Jessica walked past Redrum, dusting herself off, she had a cut on her forehead but ignored it “Compared to my dad, he hits like a bitch “she’d been punching the floor as Redrum restrained the Myokinetic. Resulting, in the floor collapsing. She looked down and saw he’d fallen two floors. Redrums blood still holding him. Jessica jumped down and landed on his head, he thrashed and she jumped off. She was suddenly aware that some they were not alone. Azraels boys were surrounding them, course none of them were sure what to do. They recognized 777, but that didn’t stop the fear. When Jessica landed on his head, they’d drawn there guns. Some of there fear leaving.

“I think you boys should leave now. Unless you wanna die that is “

They men glared at Jessica and all of them cocked there guns at her. Her smirk increased as Redrum descended down on a platform of blood. Tendrils shot out, spearing all of the men and draining them of there blood. 777 broke out of his bloody hold, nearly swallowing his tongue from the intense agony of his muscles.

Redrum shook his head, this fight was all but over, and it had proven to be rather boring. It had started out well enough, but now it was drab. He commanded all of the blood under his control to swarm the muscle user and with intense focus, shaped him into his trade mark weapon, a vast series of surgical scalpels.

777 staggered and fell to his knees; he’d pushed his body past its limits and was paying for it. His scream echoed through the hotel as every inch of his body, sans his head, was pierced by blood scalpels. He fell to his knees. His head bowed down.

Jessica strode over to him “He’s still alive?

Redrum shrugged “He isn’t worthy, you finish him “

Jessica rolled her eyes “Thanks for the honor “

She smirked at 777 as he raised his head in a pleading manner; she smashed her fist into his head, shattering it like a watermelon.

Micah had been on the edge of his seat as the battle went on. He’d managed to manage to maneuver through the camera system, trying not to lose them. He’d bitten his lip in silent horror as Jessica was sent through a wall, but sighed in relief as he saw her breaking up the ground. He grinned as Jessica bashed 777’s head to pieces, his stomach already empty. He scanned through the rest of the camera’s tracking Greg and Nate. A text came through on his phone, from his father. Micah quickly answered back “Hey dad. Mom and I are at the ice cream shop. She said it’s a mother-son quality time trip. Well be back in awhile and don’t worry well bring you some ice cream too“

Greg was having a field day. He cut through the guards like they were nothing. His arms and legs were in constant movement, followed closely by a spray of blood and scream of pain. Nate struggled to keep up with his dad. The old guy was fast as lightning, foregoing the elevator, they ran down the stairs. Nate thanked whatever that he was in such great shape. As he followed after Greg, he noticed that all of the blood of the fallen men was pooling upward.

“Redrums getting serious “he noted. Eventually he lost sight of Greg completely and stopped at an elevator. He punched the number for the ground floor and leaned back against the wall, taking slow, even breaths. When a ding sound went off he pulled out a handful of knives, readying himself for what was on the other side. He blinked as he looks on what appeared to be a massive field of corpses. He counted well over 200 men. Azrael certainly boasted a large force. Or rather he did anyway.

Nate ran through the bodies, keeping a lookout for his father. He ran through the opening doors and spotted Greg laying on the ground, his arms and legs back in there normal form.

“Dad!”He yelled and ran to the old man.

Greg coughed flecks of blood flying out of his mouth. His chest was heaving. Nate pressed his ear next to it; Greg’s heart was beginning to slow down.

“Fuck, old man, you pushed yourself too hard! “

Greg chuckled “I-I see your ok…That’s good, I hoped to take down as many of them as I could. To make sure you got out ok. Guess…I succeeded “his words were followed by another violent coughing fit.

Nate looked his father over frantically. His medical knowledge was no good hear. He pulled out his cell phone. “Need to get an ambulance here “

Greg gently grabbed Nates wrist “Forget it, my son. There’s no point. My time has come “

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN!? “ Nate screamed, his eyes widening madly. No, it couldn’t be true. Nicole was gone and Rose was prisoner to Azrael. His dad couldn’t be fucking dying, not now!

Greg patted Nates cheek “Stop screaming, you always were a loud child, but I always enjoyed your loudness “

Nate was bawling now. Tears were pouring down his face. He face was pressed against Greg’s chest.

