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Aufeis' Characters

What he said.

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a character in “Heroes: Heroes vs Villains”, as played by Aufeis


"I'll be the one standing in the middle as it all burns around me. Laughing. Laughing as humanity dies."- Jessica Spayde

Name: Jessica Samantha Spayde
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Relatives: Emmet Baehrens(Son), Godric Meyer(Son), Mary Spayde(Mother/Deceased), Sean Spayde(Father/Deceased), Crystal Oskin(Grandmother/Deceased), Greg Oskin(Grandfather), Rosalie Oskin(Aunt), Nate Oskin(Uncle), Nicole Oskin(cousin), Jill Oskin(Great, Great Grandmother), Sierra Long (Mitotic Twin)

Power: Biokinesis

Biokinesis, at its most basic state, is the control over the body (not limited to human). For reference, merely scroll up to the Biokinesis for Beginners tutorial. It is impossible for me to go into complete detail over the Biokinetic ability, as I am not entirely sure what it entails myself.

Appearance: Go to the first page, Chulance posted all my drawings. Jessica is the one titled JESSICA SPAYDE. She has blond hair and cold blue eyes, and stands at about 6'1". She is not exceptionally muscular or overbearing at her normal state, but can become so depending on the situation.

Personality: Jessica is sadistic and cold, caring about almost nobody. She is a loner by nature, and despises humanity in and of itself due to memories of her childhood. She has very few bonds with people, though this appears to be changing now that she had been reunited with both of her sons.


Jessica was born on June 7th, 1981 to her unwilling parents, Sean (32) and Mary (29) Spayde on a small island town off the coast of New York. Sean was an alcoholic and a very abusive husband; Mary, who was equally abusive, was a dabbler in cocaine. Sean was a maintenance worker for a local factory while Mary was a waitress at a restaurant. From the get-go, Jessica was brought up with almost constant hostility, ranging from scalding baby bottles to almost periodical beatings and trips to the hospital. One such event of note would scar young Jessie for life, giving her an intense fear of the ocean. Her father, while on a drinking stupor, decided that he and his young daughter should go fishing on the bay. Jessica, scared of the deep blue, almost black, water voiced her feelings to her father. With complete disregard to the laws of physics, Sean began to smack his daughter around, causing her to fall overboard. Jessica, who did not know how to swim, floundered about until she slipped below the surface, nearly drowning. She was rescued by a local fisherman and returned to her father's custody. Though the fisherman recommended taking the girl to the hospital, Sean instead drove home and beat her, breaking her arm in three places and splitting her left eyebrow.

The procession of years continued as Jessica got older. Turning into a tomboy at an early age in an attempt to protect herself from the tortures of both home and school, Jessica's life was two living hells plastered together. She was an outcast at school and a punching bag at home; one of her biggest antagonists was a boy named Jacob Hanson. As Jessica grew older, forging into her teenage years, she was known as a very combative person, constantly getting into fights and more often than not winning them. And then her entire world came crashing down. When Jessica was sixteen, she was kidnapped by Jacob and some of his football buddies. Knocked out, bound, and stuffed into a trunk, Jessica awoke for a short car ride that lasted approximately twenty-five minutes. When the car finally stopped, she was hauled out of the trunk and tied up in a cabin, where Jacob and his friends beat her and raped her. After blacking out, Jessica regained consciousness. There was a new warmth to her body, one that felt comforting. She was robed in blood, and nothing more. As her now insane eyes scanned the cabin, she saw that only Jacob remained of her captors. He was staring at her with intense horror in his eyes. As she examined herself, she found that there were bones sticking out of her arms, but the fact did not scare her, as it should have. It made her feel empowered. She gave Jacob a cold and cruel smile, with bits of flesh and blood in her teeth, “Isn't it ironic that the monsters we create always come back to get us in the end?" Was all she asked, before torturing her tormentor and finally killing him. The smoldering remains of the cabin were found later by a couple who were camping nearby. While Jessica was looked into as a suspect, she had already disappeared from the island, and from anything else.

It didn’t take long for Jessica to realize that she was pregnant with the children of her rape. Contemplating both suicide and abortion for the longest time, she found she could bring herself to do neither, finally having the babies, twins. One twin was stillborn, who she proceeded to bury along with her jacket and the other she took with her, attempting to raise it off of thefts alone. However, when a mysterious man came to her and told her that her child could live a life free of pain, as Jessica’s current life promised. Reluctantly, she submitted, allowing the man to take her living child (and unbeknownst to her, his newly brought back to life brother) six years into the past. Jessica continued to descend into madness, now alone in the world.

