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Lee Hitsugaya

Lee Hitsugaya is a liquid-based shapeshifter, born from another planet. He usually holds the form of a young adult, with blue-ish hair, and golden eyes.

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a character in “Heroes: Heroes vs Villains”, as played by LeeHitsugaya


Lee Hitsugaya has multiple forms, yet the three most common he takes are as follows...

Reverted State:
A Golden pool/clump of putty. This form is lightweight and easily molded.
In this form he is the most vulnerable to outside attacks. In this state he
can transformed (or be molded by an outside source) into any form

Normal Human Form:
The most common of the three forms he takes is his human form.
However, unlike most members of the rest of his race, he has been able
to hold this form, without having any inner organs, bones, ect. Instead
his shape is held with pure air, making his body more of a living balloon.
In tight situations he can pump more air into himself, to be able to move
faster and take higher jumps. He can also expel air as long as his mouth,
nose, or ears are still open.


Height: 5'11
Weight: (with normal amount of air) 3 lbs
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Gold

(Secondary Human Form: Billie Joe Armstrong)
Tactical/Stealth Human Form

While still maintaining his shape, in this form Lee is able to take on certain other abilities. His body is more elastic, allowing him to throw a punch from over 10 feet away, and it also takes on an ability usually only liquids have, his body will change shape to fit any space or container, which is handy for hiding to strike and taking cover.
Gaseous form

This is the form Lee takes in extreme battle situations. It's also the hardest for him to maintain. From this form he can enter the airways of his aggressor and expand, ripping his enemy's insides to shreds. In a dense form all he looks like is a golden fog, however he usually keeps himself spread out enough to be invisible.


Lee always is friendly, even with his most bitter enemies. His friends are the most important thing to him and he'll go out of his way to make sure they're okay. His life has effect his personality, giving him the ability to become cruel and somewhat demented if provoked. However, he is a very kind, and funny person. He enjoys to spar and shows it quiet well. He is a bit sensitive on the fact that every 24-48 hours he has to go back to his reverted state, and therefore can be a bit short tempered at those who gawk at his powers.


His weaponry comes from a few sources. The United Federation of Planets (Star Trek) and the Soul Society (Bleach).

UFP Weapons:
Type II Phaser- Small, single handed weapon which fires a Phaser blast at the target. PHased mASER. On it's lowest setting it can stun an opponent or even knock them out. On it's highest setting it can vaporize a car, or small structure.

Type III Phaser Rifle- The Type III Phaser Rifle is a two handed weapon, which fires a concentrated burst of Phaser energy at it's target. It also includes a scope with a lock-on feature for moving targets, however the trajectory plotted is on a single curve and can not be adjusted once fire.

RPPG (Rocket Propelled Photon Grenade Launcher)- The heavy weapon is designed for clearing out a room. It fires a round, which (depending on the setting) either explodes on impact, sending his enemies scattering for cover, or shoots a large, glowing yellow vial of hydrogen and photonic energy. When the two collide a shock wave is produced, which gives off enough shrapnel to rip even the biggest person to shreds.

Zanpakuto- Lee's Zanpakuto is named Labrynx. It's Shikai is able to slow
time, and even freeze others completely. It's Bankai manifests as a
Griffin, which has 3 snake tails, which spit out a sticky, and acidic glue
which can be used to trap and eventually melt it's target.

Galaxy Class Starship (USS Valkyire)-

A full size Galaxy-Class starship, the USS Valkyire was made to be a battleship, used for exploration, however was being retrofit to be the first automated starship when Lee stole it. Because of this, he is able to control it all from the Captain's chair. It's weapons include X grade phaser arrays (enough to melt a skyscraper to the floor) and Photon Torpedo launchers.


Born on a far off planet, Lee was raised by his parents for 30 years until a large alien armada attacked. Within weeks his entire race was enslaved by they're agressors who saw shapeshifters as nothing more then objects ripe for using. Lee's parents were killed by they're master, a woman named Lantara. It took Lee only hours to free himself from her. However his memory was altered to protect Lantara from his wrath, which ultimately made him strike down an innocent father.

Now, he is being hunted once more by Lantara and her friend who hope to capture him once again and bring him back to his home.

So begins...

Lee Hitsugaya's Story


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Character Portrait: Lee Hitsugaya
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