“Please, please don’t leave me daddy “Nate couldn’t remember the last time he’d cried like this, the last time he’d felt so weak and vulnerable “Nicky’s gone, and Rosy too. Please I can’t lose you too “

Greg rubbed Nates back “There now Nathaniel, don’t be sad. Forgive the cliché. But I’ll never truly leave you. As long as you remember me and some other spiritual stuff likes that. Now my child, Rose is in need of saving, don’t worry, help will be coming soon “

2010: Petrelli Mansion

Thomas starred at Claire as she asked if her grandmother was there. Was she talking about Angela? He didn’t see the family resemblance. He looked out the corner of his eyes he saw a guy a little older then him, garbed all in black. He moved closer to the blonde girl. Broadcasting there relationship and a protectiveness. He turned back to her uninterested. Suddenly Hannibal was behind him

“Ah, you must be Claire, Magix, Terry, and Brenden. Come in, Angela mentioned you would all be stopping by “Thomas starred at the older man a moment, Hannibal nodded that everything was ok and Thomas headed back to the living room. Hannibal led the four guests to where everyone was sitting. Pizza boxes were littering the room, Lucifer still in his recliner of sand. Drake, Thomas, and Flint were on one of the couches. Hannibal gestured to the remaining couch that had just arrived, another of Angela’s instructions. He sat back in his spot next to Drake.

2010: Mindscape
Angela and Rose felt the wave crash over them. They were swept away by the water current. There vision was obscured by the dark water. Rose felt a chilling sensation that they were not alone in this broth of hell water. Her fear was realized as she saw the outline of a gigantic creature beneath them. It was hard to make out its shape exactly, but she could describe a series of arms. A giant squid, it seemed, emphasis on giant, Rose could feel her lungs burning for oxygen and Angela was feeling it too, but just like that, the feeling disappeared. They breathed the water as easily as air.

“I think Azrael has moved us to the second stage “said Angela with forced calmness. She too saw the creature. Nathan and Chris appeared beside them.

“A four man team “Rose noted “What abilities do you have? “

5AY: Camp 34
Gabriel nodded as the Magix clone explained why it was there “Of course, will you need dwelling or are you bringing yours “he’d suspected this would happen and had made the necessary arrangements around the camp.

Alucard and Cassandra sat at the table, Cassandra starring at Peter in growing fascination,
While Alucard just seemed to be ignoring him.

Camp 84

Nate tilted his head at Brenden and cracked his knuckles “Alright kid, what the game today? “

Godric hopped out of the car and headed towards his designated spot. He could hear Keith complaining and shook his head. He placed his hand against the rock and his most corrosive poison oozed out his body. Indeed, he would need a boost for this “When your ready “he told Jacob.


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#, as written by Aufeis
2010: Vegas

Nicole pushed the unconscious boy down the hallway, the chair sliding easily over the carpet. Suddenly, the chair went sprawling, with both Nick and Nicole in tow, Nicole landing on top of the chair, and the chair on top of Nick, “What the fuck?” She growled, looking over her shoulder. One of Azrael’s guards. Wonderful.

“I’ve got the girl and the walking time bomb.” He said, turning his back on her. Big mistake. She picked up the fallen chair and swung it at his back, sending both him and the chair out the window. The guard’s screams could be heard as he plummeted to the welcoming pavement below. She chuckled a little as she straightened herself up. She raised an eyebrow as she heard footsteps coming her way. Ugh…the old man and the liar. Lovely. She grabbed Nick and, with some difficulty, dragged him into one of the nearby rooms. As soon as Nate and Greg were gone, Nicole re-emerged into the hallway, scowling. She wasn’t going to drag this prick all the way down to the basement to blow these fuckers to smithereens. She put her hand to her chin for a moment. She could hear screaming and a howl that sounded like her grandfather, but this only caused her to smile, “Old man’s stigma is awake.” She muttered, grabbing the gun that now lay in the hallway from the plummeted guard. She checked the chamber and scoffed. Wasn’t even fully loaded. Slipping it onto the waistband of her jeans, she threw Nick over her shoulder, letting a grunt out as she did. He was a heavy fucker.