For the next few years, Jessica would change names and places, committing murders as she went, both for fun and for food. Her body now augmented to only be able to consume human flesh; she attracted the interest of several government agencies. Of course, nobody could ever bring the psychopath in, even during the hunts. In 2009, Jessica returned to her home and killed her parents. Only an hour later, the house was tapped off by the FBI, but the killer was already long gone. Unbeknownst to her, Jessica had attracted the attention of Samuel Sullivan. Samuel confronted Jessica after she had killed and fed, cleaning up the mess she left behind. He offered Jessica the chance to learn more about her powers and even the prospect of furthering her abilities. Reluctantly, Jessica gave in to curiosity and agreed to go with him. After intense training with some of the other carnies, and weeks of reluctant bonding, Jessica came to call the Carnival home, and considered the carnies her family, the only people she had ever considered family in her entire life. Not long after her initiation, Jessica and a carnie named Edgar, a speedster, were sent off on a mission to intercept and dispose of some agents from the hunts. Though the mission started off well, Jessica and Edgar were eventually captured and imprisoned by Village 26 agents. After escaping the prison, they found themselves on an island, which sparked a panic attack in Jessica, causing her to relive the memory of her near death at the ocean’s hands. Panicked and cornered, Jessica flew into a rage and wiped out everything that moved before blacking out and being rescued by the Carnival.

After awaking and confiding in Samuel her Thalassophobia (fear of the ocean or sea), she sought out Arnold, the time manipulator, in an effort to learn more about her abilities by travelling to the future. At the time, Arnold was dying, unbeknownst to her, so she was unable to find him. Seeking out Lydia, she gave up her secret once more in an effort to lift the fear. Instead, she learned of Arnold’s condition and vowed to fix him. Once again she paired with Edgar and the two sped off to heal the dying man. However, when Jessica and Edgar arrived, they found Peter Petrelli healing him. Peter, who immediately recognized Edgar, attacked him. Edgar was quickly taken down by the Empath and Jessica took the fight upon herself. Though Jessica was strong, Peter was able to overpower her as well, though not before Jessica played Jenga with Peter’s genetic structure. Severely wounded and bleeding to death, Jessica called out to the Carnival once again through her cell phone and the Carnies quickly came to her aid. When Jessica awoke, she was fine, sans an arm, which she quickly went out and stole from another woman. Jessica then vowed to get revenge on Peter.

When Arnold came back to the carnival, he and Jessica went to the future, as promised. They arrived at the carnival, or at the very least, where it should have been. Instead, there was a huge crater. A woman was passing by with flowers, placing them at the edge of the crater. Jessica quickly attacked the woman in hopes of finding out exactly what had happened, and this woman was the best way to do it. However, she ended up biting off more than she could chew, because the woman was actually her future self, and as such had much more advanced versions of her current abilities. After the two fought, Abigale, Jessica’s future self, began to explain that when they had taken Peter’s abilities he had continued to search for her. He forced her to give him back his powers, and the overload caused him to go nuclear. Jessica, taking note of this and the fact that a man with horned rimmed glasses and a Haitian man were coming to take her memories to “help” her as Abby put it, she departed back into the past. There, Jessica mulled over the trip and her eminent meeting with Peter. This meeting, however, took place sooner than she had anticipated, though Peter was in no shape to fight her, due to his lack of abilities. Noah Bennett was also with Peter, and Jessica recognized him as the man with the horned rimmed glasses Abby had prophesized. After getting a stern warning, Peter and Noah vanished.

However, just as Jessica was dealing with Peter, a boy named Emmet and a man named Flint were making their move on the carnival, with intent to gain information on the group. Jessica and Emmet immediately hit it off, getting into a confrontation that could have gotten bad, if not for the fact that Peter had returned, bringing Travis, Rene, and Swiss with him. They had come to force Jessica to give Peter back his powers. Travis used his ability to find Jessica as Rene blocked every power in the carnival. Jessica, now powerless and growing desperate, had a mental conversation with Travis, where he agreed to keep Peter from exploding on the carnival due to the chaotic return of his abilities if Jessica got rid of Hiro’s brain tumor. Jessica agreed and the two set off quickly, getting to New York in less than an hour, though Jessica severely stressed her power. After healing Hiro’s tumor, Jessica lost consciousness, and Travis stowed them away on a plane back to the carnival. While on the plane, Abigale and Hiro came back in time to try and convince Jessica to stop trying to change the flow of time based on what she saw in her trip to the future. However, the two Jessica’s quickly begin to get into a fight. Abigale underestimates her past self and ends up getting sapped, losing her ability. Travis, unsure of which Jessica he should assist, imprisoned the two and asked Hiro to clarify the situation. Hiro explained that the future is quite grim, and most specials that could stop Arthur are either dead or converted to Arthur’s side. Hiro quickly takes Abigale back to the future and Travis and Jessica ride the rest of the way in relative silence.

