"Can't you see? We all change. Everything...shifts!"

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a character in “Heroes in Hiding”, as played by InsaenImagination


Name: Alexander "Shifts" Wren
Age: Probably around 700, lost count centuries before that.


Motion Control:

The ability to control any type of motion. And by any type of motion, I mean any type. He's been alive for so long because he stopped his aging, and sped up the human body's natural healing factor by a lot. It's like regeneration, except that he can still die if he gets his head chopped off. He can fly by controlling the air around him (but he doesn't like doing that), he can control other's aging and healing processes. This power, if he's touching the source in which he wants to control, is quite powerful.


Shape-shifting is quite self-explanatory. He has the ability to fully transform into any living thing, while only being able to partially transform into non-living things. This ability is the main reason why he's been able to hide so long from the people who want him dead.


Has multiple martial-arts under his belt, proficient in most weapons. He just has a wide variety of skills because of living for so long.


No weapons. His body is a weapon.


Born some time around thirteenth century, was a slave of the Mongolian Empire before escaping. Learned of his abilities to shape-shift when he wanted to escape by turning into an eagle and flying away. Learned years later about his Motion Control when he was stabbed and just didn't want to die. The wound repaired itself quick-like.


When alone, Alexander is a quiet man. He has no need to act, to talk. He's seen and done may things. He has no need to prove himself to the world. But when having to become somebody else, Shifts is wary and understanding of the person he is talking to, so he makes sure to pick the right personality for the right situation.

So begins...

Shifts's Story