With a bit of a struggle, she managed to get herself down the hallway and into the now abandoned elevator. She thought about it for a moment before smashing the floor two floors down. Leaving the unconscious teen in the elevator, she ventured out, gun clutched tightly in her hand. She heard a crash and heard combat coming from a room up ahead, so she made sure to avoid it. It didn’t take her long to find what she was looking for; another rolling computer chair (this one a little less lavish than the last one). Quickly wheeling it back to the elevator and mashing the down button, she propped Nick back in the chair and tapped a foot impatiently as the elevator played some music. As soon as the thing dinged, she got out, and the elevator immediately closed, heading to some other destination that she didn’t stick around to catch. Her feet padded over the carpet until she rounded the corner, a few guards stood ready to catch anyone who came their way. Nicole was already leveling the gun on them when they noticed her, shooting the first one twice, once in the chest and once in the stomach, then the second one three times in the chest. Finally, she pumped the last three rounds into another guard, leaving only one left, dazed and a little more than confused on what had just happened. She didn’t let the empty gun discourage her, though. She quickly cranked back and lobbed it at the man’s head, hearing the satisfying thud of it making contact. With a lunge, she brought her fist into his gut, and then a kick to his leg, snapping it sideways. The man let out a startled gasp as her hands lay upon his head and she gave it a quick twist, breaking it with a satisfying crunch. She panted a little before going back to Nick, wheeling him past the guards, hesitating for a moment, grabbing the guns from the men, sliding the clips out of three of them before checking the currently held gun. It was a little Glock, but it would do for now. Finding that she had been lucky and all four clips were packed, she smiled. She looked out the window and noticed a bus passing below at a red light. Perfect. As she hoisted Nick up and kicked the chair out the window, pain exploded in her right eye, causing her to hesitate.

“This is insane!” Her reflection shouted, causing her to rub her eyes. Nicole was glaring at her from inside the glass.

The stigma shrugged, “Yeah, well, get used to it, girlie.” She muttered back to herself.

“I don’t want to be you! You’re not me!” Nicole shouted, causing the stigma to smile.

“Oh really? That sounds like a real downer for you, but we can’t all get what we want.” The stigma laughed.

As she said this, a guard rounded the corner, took in the sight, and trained his sight on the girl at the window. Nicole’s eyes flashed as the movement in the glass reflected over her shoulder, causing her to spin and shoot, but not before the man shot. The bullet hit her square in the shoulder, sending her out the window, tearing through a tarp and landing on a table below, Nick landing beside her. As she hit, she felt something break in her leg, causing her to let out a cry of pain. She picked up a shard of glass and examined her eye. The stigma had receded. She got up, yelping a little as she put pressure on the wounded ankle. After a few deep breaths, like her Dad had taught her, she was able to stand on the broken ankle, holding back a cry of pain but tears began to fall from her eyes. She managed to get Nick into the broken chair (One of the arms had broken off after being sent through the window, and the leather was torn savagely from the glass) but it still rolled. Using the chair to prop herself up, she placed her hand over her bleeding shoulder and compressed, like Nate had showed her, hoping to stop the bleeding. With a limping gait, she began to push the chair forward, letting out a few sobs and small gasps of pain. She rounded the building and saw two figures, one laying sprawled on the ground and the other hunched over the body. After a few more steps and a little bit of blinking to get rid of the tears, she realized it was her father and grandfather. Something was wrong, “Dad! Grandpa!” She shouted. No matter how angry she was with her family, they were still her family. She limped as quickly as she could toward them, but the chair caught on a crack in the pavement, sending the chair sprawling again. She hit the ground and let out a small scream of pain as her wounded shoulder hit the ground, but she didn’t get up. She hurt really badly, and no amount of training from Rose or Nate could make up for the fact that she was still only fourteen, and had never been in this much pain before. She let out a few pathetic sobs as she propped herself up on her uninjured left arm.