After meeting up with Swiss and Emmet, who had agreed to be the “inside man” at Pinehearst, they discussed what they had learned. Not long after the four reunite, but none other than Magix decides to drop in to screw with his favorite characters of the past and ensure the timeline goes a certain way. Though the four put up a fight, they are no match for the future dweller, who simply gives them a warning before disappearing. Eager to escape police pursuit, the four leave and stay in the lobby of a building for a few hours, resting and planning on how to act on Magix’s advice. They decide to try and ally themselves with the present time’s Magix and Claire, in an attempt to avert the future.

Though Jessica would rather just kill the pair, she plays nice so the others can form a plan. Of course, the group is completely nonfunctional and doesn’t actually go by the plan, which results in the relative obsolescence of most of the group. Matt, David, Jessica, and Emmet go inside the facility, and proceed to rescue Peter. Jessica, meaning to ensure the building’s destruction, cautions the group to run and gives Peter back his powers. Caught in the blast’s epicenter, Jessica is torn to shreds, barely surviving and dying fast. Left with one arm and her torso, she believes that it is finally time for her to die. However, this is not the case as Peter displays yet another incredible act of forgiveness and saves her life. Though she is alive, she is incredibly weak, and blacks out. There, she has a confrontation with Future Travis, who insists that she must become Abigale. Jessica, who at first declines his offer to remove her memories, shows him her traumatic life, and finally gives in to the pain that has encompassed her for so long, surrendering her memories completely, unlike Abigale of the Future, who had her memories messed with by Rene.

Jessica, now unsure of who she is, leaves the group to their own devices, morphing from her usual self into Sierra. However, Jessica’s supposed death is very short lived. Accidentally uttering a code phrase programmed into her own brain, Sierra is forced to activate a clone of her former self, which Jessica had set up as a “just-in-case” type of deal. Before she can stop herself, Jessica leaves Sierra with the utterance of another code phrase, replicating some of her more recent memories. Immediately determined to get rid of her goodie two shoe’s memory thief, Jessica kidnaps Krystina, whom Travis had told her about on their plane ride. After combating Aiden, Lee, Kathy, Jaice, Bridgette, and Doyle, whom were sent by Arthur to capture her, she then fought with Travis, though she was distracted long enough for her captive and Travis to escape. Furious and in need of answers, Jessica steals a file from the Pinehearst goon squad’s car and heads to Pinehearst to confront Arthur himself. However, instead of attempting to kill the old man, Jessica is intrigued by his offer of the whereabouts of Sierra, whom she wants to kill. After Arthur’s untimely demise at the hands of his own son, Jessica made her retreat from Pinehearst, inadvertently running into Sylar and Emmet. The three traveled for months before finally going after Claire Bennett, whom they kidnapped and Jessica ended up torturing. After her business with Claire was finished, she visited her only known remaining family, the Oskins.

After an emotional rollercoaster at the Oskin mansion, Jessica learned that it was her own family who had orchestrated the kidnapping of her living child, Emmet, and was reunited with her long lost son, Godric, who she had thought to be dead since his still birth. After Nate’s rampage, she gave up an eye and left, warning the family that she would kill them if they ever came after her sons again. After reuniting the brothers, Sylar pulled Jessica aside, asking her if he could propose to Emmet. She warned him of the consequences of hurting Emmet and agreed. After the attack on the carnival and Sylar’s de-hungering at Peter’s hands, Emmet, Godric, their newest family member, Jill, and Jessica all retreated to Godric’s foster home, Meyer Mansion, where they met Fran, Godric’s adopted sister. The family has remained here since, contemplating what to do next.


“Jessica Spayde is dead.” - Sierra

Name: Sierra Amelia Long
Nickname: The Miracle Doctor
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Place in Time: 2009
Relatives: Emmet Baehrens(Son), Godric Meyer(Son), Mary Spayde(Mother/Deceased), Sean Spayde(Father/Deceased), Crystal Oskin(Grandmother/Deceased), Greg Oskin(Grandfather), Rosalie Oskin(Aunt), Nate Oskin(Uncle), Nicole Oskin(cousin), Jill Oskin(Great, Great Grandmother), Jessica Spayde (Mitotic Twin)

Powers: Biokinesis (Original)
Inherited Abilities: Optic Beams, Clairvoyance, Poison Emission, Spontaneous Combustion, Animation and Petrifictation

Personality: Sierra is an empathetic individual, in the fact that she can relate to people. While she is not an empath, as Lydia is, she is caring as compared to her original self. Sierra is calm and collected, almost never getting angry, and is very slow to resort to violence. She is also very confused about herself, not knowing who or what she truly is.


