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Eric Groos

"We need to stay a secret!"

0 · 365 views · located in Alternate Universe Earth

a character in “Heroes in Hiding”, as played by Brat Prince


  • Element manipulation: Eric can control fire, air, water, earth and electricity, however the element has to be near him, he cannot create an element but he can slightly manipulate the size (make it smaller or larger) or use it as a projectile. His control changes depending on if he uses one hand or two hands. After manipulating an element for a long time he will tire out and he becomes exhausted faster if he uses both hands and makes it bigger than if he only sues one hand.

Age: 45
Height: ~5' 7"
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Eric was a business man that tended to keep to his small group of friends. However when he got the news that The Shade had killed one of his closest and oldest friends he changed, he started to obsess over The Shade and became a shut in. One day he even vowed that he would not rest until The Shade was taken down, he recently has disappeared and his friends have not heard from him for weeks.

So begins...

Eric Groos's Story

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Character Portrait: Kane Knight Character Portrait: Glassy Girl Character Portrait: The Shade Character Portrait: The City Wolf Character Portrait: Eric Groos Character Portrait: Henry Malone
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The next week was calm, The Shade had seemed to calm down a small bit his number of kills never reaching more than 10 a night. As for Kane his life went on as normal, his shop got it's windows repaired and his limp finally went away. But not everything was going right, while The Shade had gained even more information it just seemed to make it harder and harder to get into HSI. The most troubling thing for both Kane and The Shade was the news of a new suspected person with power named Erick Groos. But over all the city of New York was calm, but was it a peaceful calm or was it the calm before the storm? As for The Wolf, The Shade had no idea what he was up too or at the very least did not care and Kane hoped never to see him again.