2010: Meyer Mansion

As Jessica looked up from her food at her son, she shrugged as he asked about his outfit. She had never been one for fashion, though the "mother" comment seemed out of place for some reason, "Hey, 's long as it covers your ass, doesn't matter to me. Where'd you find those boots, though?" She asked, making a lazy motion toward Emmet's new foot wear, "I guess you don't look bad. I guess. Better than if you went around wearing a tutu or something like that. Then again, fashion isn’t exactly my forte," Her comments were dismissive, but not altogether unapproving, not that she figured he would care, but still.

She was still pondering over why his body language and attitude was so different. Obviously something had changed from when he had gone out and when he had come back, but what, exactly? She was overjoyed that his powers were back, but what had changed? She would make it her business to find out when she could get Emmet alone, but she supposed now wasn’t the time to ask questions like that.


2010: Petrelli Mansion

Terry and Brenden followed after Magix and Claire, taking note of their surroundings. Brenden’s mind was almost wholly on learning to control his ability. Was this the place that Magix and Claire had mentioned earlier? He supposed he would have to simply wait to find out. Terry was regarding the specials. It seemed everyone was a special, and he scanned each one for what their ability could be. The man in the sand chair was somewhat less tricky to figure out than the others, but his eyes fell over them in turn. Aside from Lucifor, he couldn’t tell their abilities.


2010: Government Facility

David finished with his call with Matt and hung up. It had been a very brief conversation, but he had given Matt necessary information on Hiro, and had even let slip the Rene and Noah were in their custody. He went back to the room with his bag of Skittles, which he had rescued from candy machine down the hall, “The boys were talking about some disappearances down South. And why don’t we put our buddy Noah to good use? We have his Haitian friend, which we can use for leverage. Save us on man power. Besides, it’s not like he’s exactly useless on a special hunt.”


5 A.Y.
Taylor Residence

Cindy rounded up the kids and their belongings, making sure everything was packed and ready to go for the new move to one of the other camps. She hoped to hell that Jay and Travis knew what they were doing. She was anxious to leave, but hesitant to leave Jay behind. But she knew that there was no changing his mind on the matter, so she might as well do what she could and be strong for her children.


5 A.Y.
Brenden’s Pad

Brenden yawned, “Mr. Oskin, I assure you, this is very rigorous training. It’s not merely some game. Besides, your daughter is getting very good with a gun.” He smirked, and Nicole rolled her eyes. As someone knocked on the door, she went over to it, “Great Grandma! What are you doing here?” She asked the woman, giving her a pleasant smile.

Brenden simply laughed, “It’s too bad Emmet ain’t here, cause then this could have been a nice family affair, right?” He knew very well what had happened to Rose, and knew that the family didn’t like to talk about it, especially Nicole, and the hurt glance he got from her only confirmed his slip up, “I…er…just, uh…just give me a few minutes. Nicole can take you to the tent we use for training.” He said, nervously putting his hand on the back of his head.


5 A.Y.
Camp 47

David finished off the beer and turned to the younger men, “Well, better head out if we’re going to go bitch hunting. Better now than later, right?” He said, eying each man in turn. Nick was determined for revenge for his late wife, as was Ron. Kurt just wanted to show off and kick ass, but that was okay too, he supposed.


5 A.Y.

Bridgette sat on a rock, trying to sort through her memories. She remembered a camp. Forty-Seven. The numbers were etched in small scars on her left arm. She’d clawed them there herself. If there was anyplace that Nick and Danny would be, it would be there. The only problem was that she didn’t know how to get there. As her anger flared up, a tornado picked up a large jumble of rocks and threw them. She muttered something under her breath and hugged her bare knees to her almost bare breasts. Just then a hand fell on her shoulder. The winds around her picked up, but a voice spoke up, “Be not afraid, child. I am a friend.” She turned slowly to face a man with odd blue hair.

“Who…?” She asked, quietly.

“Call me Tony.” He said with a friendly smile, though it was slightly clouded over by his mask. She nodded as he handed her a small metal object. It looked oddly like a Gameboy videogame system. She gave him a look of confusion, “A gift. To find what you seek, child.” He said, before he liquefied into what appeared to be blood. She was a little unnerved by this, but her eyes returned to the machine in her hand. Lifting herself from the rocks, she began to glide toward the small blip on the device.