After Future Travis took her memories of her childhood and the death and destruction she had caused, Sierra set out to separate herself from her past life. She took up the name Sierra and quit the Carnival, hoping to become a doctor to make up for the mistakes she had made as Jessica. However, Samuel came to her as she attended patients and told her of Arnold’s murder. Sierra, quick to blame herself, returned to the Carnival. She vowed to never leave her family again and tried to get back into life at the Carnival. However, as she was getting adjusted, she came across her Carnival Security uniform, which still had Jessica’s name on it. Scoffing, she accidentally said a code phrase she had programmed into her brain as Jessica, which caused her body to shift to auto-pilot.

A subconscious version of her Jessica self, which claimed to merely be a chemical imbalance of her brain, told her that in their Jessica state, Jessica had managed to clone herself in the privacy of an abandoned building in Alaska, where the clone was in storage. Afterwards, she had laced her own brain with fail-safe voice commands in case Jessica was ever “killed”. These voice commands then forced Sierra to free Jessica from the building. Jessica took the opportunity to wail on Sierra for a bit before copying some of her brain and implanting it into her own head using Biokinesis. Sierra, severely wounded, found her way back to the Carnival and collapsed. The Carnies immediately rushed her to the hospital where she slipped into and out of consciousness for the next three days, thanks to the drugs being pumped into her system. Samuel brought her back to the Carnival and allowed her to regain consciousness, where she chose to teleport using Hiro to the Petrelli Mansion. There, she met up with Peter and had him heal her, restoring her energy and her body so she could go after Jessica, who at the time was holding Krystina hostage. Sierra and Peter arrived too late, though, after Aiden and Kathy’s team’s assault on the cabin. Jessica escaped them and Peter rendezvoused Travis and Krystina. While he was gone, Sierra left him a note and made her way back to the Carnival, arriving just in time to take part in the defensive against Pinehearst. After the attack, Samuel decided to move the carnival to the one place they thought they would be safe, the Bermuda Triangle. However, this assumption was so mistaken, it wasn’t even funny. After Peter crashed on the island looking for her as well as Terry’s plane getting shot down by Samuel himself (which ironically saved his life), Sierra confronted Peter. He plead with her to teach him Biokinesis in an effort to control his now out of control abilities. Instead, they ended up unlocking Intuitive Aptitude and eliminating the addiction to learning. The two trained for a bit with Biokinesis, giving Peter the time to practice with some of his abilities. Sierra reluctantly taught him every ability in her arsenal, sans the Bio-bomb, which he read her memories to find, despite her protest. Trying to comfort Sierra after her breakdown over the Bio-bomb, Peter is shot and killed by Haitian soldiers attacking the carnival. After a short fight with Samedi and then reviving the dead Carnies, Sierra, Samuel, and Peter talk about how they are going to defeat Danko, who they believe to be behind the attack. Sierra momentarily loses herself to her emotions and kisses Peter, immediately taking on a look of fear and despair, afraid to open herself up again because of the inevitable pain it causes. Peter assures her that he would never hurt her and they kiss again.

After this emotional moment, Peters suggest visiting his mother’s home to determine what their next step should be. As he goes to teleport the two, he finds that his replicated powers have shut off, leaving him effectively without powers. Sierra uses her enhanced speed to get them there, stumbling upon the scene of Pinehearst’s attack on the house. Peter absorbs Tyrone’s ability and fights the deflector off. As the smoke clears, Pinehearst has withdrawn and Peter talks to his mother, introducing her to Sierra and asking about where Travis has gone into hiding, though the TV reveals his location before Angela speaks. After a quick snack break, Sierra rushes off again carrying Peter, leaving Angela to muse over her son’s choice in women.

Peter and Sierra locate Travis with relative ease thanks to a “voice” in Peter’s head, which he claims is an ability. Sierra is skeptical, but believes him as they go to confront Travis. Travis is none to happy to see either Peter or Sierra. The three argue for a while before reaching a truce, and Travis agrees to paint the future to help Peter get his abilities back. Peter and Sierra leave and accidentally time travel to the same point in time that Magix, Mohinder, Swiss, Krystina, and Hiro have all been transported to due to Hiro’s ability malfunctioning. All sorts of crazy shit happens that causes tension between the two new lovers as well as between Peter and his friends (I liked the part when Swiss kicked Peter’s ass. : D) Eventually, Peter does something stupid, Sierra goes after him, and Edgar saves both their lives.

Awakening to the sounds of fighting, Sierra bolts out of her tent in the carnival with Peter and comes upon a scene of carnage. Jessica and Sierra get into a confrontation, but because of a power boost given to her by Peter, Sierra easily bests her Mitotic twin, though the fight ended up awakening her Stigma, which Jessica had been able to control whereas Sierra could not. After leaving her twin to die, she went after Peter, catching him off guard and beating on him a bit before Peter received a tip from the newly healed Jessica to attack Sierra’s eyes. After eliminating the Stigma and replacing Sierra’s eye with one of his own, Sierra was able to get a hold of herself.