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2010: Government Facility
Noah was extremely bored, he'd been imprisoned multiple times mainly in various Primatech facilities, he'd even spent spent some time in Level 5, that had certainly been a fun adventure. He actually missed his bouncing ball, at least that gave him something slightly entertaining, and Rene didn't want to talk being in a constant state of prayer about there situation. "Do not fear Noah, for I know we shall be released, we have done nothing wrong." Noah wondered he was capable of committing murder without any remorse, but he was one of the most religious individuals he'd met, and was somewhat optimistic now that he knew his family was alive, but of course in Danko's captivity, was death better? It's not my job to tell him that, If his spirits are up, then that's a good thing. He was preoccupied with thoughts of his family too, Sandra was dead, her body torn to pieces so bad not even Claire's blood could help her. Claire, Lyle..

He hoped his family was safe, Claire was in Magix's capable hands, but what of Lyle, he wished he could contact them. That's when an agent came in, motioning for him to come, Noah got up, turning to see his friend for what might be the last time. He was briefed on the mission and given a gun as David entered. The other two agents left, and Noah sighed looking at David. "So you working for them now? He said wondering who's said he was really on. "I'm surprised you didn't grab The Haitian. "He gave David a sly smile wondering what was going on, as he tucked his gun in his gun holster. "Let's go Partner." He said heading out of the room, he just wanted to get out of here, hopefully he could contact his family.

2010: Airport/Meyer Mansion
Kurt knew he had a mission, to unify his family and all of that track down Brenden, he didn't know what he wanted to do next, but he hardly wanted to stay the school, the Chinese may have vanished, but he didn't want to be a target when they returned. After Ron had gotten him to the air-port, he decided to grab some manga Yu Yu Hakusho, he hadn't picked up the series in a while, and hey it helped to have fresh new characters in his database, he also grabbed a Burrito from a Moe's, and took a seat near his terminal, wishing Ron the best of luck with Katie. Hey man, make sure she's ok, I'm going to meet an old friend who can provide some information as to where Brenden might be. If you can drop by the school to see if Mr. Parkman can get any paintings. All he knew was Brenden Shultz, nothing else, his image, and picture, when they began calling his flights, he headed there he had no luggage except his food, the manga, and the paper, the latter he stuffed into his pocket.

He boarded the plane, and took a seat, his search for his brother would begin, it would probably be hard, but it was something to occupy him, a new mission in life, has father had said tough times were coming ahead. I'm probably going to need my brother's help to face whatever's coming next. I just hope I can find him in time. He said leaning against his cheer, finishing up the manga's he fell asleep, a few hours later he was awoken by the pilot's voice talking of landing, he got up, he had a cramp of sorts from the way he'd fallen asleep on the chair. He made his way out of the airport in record time, with only bag and with no luggage to pick up, the only thing that had slowed him down where the security procedures. Finally outside he let out a sigh of relief, wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the air-port, getting away from the attention, he made his way into the streets of the city, he was thankful for Ruth Aldine's abilities, he managed to get a taxi, and after a fairly long ride payed the man and headed out getting to the Meyer Mansion. I just hope her visions where right. Making his way to the door he knocked, wondering if Emmet would be the one to answer.
2010: The Hotel(Not THAT Hotel)
Darry slept in he awoke around 11: 30 am which meant he probably missed breakfast, he wondered if Raquel had gone down, it was free so there was the possibility that she had, he was going to stop by Ihop he'd already contacted his family, or maybe a Denny's he thought in a last minute thought. He quickly took of his clothes, and made his way into the shower, finally about thirty to forty five minutes later he was fully dressed and packed, he was going to head to his mom's house, he needed somewhere to stay, he'd made some calls, the devastation in Florida was enormous, and Raquel was a wanted woman there, so he'd avoid that place for now, maybe head down to Vegas gamble or something. He made his way out of the room, and headed to Raquel's door knocking. "Hey Raquel, you up? if you are, then let's head out if you haven't eaten, we can stop by Ihop."