After the carnival was cleared of the serial killer menagerie, Peter took Sierra to Paris in an effort to take her mind off of the carnage that had befallen her home, although it didn’t take long for their date to turn sour as Sierra discovered the donated eye had replaced her Stigma with six eye-based abilities that she had almost no control over. After a little training to help Sierra control her powers, the duo left for Pinehearst and had a short confrontation with Michael before finally destroying Pinehearst’s version of the formula (at least, in paper form). However, the triumph was short lived as they learned that China had its own formula. Peter quickly teleported them to the prison without thinking, causing them to be trapped within the prison themselves. However, with the distraction of the invasion, Sierra and Knox, who had also been held prisoner, escaped from the Chinese woman’s grip. Now, that they are resized and armed with information, they somehow need to find a way to stop the Chinese woman.


“I’m not crazy. Just ask Clyde or Jason.”
Fuck no.
Don’t be ridiculous.

-Tony, Clyde, Jason.

Name: Anthony Matthews
Nickname: Tony
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Place in Time: 2009

Hemokinesis: The ability to control his blood and certain objects his blood comes into contact with. Can include people to a certain extent. His blood has to enter their bloodstream, and even then he has limited control.

Virus Control: Many trace amounts of blood borne viruses reside in Tony's body. Though they no longer affect him, he can transmit some of them to others.

Personality: Tony is very soft spoken and timid.


Abducted from an amusement park when he was twelve, an organization by the name of Terracore has experimented on the young man. Being a genetic corporation, like Primatec, they were supposed to be working on making cures for certain deadly viruses, like the many strands of the Flu, Syphilis, Tetanus, Pertussis, Malaria, Tuberculosis, and Lower Respiratory infections. Of course, no company ever sticks to whatever they “say” they’re working on. Nor do they keep to the expectations of the health committees or laws. One of many test subjects abducted and used for testing, Tony was the lucky test subject for them to experiment with blood related diseases. The various amounts of chemicals, along with dosages of the actual diseases themselves caused immense pain in young Tony. Over prolonged exposure to these tests and the sadistic attitudes of the workers, Tony’s very mind was broken, his will to live shattering. And then a voice. A familiar voice, but a voice he sort of didn’t recognize. Maybe it was because he hadn’t heard it in such a long time. Perhaps it was simply because he was too battered to truly care.

Regardless, this voice began to speak. And it was Tony’s salvation. He clings vaguely to sanity through this voice. And then, the voice had brought a friend. With two voices ringing clearly in his head, Tony began to plot with them to escape; the first voice, who introduced itself as Clyde Daniels, and the second, who introduced itself as Jason Philips.

With their help, Tony was able to escape the Terracorp facility, leaving a trail of death in his escape. He met up with Emmet and Sylar, who were looking for information on a Terracorp scientist who had taken part in Emmet's tortures. Together, the three went on a rampage and mindlessly killed shit for a while before finally going to Terracorp. Here, a new personality emerged under the name Tommy. Tommy proceeded to show Emmet and Sylar into the facility, where they split and went about their own missions. Jason went after the mass virus containment lab, absorbing every known blood born virus into himself, and Clyde attacked a security booth, inadvertently activating the specimen disposal system, causing Sylar to hastily gather abilities from the dying specimens. Seeing his friends "killed" and de-brained, Tony attacked Sylar and Emmet in rage, being pwned pretty badly. Though Sylar and Emmet were relatively unimpressed with Tony's attack, they decided to let him stay with them because of Clyde.

After their attack on the carnival, where Tony killed Ian, Tony vanished from the group, searching out his family and trying to give up the killing he had immersed himself in. After learning that his mother was dead and taking a Paternity test with his father, he is now living at home trying to get up to date on the world since he left. However, happiness can only last so long.


“I've killed plenty of people, as much as I absolutely hate to admit it. But as long as you feel hate for the act, and you feel remorse, you're as normal as anyone else out there.” – David to Claire

Name: David Michael Braeburn
Nickname: Davy, Agent.
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Place in Time: 2010
Relatives: Garret Braeburn (Father), Sophia Braeburn (Mother), Malcolm "Mac" Braeburn (Brother), Raina Williams (Ex-Wife)
Powers: N/A
Personality: David is often described as cool and collected, though he is often left without energy because of his job. He is very protective of the students left in his care, though he is often left suspicious of his “special” friends.


David was born into a normal family with his younger brother Malcolm, or Mac. While the brothers overall got along, they were not very close, resulting in a kind of losing touch, especially after David joined the FBI and Mac joined the military. David was married to his (Now ex) wife, Raina, in the year 2003, and they broke up four years later, after an incredibly close call that changed David’s perspective on life forever. During what should have been a routine mission with two other experienced officers, David was nearly killed by a gunman holding a bank hostage. One of his partners was killed on site and the other was transferred to intensive care along with the badly wounded David. However, during the situation, David managed to kill the hostage taker, though the man’s weapon discharged due to a muscle spasm and killed a mother and her young child. This mission still haunts David, and probably always will. His philosophy on life, and especially situations like this, is that as long as you regret the mistakes you’ve made and cherish the lives that you’ve taken, you’re not a monster, and if you make each day count, their memories and their sacrifices will not be in vain.

Now a special agent, David was assigned the Jessica Spayde case, and later headed the special containment faction of the FBI, after an especially large slaughter of FBI agents at the special’s hands. With no leads and no one to turn to, David tracked down Matthew Parkman, in hopes that his mind reading abilities and prior experience with the FBI would help him. Instead of bringing him a killer, Matt gave David a whole new set of problems when Sylar’s consciousness repeatedly took over Matt’s body, forcing the duo into a great many problematic situations in which David had to put his job on the line to help his partner.

Finally, David was given permission to found a learning institution where specials could be watched by the government and also live and prepare for their lives. This allowed the specials to live relatively free lives while still getting the lessons in power control that they needed. Among the students that joined the institution were Travis Friedman and Jaime “Swiss” Taylor, whom David had saved from the past by sending Hiro Nakamura to retrieve him from a near death injury. After learning that Swiss and Travis had traveled to a carnival for specials and that Peter Petrelli, a friend of Matt’s and one of the new teachers for the school, had been captured by Pinehearst, he boarded a plane to rendezvous with the two friends, along with Jessica and Emmet, to form some sort of plan to save him. Inevitably, they learned of Magix and Claire, seeking them out for aid in their raid on Pinehearst, though David was hesitant to recruit the two. With the two joining the group, they went to Pinehearst itself with what should have been a fool proof plan.

After the explosion of the Pinehearst building, they all went their separate ways. David went with Matt back to the school in an effort to continue helping students. Arthur Petrelli would later come to the school and use Telepathic Mind Control to force him to lead the school against Washington DC. During the invasion, however, Travis and Swiss (who weren’t at the school at the time) were able to track down David and Travis engaged in a mental battle with the bit of Arthur’s consciousness that held David under control. Breaking free in fear of Travis, David attempted to kill the Hydrokinetic, though Swiss took the hit, giving Travis the ability to tear Arthur’s control from the FBI agent. While operating on Swiss, along with Sierra and Hiro, David was taken into custody and tried for treason, though the judge mysteriously dropped all charges minutes into the trial (thanks to Matt) and dismissed David, though he was relieved of his title as FBI Special Agent. With nothing left to turn to, David went home for the first time in years, commenting on the relatively unchanged look of the house, and reflecting that he was a lot like it. A little run down on the outside, and empty on the inside. However, after relaxing for a bit and watching the news of increasing reports of Specials being taken into custody by Building 26, David vowed to find a way to help his friends, legal or not. Moments later, he was approached by Emile Danko with a job offer. Taking it and using it to help specials, he has just taken Noah Bennett and Rene into custody and is being questioned by Danko.


“A soldier finds humor where he can. It’s about the only thing that keeps you sane out there, amongst the dead.” - Swiss

Name: Jaime Taylor
Nickname: Swiss
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Relatives: No Living Relatives
Powers: Non-biological Duplication

NBD is the ability to replicate anything that is not made of biological material, whether it be weapons, supplies, or even elements themselves, though these forms are often weaker than their “natural” forms. The more he handles an object the easier it is to replicate and the more “natural” it is.

Personality: Swiss is dedicated to his friends and is battle hardened. For the most part, he is able to keep calm and collected in a fight, no matter how bad the situation gets. He often finds humor in things that most people would condemn, but he always retaliates with the quote listed above.


Swiss grew up during a time of war and depression. He went to school just as any kid does and eventually met his fiancée-to-be, Cynthia. The two started out as rivals, but eventually it grew to be a much more serious relationship. Finally, war broke out in Europe and Jaime volunteered to go over to fight. Though his mother and father and Cindy all begged for him to stay, he was convinced that he was given his abilities to help. With a somewhat heavy heart and a bracelet from his girl, he set out on a boat that was inevitably leading him to a change in his life he had never dreamed of.