2010: Tokyo, Japan, Cementary
Ando Masashi lay in his Tomb, now a Zombie, thanks to Ferlina's ability, would he remain int his state forever, trapped in the tomb, bashing against the walls, making inhumane noises, would someone help him escape, the reanimated corpse wondered if he'd be tracked down, free. Finally his ability manifested, red sparks, the rage filled creature focused the red sparks into a concentrated blast of concussive energy, breaking the tomb into pieces, he came to the surface bringing in air, unnecessary but good. Making his way out some people at the cementary were in shock. "I am back now. "He said to himself, looking at some people, he raised his hand firing a blast of concussive energy slamming a frightened woman into a tomb-stone, and he began trudging out of the tomb-stone, part of his skin was rotted, but he looked like a normal human. What Must i do Master. He said as he fetched the sword laying near Kaito's tomb-stone, holding it up. Come to me Ando, Hearing Ferlina's voice, he began walking heading to her current location.

2010: The Carnival
Benjamin Washington ala Knox didn't know what to do with his life now, he'd accompanied Samuel, and Sierra to the Carnival, he'd heard about from the files at the Company the place where Specials were gathered by this Sullivan character, who could apparently feed on the force every special's ability produced, and then use it to enhance his own abilities, making him one of the most powerful specials on the planet when he had enough people to feed on. Sounds like Sylar without the head killing. That's what he'd told Michael, he wondered what his boss was up too, he was sitting in a bunker, this place wasn't exactly as safe as it was made it to be, he'd been shot in the arm, the woman from earlier had healed him again. I'm just glad we have a doctor up in here. He'd been filled with fear during the shooting, he'd even tossed a trailer in the direction of the shooters, and heard a groan, after that he'd been shot, he hadn't been able to take the shooter down, he had no plans exactly, but he didn't plan to live his life out at the Carnival, although it was a source of lots of fear, the Carnies seemed to live there lives in fear now a days. They needed a more improved living quarters, living out int he field in trailer parks wasn't exactly his idea of the "Good Life" He had taken out his Ipod, plugging the ear phones into his ear, and playing the song Hero He was instantly pumped by the second, pulling out his cell phone, and typing in the GPS. Heh, I'm back in Cali, I best be finding the old crew, Imma run the streets. He got out, heading out of his cabin, and heading into the forest area, making his way towards the city.

2010: New York City
The City was a mess, Homeland Security was still confused, but they realized it was no hoax, these were legit, the people had died, and now had been revived, presumably by a special. Lisa was already been interrogated, and she decided to the cover story of course, heading down to the office, getting into one of the numerous empty vehicle's, a key left inside, probably some people had fled it when the Tsunami came, Floyd twisted the key in the ignition, and the vehicle roared to life, closing the door, the two left heading down to Lisa's office. "So what you going right about, people think it's Aliens, some think it's Petrelli, I think it's him, he has more powers then I have. " Lisa nodded. "We'll I'm just glad he helped me gain control of mine, he says i'm special! " Floyd rolled his eyes. "Course you are Lisa, but you can control yours, since you make other powers do what you want them to do, can you make mine actually work" Lisa leaned over to him, as Floyd stopped at the red light, she gave him a hug, and a yellow light was seen. "There ya Go Floooyd! They should work fine" Floyd grinned. "Thanks Baby" As the light flashed green he resumed driving as they neared a massive building, parking on the street, Floyd came and helped her out, and they made there way inside through the revolving doors.

2010: Mindscape
Nathan was sure the rushing water was to be his hand, the pressure alone would crush him, or he'd take in to much water, and his body would float in the see's of this alternate dimension forever, and ever. But again it seemed this man's power made him the master of reality, he was surrounded in water, he opened his eyes he could see clearly, he held his breath, he began to swim forward, using his own flight to enhance his speed, and manuever in the water easier then most. I'm still alive, but where's everybody else what's. He saw his mother, and another woman talking, his body was begging for air, he didn't know if one of them had an ability that was allowing there underwater conversation or if Azrael was allowing this. He dared open his mouth, the water didn't flow in and fill his body, he could breath it in like oxygen. "The Second Stage? Excuse ma'me, my name is Nathan Petrelli, if you could provide some information on these stages, and what exactly is going on? And how are we breathing is this because of YOUR ability, and mine is very simple I can fly"