During his a mission in which he was to assist in the storming of German POW camp, he was critically wounded by a German potato masher, which lodged a piece of shrapnel into his leg, severing the femoral artery. While he should have died, he was rescued in the nick of time by Hiro Nakamura, who had been told to go back in time to save the young soldier’s life. With his leg treated and a whole new world opened up to him, Swiss was released from the Japanese hospital and sent to New York city, where he would meet the man who had paid for his life, David Braeburn, an FBI agent who was opening a school for specials. Impressed by Swiss’ service record and the note written by his comrades, he had Hiro go back and save him. Swiss, however, did not see this brighter side of the lawn, and instead chose to brood about the fact that his old life was out of his grasp forever, leaving behind his friends, family, and his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, in the past, Cindy was given a key to a lock box Swiss had taken out at the bank, which contained his proposal. Wrought with despair, Cindy prepared to meet her love in heaven, and almost committed suicide by jumping from a bridge near her home. However, Arthur Petrelli saved her life in an effort to use her as leverage to gain an inside agent at the school.

Swiss, meanwhile, was meeting with a man he would later call his brother, Travis Friedman, a man who was in very much the same situation as he was. The two immediately hit it off as friends. Not long later, Arthur appeared to Swiss and presented him with Cindy, threatening to take her away forever if he did not do as Arthur said. Swiss reluctantly agreed, and took down a group called the Phoenix Alliance for Arthur, delivering them to the ability thief and enjoying his time with Cindy. However, it didn’t take long for old habits to come up again. Convinced that Travis was troubled, he coaxed his answers out of his friend, learning that Arthur’s son, whom Travis was friends with, was having troubles with a certain serial killer who had managed to distort his abilities. Swiss agreed to accompany his friend into what they assumed would be a raging battle along with Peter and Rene. The confrontation at the carnival didn’t take long, before Travis ran off, chasing after Jessica and Peter was locked into a battle with his father, who Swiss attempted to kill by detonating a grenade point blank along with himself, succeeding only in wounding himself severely. Thoroughly taken out of the fight, Swiss was left at the mercy of Emmet and Flint, who had infiltrated the carnival in an attempt to learn more about if for Arthur. Though they planned to torture the young soldier, they located the Pinehearst card on his body and Swiss was able to convince them to join their fight against Pinehearst, though Emmet seemed to have an agenda of his own.

With Peter kidnapped by his father, Travis off on his own adventure with the woman they had hoped to capture, and Emmet working as a double agent for Pinehearst, Swiss withdrew from the carnival, getting separated from Rene. Now alone in a city he had never been to before, Swiss wandered aimlessly until he reunited with Travis and Jessica at a burger place, where the two conversed for a while before being joined by Emmet. The four were then attacked by a future incarnate of Magix, whom chastised them, saying that their abilities and combat skills were nothing compared to the future he had come from. This skirmish, which at the time seemed to have little point to the four, was actually a warning and a helping hand in the fight that would soon come. Bearing the information that Magix could be prevented from falling under Pinehearst’s thumb by convincing Claire, Swiss and Travis decided to call David in an effort to gain transportation. The FBI agent personally joined the group and the five went to meet with Claire and Magix. After a lot of convincing, Magix and Claire cautiously accepted their words and agreed to help them free Peter from Pinehearst while also agreeing to never join them. Though Magix was able to craft a plan, the plan was essentially torn to shreds when things went completely awry, ending with Jessica giving Peter his powers back and him losing control, detonating and blowing up the building.

The battle won for now, Swiss and the rest went about their ways. David, Travis, and Swiss all returned to the school, only to leave shortly before David would be taken over by Arthur to lead the school in an attack on Washington. Learning of the attack, the two went to D.C. joining up with Hiro and hunting David down. While Travis fought with the mind control holding David, David attempted to shoot Travis, though Swiss took the hit. Wounded and bleeding, Swiss separated from the others, allowing them to go after David and ultimately call off the attack on Washington. After a sketchy blood transfusion on himself, he reunited with Travis and Hiro, who now had both David and Sierra in their company. Critically wounded and dying, Swiss faded into unconsciousness as David was arrested and Travis decided to go into hiding.

With no recollection of how he got there, Swiss awoke at the school. Months would pass and the soldier found that the school he had called home for so long was now occupied with government agents, none of which were very friendly. And then Pinehearst attacked, utterly wiping out the school once again. The students, congregated on a nearby mountain, were joined by Hiro, who had managed to save Swiss and Cindy. Unbeknownst to them, though, Hiro’s brain tumor was returning, causing him to lose control of his powers and teleport Swiss, Krystina, Aiden, Magix and Mohinder all into the past. The six took part in many famous historical events before finally working their way back to the present, (one of which was a stop to Swiss’ time, where they met up with Swiss’ old squad mates, forcing to choose between his old friends and his new ones). During that time, Swiss made an unlikely friend in Aiden, who he was able to convince to open up to him, revealing a difficult past and a young man very much in the same situation that Swiss himself had been in.

After returning to the present, Swiss reunited with Cindy, helped Aiden move his mother to safety, and is now completely unaware of the danger unfolding down south in Florida, though he will probably learn from Travis, whom he is picking up from the airport.


“I’m a ghost. It’s as plain as that.” – Alexia

Name: Alexia Moore
Nickname: Ghost
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Relatives: Morgan and Alicia Moore (Parents), Carla Moore (Sister), Adrian Moore (Brother)

Powers: Invisibility

Personality: Alexia often takes a tomboyish attitude, and is very adventurous and impulsive; though she is easy to scare and will often go invisible if frightened.


She’s really just a sort of puppet character. Might kill her off soon, I dunno. Maybe she’ll have a bigger role later on. >_>


“Look at it this way. If today was your last day, would you be happy?” – Terry to Magix

Name: Terrance Benson
Nickname: Terry
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Relatives: Donald and Iona Benson (Parents)

Powers: Caustikinesis

The manipulation and creation of acid or basic solutions, often used as an offensive ability but can be used as defensive if the wielder is smart.

Personality: Terry is a very laid back guy under normal circumstances, though when thrown into high stress situations, he can become tense and irritable.


Terry grew up in Scotland and went to college with little issue. He majored in Business and became a run of the mill paper pusher. At least, until one faithful day (or more accurately lunch break) when he ended up melting through his lunch box and nearly injuring a couple of friends, though they were ignorant to the accident.

Not long after his abilities manifested, he met up with a lost young man, who also had an ability. While they talked, Terry made a friend in the younger man. After going to a bar and some useful advice exchange, Magix and Terry parted ways, with Magix’s promise to bring Terry to the US one day.

Time would pass before Terry would actually be promoted and sent to America on his own accord, though this was all a ruse used by Danko to kill the Caustikinetic. After barely surviving Danko’s hired goons assassination attempt, Terry found himself on the Bermuda islands, with the carnival who had managed to shoot his plane down and inadvertently save his life. Terry stayed with the carnival until it was attacked by Emmet, Sylar, Godric, Jessica, and Tony. Barely escaping with his life and bleeding to death, Terry called Magix, in hope that his friend could reach him in time. After a short reunion, Terry was healed by Claire and attempted to talk Magix out of his vendetta against the serial killer menagerie. Failing to do so, Terry promised to do whatever it took to keep Magix alive for his friends wedding.


“Nicole, the stigma will come to you, but unlike the rest of us, you may just keep your purity.” – Greg to Nicole

Name: Nicole Oskin
Nickname: Nicky
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Relatives: Nate Oskin (Father), Rose Oskin (Aunt), Greg Oskin(Grandfather), Crystal Oskin(Grandmother/Deceased) Mary Spayde(Aunt/Deceased), Jessica Spayde (Cousin), Sierra Long (Cousin), Godric Meyer (Second Cousin), Emmet Baehrens (Second Cousin),

Powers: Gene Empowerment

Gene Empowerment is the ability to attach a power switch to a being genes through a sort of radioactive isotope that attaches to the specific genes of a person, and then adds a regulation switch, ranging from both a shut off to a short circuit effect. This radioactive isotope can be released selectively (target a specific individual) or through an area of effect invisible “mist”.

Personality: Nicole is young and naïve, and she has a kind heart that often gets the better of her. However, when stressed out, she become irritable and cranky, often snapping at people and taking a severe attitude change.


“I wish all my troubles could just disappear, and I could be in control.” – Brenden

Name: Brenden Shultz
Nickname: Game Master
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Powers: Virtual Insertion

The ability to insert people into videogames that the wielder has within their memories (meaning any game the user has ever played). While inside the videogame, a person cannot truly die, but any injuries they sustain in the videogame will translate over to the real world. In example, if someone were to be put into a Mario game and fall to their death, they would come back with broken legs. No wounds would be lethal, though.

However, if the person were to beat the game, any injuries inflicted would then be reflected onto Brenden himself.

However, Brenden can control all aspects of a game while he has someone imprisoned inside it, whether giving them their powers or not, activating cheats or not, or even taking control of entities within the game, however, he MUST abide by the rules of the game.

In addition, Brenden has was he calls “Recreation Mode” meaning that when inside the game, players don’t return to the real world with any damage they otherwise would have sustained inside the game.

Personality: Brenden would rather be alone with a videogame than hang out with actual people. He is very cynical and distrusts people on a whole. Although, when playing a game he lightens up, often taking on a joking or playful nature. He is thoroughly fair in his game play and will always treat “players” with respect, even if they win.

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