5 A.Y.

Camp 47/Ferlina's Hut
Kurt was ready to go, he'd never gotten close to anyone, he was the perfect Soldier, he was skilled in combat, armed, unarmed, and with the usage of his abilities which he had honed over the years, more so then he would if times had been more peaceful. His abilities had been diminished somewhat due to the lack of any new fiction, but he still had old sources to rely and fuel his powers. "Alright then Parkman do you have the paintings" Matt pulled out the paintings, as Son Goku put his index and middle finger on his fore-head examining the photo. "I've felt her ki signature before, it's so odd, it's faint, but the signatures around are powerful, and whenever there attacked, the powers raise dramatically" Kurt wondered. Could she have killed Ando, it would explain why beating her is near impossible. Nick nodded gathering raw energy in his hands. "Let's move, we have no reason to wait around, let's strike her down fast and furious." Goku got them all to hold hand's, and teleported them, instantly they reappeared near an area filled with thousands of zombies. Nick despite his anger was shocked, they'd hit the mother load, even Kurt was amazed at the gathering, not to mention many of them were armed with weapons, and no doubt there were Zombies everywhere, this was just Ferlina's private army. Will killing her even rid our-selves of the issue or just make them savage monsters. Matt masked himself and David with an illusion, pulling out his gun he opened fire on the reanimated corpse's, while Nick began firing blasts of raw energy, and Kurt produced laser guns from Men in Black and opened fire.


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#, as written by Jaybt9
2010: The Hotel

The sound of knocking on her room door had awaken her from the bed. She quickly raised up away from the pillow, then mattress, while her hair looked slightly unkempt. She hardly had clothes, so she wore her white bra and panties in the bed.

She immediately forgot that she wasn't in Pinehearst anymore. The appearance of the pillow, and then her surroundings, had reminded herself of it. It was better than no shelter, and no bed at all.

She could hear the man's voice behind the door calling for her, along with breakfast. Even though she wasn't in the mood to eat anything, her sense of hunger had forced her to, so she quickly got dressed (with the few clothes that she carried in her bag), combed her hair with a light tan brush she had gotten from her house in Brazil when she last visited, and then she proceeded onto the door, opening it.

In front of her was this man she had seen before; the stranger, somewhat. She was still getting to know him; more slowly than usual, however.

"IHop" was something that had just now struck her head. What was this place that he was talking about? It's been months and months in the United States, and she still wasn't familiar with it, yet alone breakfast in America. She would occasionally miss the papaya, and fuba cake that her mother would make in her hometown, but this was something new, and she had no choice, but to eat instead of starving herself to death.


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2010: The Hotel
Darry stopped knocking waiting for an answer, wondering if she was still asleep, he could try and get a few more hours for her room, he was going to check out of his regardless, maybe head down to Ihop bring some food in, then they could get out, head to Dwayne's place, until TAP was back together, and the hunt for former Pinehearst agents had ceased, if it would ever cease. Meh, i might have to drag her out, i'm not rich, I don't have enough money to pay for all of this.

He decided to wait a few more minutes, trying to overcome his impatient nature, he didn't want to barge in, finally he was going to knock when she opened the door, he looked down at his watch, he didn't want it to get to 12 pm, then he had to pay more, for not getting out on time, he could see a Mexican woman coming down the hallway with a table, with some cleaning materials, and a young african male following her. Heh, the clean up crew is coming, which means it's almost time to go.

"Hey Ready to go i see, Good morning" He said as he led ehr into the elevator, after a few minuets of listening to some dull elevator music they reached the lobby, he headed to the front desk handing the man the two room key's, and his credit card, after a few minutes he walked over to her. "Alright Car's packed out front, i just got directions to Ihop, they have the best Breakfast Buffet down here. He led her outside, and opened the door for her. After they both got in he began heading down to the ihop, the man had said it was only ten minutes away. "So how did you sleep last night?"


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#, as written by Aufeis


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A biological monster created by the Corporation. Escaped and has been living on the run for years. Recently attempted to absorb the memories of Peter, but failed.

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